Hot Chicago Night

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(This is true story-hope you enjoy it.)

It was the summer of 1997. I had just turned 24 and Chicago was in the midst of a series of humid, stifling hot days. The heat extended late into the night. Nobody was complaining given how long the cold lasted into the spring in the city.

I had just broken up with my boyfriend. It had been an unsatisfying relationship emotionally, but the sex had been great. He was 10 years older than me and we went at almost every night during stretches. Now that we were over, my sex drive had not abated.

On this particular night, I felt horny as fuck and my apartment was an oven. I first started to grow fur in my chest by the time I was 16. By the time I stared to college, I had a full pelt and my fur peeked up above the color of the shirts I wore. I had always thought chest hair on a man was sexy. With regards to my own, I loved the feeling of my hands running through my fur which also covered my belly and stretched down and disappeared below the waistband of the shorts or jeans I was wearing. The one problem was that in the heat, it got very sweaty and it showed through my shirt.

I decided to hit the streets to escape the confines of my apartment and get some air, but in the back of my mind I was looking for some fun too. I remember feeling adventurous that night.

I was a free man, and I was excited about the possibilities of exploration that came with that. I had never really hooked up with guys I didn’t know before, preferring to date folks I had met on campus. Unlike many of the gay men I knew, I had no experience picking a guy up at a bar which is where it seemed like most guys hooked up; so I wasn’t quite sure how to find some release now that I wasn’t coupled and no longer at school. Single again, I thought this was a time to try some new things and have some fun. I had no real sense of how the evening would turn out, but I was hoping that whatever direction it too, it would end with me having some new experiences.

I got on my bike and rode down to Andersonville, the site of few gay bars that had opened up including the Eagle and the sex club, The Unicorn. I figured I would head to one of them and see what they night would bring.

Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the feeling of wanting to be naughty. I stopped to strip off my t-shirt and tucked it into the waist band of my shorts and turned down a side street off the main drag. As I pedaled, I could feel the wind gently rushing through my fur and I felt is move gently across my nipples.

As I got closer to the actual bars, I started to feel the nervousness that usually kept me outside. Needing to build up a little courage, I hung out on the street as I watched others men of all shapes and sizes turn the corner and head to the pubs. Feeling a little self conscious about lurking I moved away from the main drag and hung back, now largely out of site of the foot traffic.

On this quiet residential, leafy street, full of apartment buildings I waited to get up the nerve to lock up my bike and stroll into one of the bars

I decided to bring my bike off the street and wait on the sidewalk, resting on it. I would try to make eye contact with the occasional man that came down the street. Some extended a friendly smile. I stared shameless at the ones that passed me shirtless. Too nervous at first, I looked away when then made eye contact back. Some just walked by. In the nearly half hour that I stood there, I slowly felt my confidence build to the point where I could look a passing guy straight in the eye. At this point one or two even stopped to run their hands across my chest hair and nervously I let them. As more men passed, I started to run my hands through my furry chest and down my torso, my fingers partially disappearing under silky man hair. Tthat certainly got some appreciative attention. It was all making me feel heady. And poker oyna it was so easy!

After a small lull, where the street emptied of foot traffic, I saw two guys approaching. As the came closer I could see that they were handsome men. They looked like they were in their 40s. Both were about the same height—probably between 5’10”-5’11 was my best guess. The both had brown hair. One had a mustache, had thinning hair and a slightly slimmer build. The other was ever so slightly stockier and I could see a solid body pressing up against the profile of his clothes. Both were dressed in khakis. They stockier guy had a snug, dark color polo shirt on. I could see his chest hair peeking up over the top of his shirt collar and noticed the think hair on his forearms as well. His sidekick wore a white T-shirt. It was hard to tell if they were a couple or just friends.

They approached me on the sidewalk, looking me up and down and proceeded to pass me to the right. After they gotten about 20ft away, the stockier one looked back and when he saw my face, I could tell he saw my shit eating grin. He laughed and said something to the other guys that I couldn’t hear. They stopped and now both looked at me and started to laugh as if they were privy to an inside joke.

Eventually, they started to come my way and stopped when they were about a foot away from me.

“Im Mike.” Said the stockier guy.

“I’m Josh” I replied.

