I Wish Bree was My Accountant Ch. 03

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The couple accomplished a lot during the first few weeks after signing their sexual pre-nup.

Without having to discuss it the plan had established a new dynamic. Bree was to loosen up and embrace being a beautiful woman. In keeping with that mental change she was probably going to get her breasts enhanced- at a minimum the subject would be studied. In the bedroom and in all sexual matters Brian was to be in charge.

Through on-line and in person research they decided on laser hair removal and started a multiple treatment regime. Each of them was doing this for the other.

Research about breast enhancement was a top priority. In addition to learning about the medical side they agreed that Bree had to establish some comfort with the idea of having larger breasts. An important part of that was to research how big she wanted to be. Brian was suggesting that her small B- cup breasts be enlarged to D, DD or even E cups. Bree wasn’t at all sure. As Brian had outlined to her, wearing bras with increased padding was the logical first step.

They searched for the best sources for silicon breast forms- finding that the cross-dressing and transgender world was much larger than they’d known. It was relatively easy to acquire bra inserts in a range of sizes that produced the appearance of surprisingly life-like large breasts under clothing.

Bree found it odd but Brian insisted that the bras they’d be using for experimentation should be of good quality and stylish. They found several sexy bras where they bought the inserts noting that the bras had sewn-in pockets to hold the gel forms in the right position. Migration of the breast forms was an issue they hadn’t thought of so they were very pleased that they’d bought the right bras.

Brian insisted on buying the sexiest bras even though they cost more. He explained that when dressed he wanted her to feel sexy and to gradually feel that her new gel breasts were real. That was the best approach to settling on the permanent size that felt right. Bree found it hard to believe the gel masses would ever feel natural but she didn’t argue the point.

Finally, they searched for some inexpensive clothing to fit. It was agreed that for several weeks her experimental bras and larger clothing would be worn only at home and if they left town for a day or weekend. As a result, they bought clothing that could accommodate varying chest measurements but office fashion and quality wasn’t needed.

On her own Bree decided to buy some C cup bras to try a modest increase in bust size that she’d feel comfortable with in daily life. With some small gel pads, she’d work to free up her wallflower mentality and adjust her office look a bit.

Most pieces of her old wardrobe could still be worn with her filling the C-cup bra but were a bit tighter and gave her a more feminine profile. At the same time, she got her hair trimmed and began experimenting with wearing it down at the office one or two days a week. She was a bit shocked by the number of compliments she received from the women in the office. The men said nice things, too, but Bree was more struck by the unspoken sexual interest they radiated. It was as if they hadn’t thought of her as a woman before and now discovered she was worthy of lustful thoughts.

When the couple had gotten all of the experimental upper body components together Brian suggested that the breast size experiments should begin on the following weekend. They had no plans outside of the apartment so Brian proposed the experiment would run from first thing Saturday until bedtime on Sunday. Bree was surprised when he suggested they start with the Double D size inserts. She reminded him that the Agreement had implied they’d start with the smaller D size and move up later.

Brian said, “If the DD is a disaster we can downsize but I’ve read that timid women who have had breast surgery frequently say they wish they’d gone bigger. I could see that happening with you so I’m going to push you a bit. You’re tall. I think your body will look great with the larger size.”

On Friday evening Brian laid out an entire ensemble for Saturday including a satiny 34DD bra half filled with gel pads which would leave room for Bree’s modest bust. It was heavy and maintained its busty shape as it lay on the chair. The outfit he selected was a form fitting sweater one size larger than she normally wore. She was to wear it over a skirt Bree had always liked. He included some three-inch heels that Bree had previously only worn on special occasions. When questioned about the heels he told Bree she should strive to feel sexy during the experimental period. Having the right mindset would have a direct impact on the trial results.

Bree woke on Saturday in a conflicted state of mind. She was excited to preview how her body might look but also felt a bit silly. It was like she was getting ready to go to a costume party. After her normal bathroom routine she donned her new gel filled bra and matching panties. At ataşehir escort Brian’s urging she slipped on the heels next. He then asked her to stand where he could take a look at her from about 8 feet away.

