Hotel Californication Ch. 06

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Alison Brie

Hotel Californication – Chapter Six

We arrived back at Diane and Charlie’s bungalow, the anticipation of what lay ahead already thick as a knife. The sexual tension, atmosphere, extremely apparent. Especially since anyone that had one…had an erection already. Pouring us a drink however, we took the time to recoup from our previous exertions at the party, simply relaxing for the moment, taking in the sight of this smaller, more intimate group of people we were now with. Carol and I both hoping, as well as feeling, that it wouldn’t be the last time we’d experience something like this with these guys.

Not too surprisingly, it was Charlie in her typically bold, horny fashion that got things rolling again.

“I need two nice hard cocks,” she began, and then having already chosen me as one of them, which I was quite looking forward to, selected Steven as the other. Not at all sure at first as to what she had in mind, we both however quickly placed ourselves in position, according to her specific instructions. Basically ass to ass, cocks nearly touching, it was quite the sight to see as Charlie unbelievingly so, as she somehow managed to squat down over the two of us. And though initially I didn’t think it was going to work, as tight as she was at first, after only a few minor adjustments, Steven and I both found ourselves embedded deep inside Charlie’s cunt, side by side. “Alright, now…Diane? Get that sweet ass of yours over here!”

It was indeed interesting to watch, as well as to feel as Diane came over, easily sliding down over Charlie’s stiff cock as she smoothly slipped inside the woman’s ass.

“All right. No one’s tell’in but I am say’in…now I need to be sucking that cock!” Marsha called out already moving over towards Diane, though no one said a thing, half expecting that perhaps. Bending over she began mouthing Diane’s prick, Charlie of course fucking Diane’s ass, and then Steven and I embedded deeply inside Charlie’s cunt. The only one really left out at this point was Jack. But the answer to that came to him almost immediately. Bent over as she was, Jack easily slid in and behind Martha. And that of course left the only other person yet to join in…my wife. Good old Carol, not to be left out, especially now, found her own place in the mix. Walking over, still half standing up, she slid in between and just over Martha, now presenting herself, spreading her pussy lips open, to which Diane, still fucking Charlie, smiled at in seeing. It was an easy task at this point for her to now begin licking and sucking my sweet wife’s pussy.

And then all seven of us, were linked up together.

The fact that Charlie’s cunt could actually fit the two of us inside was amazing enough. But feeling Steven’s prick rubbing directly against my own as we fucked her was beyond description. I had no idea anything could feel as good as this did. And Charlie was juicing us both quite nicely at this point, though I am fairly damn confident, the two of us were certainly adding to all that. The slick, sloppy…even frothy sounds we were making just added a choir of decadent delight in accompaniment to all the additional moans and groans everyone else was making.

“Suck that bitch! That’s it! Suck my fucking cock!” Diane screamed literally on the edge as she cried out her pleasure right into my wife’s pussy. Laying as I was, still able to easily look up, I could see my wife’s face screwed up in unbridled pleasure as well. She was humping Diane’s face like there was no tomorrow. Jack…Jack-hammering, so to speak, his thrusts deep, hard and fast. The sound of flesh slapping flash as he skewered Marsha’s pussy from behind was the added base to this symphony of sex we were all playing.

I held on, and held out for as long as I could. But again the sensations were way beyond any previous experience. I felt my prick balloon inside, felt my balls almost implode and cried out my imminent release. I began spurting inside her copiously, knowing as I did, I was not only coating her lovely cunt-cave, but Steven’s prick as well. He too must have felt it, sensed it, for only seconds after I began ejaculating, he too began crying out wildly, and then added his own nasty sauce to ours.

It was like watching dominos fall after that. Charlie squirting both ways, which she said later was a very rare occurrence for her. And though she could indeed climax both vaginally, and through her prick as well, it usually never occurred almost at the exact same time. Diane of course must have felt Charlie’s prick throbbing inside her ass, likewise triggering her climax, which Marsha was only two happy to receive. Carol too of course, liberally spraying all over Diane’s face, as she again cried out in glee, slurping down my wife’s wet sauce as rapidly as she could. And though Jack didn’t finish off inside Marsha, he had stood, rapidly walking over towards Carol, who’d already indicated to him a few moment’s ago that she wanted to drain his cock for him when the poker oyna time came, which she was now happily doing. He fed her his prick as I lay there watching, my own orgasm still ebbing in sweet little throbs of pulsating after glow. I saw her mouth fill, closing about his organ, and then allowing the dribble of semen to come back out, dripping down to fall on her gorgeous breasts. In seconds, Marsha was then sitting up, sucking and licking that off.