“Hi Josh, what brings you out” Mike asked.

I supposed I could have been coy, but my dick was rock hard thinking about the possibilities in this pregnant moment.

So withour missing a beat I said, “Looking for a little fun.”

Mike smiled. “Oh, yeah? What kind of fun. We were about to go to the Eagle, but we’re up for a little fun too.” His sidekick hadn’t spoken but I could tell from his smile that he was enjoying himself.

“The kind where I get my cock sucked.” I replied.

For a second Mike didn’t say anything as he seemingly took my answer in.

He moved closer and started to run his right hand across the crotch of my shorts.

My rock hard dick strained against the cloth as he slowly slid his hand up and down.

I let out a soft gentle sigh.

And while his friend watched, Mike unbuttoned the top of my shorts and pulled the zipper down. He pulled my dick out of my boxers and started rubbing it the way he had moments ago when my shorts were still on.

I felt dizzy with expectation. Here I was being stroked on the sidewalk by a total stranger, with another watching me. I had never done anything like this before. All the while I was still sitting on the seat of my bike.

I wasn’t ready at all for what happened next.

Mike bent over and put his mouth on the head of my dick and without any prompting slid my hairy dick into the warmth of his mouth.

I couldn’t believe it

His friend just smiled as he watched us.

And I just moaned. “Aaaahhhhhhh.”

As he continued to suck on my shaft, I put my hand on the back of his neck and gently ran my fingers through his hair as his head continued to bob and up and down.

I felt lost in the moment and I kept watching my cock disappear into his mouth.

As Mike settled into an easy rhythm, I slowly got my bearings and started to feel way to exposed there on the sidewalk.

Sensing my unease, Mike motioned with his head to an area across the street next to a window front of one of the ubiquitous walk ups that dotted the city’s neighborhoods. There would be enough space there for the three of us stand out of the sight of anybody walking the street. You could have probably seen us if you were looking hard, but it would have to do.

I put my dick back in my boxers and buttoned my shorts leaving the zipper open and followed Mike and his friend across the street.

When we got to the shadowed canlı poker oyna area, I got off my bike and leaned it against the apartment building to my right. When I turned around to face the guys, Mike was in front of me. He undid the button again on my shorts and now that I was standing up they fell to the ground from their own weight. Mike got on his knees in the grass and slid my boxers down my hips and to the ground where they lay around my ankles with my shorts. He put his hand on my erect dick and drew his mouth closer to my cock. He looked up at me and as his eyes locked on mine, he drew my thick shaft into his mouth and engulfed me in its warmth. Naked to the wind, I let out a thankful sigh and just allowed myself to relax and enjoy this amazing moment.

Mike’s friend who hadn’t said a word up to this point, came up behind me and started kissing my neck as Mike continued to service me. I had never had two men work my body before at the same time. It was an amazing feeling to feel the warmth of Mike’s mouth on my cock while he jerked it and occasionally massaged my hairy ball sack. And I felt the warmth of his friend behind me pressing his body again mind. I felt almost suspended between these two men who were in that moment seemingly so committed to pleasing my body.

The sucking went on. The kissing of my neck was soon mixed with the kneading of my shoulders and I lost myself in moment. Their hands began to move across my body as well. With one hand still on my cock, Mike ran his hand through the hair on my abdomen. His friend, as if seeing this as a signal, wrapped his hands around my furry chest and torso as he continued to kiss my neck. I just gave in and enjoyed the way my body was being used.

Suddenly, feeling the need to take control of the situation I turned to Mike’s friend and whispered “I want you to suck my cock. I want you to have a turn.”

He smiled, but shook his head and said, “No.”

My body was on fire from what these guys were doing to so I didn’t force the issue and we returned to our activities.

But Mike’s friend’s resistance had me intrigued and it quickly made me want to feel his mouth on my dick even more.

I turned my head to him and I said, “It’s your turn.”

Mike got up off the ground and looked at his friend straight in the eye and said, “Give him what he wants.”

And with that they changed places. I could tell that his friend was still uncomfortable for some reason. But he did as he was told.

