If on an Island a Traveler Pt. 02

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[This 2nd installment of a short series should ideally be read in sequence, but can also be enjoyed on its own. The story does alternate between his and her POV, but unlike in Pt. 01, I don’t label as such since most readers would be familiar. Plus it’s pretty obvious given the gender and anatomical references.]


That afternoon, I resume my new routine of an afternoon swim, followed by a cold brew. At first, I have the pool to myself, but as I’m finishing my beer, my beguiling neighbor comes out, in a one-piece today. Thank god because I’m not sure I have the fortitude to share the deck with her in a bikini again without having to wank off for real.

She puts down her book, hat, and shades and promptly enters the pool. She pulls a few lengths with efficient strokes, pausing on my end. She remains standing in the pool with the water line up to her lovely shoulders, squints up at me and says simply, “Hi.”


“Business or pleasure?” American accent. Terse opening. But I like it.

I smile slightly behind my shades. “A bit of both, I guess. How about you?”

“I’m always working.” She gazes at me unflinchingly. Not at all flirting. More like she’s coolly assessing me.

“Me, too. I’m a consultant. How about you?”

“I write.”

“Oh yeah? What do you write?” I’m realizing she started the conversation, but I’m asking more questions.

“You could say I’m a romance writer.”

“Really? Surprising.”

She cocks her head and volleys back, “Why?”

“Don’t get me wrong. It’s only a quick impression, but you seem … uh … economical with your words. Not what I would associate with bodice rippers.”

She flashes a grin, which surprised me, especially since it changed her demeanor completely and showed off her beauty. “I don’t write bodice rippers. But that’s funny. And astute.”

“I’m going in for another beer. Can I get you one?”

“I would love one. Forgot to get some when I went to the market today. I’m Claire, by the way.”

Wow, I feel almost grateful to receive three ingratiating sentences and additional information. “I’m Jake. Be right back.” She nods and swims away, presumably to get her hat or wrap.

When I come back with the two chilled bottles, she’s on the empty chaise next to me with her big hat on and a pareo tied around her hips. I keep my shades on, for fear I might forget myself and stare too long at her perky nipples, not to mention her perfectly pedicured high-arched feet with the slim long toes, Christ.

“Are you here by yourself or is someone arriving?” she asks.

“I was meant to come here with my girlfriend. But last week, my girlfriend became my ex. I decided to come anyway.”

“Bummer. Her loss.” She punctuates this with a swig of her cold beer, knocking her head back gently but keeping eye contact with me through her downcast lids.

As before, she is inscrutable, and I can’t tell if she means ‘her loss’ for not being with me, or not going to Barbados. Or both. I just smile slightly and respond with a swig as well.

“How about you? Someone meeting you?”

“I’ve been down here a few times. This time, my best friend was supposed to come with, but there was some drama at work and she didn’t feel like she should be away.” She flashes a grin and repeats, “Her loss.”

“So, you know your way around, then? I’ve only been around Oistins and over to Bathsheba late yesterday.”

“Oh yeah, Bathsheba is sweet.” She pauses then adds, “Listen, Jake, you’re solo. I’m solo. We’re housemates. If you’re up for it, we can grab some meals together. You have a nice vibe, and I like a dinner companion. But I want to be upfront. I’m celibate right now.” She holds my gaze with clear green eyes.

I laugh out loud. “Whoa. You certainly are very upfront. I would love to break bread with you, and thank you for clearing the air. Like I told you, I just came off a breakup; not looking to rebound.” Of course, as I’m saying this, I think to myself that I would love to be the man she breaks her celibacy with.

“Good. I’m going for a shower. Meet in front at 7?”

“Sounds good. I’ll come to you.” I smile my friendly smile as I imagine her in her shower, gliding her slim fingers over that sexy body, soaping and rinsing her intimate curves.

+ + +

Yep, he is exactly as hot as he looked from afar. Like a younger, darker Bruce Greenwood. Quietly charming, with a hint of wolf. I’m standing in the pool on his end making small talk while I’m replaying my little fantasy from before and, even in the water, I can feel my pussy creaming. I lazily stroke my mound as he teases me about my romance writing. There was a time I would share that I wrote erotica, but inevitably people would get all squirrely and weird. So now I say I write romance and suffer the slight indignity, but it’s much simpler this way.

Hmmmm, so, Jake. I’m showering, getting ready for our dinner and, of course, I’m horny because I haven’t had cock for 6 months. Dildos are great, but nothing like an actual, brazzers porno real-life cock filling up all my tight spots. Not sure I want to break my fast on this trip, and anyway I already set the tone with Jake. Of course, I know that telling him I’m not available likely just made me more enticing. Not my intention, and nothing I can do about it. I just hate being a tease. And I hate to dine out alone.

