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Doug and Kelly moved in across the street a few months ago. We are in the country, so they were about a half mile away, but we went to greet them anyway. They were a nice attractive couple, and invited us in with our plate of cookies and insisted we stay for a cook-out. We had a few beers and wine and got along great.

We socialized occasionally, and played bridge with them a couple times when they brought it up. Mercy and I had played a few times before we were married but were really just above beginners, but Doug and Kelly were even worse. After a couple of routs, we didn’t bring it up again, but they still wanted to play every so often. They seemed to be getting a little better, and once almost took a rubber off of us.

We had them over about a month later in September. They didn’t have any children, while we had one teenager at home from college, Stacy. Doug and Kelly mentioned they both traveled on business quite a bit, and asked Stacy if she was interested in taking care of the house for them while they were away. Stacy jumped at the opportunity, even before she found out about the generous pay.

I went over with Stacy the first time. He had to show Stacy how to work the security system they had installed. Doug worked for an electronics outfit where he could get a lot of equipment way below retail. This was all new to Stacy, as we rarely even lock our doors, but Doug said Kelly had seen a lot of horror movies where bad things happened to people in isolated houses. Mercy and I laughed about it when we came home, as one of the things we liked about living in the country was not having had any trouble in the 10 years we had been here.

Doug and Kelly went to a convention together, and Stacy took care of things with no problem on Friday and Saturday. Saturday night she was invited to go to an amusement park with her friends on Sunday, and asked me if I could take care of the house. She was returning to college the following weekend. I agreed, with the condition she would mow the lawn for an hour in exchange.

The next day I picked up the little reminder card Stacy had made for me and the key and was going out the door when Mercy asked if she could come with me. We walked the half-mile to their house, grabbing their newspaper on the way.

I punched in the security code on the card and opened the door with the key when the green light went on. We fed the cat and then went up to the bedroom to water the plant there. We had never been upstairs in their house, let alone in their bedroom, and it was amazing.

We live in an old farmhouse with character and we love it. Doug and Kelly live in a mini-mansion, which probably explained some of the security. The bedroom was as big as our living room with a king-size bed pendik escort and its own entertainment center that could be concealed in a tasteful looking wardrobe. It was open though, with the large screen TV showing. We had seen their Super TV before in the movie room, but even this one was bigger than any of ours. It was then Mercy reminded me the Redskins-Cowboys game was on.

“We should watch it here — it’s better than any of our TVs.”

“I don’t think that would be right.” I said.

“Kelly told me to feel free to use their house while they were gone if we needed to get away for a little bit”

“OK — but just for a bit. I want to be able to have a beer and relax.”

I figured out how to turn on the TV and get the game on. The picture was fantastic — it was HDTV of the best quality — I have never seen anything like it. Mercy wasn’t that big of a football fan, but even she was enjoying the quality of the picture. I noticed the surround sound system, and turned that on to, and it was like being at the game. The only place to really sit and get a good view was on the bed. My back was getting a little tired, but I tried moving back and sitting up right against the pillows, and the sound was even better and the picture looked better too.

Mercy had disappeared for a few minutes, but when she came back she had a couple open beers with her. “We can replace these before they get back.” I finished mine by the end of the first quarter. It was some dark foreign beer I didn’t remember the name of, but it tasted great and had quite a kick. Mercy usually prefers wine, but she was enjoying hers too. She went to the bathroom, and when she came back she had made another detour to the refrigerator.

The second quarter was exciting with a lot of scoring. The game was close and I was pretty involved. Mercy was a little more interested in exploring the house. I didn’t even notice she had come back into the room until she slipped in behind me and started to rub my shoulders and then kiss my neck. The Cowboys scored on the last play before the two-minute warning, and during the commercial I started to feel her firmly behind me.

I started to turn around to kiss her back, a kind of “rain-check” kiss, but she put her hands firmly on my shoulders. “I want to show you something I discovered.” She said.

The game came back on, and the Redskins were out of timeouts but driving while she was fooling around behind me. She insisted on removing my T-shirt. She kissed my bare back while I watched Jason Campbell hook up with Chris Cooley. She kissed my arm and pulled it over my head. I watched a run for no gain. My wrist was encased with a soft handcuff, but it didn’t really register until she had done the same to the other one. The Redskins kicked a field goal as time ran out in the first half.

Mercy appears shy to other people, and I thought she was when I first met her. But after I got to know her I discovered a wild adventurous streak in her that made escort pendik my love for her complete. She liked to do things on the spur of the moment, and when she first tied me up in bed it was a fantasy come true I thought would never really happen. We did other things too, but only with each other.

