Hot Tub Hangout

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Marty had invited her friend Kelly over to christen her new hot tub and the invite had gladly been accepted. It was a cool winters evening and the thought of lying in hot water proved too enticing to resist. Kelly came out of the house clad in a tiny string bikini which barely held in her 36C breasts. Marty came out a few minutes later wearing an even briefer bikini that might have been fitting for a nudist beach. Kelly had never been into girls, but she couldn’t help noticing the thrust of Marty’s large breasts and how they bobbed slightly as she walked on the cool tiles.

Kelly slipped into the hot water and sighed in pleasure as her whole body was enveloped by the warmth. Marty slid in opposite and Kelly felt a stir of excitement as the slender length of Marty’s leg brushed against her thigh. Marty poured them both a glass of wine and as she drank it, eyed Kelly over the top of the glass. “How about we go commando,” she said softly. “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

Feeling adventurous and excited Kelly izmit escort slipped off her bikini top, keeping well below the foamy surface and wriggled out of the bottoms as Marty echoed her example. Both their bathing costumes were flung to one side and they settled back against the side of the wall. Kelly wriggled in pleasure as the jet of water hit her pussy and Marty grinned, guessing the reason for her sudden movement.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do it with a woman?” Marty asked quietly, putting down her glass.

Kelly felt a stir in her belly and smiled shyly. “I guess everyone has.” She felt Marty’s hand rubbing her lower leg and took it in her own. She raised Marty’s hand to her mouth and slowly began to suck on the index finger. Marty grinned at her, desire in those big green eyes and then reached out. Her hand brushed against Kelly’s breast and she moaned as her friends fingers began squeezing the rubbery mound of her nipple. Marty scrambled over and pressed her hot mouth against Kelly’s, yahya kaptan escort her tongue thrusting deep inside.

Marty turned Kelly over, so she was lying face down on the tiles and cupped her breasts from behind, fingering the nipples. She moved her hands down and parted Kelly’s thighs, holding apart her pussy lips so the jet streamed directly onto her throbbing clit. Kelly cried out in ecstasy as Marty’s fingers slipped inside her damp snugness and began massaging her vaginal walls. The pleasure grew so intense that Kelly tried to move back, but Marty’s weight held her there with the stream directly on her clit and Marty’s fingers delving deeply inside her.

She began to buck and writhe on the fingers, moaning and whimpering as the pleasure increased to an almost intolerable level. Marty parted her legs a bit more and began thrusting herself hard against Kelly’s butt. Kelly reached behind herself and found the wetness of Marty’s pussy. Marty groaned and grunted as Kelly began gebze escort massaging her aching clit with experienced fingers. Marty was bucking hard against the fingers, grinding herself down as hard as she could. Kelly shifted into her first orgasm of the night with a loud cry.

She whimpered and moaned loudly as the throbbing pleasure seized hold of her, making her tremble in ecstasy. She beat herself hard against the hot tub walls, feeling Marty join her in paradise with a loud grunt of pleasure. They turned to face each other and ground their hot wet bodies together, knees slipping between thighs to give an insistent pleasure that sparked off multiple pleasures.

While Marty was still pulsing Kelly pushed her back against the wall and lifted her slightly out of the water until the damp shaven sweetness of Marty’s pussy was in front of her face. She delved inside with enthusiasm, running her tongue along the slit and darting inside to touch the blood filled clit. Her tongue slipped inside Marty’s tight little hole and began exploring, creamy juices spilling into her mouth. She speeded up the motion of her tongue until Marty almost screamed and her muscles began squeezing Kelly’s tongue with the strength of her orgasm. Thus began a very exciting night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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