I Thought You Were Shy?

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Big Dick

I had been nervous, but was determined not to show it. I had thought that I would have to be the aggressor. I thought you would be shy. I planned on taking it slow, but steady, gently leading you to a goal I knew we both desired. Wow, was I wrong.

That first kiss was an attack on my senses. I was almost overpowered and forced myself to respond with matching passion, lest I question my own manhood. Our lips pressed tightly together and our tongues wrestled for control. I had one hand behind your neck and the other arm looped around your waist. Your firm hands clutched the back of my shirt and pulled me closer to you. We kissed, we gasped, we moaned and groped.

How did we end up on the floor? Did we fall or did we sink? Did I collapse and pull us both down? These questions surge through my head, but are thrust aside as I roll over onto you. Pushing you down, I pull my lips from yours and kiss across your face. I moan in your ear and kiss it. I nuzzle your neck and kiss it. Wet hungry kisses on your sensitive skin. I breathe in the scent of your hair and exhale hot air against your flesh. Your hands pull at my hair and collar as mine roam your neck and shoulders. You twist your legs around mine and our clothed bodies grind together.

You sigh and gasp as I lick along your neck, back up to your face. I want to kiss you more. I want to explore your mouth and tug on your bottom lip. You eagerly return the kiss, crushing our mouths together. We kiss and grind. We moan and rock side to side. My hands roam your chest and massage your breasts through your shirt. Your hands untuck my shirt and tug it up my back. The next time we break our kiss, you pull it higher, stripping it off me and pulling it over my head. Tossing it aside, you hands return to slide up and down my bare back. Grinning, now that the stripping game has begun, I begin to kiss down your neck, my fingers already farther on the path down.

As my lips reach the base of your neck, my busy fingers pop open the top button of your shirt; then the next and the next. As I open your shirt wider, I have more delicious skin to kiss and explore. My hands work their way down as I kiss the tops of your breasts and press my face into your bra. When all the buttons are undone, I open your shirt and slide my hands over your stomach and up to cup and massage your bra-covered breasts. Tugging the cups down to reveal more of you, my lips seek out your creamy flesh and firm, pink nipples.

At that moment, you grab me and roll us over. Suddenly, I find you straddling my waist, looking down at me. You pull your shirt off and I reach up to play with your bouncing breasts, but you brush my hands away. With fiery eyes, but a playful smile, you reach behind your back and unhook your bra. Giving me a show, you shrug the straps off your shoulders, cover your swaying breasts with a forearm and hand, and peal away the bra, throwing it over near your shirt. Crossing your arms, you tease me: showing me the tops and curves of your gorgeous breasts. You know I want to touch them, and lick them, and kiss them. Finally, you slowly lean over me and move your arms away. Those amazing tits bounce and sway before my eyes. You giggle at my expression and then pounce on me. Laughing, you lean down on me and smother me with your breasts. I moan into them, squeezing them and kissing them. You sigh and stroke my hair as I lean up into you. Your smooth warm skin feels so good to the touch submissive cuckolds porno and I’m so hard you can feel it as you grind your hips down on me.

I wrap my arms around you and roll us over so I’m on top now. I explore your body with my mouth. I kiss your face, suck on your earlobe, lick down your neck, press my face into your gorgeous tits, and nibble on your nipples. Your legs wrap around me and I grind my cock down against your pussy. I can feel the heat through your jeans.

My hands sneak down your sides and my fingers nimbly open your belt and tug down the zipper. I rock back on my knees and look down at you lying before me. You’re panting and flushed and looking up at me with glazed eyes. I reach down and grab your ankles, pulling them up, straightening your legs. Reaching back down, I grasp the waist of your jeans and pull them under your ass and up your legs. Just as I’m tugging them off your bare feet, you put a foot in my chest and push me away. Scrambling away, you giggle over your shoulder and walk into the bedroom. Holding your jeans in my hands, I smile and watch as your sexy, round ass, covered in tight, lacy, black boyshorts bounces away.