It had been a while since she had done anything like this. I was nervous about doing this in someone else’s house, but it also made it more exciting. I was not going to turn down this opportunity. She moved around in front of me, and I saw she was wearing an outfit that must have been Kelly’s. She had on black leather pants and a black leather shirt that was like a miracle bra — her cleavage was pumped up and her nipples were pressing on the front.

She undid my belt and unsnapped my jeans Then she stood up, moved to the end of the bed, and grabbed the cuffs. She yanked as hard as she could and my pants flew off, exposing my tent-poled underpants.

She teased me for a little bit, but then she caught one eye drifting towards the TV. “I’ll make sure you pay attention” she said.

She stood between me and the television and yanked off my briefs, releasing my pent-up hardness. she grabbed my ankles, spread them, and secured them to the bottom of the bed with another pair of soft cuffs. I was about to ask where she got them, but she spoke first.

“I’m going to turn this off so I can get your full attention. I set the TIVO before we left.”

Mercy was not into technology, which is why she loves TIVO. She walked over to the cabinet and after looking at it for a couple of seconds she pressed a button on what I knew was probably a DVD player. What happened next changed our lives.

The football game disappeared and was replaced by a movie. At first it was like a scene out of Eyes Wide Shut. Two people were wearing masks and very little clothing in a room that looked familiar. They moved towards each other and undressed each other. The woman had a fantastic body with shapely melon breasts, though not as nice as Mercy’s, and the guy had a dick that was very large and very hard. I heard a small gasp from Mercy. We watched porno films every so often, but this was much better than anything we had seen.

The woman got down on her knees and rubbed the big stiff cock all over her face with her eyes closed. She slowly teased it with her lips and the tip of her tongue before suddenly taking it all inside of her mouth in one quick motion. We both let out a gasp that was echoed by the male on camera. Mercy came up and lay next to me on the bed and absent-mindedly stroked and teased my helpless body as she watched the show.

As the video progressed the couple changed positions so the man was pleasing the woman, things started to look familiar, but I still couldn’t quite place it. It was only when the man brought the woman to an orgasm with his tongue and she started shouting with pleasure that we both recognized the voice, and then the bodies and then the pendik escort bayan room. We were watching a video of Doug and Kelly.

We didn’t say anything to each other, but we were both incredibly turned on. Doug climbed up on Kelly and rubbed circles around the edge of Kelly’s pussy before suddenly plunging in and ramming her hard. Kelly built to a crescendo again and came several times while Doug seemed to last forever. We were both excited and a little bit envious — Doug not only was bigger than me but lasted longer. Finally, he let out a long roar as his body stiffened and convulsed against Kelly several times.

Mercy jumped off the bed, turned down the sound, ripped off the leather clothes and climbed on to me. She took my measure with two strokes and started pumping me with an animal urgency. I had never seen her act anything like this, and the surprise delayed my orgasm but not hers. She let out a fierce yell in less than a minute, one that reached down to my loins and set me off also.

She was still wound up as she released my bonds, and I was still rock hard. When I was free I grabbed her hips in a frenzy and positioned her on the bed with her ass facing me. I knelt behind her and rammed her, quickly at first, but I varied my pace. We were facing the screen again, and I looked up to see that Doug and Kelly were in the same position as us. I matched my rhythm to his. Kelly started to come again, and that set both Doug and Mercy off, and I brought up the rear. When I glanced up at the TV one more time, I could swear that Doug was looking right at me.

As we caught our breath the frenzy faded — it was a little like sobering up — and we realized we had been carried away, but had no regrets. The movie had ended.

As we were putting our clothes back on, another scene was starting. I went over to turn off the TV, but before I did, I caught a glimpse of Kelly wearing a revealing leather outfit with a mask, standing near a male in bondage. Mercy didn’t see it and I didn’t mention anything, bit it didn’t look like Doug’s body.

We put our clothes back on and Mercy went about straightening the bedroom up while I attempted to put the rest of the video equipment back how we had found it.. we locked up the house and made our way home.

We were wondering how it would be facing Doug and Kelly again, and decided to try and put off getting together. Kelly came by the next day and I was able to greet her as if nothing had happened, though it was tough not imagining her naked. She paid Stacy $100 for three days work, which was very generous.

“Where’s my cut? I kidded Stacy playfully. Kelly got a strange look on her face and opened her mouth to say something, and then thought better of it. As I look back on it now, this was my first clue that something had changed.

As Stacy and I went back in the house, she told me all about Doug and Kelly and how cool they were. She said they had an internet business selling all kinds of high-quality video equipment with High-def, miniature cameras and listening devices, etc.

As I thought about all this, I started to feel a little more uneasy. As the week progressed, I would find I had good reason to feel that way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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