How I Came to Love Planting Trees

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I stood up and wiped the sweat from my face. It was hard work digging, even on a cool day in early spring, but I had decided I needed to plant a tree at the back of the house. I needed some shade over my windows. Now I know it was going to take a while for what I had planted to grow enough to give shade to anything but I had been getting the environmental message lately from my neighbour.

Duke was very into the environment. And I was getting very into Duke. He had moved in during winter and I hadn’t noticed anything odd about him at first. But I had noticed that he was well put together and moved well. And I had seen him go off jogging some mornings, heading off up our street in long powerful strides, and I had vaguely noticed him returning an hour or so later. Watched his muscular arms and legs as they worked smoothly together, so that he seemed to flow effortlessly along the road. My study overlooked his house, or more precisely the side of it including the gate he used to go in and out of for his runs.

Then the warmer weather arrived in earnest and things changed. A truck arrived one day and Duke was out the front helping the driver to unload plant after plant after plant. There must have been a hundred delivered at least.

I had said “hi” and started a conversation with him a few times. He had been polite and I had got the environmental message, but he hadn’t seemed talkative. It was pretty obvious he wasn’t interested in me. I would live. But now I was wondering what he was up to so I went down and wandered across my flat lawn to the fence separating us and looked over.

“You have got a few plants there,” I said.

He looked up, “Yes, it’s the time to plant.”

“They wont all fit, will they?” I asked, looking at them, and thinking he was an idiot for getting so many.

He laughed though. “I will need at least 4 times this number to get the natural bush effect I want Garth,” he replied. “I want to create a native bush garden with plenty ofg trees and natural diversity,” he added, as if I was not too bright.

“Oh.” I said, “So you want trees?”

“I love trees Garth, they are the lungs of the planet. They purify the air. But there are also other plants, nature loves diversity and fertility Garth. There is more to the bush than just the trees, however majestic and beautiful they may be.”

Well he was rather majestic and beautiful himself, standing there in just a singlet and shorts, his muscular arms exposed, his belly obviously flat and muscled too. I had been quite fixated on it actually as he talked. I would have stayed there talking but he started carrying the pots around to the back yard, and they were dirty and I was reluctant to offer to help him. I had on my good pants and a pale t shirt that had cost a fortune, and a business appointment poker oyna to go to in an hour.

The next day I wandered over to my study window to get a closer look. I had seen movement out in Duke’s backyard and I was curious. The pots were all sitting in the middle of the ragged uncared for grass that had been Phyllis, the previous owner’s precious lawn.

My jaw dropped, Duke was out there naked, bending over sticking some plant in a hole. I had a perfect view of his arse, in fact I could almost have done a prostrate exam, visually. His legs were spread apart and he was bent well over, head to the ground, arse up and neatly patting the dirt in around the base of the whatever it was he had planted. I gulped as he stood up and turned. I saw then that planting trees obviously turned him on. He stretched and arched his back and lifted his arms, stretching his lean muscular torso out for me, his engorged cock jumping about, his big balls visible below the dark nest of his pubes. And he looked right in at my window.

Well it was closed so he probably hadn’t seem me watching him, but I had jumped back in embarrassment already, before I worked that out.

He got off on planting trees and I knew I was going to get off on watching him do it. And he had a hundred of them to go at least.

I had never thought much about the environment before. I wondered now though if I should learn more. My neighbour would be a good teacher I was sure. I changed into old clothes suitable for his garden and wandered down stairs and looked over the fence.

After watching him for a few minutes, I realised he was wearing something after all. Boots. “Do you want a hand?” I called out loudly.

He turned towards me and looked for a moment as if he wasn’t sure what I was. “So do you know how to plant a tree properly?” he finally asked me.

I had trouble answering, as he was facing me in all his erect glory.

“I can learn,” I said firmly, trying to look at his face not his dick, ” I want to learn about the environment.”

“Your garden is a typical example of urban vandalism and environmental destruction Garth.”

I was a bit confused by his remark, my mind not really being on my garden just then. Standing there naked, talking over the fence didn’t seem to bother Duke at all, and with his body why should it, I thought. But I recovered quickly. I actually thought my garden was quite nice. I had paid the local garden centre a fortune to put it in.

“I inherited it,” I said lying. “I know nothing about gardens I was raised in an apartment overlooking the harbour.” Actually I had grown up on a dairy farm but that was not the point. “We didn’t even have a pot plant till I was ten,” I added for sympathy.

I saw his eyes becoming a bit softer.

“Well I don’t canlı poker oyna know Garth,” he said. “You can help I suppose, but don’t get in the way. I have to plant all of these out today.” He said waving vaguely at the assembled pots.