And as odd as it all sounds, we’d barely been at it for even fifteen minutes yet. I could only begin to wonder what the rest of the evening was going to be like.

With our frenzied lust for the moment thoroughly satisfied, it was kind of nice to just sit back, relax, laugh and simply enjoy one another’s company while we all slowly recovered. Being with this particular new group of friends was not only intimate and friendly, but both Carol and I were finding a whole lot out about ourselves that was eye-opening in more ways than one. For me personally, I was actually enjoying all the eye candy I was currently looking at. So diverse for one, that I found not only sensual and alluring, but far more erotic and exciting than what I had ever seen in a lot of men’s magazines.

Even Carol didn’t have the perfect body by any means. Though I personally found her breasts near perfect for my tastes, full and heavy against her chest, she’d always thought her nipples were proportionately two small for them, with much smaller areolas than she would have liked. And though we were both fairly well toned from working out, she also had a large appendectomy scar that she’d (up until now anyway) never been real comfortable displaying, and thus rarely if ever wore a two piece bikini that would show much of it. And then looking over at Marsha. An amazing woman in my book. Older yes, certainly, but with that air of experience about her, a no-nonsense attitude and outlook on life. Gravity eventually catching up to her of course, but it mattered not to her, nor to anyone else either, as it should. She had large droopy tits, “fun-bags” as she called them, with amazingly thick long nipples that she loved having them played with. Which Jack was currently doing at the moment, sitting next to her on the couch, casually enjoying a glass of wine, his hand at the moment gently rolling and teasing one of her tits as she just as casually sipped on her drink, and fondled his somewhat floppy prick though I noticed it was already starting to firm up. Just as mine was.

And what more can I say about Diane? She was to me a woman in every sense of the word. She truly was gorgeous, her tits near perfect, her face a sculptured beauty that truly showed off her femininity. Had it not been for her long slim cock currently dangling down between her legs, as reminded that first night we had met her, there was honestly no way that Carol or I would have known. She and Carol standing near the bar laughing and chatting, though Diane was gently and somewhat teasingly running her fingers down through my wife’s still juicy split. Again, more of an affectionate intimate private tease of things yet to come as they stood there enjoying one another’s company.

And then there was Charlie. A man AND woman in every sense of the word. Smaller breasted yes, but her tits were perky sweet, sexy…with elongated nipples that constantly spoke of her arousal. And though she indeed had a much smaller prick than anyone else, it was constantly hard and erect, or so it seemed anyway, as I rarely saw or found it otherwise. She was like a kid who’d just discovered this particular appendage and thus rarely if ever left it alone. I almost think she held it in her hand constantly, fondling it…just because she could, and because it was there. Uncaring what anyone might have thought had they been standing around or next to her. Even now as she sat across the way speaking with Marsha and Jack and previous happenings at the resort, she continued to fondle the head of her dick playfully, though I was pretty sure she was very much aroused simply watching Jack and Marsha as they continued fondling and toying with one another.

Steven had taken a seat on the couch next to me. He too looking on, smiling at his wife as she and Jack continued to play. His own hand gently fondling his prick, that again at the moment somewhat flaccid, immediately reminded me of what it had felt like, rubbing my against his all the while up inside that amazing elastic pussy of Charlie’s. That had indeed been an interesting experience for me, and I felt my own cock throb excitedly in remembrance of that. And unlike my own, Steven’s prick though not overly large by any means, did have what I gauged as one of the biggest dick-heads I’d ever seen. Where mine was far more tapered, which Carol said was just perfect for ass-fucking, Steven’s was this large, fairly bulbous head, fat…large and round, that was interesting to watch anyone trying to suck on it. It seemed to take more effort just getting that mammoth prick tip inside canlı poker oyna the mouth than it did finally swallowing the length of it afterwards. Without even thinking about it really, I simply reached out and over, grasping his prick in hand, curious to feel it a bit in it’s current somewhat flaccid state, but likewise wanting to experience it as it grew in my hand too.

