Houseboat Weekend Ch. 02

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Saturday morning, I didn’t wake up till almost 8:00. Walter wasn’t lying next to me, probably out on the front deck of the “Double Trouble” drinking coffee. It gave me a chance to lie there and reminisce about yesterday’s and last night’s sexual adventures. It brought a big smile to my face. Kyle and Shauna really gave my body one hell of a workout, a long overdue workout. Just so long as Walter never found out.

I got out of bed and peaked down the hallway. I could see the girls and Walter sitting out on the front deck along with Kyle. I didn’t see anyone at the helm although the wheel was occasionally moving back and forth. We were moving down the lake at a pretty good clip. The houseboat was so large; I hadn’t felt any movement across the water.

I slipped into the adjoining bathroom and got in the shower. The warm water felt most refreshing. I felt a slight pain in my lower and massaged it with both hands. I’d taken a bad fall one day while jogging. Every once in awhile it flares up on me. Maybe last night’s romp and Kyle spreading my legs so far apart had aggravated the injury. I fixed my hair, not bothering with make-up. This was a vacation day, not a workday.

I put on my black bikini and a pair of shorts. We were to meet the other couple at 9:00 at a marina down the lake. It was well after 8:30 now. I poured myself a cup of coffee and stood looking at the wheel of the houseboat. It finally dawned on me that there was another helm up on the upper deck. Russell must be up there guiding the houseboat from above. The sky was bright and sunny, quite warm for this early in the morning. I stepped out on the deck of the houseboat. Everyone greeted me. I sat down next to Walter at the table and sipped my coffee. I could use a cigarette right now but I was supposed to have quit. Walter would have a fit if he found out I’d smoked one last night. That wouldn’t be the only thing he’d have a fit about if he knew what happened after the cigarette.

JoAnn and Shauna were both wearing their bikinis. From Shauna’s sitting position, I couldn’t tell if hers was a thong or not but I surmised it probably was. She had the shapely butt for it, wish mine looked that good. At thirty-six, it’s hard to keep everything, especially your butt, looking like a twenty-five year olds butt.

I looked down the lake, spotting the marina coming up on our right. I looked at my watch. We were about ten minutes early for the scheduled meeting. Russell and Kyle had their timing down perfect. I hoped we’d get along with the other couple; maybe they’d be close to our age. Russell, at the upper level helm, swung the houseboat around and we slowly headed into the marina. It was much smaller than the one where we boarded. It had a marina store, fuel and boat rentals. You couldn’t ask for much more than that. The houseboat slowed as we approached the end of the dock, drifting slowly up to it. Kyle and Walter stepped onto the dock and tied the “Double Trouble” off. If that had been me at the helm, we’d probably be parked inside the marina store. I chuckled inside at the thought. I didn’t see anyone standing on the deck like they were waiting for someone. Russell scanned over the parking lot to see if he could see the other couple. Shauna thought they might be running late, maybe tied up in traffic somewhere along the way.

“Let’s go do a little shopping!” Shauna exclaimed, putting on shorts over her thong bikini.

She’d noticed a “Big Sale” sign on the front of the marina store. JoAnn and I grabbed our billfolds and headed down the long dock. Shauna was well ahead of us, walking at a much faster pace than JoAnn and me. The guys were going to hang out in case the other couple showed up. Shauna was sorting through a clothing rack marked “50% off”. JoAnn and I spotted a rack marked “clearance” so we headed towards it. The prices weren’t bad at all. Quite a few items had been marked down several times. Neither JoAnn nor I really saw anything we liked. JoAnn picked out a pair of shorts with a matching t-shirt. That was about it. Shauna had picked out a few items, putting them on top of the rack.

“Carla.” Shauna stated. “Take a look at these bikinis!”

I walked over and scanned through them. Most were thongs in bright colors. I did see a couple of regular cut bikinis I liked. The prices were marked down to half. Maybe I’d indulge myself a little and add to my bikini collection. I picked out two that I really liked. Shauna held up a bright yellow and a bright orange thong bikini.

“Pick one.” She stated. “You got to get yourself one of these.”

“My butt’s too big for a thong.” I replied. “It would only make it look bigger.”

“Carla, I know better!” Shauna exclaimed, grinning.

I picked the bright yellow thong, adding it to the other two I was going to purchase. I’d probably never have the courage to wear it though. We made our purchases and headed back down the dock to the houseboat.