I hurried around to join him. When I go there he had shorts on. Damn I thought. But the view was still good and at least he was looking at me as if I might be human now.

Our relationship developed. And he educated me. After a month I knew a lot of plant names and I had a sore back. And I had got to the stage of stripping off everything except my shorts while we worked together in his garden. And I was pleased that another hundred pots had been delivered as soon as the first lot were in.

Duke occasionally threw an arm around me when a planting had gone particularly well. But that was it. I wanted to know how to get him to respond more. I had made obvious advances, we had even shared a few tofu burgers in his kitchen.

But one day after my hand had accidentally brushed his package for the tenth time while brushing dirt off him, he said “Garth, I am aroused by nature. A man with no trees just can’t do it. You seem to be a nice guy but I need the thrill of planting to feel like fucking.”

Well that was pretty direct I thought. And I went home that evening pondering what he had said. The next morning I went to the garden centre and bought a Leopard gum and took it home. Then I leant over the fence, and admired Duke’s naked body for a few minute before I said “Duke can you come over and help me plant a tree. No need to dress.”

He looked up and I was worried he might be irritated, but he smiled instead, his planting smile, and I went weak kneed looking at him.

“Ah. What sort?” he asked frowning

“A Leopard gum,” I replied

“Oh, a native of this area. So you have listened,” he said with obvious pleasure, his cock bouncing a bit higher. “I’ll be over in a minute”

He was, but with shorts on. I showed him my pot and it looked sad. I had thought of getting a hundred but was reluctant to seem too eager.

“It’s a start,” Duke said reassuringly, “Now where do you want to plant it?” he asked.

I hadn’t actually given that any thought, I mean where to plant the thing.

“How about in the middle here,” he said, looking down at the lawn under his feet.

He supervised my digging of the hole and then let me do the planting. I had never been allowed to do this on my own before, and it was actually a thrill to be planting something for the first time under his guidance.

When I was done Duke wrapped his arms around me, “Nothing turns me on like seeing a good looking man plant a tree,” he rumbled in my ear.

I could feel his erection pushed against mine and I was not letting the opportunity internet casino pass. I had one hand pulling his face to mine for a kiss and the other hand was down pushing under the waist of his shorts.

He moaned the instant our mouths met. But I hardly heard, I was whimpering so. I had my hands snaked between his cheeks and a finger planting itself in his hole. Exploring there like my tongue was exploring his mouth. His chest and belly, hard up against mine, slithered from side to side as he tried to merge with me.

“Its nature,” he gasped, “The power of fertility. Of planting. Plant your seed in me now Garth. Please,” he begged.

I hadn’t needed any encouragement. Duke stripped his shorts off and pulled me to the ground on top of him and rolled his thighs back, all hands and mouth exploring me making me even more excited if that was possible .

I wet him down with my tongue, caught up in the analogy of his hole and the hole I had dug for my tree. And I wet his hole down and softened it so that my fingers dug in easily and opened it for me to plant my seed in, with my dibble. My seed planting rod sunk into his prepared hole easily. And I shivered and grasped at his hips as he lay under me, arms spread, hands tugging at the grass and his head rolling as I dug into the limit. I rested there, deep down, opening him to me.

“Yes,” he moaned, “Yes. Plant it deep Garth.”

I slid my dibble back out, knowing that it wasn’t going to take me long to plant a whole load of seed deep inside him. I tried to hold back. I watched his face as he gazed up at the tree we had planted together, and then at me the other planter, and I pumped him hard. He moaned and his cock leaked and finally twitched repeatedly and spilled it’s seed load all over his belly.

I plowed him slowly at depth for a minute, then pounded him, aching to bury my seed deeper, closer to his core. Into his centre. I came in a final shudder and another, and flooded him. He moaned and arched back as I stayed there, knowing I was going to do a lot more planting in that channel.

In a bit over a week I had twelve trees in my back garden and I thought that was enough. I hoped that soon the pleasure of having me plant my seed in him would be enough for him, but no, he still needed the trees. So we moved our planting to the front garden. We took to planting in the dark, in the very early morning. Duke was spontaneous and I had trouble getting him far from the planting site if he was going to stay in heat and fuckable. Then when we planted the thirteenth tree in the front garden we were caught in the glare of the neighbour’s headlights. I froze in full penetration as the lights moved on. And the seed planting did not occur that time. Duke was more distressed than I was.

With 12 trees in the back garden and 13 in the dangerously exposed front garden we decided the back garden was gong to have to be home to the entire 176 that remained of what I had ordered.

After that it was going to have to be acreage or divorce.

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