I Secretly Recorded My Boyfriend

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As I set up the nanny cam in the back room my pussy tingled in anticipation to what I might catch my boyfriend doing on video.

It was Wednesday and I had to go on a business trip until Saturday.

I packed all my usual business attire and the essentials and at the last minute I tossed a small vibrator in my bag. Who knows if I’ll even get any time to myself but, I wanted to be prepared. My name is Cindy. I’m a 5’5″ slim brunette with C cup breasts and a shaven pussy that can’t get enough attention. I’ve been extra horny ever since my friend, Ashley and I spied on my boyfriend playing with himself last Friday night.

I got home late Saturday evening to an empty house. There was a note on the counter from my boyfriend, David. It stated that he was out drinking with a few of his buddies. Which really meant he wouldn’t be home until around 3am.

I grabbed my laptop and went to the nanny cam website link that had been issued to me when I set up the account. I put in my password and started scrolling through the days to see if there was any movement.

And finally, there is was, what I’ve been secretly hoping for.

I called Ashley to tell her what I’ve done.

‘Please, give me the link and the password.’ she said.

‘No.’ I replied ‘I’m coming over, get ready.’

I drove over to Ashley’s house which was about 15 minutes away.

Ashley is a cute 5’7″ blonde with a curvy body. She has nice big D cup breasts.

She was always horny.

I arrived at her house and she met me at the door in a fluffy light pink robe. We headed straight to her room where she had a laptop hooked up to her big güvenilir bahis screen TV.

She also had various sex toys laying all across her bed. There was a thin 6in light blue rubber dildo, two 7in plastic vibrators and another vibrator, that when you turn it on the head swivels around. She also had a 14in double headed dildo.

She then tossed a small buttplug onto the bed.

‘I thought you might wanna this tonight, considering what we’re going to watch.’ Ashley said ‘I’m already wearing mine.’

She turned around and lifted up her robe and spread her cheeks to reveal she did indeed have a plug buried in her delicious looking ass.

I loaded up the video from the nanny cam website. I scrolled to Friday night and there it was on the big screen.

A video of my boyfriend sticking a large dildo up his ass.

‘Yes!’ exclaimed Ashley as she disrobed and laid down onto the bed. She grabbed one of the plastic vibrators, turned it to a low setting and started to massage her clit.

I don’t know why we got so horny watching my boyfriend fuck himself with large dildos. Was it the voyeurism? Was it the fact that seeing David take a dildo deep in his ass made my own asshole twitch with excitement?

I stripped naked and laid down on the bed next to Ashley. I grabbed the other plastic vibrator, turned it to a medium setting and started to rub my pussy.

We happily played with our engorged clits while watching David fuck his ass his a large dildo.

He was on his back, stroking his hard dick with one hand and the other hand was pumping a large dildo in and out of his lubed up asshole.

Suddenly türkçe bahis I felt Ashley touch my breast. She lightly pitched my hard nipple and ran her hand down my body to my ass.

‘I want to help you put that buttplug in your ass’ she whispered in my ear ‘Turn over.’

I rolled over onto all fours. I positioned myself so I could still see the TV. I mean, David is my inspiration, the reason I am willing to try take it analy. If he can fit a dildo the size of my arm into his ass, surely I could handle a buttplug no bigger than two fingers.

Ashley put some lube on my asshole and a very generous amount all over the buttplug. She prodded my hole, barely putting in the tip and quickly taking it out. She continued to do this for a few minutes then she started to slowly ease the rest of it in. I laid my head down onto the bed. My ass still in the air, I grabbed the vibrator and pressed it against my clit.

I looked at the TV to see David pull that large dildo out of his ass and grab a longer, thicker dildo. This one had a suction cup on the bottom. He stood up and went over to the dresser. He suctioned the dildo to the dresser about waist high and bent over and started feeding that long, thick dildo deep into his ass. He rocked back and forth a few times, pretty soon he got into a good rhythm of pounding his ass with the full length of the toy.

As soon as Ashley popped that buttplug fully into my ass I started to orgasm. The vibrator pressed against my clit, the fullness my ass felt and watching my boyfriend on video fuck his ass sent me into an intense shaking orgasm.

Ashley slapped my ass. ‘Feels good, doesn’t it?’ güvenilir bahis siteleri she asked with a smirk. ‘I think I know something will make that feeling even better.’ she said

She grabbed the long double dildo and ran the head of dildo on my wet pussy. She slowly started to ease it into my dripping hole. Having both my ass and my pussy filled was an incredible sensation.

She inserted about 5 inches of that dildo inside of me and then turned around so our asses were facing each other. She started to slide other end of the dildo into her pussy and backed up to get closer. We pushed back simultaneously, inching that dildo deep inside of us. We met in the middle and we started to grind our asses together, both of plugs hitting each other’s, causing us to cum simultaneously.

We got into a good rhythm of rocking back and forth, ours asses would slap together every time we met.

On the TV, David had changed positions. He was on his back, more like his shoulders, his ass and legs were in the air and he was piledriving himself. While he was fucking his ass with one hand the other was jerking his hard dick, aimed straight at his face. He opened his mouth as he started to cum. The first spurt landed on his tongue, the second landed on his lips and he dribbled the rest down his throat. He swallowed what he had in his mouth and then he used his finger to scoop the rest of the cum off his face and ate that too.

He pulled the big dildo out of his ass, gathered up the toys he used and headed to the bathroom.

Now, watching my boyfriend fuck his ass gets me horny but, watching him eat his own cum gets me orgasmic.

Ashley and I rode that dildo moaning and cumming for the next couple of minutes.

We collapsed on the bed exhausted, both of our holes still filled.

‘When are we all gonna try a threesome?’ Ashley asks

Next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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