She had to admit the nice lingerie made her feel sexy. When she stood up straight and took a first assessment of her new look she exclaimed, “I can’t see my feet!”

Brian smiled and hoped her comment reflected a bit of humor and not rejection of all that he’d planned. He assured her that millions of women had large busts. She would get used to the difference soon. His eyes scanned her body from head to toe and he told her how beautiful she looked.

“Don’t I look a little cartoonish?”, she asked. He assured her she didn’t. He brought her to a place where she could look in a full-length mirror about ten feet distant and encouraged her to be objective. Of course, she looked different, he said, but she was beautiful. He reminded her that her height gave her body the ability to carry her large breasts very well. She was fortunate to have such height and she looked great.

With some trepidation Bree took in her image in the mirror- turning her body slightly from side to side to get partial profiles. She had to admit the woman in the mirror looked very glamorous and sexy. She wasn’t comfortable with what she considered her huge breasts but she wasn’t ready to reject them yet either.

To Brian, she said, “I’m sure you’re sold on this bust size. I’m not but I’ll keep an open mind. I don’t know how I can walk in heels when I can’t see my feet. I also think my tits are going to bump into things. My chest feels huge.”

Brian told her it would just take a little time to adjust. He said, “Put the sweater and skirt on. We’ll have some coffee and danish and try to just have a normal day. I know you have some work files that you were planning to review. Do that this morning and don’t obsess about your chest.”

She got dressed and surveyed herself in the mirror again. The sweater seemed stretched to accommodate her bust and then followed her taut abdomen. She looked like a different person. She wasn’t a staid accountant. She might be an actress, a stripper or perhaps an older guy’s trophy wife.

She wondered if her new chest could be tempered by wearing a loose top but quickly rejected the idea. If the top had no shape and hung from her projecting breasts she’d look to be nine months pregnant. Perhaps something not as tight as the sweater but with some shape- she’d have to search on line. She smiled – envisioning typing in a search for ‘stripper’s everyday clothes’ or ‘clothes for hiding your big tits’.

Bree retreated from the mirror and joined Brian in the kitchen. He had poured her coffee and placed a danish out for her. Sitting at the table Bree told Brian that she could only see half of the plate on the table in front of her. The half closer to her was hidden under her projecting chest. Brian laughed and told her that she’d get used to it. He tried to calm her by pointing out that while her transformation seemed dramatic there were millions of women wearing the same bra size. Perhaps some of those weren’t as trim but the bra size was not extreme. She mocked his statement by noting that he wasn’t the one with the manufactured Double D chest.

After breakfast she went to her home office. When she sat with her laptop on the desk she found a portion of the keyboard was hidden unless the laptop was pushed a few inches further away than usual. While she never used her computer on her lap she chuckled to herself that she no longer had a useful lap. It would constantly be in the shadow of her chest.

Brian checked on her periodically and was pleased that she seemed to have settled into her work with her body being forgotten. From his viewpoint, however, her chest was enthralling. Even knowing it was mostly silicone gel, Bree’s large chest prompted him to start thinking about sex with her. His cock firmed and he wondered how she’d react to being interrupted by a suggestion of sex.

He made a strategic decision to wait. He wanted her to keep the bra on all day. If he pushed for sex it would invite her to remove the bra and he’d then have to coax her back into it.

As lunchtime approached, he offered to make sandwiches and suggested they take a car ride after lunch. Bree agreed without thinking and then hesitated. “I thought we were staying in. I’m a little self-conscious.”

Brian said he understood and wasn’t suggesting any local social contact. “Just a ride in the country. I thought we might stop at a farm stand just to get you out with a few strangers for a few minutes. We’ll pick up some fresh vegetables. If you’re okay there, there’s a tavern ten more miles from town where we could get some wine. No one you know would be there.” Bree was reluctant but knew she needed to venture out sooner or later.

The farm stand was easy. They were the only customers and the attendant seemed to be about 80 with poor eyesight. kadıköy escort He had to strain to read the produce scale and seemed totally oblivious to the size of Bree’s chest.