The guys had walked far down another dock, looking at a houseboat that was for sale. It looked casino siteleri similar to the “Double Trouble” in size. It was beautiful! All the trim was a pretty shade of blue. Even the two waverunners on the back were trimmed out in blue. It had “luxurious but expensive” written all over it.

We boarded the houseboat and put our purchases away. JoAnn went to their stateroom to change into her bikini. Shauna tossed her shorts in one of the chairs. I slipped my shorts off and took them up to Walter and my stateroom. I checked myself in the full-length door mirror making sure my black bikini covered everything. I decided to put on just a little make-up.

Our guys were still down the dock looking over the houseboat. We watched them talking to an elderly couple on the boat. I don’t know why they were so interested in the houseboat. The “Double Trouble” looked just as nice. I looked at my watch; it was almost 9:45. The other couple still hadn’t arrived. It didn’t seem to bother JoAnn or Shauna though. I thought they’d be upset but they didn’t seem to be.

“Why don’t we go ahead and get breakfast started?” JoAnn suggested. “The guys are probably getting hungry.

We started fixing breakfast, putting on more fresh coffee. JoAnn turned on the television so she could watch the science fiction channel. She was a sci-fi buff. We heard the guys finally coming back onboard. They were all laughing about something.

“Well, let’s not tell.” I heard a partial whisper from one of the guys.

“Let’s not tell what?” Shauna asked. She’d evidently heard it too.

At least I knew my hearing wasn’t going bad, not at thirty-six anyway. All the guys were smiling about something, who knows what. We ate breakfast and talked about the other couple, wondering what had happened to them. Kyle tried calling the couple on their cell phone and home phone numbers. He didn’t get an answer at either number.

“Well, we’ll wait till 10:30.” Kyle stated. “If they don’t show by then, we’ll pull out.”

“Sounds like a good plan.” Shauna added. “There’s no sense in waiting any longer. It’s not fair to Walt and Carla to sit here at the dock.

Both Walter and I told them we didn’t mind waiting if they wanted. We didn’t want to go off and leave the other couple behind. Besides, they’d paid for the weekend in advance the same as us.

“That’s why we have everyone pay in advance.” Russell stated. “With a no refund deposit.”

“If they decide not to show, we’re not out any expenses of our own.” Shauna added. “It’s very rare we get any no-shows but it can happen.”

10:30 rolled around and still no appearance by the other couple. The guys were sitting at the table on the front deck. They were deep in discussion about something. JoAnn walked out on the deck to see what the buzz was all about. They stopped talking as she approached them. Whatever it was, it must be a guy-thing. JoAnn leaned down and Kyle whispered something in her ear. The thought of him telling JoAnn about he and I having sex earlier this morning crossed my mind. Surely he wouldn’t tell her. Walter was still smiling. I doubt seriously if he’d be smiling if he found out about Kyle, Shauna and me.

Russell went up on the top deck and started the engines. Kyle and Walter untied the houseboat, letting it drift away from the dock. I felt bad the other couple was going to miss out on a great weekend. I walked out and stood next to Walter. Both of us watched to see if they might make it at the last minute. We didn’t see anyone. We hoped nothing had happened to them.

We headed further down the lake. The houseboat was running at a good cruising speed. I stood right at the front of the boat, watching as the water passed beneath the “Double Trouble”. It was a wonderful feeling.

“Having a good time, Hon?” Walter whispered, coming up behind me.

“Having a wonderful time!” I replied. “I’m going to hate to see tomorrow evening come though.”

Walter put his arms around me, giving me a gentle squeeze. He kissed me on the cheek. It had been a long time since he’d showed me any affection. Maybe this houseboating weekend was what we really needed to get our marriage back on track. I hoped it was anyway.

Kyle came out on the deck and mentioned to Walter about a good fishing spot just ahead. Walter’s face beamed at the news. The two of them started getting their gear put together. I told Walter I was going up on the top deck and lie out in the sun. Probably take my book with me so I’d have something to read.

I climbed the stairway to the upper deck. Russell was at the helm at the front of the houseboat. He looked over his shoulder at me. I spread a beach towel over one of the chaise lounges.

“Hey Carla!” Russell shouted. “Come on up here with me.”

I walked up to him and stood next to him. He glanced quickly at me. My tummy was right about his eye level. He stood up, his hands still on the wheel.