Steven was only too happy to allow me to do that, sitting back, once more relaxing and joining in on conversation as I slow-stroked his prick up and down, enjoying the contact and sensation as my fingers and hand rolled up and over that massive head of his, before squeezing it just a bit, eliciting a nice dew-drop of precum before skinning back down his rapidly growing shaft.

Maybe it was just suddenly looking over and seeing what I was doing that garnered her immediate attention. But Charlie stood, now walking over, and then kneeling down on the floor there in front of where Steven was sitting.

“I love watching that,” she said hotly. “Just something about two men comfortable enough to play with one another like that,” she moaned softly, still fondling her own cock looking on. “And he really does have one hell of a big fucking prick-head doesn’t he?” She commented, only then leaning forward a bit, her tongue snaking out to lick at it as I found myself feeding it to her.

“Come here Brian. Get down here and help me lick this bad-boy,” Charlie told me, now trying to fit her mouth around that steely-hard looking head, which appeared seemingly impossible at the moment, though she soon succeeded in doing so. Her statement however quickly drawing everyone’s attention towards us, especially my wife as she sauntered over, now standing near by with a big shit-eating grin on her face.

“Yeah baby, suck and lick it for me, I want to watch you doing that,” Carol moaned softly.

Steven had stood, the two of us now kneeling there in front of him, each of us with a hand on his prick, my mouth slowly licking and teasing up and down one side of his now very hard cock, and Charlie doing the same to the other side. The two of us periodically kissing, or at least trying to, with his prick sandwiched between us. All around, the sound of murmuring pleasured approvals, the escalation of breath, sounds of others likewise touching again, stroking, playing as our intimate little group gathered around simply to watch.

I wasn’t at all surprised when Diane decided to join us, or rather join me. Sitting down next to me there on the floor, she began stroking and playing with my prick as Charlie and I continued to lap, and lick…occasionally feeding one another Steven’s prick as we alternately sucked on it. And I of course too…found it next to impossible to fully fit that massive dick head of his inside my own mouth, though just as she had done, eventually succeeding.

“Fuck that’s hot baby!” Carol groaned loudly, though looking up and towards her now, I also had to believe that had something to do with the fact that Marsha was standing behind her, rubbing her massive tits against my wife’s back, her hand somewhere down between her legs, obviously finger-fucking her.

Eventually Jack moved over to now stand in front of the three of us. Charlie taking his cock in hand, placing it tip to tip against Steven’s, rolling and slapping the two heads together for a moment, and then once again somehow managing to fit, not all…but most of the two of them together in her own mouth. Once again, she offered the two pricks to me, which I tried in vain to emulate what she’d done, giving up…content then to simply lap and lick away at the two heads now together as she held them like that.

“Oh fuck…I’m gonna cum again!” Jack moaned, his pleasure quick and obvious. Charlie’s hand now basically taking over, skimming his prick a bit more urgently now up and down, once more pressing it directly against and around Steven’s cock though I continued to hold onto it myself, still occasionally leaning it to nip at it a bit, though more curious now to see Jack climax, which he was only moments away from doing. Though so was Steven as it would soon prove out.

Without further warning, Jack’s seed suddenly skyrocketed from his prick-tip, the first heavy streamer of cum drenching the head of Steven’s cock in a near-perfect saturation of copious fluid. And this, quickly followed by another, though almost simultaneously perhaps…is when that Steven too unleashed his own sticky mess. Like dueling swords now, Charlie and I holding on, fencing the two squirting cocks against one another, watching them both spray, spurt and continue to coat each others shafts was erotically decadent in a very unique, inexplicable way. My own balls now tight, seeking their own release, though Diane seemed intent on making that happen very soon, though it quickly became apparent, that Charlie wanted in on that action as well.

“Ok baby…now it’s your turn,” she told me, still licking her lips after having thoroughly cleaned internet casino off the two slick messy pricks she’d been working on. I now stood, as she and Diane both now knelt below me, feeling their twin tongues as they began working up and down the length of my own shaft.