At the tavern Bree felt somewhat protected by the low light as they walked in and crossed the room to the bar. She was pleasantly surprised that it was an upscale barroom with lots of antique lighting, brass hand rails and hardware. She was a bit self-conscious but by the time they were seated at the bar her vibe was different. She found herself slightly aroused by realizing that 20 men and women had been staring at her. She could sense their approval. They liked how she looked.

From the men there was a sexual element but it wasn’t crude. For the first time she started to think that perhaps DD was appropriate. She secretly gave credit to Brian for pushing her and thought that he may have been right about her height. As a tall woman she could carry larger breasts. She found it hard to believe she wasn’t uncomfortable at being ogled by the men but, in fact, she found it satisfying and a bit arousing.

Leaning close to Brian’s ear, Bree whispered, “So, do you like being the guy at the bar with the big titted bimbo on your arm?”

“You are not a bimbo. I will say ‘yes’ to the rest. I love being the guy with the sexy woman. I’m the guy whom everybody here wishes he could be and I’m proud to show off my trophy.”

“Watch it, buster. I’m not your trophy. I’m a powerful independent woman who is not ashamed at being beautiful.” She paused and then said, “I’m glad we took this little outing. I feel better about how I look. The guys in here stared at me but it seemed they respected me and didn’t think I was cartoonish or slutty. Finish your drink and take me home.

“When we get inside I’m going to strip but leave my bra on. I’ll put on a new negligee so your imagination can continue to enjoy the new me. I won’t feel anything but you can feel me up and get a sense of how big I might have the doctor make me. You’re going reward me for my bravery today by pleasing me orally. You need to prove yourself worthy of having such a hot fiancé.”

Brian smiled broadly. “I’ll certainly try. Of course, I’ll do better with practice.”

The couple hurried back to Bree’s apartment. Within seconds Bree was down to just her large gel-filled bra and her heels. She told Brian to get naked and open the bed but to stay standing by the bed. She disappeared into the bath and in a minute returned wearing a short satin nightgown. Her chest looked enormous compared to her natural look and with the heels her legs seemed to be twice as long as before.

Bree did a slow sexy turn to show off her body and said, “I’m not in love with the Double D tits yet but I love how you’re looking at me. I’m also getting used to the heels and can appreciate how they seem to make my legs and ass much sexier.” She then moved close to him for a passionate kiss only to be surprised as her tits bumped his chest and almost pushed her back. “Whoops,” she laughed. “I guess we’ll have to stretch our necks a bit. Hope you don’t mind my tits pushing against your chest.”

They kissed as his hands encircled her at the waist and then dropped to cradle her ass. Her hands held him about the shoulders. The kiss was a deep passionate one that included plenty of tongue after the first few seconds. The each moaned gently.

After a minute or so the kiss ended but their faces remained just an inch or two apart. Brian’s hands skimmed up her sides and squeezed between their chests with his palms out. Caressing the bulging nightgown, he murmured, “Wow, that’s a very big chest. You looked great today and you feel great. You should give this size a few days and then try a size larger and perhaps a size smaller.”

Bree responded, “I intend to but you should understand that a lot depends on the doctor’s advice. It’s very possible that I don’t have enough flesh to hold huge implants with a pleasing result. I don’t think either of us wants my tits to look and feel like melons were bolted on my chest. I think I’ve decided I want to go as big as I can while still looking somewhat natural when I’m naked. The actual size will depend on biology- not desired bra size.”

“You’re right, of course. It’s not up to us. Please narrow your list of the best doctors and schedule a consult.”

They kissed again and Brian’s hands returned to fondle his fiancé’s well-formed ass. She moaned as his hands conveyed his lust. She ground her hips against him and their mutual arousal grew. Finally, she broke off the kiss and said, “I’m going to lie down on the bed. Keep kissing me as long as you want but remember how you need to prove yourself. I have a very needy pussy that awaits your fingers and mouth.”

Brian lay down next to her and continued to enjoy both kisses and groping of her hips and ass. He told her how much he loved her and praised her hips. His hand moved to cup her Venus Mound and mention was made of how smooth it bostancı escort bayan felt with virtually all of the hair permanently gone. Her hand made a cursory tour of his cock and balls followed by her agreeing that the laser treatments were going well.

