I Got Caught!

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So, what can I say? This only happens in stories and dreams? Apparently not, ‘cause it happened to me AND I got caught.

My across-the-street neighbor is a college student named Jeelie (it’s really Jeanette, but her brother couldn’t say it when she was born, so she became “Jeelie”) and she and her brother had rented the first floor apartment in the old house for two years, then her brother immediately fell in love and moved in with his enamorata, leaving Jeelie alone.

That didn’t last.

In short order Jeelie had weekend parties and a lot of stay-over guests during the week, which gradually narrowed down to Chico who became a more-or less permanent resident until they got married eleven months ago.

That didn’t last. (And I couldn’t figure out why…)

Jeelie is a 5′ 10″ red-blonde with pale blue eyes, hair cut to frame her face and cheekbones and a gold-bronze year-round suntan who just stops men dead in their tracks. Not too spectacular in the body department, about ten pounds too much for slenderness but certainly not a chubby, she nonetheless exudes that quality that has most men of any age acting like Leroy in “The Lockhorns” comic strip. Couple this with the softest voice you’ve ever heard outside a cockpit emergency recording (and yes, I DO know Gladys is now 78 years old) and you have a captivating beauty who can wrap any male right around her finger and keep him there. Needless to say, when there’s a neighborhood function, wives have a tendency to grasp their husbands securely by the most prominent hand-hold to keep them in line!

My office (on the third floor of my house) has an excellent view of the street and when someone attempted to steal Jeelie’s car last week, I was the one who heard the noise, called the police and then “just happened” to come out the door in time to put the perp on the ground as the cops turned the corner. Needless to say, the police were appreciative of having the perp “gift-wrapped” and Jeelie was most appreciative of having her car NOT stolen.

A few days ago, she came over and knocked to tell me she was moving at the end of the month but if I was free tomorrow in the morning, she’d like to go over the police report so that if there were any questions after she’d left, I’d have all the information I might need for the police.

Next morning about 10:00 I strolled over and found a note on the gate, “Inside working, come on in… ring bell at door”, which I proceeded to do, except there was another note on the door…”Bell broken… Come in”.

With a bit of hesitancy, I opened the door and called out that I was there. From the back of the apartment I heard her ask me to come back as she was working in the bedroom. I’d never been in there before, so I was checking out pictures and furniture as I moved thru the apartment until I came to the bedroom, where Jeelie lay on her tummy on the bed, stark naked with the police report spread out on the coverlet. The tan was all-over with no lines.

I’ve seen a lot of things that may have been more beautiful than she in that pose on a white fluffy beadspread, but my dick certainly thought it was the primo sight of the universe and immediately tried to get a better look, something I thought it had forgotten how to do entirely!

Jeelie sort of rolled over on her side looking at me and my new tent-pole and patted the bed beside her.

“Come in, sit down… I’ve been trying to think of a way to say thank you for stopping that creep the other day and I thought you might enjoy this as much as I think I’m going to.”

She rolled all the way onto her back, showing me two small but perfectly formed breasts and a closely trimmed patch of hair exactly the same color as her head…and I’d thought female agent porno she was dyeing it! Her hips and ass were so firm that the small of her back was clear of the bed by several inches and she was looking at me from under lowered eyelids in a way that made it perfectly clear how we’d be examining the police report.

There is a moment when you first see a woman nude and available which simply cannot be described adequately and which I never thought to experience again in my life, but every bit of my maleness was at full appreciation for this vision before me, but I gotta tell you…. I had no clue as to what to do next!

I didn’t want to listen to the hormones and just jump on her, and I wasn’t sure of what move should be the first, when she decided it for me.

Rolling over onto her tummy again, she got up on hands and knees and backed into my crotch, giving a strong wiggle when her ass made contact with my thighs, and saying, “The ass, please… I love the ass and Chico couldn’t stand it!. It’s been three months since I got fucked at all and a year since anyone’s been up my asshole, please? It’ll be almost like the first time!”