This wasn’t going to take very damn long, I was almost there already only moments after the two of them began, though Marsha now too, seemed intent on being a part of this, the three of them now kneeling there in front of me, though Diane and Charlie took immediate delight in feeding my prick to Marsha, slapping her face with it, taunting and teasing her, at times allowing Marsha to mouth it, before torturously taking it away again, causing me to feel as though riding a rollercoaster of ecstasy that rolled up and down, climax moving forward and then just as quickly slipping away again. All three of them driving me nuts.

“Squirt on my tits for me baby, go ahead cum on my tits.” Marsha now held her two massive breasts closely together, her fat nipples now being treated to a back and forth rub of my cock as Diane and Charlie took immediate delight in doing that to her. I called out, crying out, fighting to keep my eyes open just so that I could watch, knowing full well as I began to climax, that this indeed would be a good one. And it was. Somewhat surprised at myself that I could so soon, all things considered, unleash yet again, another torrent of copious creamy semen which began splashing in criss-crossed layers of spunk back and forth between the giggling woman’s breasts.

I collapsed back down on the couch, once again spent, content to melt into the seat for a moment, though it was again still interesting, looking on as almost immediately, Carol came over, as had Diane, the two women now licking and sucking off Marsha’s breasts, cleaning off the rivers of jisim I had just finished depositing on them.

At this point, I honestly have to say that I didn’t think it was even physically possible that I could cum again. But even if I didn’t or couldn’t, I knew damn well it would still be exciting and arousing for me to simply watch and enjoy everyone else during the course of the evening. Ironically too of course, it was again the ‘men’ who were for the moment at least, out of action, leaving it now up to the four women in amusing themselves.


I loved the fact that Carol enjoyed exploring and being with another woman, something I could watch her do almost every minute, every hour of the day. She was particularly fond of “pussy-kissing”, or “cunt-humping” as she referred to it, soon after leading Marsha down onto the floor with her, the two of them soon sliding into her particularly favorite position, legs crossing over one another, now resting in a scissors fashion there on the floor, cunt to cunt. They slowly began working against one another in this way, with again Diane and Charlie joining them, though more to add to the stimulation as opposed to interfering. Diane simply fondling and now playing with my wife’s breasts, while Charlie began doing the same to Marsha. Hands and fingers only occasionally caressing, reaching down to touch, to feel…observe, though it was Carol and Marsha who primarily just lay there teasing and pleasing one another with their respective cunts.

I wasn’t at all surprised either when Carol eventually climaxed, squirting her own female juice copiously all over and against the two of them, though Diane had taken the opportunity to dive down, somehow managing to stick her own tongue and face in between the women’s legs so that she could likewise savor and enjoy the essence of my wife’s slick sweet cream as she lay there enjoying her own little feminine ejaculation.

“Alright Diane, this bitch needs to get fucked!” Charlie demanded. “Come give me that cock of yours,” she added to that. “And you…” she smiled looking on towards Steven again. “Time for me to feel what it’s like having you sucking on my cock!”

Likewise laying down on the floor, Charlie came over placing herself in a reverse cowgirl position over Diane’s body. Diane now slipping herself up inside Charlie’s tight little cum-box. Steven had by now moved over, kneeling between Diane’s outstretched legs, easily able to devour Charlie’s prick now as he began sucking and licking it for her, while Diane slowly began working herself in and out of her friend from below.

Though still far beyond leaping in and really doing anything yet, I was still in a horny mood and ready for further exploration and enjoyments. Seeing that Jack was surprisingly getting stiff again, it gave me an idea, which expressed was immediately accepted by my wife and Jack, not too surprisingly. I lay down on the floor, Carol straddling my face where I proceeded to do what I loved doing to her to begin with, licking and sucking her cunt. Her hard sweet clit so tasty as I lay there teasing it, Jack soon after joining us, slipping his now hard prick fully and deeply inside Carol’s cunt. Laying there watching it just above me, even feeling his shaft at times as it burrowed inside her, licking them both, capturing it with my hands to briefly suck the tip before purposely cramming it once again back inside Carol’s pussy was hot as all get out.

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