“You did a great job yesterday, mooring up to the bank.” He stated. “How’d you like to take slot oyna control of her again?”

I couldn’t resist the offer. I stepped behind the wheel and guided the houseboat down the lake. We were cruising right along. I had a big grin on my face. I loved controlling the giant houseboat! It was a wonderful feeling.

“You’re not going to take off on me are you?” I quipped. “Like Kyle did on me.”

“No, I’m going to stay right her beside you.” He replied, grinning. “But I am going to let you handle all the controls, not just the wheel.”

Russell told me how to operate the dual throttle levers and what each would do. I tried my best to comprehend his instructions, at the same time keeping my eyes focused ahead of the boat. JoAnn and Shauna came up to join Russell and me.

“See that cove up ahead on the left?” Russell asked. “That’s where we’re headed.”

“Yes, I see it.” I replied, nervously.

Russell gave me instructions on how to get there. I ran parallel to the shoreline, and then turned the wheel sharp to the left. The rear of the houseboat swung around. Automatically, I corrected a little oversteer. Russell told me to pull back to about half speed. I pulled both throttle levers back together. The houseboat slowed way down as we neared the shoreline. I kept one hand on the wheel, the other on the throttle levers. My hands were shaking a little. Russell instructed me to get ready to come parallel with the bank. I took a deep breath and held it. The shoreline got closer and closer.

“Turn the wheel hard right and pull back all the way on the right lever.” Russell commanded.

I did as he directed. The houseboat swung around faster than I expected. I turned the wheel back to the left to get parallel with the bank

“Pull the left throttle back.” Russell ordered, calmly.

I quickly pulled it all the way back making sure both throttles were all the way to idle position. The boat drifted closer to the shore. From where I was standing, I couldn’t see the water’s edge. I kept waiting for a crashing or crunching sound. I gritted my teeth in anticipation, looking towards the rocking bank. JoAnn and Shauna were looking over the side railing. I reached down and turned the keys off, killing both engines. I hurried over to the side railing to have a look. Walter and Kyle were standing on the shore, attaching ropes to a couple of boulders. I smiled, knowing I’d made another successful mooring. JoAnn and Shauna gave me a big applause.

“Carla, you’re becoming quite a boat captain!” JoAnn exclaimed. “You’ll be an old pro in no time!”

I felt relieved and happy at the same time. I did a little dance like a football player in the end zone. Everyone got a big laugh out of my antics. Walter and Kyle got back on the boat. JoAnn and Shauna said they were going to take the waverunner out for awhile. They thought the two of them might go back to the marina and see if the other couple ever showed up.

I stretched out on the chaise lounge and relaxed, leaving my book on the table. Russell went down the stairs to the first level. I heard the waverunner speeding off up the lake. I watched till the girls disappeared around a bend in the lake. I heard Russell coming back up the stairs. I shaded my eyes to see him. He had two Cokes and a pack of cigarettes in his hands. He sat down on the lounge next to me.

“Figured your throat might be a little dry!” He stated, smiling. “How about a cigarette to go along with it.”

I gladly accepted both. I was thirsty and my craving for a cigarette hadn’t subsided. I thanked Russell for the refreshments, mentioning how much Walter and I appreciated being catered to. We were having a wonderful time and I wanted them to know it. It was money well spent. I think I made him blush just a little, with all my compliments.

“We like to make sure all our clientele and friends have a good time when they’re onboard with us.” Russell stated. “It pays off big in the end.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what he was getting at but I felt comfortable enough with him to ask.

“So, what you’re saying is, you make sure everyone gets all their needs taken care of.” I stated, slyly.

Russell leaned back, grinning.

“I think you’re getting the idea.” Russell quipped. “You haven’t stopped smiling since you set foot onboard, have you?”

“Has Kyle said anything to you?” I asked, avoiding his question. “Anything at all.”

“No, he hasn’t.” He answered, grinning. “Shauna did mention something though.”

I’d forgotten about Shauna. I took a long drag off my cigarette, not knowing what to say next but feeling a little bolder.

“How many of your clientele do you have sex with?” I boldly asked. “How do you know which ones need some special attention and which ones don’t?”

Russell lit up another cigarette before he answered.

“It’s just a vibe, a feeling you get from the other people.” He replied. “Running around without much on tends to loosen people’s inhibitions up.”

