I’d Like You To Meet…Ch. 5

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‘I’d Like You To Meet My Mother’ Ch. 5

‘Oh baby, yes! Fuck me, please fuck me!’ Jenny moaned.

I couldn’t reply to her as I was too busy kissing her mother, our mouths wide open, each mouth full with the other’s tongue, Sandra making grunting noises partly due to the arousal caused by our kissing, and also due to the effort of supporting her daughter. You see, after receiving head from both ladies, I’d then stood and picked Jenny up a short way, before resting her on top of Sandra.

Sandra had then supported Jenny and massaged her massive tits [probably for my visual gratification more than anything else] from behind as I knelt in front of them both and turned my attention to their pussies, both lined up for me. Imagine the scene! Sandra, shapely, long, trim legs spread, dressed in high heels, stockings and blouse, her H cup tits tumbling out, while her daughter lay on her back on top of her, simply wearing a tiny white g-string and a tight pink t-shirt, now rolled up over her GG chest, her huge pink nipples erect and made even more so by Sandra’s expert manicured fingers, which moved over them, and down to her daughter’s pussy, wanking Jenny’s hard clitoris.

Sandra was very neatly trimmed, only a small triangle of pubic hair remaining, while Jenny was completely shaved. I worked each woman’s pussy with my fingers and tongue with extreme detail, slowly moving from one to the other, marvelling at the spectacle of each clitoris now erect and throbbing, and comparing…Sandra’s pussy-lips being only slightly darker and more pronounced than Jenny’s. I was completely absorbed in my task, the ladies’ moans slightly muffled by my being surrounded by creamy thighs, though at times I wasn’t sure who’s…

Now my cock was deep inside Jenny’s pussy, and leaning over, kissing her mother behind her sloppily, while my hands roamed from thighs around to Sandra’s buttocks, bringing her, and in turn her daughter, towards me, Jenny crying out with pleasure, who I fucked steadily. ‘Oh, me now, please…push your cock into me now huh?’ Sandra urged, her voice trembling. I then withdrew from Jenny and lowered myself güvenilir bahis a touch, then guided my already-slippery prick into Sandra.

‘Oh oh oooooo…’ she cried, as I humped her, Jenny’s wet pussy now sliding wetly on my lower abdomen, the friction from which teasing her madly, enhanced by my sucking of her nipples. Her tits were so big that I could hold one to the side for her mother to lick and tease at the same time, Sandra’s tongue right out, as I continued to hold Sandra’s tight ass. So we continued for at least an hour, my cock moving between the hot pussies of two of the foxiest women I’d ever seen, let alone met…until I knew I was going to cum, which I announced.

I withdrew from the pussy I was fucking at the time, and stood as the girls slid down to their knees before me, Sandra rubbing my legs and ass, Jenny licking my balls and then, as I jacked off towards orgasm, both ladies pushed their upturned faces together, their mouths open and pink tongues out, both waiting whispering ‘oh yeah, oh yeah, c’mon baby’…as I shot load after load of hot, sticky jism over them.

‘Oh gosh!’ Sandra exclaimed: she had a jet covering one side of her face, over her hair and one closed eye, while Jenny had managed to get a jet fully in her greedy mouth which she promptly swallowed , over her chin…the rest had shot down their necks, and ran in rivulets down to their freckled, tanned chests…quickly rubbed on their huge tits by each, and each other.

Sandra then entertained me by kissing her daughter gently, pushing her pink tongue in to Jenny’s open mouth, and parting with a strand of my white cum attached, which they both let hang suspended between them, tongue to tongue, until it drooped down to Jenny’s cleavage, an area which Sandra then turned her attention to, slavering over her daughter’s big tits with her tongue, and cleaning up every drop which may have spilt…

Some days later I was in the area where Jenny and I lived. It was about noon and I had been frantically searching for a floppy disk at work, and had then realised where I’d left it-back at home next to the bed. So, here I was, türkçe bahis walking to our front door only to realise that I’d left my front door keys at work! I knew we usually had a spare around the back, but either way, Jenny should have been home, making lunch in our kitchen to the rear. I searched near our back door, no luck, and was just about to knock when I heard Jenny call ‘In here darling!’. I grinned and figured that the little bitch had been watching me all along without helping, and I cupped my face at the mirror to see in to our living room. I was confused at what I saw.

Jenny walked into the room with two champagne glasses and a bottle, and didn’t seem to be in any hurry to let me in. And why was she dressed like that? She had on what looked like a halterneck evening dress, with a swirly silvery pattern, black stilettoes and a beaded black choker, her blonde hair clasped up with full makeup: foundation, dark lipstick and thick black mascara. Needless to say she looked amazing, and her dress enhanced her figure thoroughly…but at noon? And why had I never seen this dress…?

A man I recognised as her boss casually walked into the room. He was late 30’s/early 40’s, in a dark suit, with a short haircut. He took off his tie and slung it on the nearest armchair, smiling knowingly.

Jenny poured two glasses of champagne, handed one to him and giggled…deja vu: she accidentally spilled some, one or two drops, down her front, and I saw her mouth the words ‘Oh dear!’. He stepped forward, took the champagne from her, and started to nuzzle her tanned chest, and cleavage. Jenny leant her head back with a look of absolute pleasure on her face as he extended his tongue and trailed it up her neck and the finally engaged her in a long, lascivious french kiss, the bulge in his trousers visible from my vantage point outside. Her arms were wrapped around him. His hand was on her ass. Slowly, as they kissed, he drew up her dress to reveal her slim, beautiful ass, and her black g-string. One hand felt her toned, velvety ass-cheeks. He drew away from her and smiled.

He then reached around and unlooped Jenny’s güvenilir bahis siteleri dress from behind her neck, as she slowly fondled his cock-lump with one hand. I wondered if he had never seen her massive tits before as he seemed surprised when they jiggled out, the tan line of her chest ending abruptly, her tits white in contrast, her nipples pink and huge. Jenny beamed at him. He then licked and sucked each huge breast as Jenny, her face a mask of orgiastic lust, cradled his head and fondled his now exposed cock…all eight inches of it.

Her dress dropped to the floor and I gasped: she had a tight black satin g-string which, complemented by her shiny high heels and choker, depicted her as a perfect sex queen, almost to the standard of her mother. I felt a mixture of emotions, but could do nothing but watch, getting more and more aroused despite myself.

He then had her sit on an armchair and spread her legs, as he hitched her g-string to one side and lavished his tongue over her shaved, slippery slit. After some time, he stood and Jenny slipped forward, knelt down, and placed her dainty hands on his ass and, although my vision was obscured, I could tell she was sucking his cock, her blonde head moving quickly back and forth.

He guided her by one hand placed on the back of her head. Next, she slid down onto the soft white rug, and looking up at him, mouthed ‘Fuck me?’ he complied, and I watched him fuck my girlfriend for about ten minutes, her legs around him and feet, still in stilettoes, crossed over his lower back, his big prick sliding in and out of her stretched pussy, his balls slapping her perfect ass, their grunts and moans audible from outside. Jenny then moved out from under him as he turned over to his back.

She got on top. Guiding his cock with one hand behind her, Jenny pushed it in her pussy. He then held her ass with both hands and fucked her steadily, Jenny now moaning even louder, her huge tits jiggling and bouncing, one hand feeling around to massage his balls, her mouth gaping wide with horny pleasure, oblivious to everything else…I had enough.

I quickly walked away and called Sandra from a phone box to told her what I’d just seen. “Don’t worry yourself honey. He won’t last long. Besides, you’ve got me…and I was wondering if you’d like to meet someone…I’d like you to meet my sister.”

– The End –

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