I lather up and rub my palms on my already hard nipples. They are so sensitive, sometimes I feel like they’re connected to my clit. I pull down the handheld shower head to set it on jet and rub out a quick one. It won’t do to go to dinner all hot to trot. It takes me literally one minute to cum, thinking about Jake fucking me hard from behind as he pinches my nipples and munches on my neck where it meets my shoulder. I orgasm before he even starts working on my ass.

+ + +

I ring her doorbell, enjoying the quaint, nostalgic feeling of being on a first date. Even though it’s not technically a first date since I’ve been forewarned that she’s not putting out. I’m still smiling thinking about her proclamation when the door opens.

“Hi. What’s the joke?” She says in greeting.

“Oh nothing, just happy to be here. Ready?”

She nods and turns to lock the door. We’d been advised to lock up completely when leaving the house, so it always takes a minute. There are 3 locks which gives me time to appraise her. She looks really, really good in a halter top white dress with flat bare sandals. The skirt part of the dress grazes the knees and is full so flows nicely around her tanned legs. The halter part of the dress looks like it has a built-in bra, but her perky nipples still hint through. It’s still quite warm so her hair is up in a loose twist, showing off her bare shoulders. No makeup except a little gloss on her full lips. A vision.

I drive us to one of her favorite finds, a fish place. After our shared understanding from earlier, she seems more relaxed. To the point that by the end of the dinner, I feel OK to ask, “So why did you decide to go celibate?”

“Bad breakup. Bad dates. I value my time and energy. I’m too old to squander it. I’m 37, in case you’re wondering.”

“I wasn’t really wondering. Or maybe I was, I don’t remember.” I grin.

She laughs. “You’re funny, Jake. A little wacko. It really was your ex’s loss, ditching you.” She gives me a warm, genuine smile.

“That’s nice of you to say.” God, am I blushing?

“Anyway, celibacy has been good for my writing. I actually write erotica. I tell people I write romance so I don’t have to go into it. But for an erotica writer, taking a break from having person-to-person sex has been … interesting.”

My mouth goes a little dry. “Huh, never met a smut writer before.”

She laughs again, a beautiful, happy laugh. “See? Very funny. I think you may have less of a social filter than I do.”

“So, no person-to-person sex, but you take care of yourself, right?”

“Yes, have to keep the creative juices flowing,” she answers with a flirty smirk. I smile back at her.

“Well, since we’re in confession mode, I’ll share. I’m kind of celibate in a way.”

“Didn’t you say you were in a relationship?”

“Yes… but I don’t always orgasm. Well, not in the usual sense.”

She considers me for a moment. “You practice retention?”

It tickles me that she is familiar. It makes sense if she writes about sex, she’s likely familiar with all sorts of things. “Yes, but not in a faddish way or in an esoteric sense. Just in a way that works for me.”

“As you should – use pop ideas in a way that works for you, that is. What did your ex think of your practice?”

“I’m pretty sure it was good for her. Let’s just say I was never too tired for sexy time.” I smile sheepishly. It’s surreal discussing this with a woman I met just 3 hours ago.

“Isn’t it painful to hold it in?” She seems genuinely interested.

“I don’t let it go so long that it gets painful. A week or even two is doable. I’m not hardcore about it.”

“So… do you pull out? You don’t have intercourse? Please explain.”

Just then, the dessert arrives, and our attention is momentarily diverted.

We share the flan in semi silence, but I swear I can see the cogs in her mind whirring. She may be more intrigued by my retention practice than I am by her erotica writing. Which I am very interested in, believe me.

“OK, Jake, help me understand. Do you do everything and stop just before the point of ejaculation?”

“You seem very interested. Are you going to use it in a story?”

“Maybe.” She gives me a bashful smile as she presses her lovely lips on her spoon for a bite. And I do believe I detect a blush. Endearing, and very sexy. I’d love to see those lips wrapped around my cock.

“Well?” She looks at me expectantly.

“Well, yes, I do everything but control it up to the point of ejaculation. And when I want to, I do ejaculate. Maybe if I were 10-20 years clip4sale porno younger, it would be more difficult. I’m 54, in case you’re wondering.” I grin, echoing her words.

“Yes. I figured you were about that age based on your life stories. You look good. I’m sure you know it.” She says matter-of-factly.

I smile a grateful smile and signal for the check.

+ + +

I drive us back through the dark roads of Christ Church, the both of us in a friendly complicit silence. I am very attracted to Claire but also find myself incredibly comfortable with her, too. Like she’s an old friend, or old girlfriend, with whom I can say just about anything. It’s a nice feeling.

After I park in the 4-car lot in front of our rental, I walk her to her side of the duplex and wait while she undoes all the locks. Then she turns to me and gives me a funny look.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to kiss you,” I assure her.

“It’s not that. I want to understand what that’s like.”

“What’s what like?” I think I know, but I want her to say it.

“To have sex with the man deriving pleasure but not necessarily orgasming. I’m going to research it.”