And without hesitation, he now got on his knees and without touching my body with his hands he closed his eyes and slid my hairy meat into his mouth. While not as gentle as Mike, he sucked on it like a hungry pig. There was something hot about having pressured him to suck me off. I felt in control and it made my head dizzy. I soon had my hand on the back of his head, rubbing his neck and I pumped my cock into his mouth.

Mike took his friend’s previous place behind and ran his hands through my chest hair. It was so incredibly hot. I’ve always loved the feeling of a guy rubbing his hands through my chest hair. He then gently, intermittently ran two fingers across my nipples. I moaned as loud as I had all night. Sensing he had hit a hot spot, Mike dipped a finger from each hand in his mouth and took those now wet fingers and returned them to gliding across my nipples. This made me only moan louder.

He whispered in my ears.

“That’s right.”

“You like that?”

I whispered back “Yes.”

“That’s right. You like that don’t you?” he continued as his wet fingers continued to rub my aching nipples.

“I feel so good.” I whispered.

“You are such a little slut. Being serviced here by two strangers on the side of the street.” He said in a low, growling voice into my ear. His dirty talk had its effect.

“I’m getting close.” I said as I internet casino suddenly felt pressure begin to build in my shaft.

“Well, I’m going to be the one to finish you off,” he replied.

And with that he put his hand on his friend’s shoulder and motioned him off. As they switched places the pressure in my cock had time to subside.

Mike was on his knees in front of my again. He gripped my left him with his left hand and with his right hand started jerking my cock. His friend was behind me again, kissing my neck and eventually my mouth as I turned it back to meet his lips. As I got closer, his lips were the only thing that muffled the increasingly frequent groans coming out of my mouth. Knowing that the animal sounds I was making could be muffled to anyone on the street, only encouraged me to groan louder.

I suddenly worried as Mike continued to jerk me, that he wasn’t going to put his mouth back on me. Without looking down as I kissed his friend, I put my hand on the back of his head and tried to draw him to my dick again. Within a second he had slid my cock back into his mouth and he began to rub my ball sack, running his fingers gently through the hair that covered the underside of it.

I let out a gasp.

And quickly the pressure in my dick began to build again.

I could feel it rising as I groaned in between these two horny men who were using my body.

I widened the stance of my legs again, allowing the waves of sensation that were starting to slowly flood my body, to move toward my groin.

As I stood there about to erupt, I suddenly felt the waves of pressure and pleasure increase in intensity.

I could feel myself ready to shoot. Not knowing if I could cum in his mouth I gently tried to push Mike off my cock with my right hand as my groaning got faster.

He pushed my hand away and I let it hang limp to my side as my left hand continued to reach back against his friend’s neck and he continued to massage my body and run his lips on the back of my neck.

And there I stood, feeling weightless and free. I looked down at Mike and he looked up at me and our eyes locked.

And in the next moment. Cum surged from my cock as I exploded into the warmth of his mouth.

I kept shooting and shooting—even as I heard his contented moans as he swallowed my load.

When I finally stopped, I collapsed standing into his friend’s body.

My own body shuddered. I felt the waves of my orgasm flood through me and I just stood there with weakened knees being propped up by Mike’s friend. I put my arms back around his neck to allow my body to hang there.

Mike milked my cock some more to make sure there was no more left. Satisfied that there wasn’t, he got and seeing my exhausted expression, he smiled.

And then he leaned over and put his still warm mouth on my nipples.

My body went into orgasm again. And this time my groans were not covered by his friend’s mouth since it was now out of reach.

To silence me, Mike’s friend covered my mouth with his hands as Mike chewed gently on my hairy nipples. First the right and then the left.

I writhed with my mouth covered until the waves of sensation peaked and slowly subsided

As I got my legs under me again and felt like I could stand on my own two feet, Mike and his friend watched me as I looked around for my boxer briefs and shorts which I had managed to kick free of sometime during our activities.

They adjusted their clothes, which I only then realized had not come off during the whole encounter. I continued to search in the shadow for my clothing.

Mike’s friend had already slowly started to walk off, when Mike turned to me and with the same horny smile that had started it all off said, “You tasted good.”

And with that he left to catch up with his friend, leaving me still naked in the darkness of the building’s shadow.

After I found my shorts and put them back on I started my ride back to my apartment, spent, and drenched in my sweat.

All these years later I remember it as one of the hottest encounters that I have ever had.

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