Gradually, he moved his body down on the bed and used his mouth to explore her pelvic bones and hips while his hand fondled the fleshier ass nearby. His mouth then kissed all over the sensual triangle of her hairless mound. His hand gently nudged her thighs and she willingly spread them. This allowed his tongue to nearly reach the crease of her pussy but end up just short. Each of them found the position of his tongue to be arousing but frustrating. Bree pushed his head down toward her feet by an inch but her legs prevented him from accessing her pussy from the side.

Brian spread her thighs a bit more and moved his body to the area between Bree’s calves so that he could bring his mouth up to her upper thighs. His mouth and tongue teased a bit on the soft flesh of her inner thighs but Bree grabbed his head with two hands and pulled it up toward her pussy. Supporting his upper body on his forearms Brian adjusted his position so that his arms could slip under her thighs bending her knees to gain better access. He was then able to use his fingers to gently open her outer lips. Her lips were already swollen with arousal and didn’t really need his help but the touch excited them both.

With her lips spread Brian’s tongue slowly toured one lip from bottom to top and then back before making the same round trip on her other lip. He repeated these actions but gradually insinuated his tongue further inside of her.

“Pink and wet”,” he said softly. “Just the way I love your pussy.” Her breathe caught and her hands pulled his head toward her anxious inner lips. Each of them was thrilled by the first contact between his extended tongue and her wet pink center. He explored and she reacted with increased passion- making soft mumbled sounds of pleasure.

He could feel Bree’s excitement through her hands as she guided his head forward and closer to the front of her opening. He knew her clit was eagerly awaiting his tongue and so with just a little more teasing his tongue went up one side of her clit hood and down the other. Her hips came off the bed and she gasped with excitement. Her hands tightened on his head and held it in exactly the same place.

She muttered, “Yes, Yes, Right there Right there…” He did his best to hit the same spots but her writhing body made that a little challenging. Instinctively, she controlled her hips as best she could and matched her hand work to hold him where it felt best. Their body parts danced together for a minute or more as she climbed toward the edge of bliss. Finally, she achieved release- announcing her arrival with an unnecessary “Oh my God! I’m cumming! Yes! yes!”

Brian stilled his tongue and enjoyed being smothered between Bree’s powerful thighs. At first it was a vise-like squeeze but then as her orgasm resolved the pressure lessened. He was still a prisoner but it was a wonderful place to be trapped. After perhaps thirty seconds Bree’s thighs seemed to lose all strength and merely lay on either side of his head. Bree said something but his ears were still covered so it was lost on him.

Recovering more, Bree spread her thighs and gently caressed his head saying, “Sorry. I lost it and might have fractured your skull.”

“Skull’s fine. Ears are a bit sensitive but they’ll recover.”

She pushed his head away saying, “On your back. I want to ride you. You can visualize how my augmented chest will look from below.”

He moved into the directed position and watched as his top heavy partner climbed on top. Since they were both otherwise naked, it seemed a bit odd for her chest to be covered in the bulging nightgown but his imagination quickly adjusted. He imagined how round and inviting her new tits would look in the cowgirl position. Incredible. He told her how great she looked and mentioned that the larger chest made her waist look even smaller.

When she settled on his cock and started to milk him he realized part of her lower face was hidden behind the protruding tit shelf. It seemed odd but he laughed to himself that he could definitely get used to the new view. He visualized that without the bra he would probably get a fleeting glimpse of her chin between her tits- especially if they bounced and moved as he hoped they would. The image of her tits swaying above him was very arousing. He was thrilled that Bree seemed to be gaining acceptance of going bigger rather than smaller.

His day dreaming was cut off as his cock demanded more of his attention. It was feeling very good to be fucked by the busty cowgirl. Without much thought he made appreciative noises and thrust upward to meet Bree’s downward motions. His arousal was such that he almost bucked her off. It took another stroke with his hands on her hips for them to better match their moves.

“Are you imagining what my new tits will look like? I suspect so. Do you want me to be this big? Silly question, I guess. Your cock seems to like me big.” With that she dropped especially hard onto him and ground on his cock. He groaned.

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