How One Evening Changed My Life Ch. 02

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Vickie took my eager cock into her mouth and my balls in her hand. She looked up at me and said with a smile, “You feel so wonderful in my mouth.”

“Oh baby, I enjoy being there too.”

Watching the others fucking and feeling and seeing Vickie suck my cock soon had my orgasm building. I could feel my balls tighten and my body tense as I was nearing the edge. She gave my balls a gentle squeeze and I cried out, “Oh yes…yes…yes,” and I shot my load into her mouth.

“My turn, I want to eat your pussy.”

“That would be my pleasure,” she said as she licked my cock.

We moved to the mid part of the pool and I put a cushion on the deck for her to lie on. I got into the water and as she lay down on the deck at the edge of the pool. She positioned her legs wide and feet resting on my shoulders. I was at the right depth in the pool to be able to stand and have direct access to her lovely pussy. How beautiful it looked and how eager I was to have my tongue all over it.

I ran my tongue up and down her ‘landing strip’ of pubic hair, then down to her cunt. She sighed and opened her legs even wider. Eating pussy is a great way to pleasure your woman and it pays to be attentive to their non-verbal responses especially their breathing and the tension in their body. Vickie was very good in providing me the positive feedback I needed and I did my best to give her cunt and clit a lot of attention.

I didn’t notice Cindy in the water with me when all of a sudden I felt her hand touch my butt and move down to my balls and then I heard her say that she wanted to be next. I looked up enough to see Joan was also present and she was fondling Vickie’s tits and kissing her hard nipples.

Without missing a beat, I reached my hand back and put it on Cindy’s pussy and continued my licking on Vickie’s clit. Cindy adjusted her position so I could insert a finger into her cunt. What an incredible evening I was having.

Between Joan’s nipple play and my licking, Vickie was close to her orgasm. Her whole body shook and I could feel her legs tremble on my back.

“My but you two make a lovely poker oyna couple,” remarked Cindy, “Now I want some of that. Joan, do you want to change positions with me or stay where you are?”

“I want his balls in my hand and my pussy in his,” she replied.

The girls changed places and soon I was looking at Cindy’s bald and just as beautiful pussy. Vickie had her hands busy with Cindy’s tits while Joan held my balls and I had a finger deep in her cunt.

Eating Cindy’s pussy was a pleasure. I ran my tongue all over her bald pussy and licked her pussy lips up and down. By the way she moved her hips I could tell she wanted me to fuck her cunt with my tongue. Her response was immediate as I moved there and she reached down and pulled me in harder. After a while she let go and moved her hips so I could lick her clit. My tongue was all over it. I held it with my lips and sucked on it some, and then I would lightly lick just the tip of it. With all of that play I could feel Joan tense and I could tell she was very near her orgasm.

It was hard to take in all that was happening. I could watch Vickie lick and suck Joan’s erect nipples. I was fingering Joan’s cunt, and could feel her fondle my balls and cock. I had to remind myself to focus on the matter at hand, so to speak and bring Joan to a glorious climax.

Vicky tends to tremble with her orgasm while Joan is a moaner. It starts low and quiet and then builds as her orgasm flows through her body like a continuous wave. As her orgasm subsided she said, “Wonderful. Just fucking wonderful. Joan you are in for a treat. “

This time Joan’s bald and equally beautiful pussy was in my face, Cindy was all over her tits, and my finger was in Vickie’s cunt while she played with my balls and cock. All of this was very erotic and I hoped I had the stamina to do Joan like the others. My jaw was beginning to ache and I had been standing a long time. ‘Poor baby,’ I thought to myself, ‘You should have it so rough.’

I gave Joan my best effort and she was entirely different from Joan and Vickie. I don’t believe her hips ever stopped moving. I let her dictate canlı poker oyna the position and the force of my mouth and tongue. She liked it a lot harder than either of the other two. She enjoyed having me lick her clit hard and I was happy to oblige. I licked and sucked on it while she moved her hips up and down. I like to think it was my technique and maybe it was the extended foreplay due to what she did with Vickie and me because she reached her climax in far less time than Vickie or Cindy. Fortunately for me and my aching jaw, she was very content. “Oh yes Cindy, you are correct, that was excellent. I am so happy you are here Larry.”

“So am I, Cindy; so am I.”

“Come on girls, let’s get the dessert out. All this fun has made me hungry,” Cindy said, “I think John is setting up drinks too.”

We adjourned to the den and Cindy brought out servings of a favorite dessert called: Better Than Sex.

A great dessert with layers of whipped cream and chocolate on a bed of nuts. John served up the drinks and I had an excellent port while Vickie, sitting beside me, had wine. I can’t say I was ill at ease sitting naked in mixed company like this but it certainly was a new experience. Cindy had cuddled up with her husband John. Joan was sitting in Tom’s lap with his hand holding her breast and I had my arm around Vicky. We toasted all around and I said what a wonderful and new experience I had that evening. “Thank you very much for inviting me.”

John then said to Vickie and me how the group functions. “You can join us for foursomes or ‘sixsomes’ but the spouse is always present and whatever the two of you wanted to do with each other is entirely up to you. You both are welcomed to join us in the future for more fun and play in our exclusive group.”

“Works for me,” Vickie replied and I nodded in agreement. I held up my glass and said, “To new friends.”

It seemed a bit strange putting on clothes to go home but thinking about what is in the future made me smile. I walked Vickie to her car and held her in my arms.

“Words fail me to express how much I enjoyed this evening and internet casino how much I like you. I hope I can see you again.”

“With or without clothes?”

“Yes,” I said laughing, “Both would be great but I’m I trying to say is that I would really like to be with you more.”

“Tomorrow night, my house for dinner at 6.

“Can I bring anything?

“Do you like Malbec 181?

“As a matter of fact, I have several bottles.”

“Bring it, I’m making lasagna.”

I was at her door promptly at 6 and was greeted with a warm kiss. She was wearing a short skirt and her blouse was sheer enough to reveal a lacy bra. Dinner was excellent and we moved to the couch with our wine and she cuddled up next to me. For the next couple of hours we talked about lives, our past, and what we wanted in our future. We even got into the taboo subjects and it appeared we shared several goals and values. I told her even though we started our friendship in a totally unorthodox manner, I would really like to pursue a relationship with her. She leaned up and gave me a deep kiss allowing our tongues to do an intimate dance.

“I was hoping the same.”

She stood up, pulled up her skirt and straddled me. I let out a gasp when I could see she wore no panties.

“I thought you would like that,” she said with a grin while she started unbuttoning my shirt. I gave her a quick kiss and started undoing her blouse. It didn’t take long and we were both naked. She positioned her pussy on my cock and eased it into her wet and eager cunt. I held her nipples with my fingers as she rode my hard cock up and down. She was so lovely and exciting and I thought to myself, ‘thank you Cindy.’

The closer she came to her orgasm, the harder and faster she rode me. As she climaxed she pushed her pussy down as far as possible to fill her cunt. I could feel her muscles contract around my throbbing cock. I took the opportunity to kiss and lick her nipples while she rested. She looked at me and said, “One good fuck deserves another.” She slowly moved up and down my cock and I savored each stroke.

How incredible her cunt felt and how I enjoyed fondling her tits. She increased her speed getting faster and pounding me harder until her orgasm erupted.

She collapsed in my arms and said, “I think we will have a future ahead.”

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