“Jeelie, how would you like it? Slow and soft or all at once?, I asked, with my pants already heading for the floor and my cock at it’s full 9-1/2” extension. What’s more, I was feeling a twinge in my own ass I hadn’t felt for a long time… when I was a young man, I suffered ( and that IS the word, believe me) from a priapic condition in which I occasionally could not lose an erection, nor could I reach orgasm. It disappeared with age but, if not fun for me, there were certainly a few ladies who remembered me with great affection because of it. I could feel that old twinge again as I grabbed this beauty by the hips and slowly dragged the head of my dick up and down the crack of her ass.

“God, do it all at once! Ram it in there and make me think I’ve gotta shit! I’m so hot now I could almost come thinking about it! Please, stick in in and fuck me hard!?

“Not so fast, Jeelie! First I think it need to get a little moisture on it, so why don’t you swing around here and give it a little tongue-attention?”

No sooner had I said it than she had swapped ends and my dick… all of it… and some of my legs, I think, were buried in her throat and she was doing a superb imitation of a Hoover that hummed… if I hadn’t had the Priapic attack I’d have filled her stomach with come on the spot, but it was a fantastic sight and feeling, nonetheless.

She came off me until only the head was in her mouth with her tongue flying around the knob, then slowly she sank back on it and her nose tickled my belly again. This time I bent over and as she sucked my dick, I licked the small of her back and began to open her asshole with my fingers, inserting first one, then two, then all four into her as she squirmed and bucked beneath me. My other hand had gone under her to roll her nipple between my fingers and I discovered a hard, erect nipple that had to be two inches long and as thick as a pencil.

The combination of sucking me so deeply into her body, my fingers ramming in and out of her ass and the stimulation of her breast snapped her into an immediate orgasm so violent i thought she’d break off my dick and swallow it! Her ass clamped onto my fingers and simply wouldn’t let go and I could feel her vaginal walls pulsing as the orgasm shot through here again and again… it seemed like forever, but was probably only thirty seconds when she finally got my dick out of her mouth and pressed her cheek against my belly while still coming violently.

I just grabbed her under the armpits and hoisted her up in the air… her legs gizli cekim porno automatically swung up and wrapped around my waist and in the same smooth motion I lowered her ass to the head of my dick and slipped it into her asshole and bowels, continuing until it was buried as far as I could get it.

Her normally pretty but placid face had completely changed… through the tan she was now wearing an almost crimson blush that extended to her breasts, her eyes were almost electric blue in color and her lips were skinned back in a snarl that showed every one of her shining teeth, and she was staring right into my eyes. I’ve never seen a woman look so alive as did she at that moment. Every nerve ending was sending a message as she gripped me around the neck and waist and began to lever herself up and down on my cock, using gravity to help slam me back up into her so that her ass quivered when it hit my groin.

I’m not young, so there was no way I was gonna stand there and support this berserk pile driver for very long, but she had an idea for that as well. She gave a sudden twist with her ass which spun us around and suddenly I was bouncing on the bed on my back, with Jeelie still impaled on my cock and her eyes getting even brighter and wider. It only took a a few more thrusts before her eyes rolled back in her head and she started shuddering, meanwhile clasping the back of my head in both hands and pulling my face to her unbelievable nipples, hissing, “Suck them…Nibble on them…Bite them gently, please, plea….”

As I did so, her first REAL orgasm hit. Her stomach rippled from pubis to sternum in visible waves and I could feel the corresponding muscular contractions in her ass as she came. She stopped moving up and down and her hand dropped between us to her clit, which she started to pull on with two fingers while I continued to suck on her breasts… and the orgasm intensified! My dick felt like it was going to be pinched off in her ass as her sphincter contracted. A small amount of fluid began to flow into my sucking lips from her breasts and that was it for me! I fired off like I had never come before! My toes curled to my heels and I just grabbed her and held her while we both came and came… and finally we were through.

Jeelie just fell backwards in a faint and if I hadn’t have had her by the shoulders, she would have gone right off on to the floor, but I was able to swing so that she collapsed on the bed on top of the police report papers.

I don’t know how long we lay there but when her eyes fluttered open, they were back to their normal color and she had a smile that would have lit up the world.