I’ll have to admit. I could canlı casino siteleri see his point. I hadn’t been wearing much more than a bikini since we’d gotten here. It did seem like sex had been on my mind alot since we first cast off. I smiled as the thoughts ran through my mind. Houseboating, water, sex, all three did go together!

“What about Walter?” I asked. “How do you read him?”

“Walter, I read him the instant I shook his hand.” Russell answered. “He all fisherman! With him, fishing is like a passion. Can’t say I blame him. His job is probably stressful most of the time.”

I had to agree. Walter’s job as a bank vice-president was very stressful. Maybe that’s why he seemed to be getting less and less affectionate.

“I love my husband very much.” I stated. “He’s just not as affectionate or loving like he used to be. We rarely have sex anymore unless it’s a special occasion.

I surprised myself by letting Russell know so much about our marriage. The look on his face let me know he understood.

“I’m sure Walt loves you very much.” Russell said. “He’s probably just out of touch showing affection and making love to you.”

Maybe Russ was right. I hoped that’s all it was. I just needed a little reassurance Walter still loved me. His hug and kiss on the cheek this morning was a good start. I just needed frequent fucking to be sure.

“I’m going down below for a short nap.” Russell stated. “Care to join me?”

“With Walter on the front deck, fishing!” I laughed. “Why not just go and have sex right in front of him!”

Russell stood up, putting his hand out to pull me up. He was actually serious about me going down to his stateroom. I looked at his hand till he put it back to his side. Russ picked up his cigarettes then turned and walked over to the rear stairs. I lay there for several minutes, contemplating his offer. It was crazy; we’d surely get caught. The temptation was almost too great to resist!

I laid out on the top deck for about two hours before I heard some waverunners coming up the lake. It sounded like three or four of them. I got up and watched as they sped across the water. One of the waverunners split off from the others and headed towards the “Double Trouble”. It was JoAnn and Shauna! They cruised up to the side of the houseboat, tied it off and came aboard. I grabbed my beach towel and went down to the first level to meet them.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting out on the covered deck watching the guys fishing. Late in the afternoon, dark clouds started rolling in from the southwest. Kyle went inside and turned on the weatherband radio. Shauna got the radar up and running. It looked like the storm was a couple of miles away from us. The radio was giving severe storm warnings for the entire lake area. It kind of scared me a little being out on the water with a storm coming. Walter and Russell quickly got their fishing gear put away. Kyle was out along the shoreline making sure the ropes were secure. Russell suggested we add another rope to each end just in case one rope broke loose. JoAnn and I got more rope from the storage locker, taking some to each end of the houseboat. We could hear loud thunder off in the distance.

We girls made sure everything was battened down, especially the lounge chairs on the top deck. Russell and Walter were getting the front covered with the roll down canvassing. It enclosed the entire front deck of the “Double Trouble”. I noticed the waverunner was still sitting in the water, tied up to the side of the houseboat.

“Kyle, the waverunners still in the water!” I shouted.

Kyle motioned for me to help him get it up on the hoist. It started raining hard as soon as the two of us got out on the back deck. Kyle leaned over the side and attached the hoist cables to the waverunner. The rain was coming down in sheets. I was worried Kyle would fall overboard. He had a firm grip on the handrail with one hand while he untied the rope with the other. Kyle motioned for me to push the lift lever up. I raised the lever and the waverunner slowly lifted out of the water. The wind was strong; the rain looked like it was coming down sideways. I held the lever in the up position till the waverunner was all the way raised. Kyle and I were soaking wet. His jeans looked like they were glued to his body. We quickly got back inside. JoAnn handed us some towels to dry off on.

We heard Shauna at the front of the houseboat calling for Russ. He and Walter went out on the front deck and rolled up the side canvas on the front deck. We saw the three waverunners coming back down the lake towards us. Shauna started flipping the overhead spotlights on and off so they could see us in the heavy rain. They sped towards our houseboat. The guys tossed them ropes to tie off with when they pulled alongside. There were three young couples on the waverunners. I was thankful they were all wearing their lifejackets. All six people managed to get onboard safely. We handed them towels to dry with while Walter and Russ rolled the side canvas back down. Walter came over to me, putting his arms around me so I’d stop shaking. The storm continued for another half hour before finally passing through. It was quite an adventure!

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