Dropping the jeans, I get to my feet and follow you into the bedroom. The sight that greets me makes my cock throb in my jeans. You’re sitting on the edge of the bed with your thighs spread wide. You’re leaning back on one hand and the other hand is slowly moving inside your panties. I can’t believe it. You hot, sexy slut! You whimper softly as your tease your wet pussy, your eyes half-closed and your mouth open.

I walk into the room and stand in front of you, a few feet away. I lean back against the desk and watch you, my hand dropping to rub my hard cock through my jeans. I let my eyes wander over you, your feet dangling off the bed, your creamy thighs spread wide, your boyshorts stretched out as your hand moves against your pussy. Your breasts sway with your movements and your passionate eyes look up at me as you lick your lips. Grinning, I reach over on the desk and make a few taps on my laptop there. Soft music begins to play, adding to the atmosphere of lust and desire.

I sink to my knees and crawl toward you. Your hand moves faster and you lift an ankle to rest it on my shoulder. As my face moves closer, you take your hands out of your panties and look down at me. Catching me by surprise again, you reach around the front and pull them aside, revealing your glistening, smooth pussy. Awwww, fuck.

Tearing my eyes away from that amazing sight, I look up at you. Your eyes burn into me and I hear you whisper words that send chills through me.

“Baby… please… lick me.”

I’m more than happy to move up between your thighs and drag my tongue up your bare thigh to the bottom of your wet pussy. I put one hand flat on your thigh, letting the thumb pull your lips apart. I flatten my tongue and drag it up and down your pussy. Slowly increasing the pressure with each lick, my tongue slides between your outer lips and dips inside you. Covering your pussy with my mouth, I thrust my tongue in and out of you. Pushing it in and wiggling it. Licking circles against your inner walls. You’re so wet. I taste your sweetness as I flick my tongue against your outer lips and up to your clit. Finding that little pleasure-button, I swirl my tongue around it. Closing my lips, I gently suck on it. As sex parties porno I concentrate on your clit, I slip a finger inside your tight pussy and slide it in and out. You’re starting to moan incoherently and your hips are rocking against my face. You can’t hold your panties out of the way anymore and let them go to wrap your fingers in my hair. I quickly raise my other hand to push your panties aside and spread your pussy so I can lick every hot, smooth inch. When I start to lash your clit with firm licks, you fall back on the bed and start screaming. I look up to see you tossing your head from side to side and pinching your nipples with your fingertips. I quicken the pace of my finger, sometimes hooking it back to rub your g-spot. Each lick, each rub, each hot breath of air against your pretty pussy sends you closer to the edge.

With your thighs on my shoulders, your bend your knees and dig your heels into my back, pulling me against you. I can barely breathe, but I’m determined to make you cum. When I switch my tongue and my fingers, now rubbing your clit and tonguing your pussy, you react with a gasp. As my tongue slides inside you, I feel your whole body spasm. You shake and your muscles tense. With a loud moan, your orgasm starts and my tongue is squeezed by your tightening pussy. Gasping and shaking, the orgasm runs through your body. I softly lick and massage your tender flesh, easing you through the explosion.

Your body collapses back onto the bed and your eyes close. As your drift into your own world, I get to my feet and look down at you. Mmmmm, I’m glad I can make you react like that. But now it’s my turn.

I quickly reach down and unbuckle my belt and push down my jeans. As my boxers and jeans slide down, my hard, throbbing cock pops out and stands straight out. I kick off my clothes and stroke my swollen shaft with my slick hand. Looking at you and feeling how badly I need you, I decide what I want.

My hands find your hips and I roll you over onto your stomach. You’re still dazed and I easily maneuver you where I want you. Your hips are just barely on the bed, your ass is up in the air, and your toes touch the floor. I move closer to you and kick your ankles apart. Damn, that round ass looks so good. I put one hand on it. I massage your soft cheeks and lift you up a little.