“Not so bad for an older man, I must say! I think…. wait, is your cock still hard??”

“Sweetie, either that’s my cock in your ass or you landed on the bedpost, and they’re all unoccupied at present.” And I proceeded to explain my ”problem” to her as we lay there moving ever so slowly against one another.

Without another word, she slipped me out of her ass and unsteadily went into the bathroom where I head water running. In a moment, she returned with a washcloth and an antibacterial wipe which she used in turn on my dick until it was clean, then pushed me down on my back again, swinging her cunt up over my face.

“I’ve seen THIS before!”, I thought gleefully, but just as her nipples were long and thick, so was her clitoris which was the size of my thumb and hard as a rock! As she once again devoured my cock I gently did the same with her clit, this time pushing several fingers into her cunt, only to find I had difficulty getting even one finger in it! Either she had contracted from the orgasms or her pussy was much smaller than glory hole secrets porno normal… I knew I’d soon find out. Right now I was busy.

Jeelie was just as enthusiastic on my cock as she had been and seemed to really enjoy my ministrations to her cunt and clit, so much so that after a few moments I had her knees gripping my ears and her cunt mashed into my face as she came again, although not so demonstratively as before.

After two more of these, she broke contact and swung around so that she could rub her chit along my shaft, once again affording me a view of her beautiful face and incredible breasts and nipples. She straightened her back until she was sitting on my thighs with her clit rubbing up and down the shaft of my cock and said, “you felt how small I am in there… I don’t know if I can take you in me, but I’m gong to try it. Just let me do all the moving at first, OK?”

Now, when a gorgeous woman who has just come all over you several times and whose ass is still tingling from your cock asks this, what are you gonna say, no?

She slowly took the head of my cock and placed it against the entrance to her belly and began to push down a bit. I could feel the head come up against that tiny opening and slowly beginning to nudge it open a bit at a time. While she was doing this, I had both breasts in my hands, gently pulling and rolling the nipples in my fingers while watching this beauty concentrate on her pleasure.

Once again, the nipples began to get wet and then small streams of clear liquid began to spray from them… not very much, but enough to make her breasts and nipples very slippery. This seemed to help the vaginal situation as I could feel her opening up more and more, but let her take the lead as to how far and how fast.

Finally I felt the head start to slip inside her and she just rammed herself down onto me in one smash that left me buried up to (I think) her ears inside her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and every muscle in her body went rigid as steel as she started coming.

Being in her ass was absolutely second-rate compared to this! I sat up and held her to me, kissing the hollow of her neck as she shook and shuddered around me. I could feel those ripples of orgasmic contraction starting in the lips of her cunt and traveling up my dick and then from her mons all the way up to between her breasts…. it felt like fireworks ascending and exploding. This must have happened twenty times in a 60 second period and then I let go with fountain number two (albeit somewhat reduced in quantity and force) and she just wrapped arms and legs around me and began kissing me like she’d just discovered it was fun. I kissed back. You better believe I did.

We both came down after a few minutes and – finally – my dick started to soften and shrink. I had no complaints, I’d no idea I was still capable of an erection, much less this little performance!

Jeelie finally rolled off me onto her back, and I lay on her with my head on her chest facing her and kissing whatever came within reach for a while.

The police report (oh, yeah… remember the police report?) was by this time in several locations and varied stages of unreadability, but I somehow didn’t think that it was gonna be a problem. I started to mention that we’d probably need a new report when Jeelie casually said over my head, “Well, Connie, I think you were right. With you here and now this find, I think I’ll probably stay here for a while, after all.”

I froze. Connie is Jeelie’s next door neighbor, a big Irish girl with a stunning face but a larger figure than I am usually attracted to. I slowly turned my head and there she was, skirt up around her thighs, fingers obviously having been busily at work in her own cunt, flushed and grinning from ear to ear with a mischievous grin on her pixie face. Both of them started laughing as I began to wonder just what the hell I’d gotten myself into.

After all, I’m an old man!

I got caught.

Anybody got some Viagra I can borrow?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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