You might have been a little spacey after your first orgasm, but you come back to reality when you feel the swollen head of my cock bump against your puffy pussy. Turning slightly, you reach back behind you and put a hand on your ass. Pulling your pussy open, you look back at me and moan, “Fuck me. I need to feel you inside me.”

Wow. This really isn’t what I was expecting. It’s better. So much better. My cock twitches at your words and I guide the tip between your glistening lips. I offer up a moan of my own when I feel the wet heat of you pussy. I slowly ease my cock into that tight heaven inch by inch. My thickness spreads your lips open and I sink it deeper into you. I look down and watch my hard cock disappear into you. I put both hands on your hips and pin you down, holding you still until my hips are flat against your ass and my cock is completely buried in your tight pussy.

Squeezing and massaging your ass, I rock my hips back and forth, slowly sliding in and out of you. You are so wet. I can easily thrust my cock deep into your pussy. I settle into a medium spankbang porno pace, fucking you with my throbbing hardness. Besides the forgotten music, I can hear the sound of flesh slapping against flesh and a soft gasp from you every time I thrust into you. Every several minutes, I adjust your position. I reach down and lift one of your knees up to the bed, spreading you wider. The angle changes and the sensation sends tingles through me. By standing on my feet, I can easily adjust my pace and angle. It feels so good. You start to push back against me, ramming your round ass back against my hips. My balls slap against your clit and I scratch down your back and give your ass a little spank. Oh yes. I can’t believe how good this feels. I can’t help but start to speed up some, driving myself closer to cumming.

You sense this and look back at me. You reach back for me and put a hand on my chest, settling me. Gathering your energy, you crawl forward onto the bed. I gasp and whimper as my cock slips out of your tight, warm pussy. Sitting up, you pat the bed next to you and motion for me to lie beside you. Smiling from ear to ear, I leap onto the bed and fall onto my back.

Grinning, you lean down and kiss me, sliding your tongue into my mouth. Your hand reaches out and grasps my slick cock by the base. You stroke it a few times, shift on the bed and throw a leg over me. Straddling me, you guide the head of my throbbing cock to your spread pussy and sink down on me. I moan and close my eyes as I feel you take every inch of me. You sit back on me and rock your hips side to side, settling on my hard shaft. Your thighs squeeze my hips and you hook your feet under me. I reach up and grab your hips, helping to rock against me. As you grind your hips down on me, you through your head back, your hair whipping through the air. I look up to watch your breasts sway and bounce as you start to fuck me. Oh yes, ride me. Ride me hard.

I lift my hands and cup your breasts so I can lean up and lick and kiss them. After a few minutes of this, you push me down flat. With a look of passion in your eyes, you put your hands on my chest, lean over me, and start to lift your hips higher, riding me with long, deep strokes. As you bounce on me, I reach around and grab your ass. Your body feels so good to me: your sweet, round ass in my hands, your thighs squeezing me, your hair tickling my skin and your nipples dragging against my chest. You move faster and I don’t know how much more I can take. My hands tighten on your ass, my fingers digging into you. I thrust my hips up, meeting your downward push, burying my throbbing cock deep inside your tight pussy. You feel me respond and quicken your own movements. We’re both gasping and moaning. My balls are tightening and your pussy grips me tighter.

You look down at me and give me a pleading, lust-filled look. “God… yessss… oh yesss… cum for me. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

That’s it. I’m done. I’ve had enough. I can’t take it anymore. I pull you hard down on me, shove my hips up, thrust my hard cock as deep as I can and explode. You can feel me swell inside you and you respond with your second orgasm. We both spasm and shake. My cock swells and shoots my hot, thick cum inside your hot pussy. Rope after hot rope of cum splashes into you as your muscles tighten and spasm around me. The hot wet heaven consumes us. You collapse onto my chest as you ride out the shattering orgasm. Your hands open and close as you pant into my neck. My slick hands slide up your back and hold you against me as the last of my cum pumps into you.

Reaching up, I brush your hair aside and kiss your cheek and whisper in your ear. You giggle and wiggle down against me. “That’s not what I expected. That was better!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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