“You could. Or when you’re not celibate, I can show you.” I laugh a small laugh. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” But I wanted to add that I would absolutely find her wherever she is to make sweet, nasty, unhurried love to her.

“Can’t you show me now?”

“You want to come out of celibacy now??”

“Well, if we don’t have intercourse, I can get away with it, right?”

“Ha, nice try!! Is that what the nuns say?? Claire, as an erotica writer – and I want to read you sometime – you know very well that making love is not just fucking.”

“Are you coming in or not?”

I smile and slightly shake my head. “After you, my lady.”

+ + +

Fuck, he’s hot. He looked so good at my front door and smelled like heaven – shower-fresh and so… male. God, clearly I need cock. I felt like a teenage girl going on a first date with the all-American. All evening long, my pussy was wet and throbbing. And once he told me about his practice of retention, I thought my head would explode. Just the idea of such a sexy man giving pleasure and holding on to his essence until he was ready to share it is such a turn-on. I mean I love to receive a man’s cum, mind you. I’m just saying it’s hot to think about Jake, specifically, being virtually always ready for sexy time.

Back at the rental, I do that thing I disdain – go back on my word (avowing celibacy) and basically invite him to make love to me sans intercourse, ostensibly as research. Pretty lame of me, but the whole day has been full of surprises, so it seems a natural extension.

Inside my unit, I turn to him and ask, “How does this go? What do we do?”

He laughs softly, amusement twinkling in his dark blue eyes. “It’s warm out. Why don’t we go skinny dipping in the pool?”

“Great idea.” I feel totally giddy. What the hell is happening to me?

+ + +

We go out back and turn on the low hedge lights, just enough to make our way but still retain some semblance of modesty. She doesn’t know I’ve already seen her in the nude, the image seared onto my brain.

We strip and enter the pool.

“No kissing, OK?” She blurts out.

“I can abide by any rules. Consider me completely at your disposal, for your pleasure.”

I decide to give her a moment and duck into the water to do a lap. I can never resist moving my body in the water. When I come back to the starting point, Claire is standing at the edge, her back to the wall. I swim underwater over to her and resurface right in front of her, face to face. The water is cool so my cock is not hard yet. Which is good because even though she asked for this, I don’t want to put her off by revealing my horndog colors too soon.

I come in close as if to kiss her but instead turn my head to gently press my lips to her neck just beneath her ear. She sighs slightly. I am reminded she hasn’t been with a man for 6 months, although as an erotica writer, I’m sure she takes care of herself just fine. It’s a turn-on to think about sexy Claire playing with herself. Imagining that, I wrap my hands around her rib cage and press more kisses down one side of her neck, then the other. She poses her arms over my shoulders and one leg around my hips.

My thumbs wrap forward to caress her hard little nipples. I take her other leg to wrap around me, and using the buoyancy of the water, I raise her up to wrap my lips around one perky breast – the object of my obsession since yesterday. She squeezes her legs around my waist, and I can feel my cock starting to assert itself. My God, my cock is right beneath her pussy. I want to rub my cock along those soft lips just sitting idle in the water, but it’s not the right time.

I switch to the other breast and go back and forth between the two delicious mounds, licking, sucking, lightly biting them. She’s cooing her approval. This is why I love small-breasted colette porno women. One small-chested girlfriend once told me it felt like her nipples were connected to her clit. I never forgot that. It seems that Claire might be one of those women. Judging from her reactions to my movements right now, she could probably come from nipple and clit play alone. I’ll have to investigate that later.

Finally, I pull away from her sexy tits and slide her back down to whisper in her ear, “Ready to get out?”

She only nods in answer and reluctantly slides her hands down my shoulders and arms and slowly walks up the steps out of the pool. I glide my fingertips down her spine and follow her, admiring her ass in the dim lighting. I wonder if she likes anal play. She’ll like what I can do for her, I know it.

I follow her to the outdoor shower to rinse off the chlorine. In the warm air, my cock is definitely more than half hard now. I’m enjoying the slow burn. I stand behind her underneath the water and run my hands down the front of her body, one hand on a sweet breast and my other hand gliding down her torso, pausing at her belly. I can feel it pulsing from her excitement. My cock is resting on her sacrum, just above the cleft of her sweet ass.

My hand then travels down past her lower abdomen and finally arrives at the top split of her smooth pussy lips. “Mmmmm, bare, very sexy, Claire,” I say softly in her ear. She whimpers a little in response. I gently cup my hand over her mound and gently indent my middle finger between her inner lips as I gently bite into her shoulder at the same time. She is so, so wet, fuccckkkk. Amazing. She groans deeply in the back of her throat and slumps a bit into my hand.

I continue to munch on her neck as I finger the mouth of her pussy. My god, I haven’t encountered such a wet pussy in recent memory. I bring my finger to my mouth for a taste. Fuck, she tastes good. I guide her body so that her front is facing away from the water with me still behind her. I bring my finger back down between her cunt lips. She’s creaming like crazy. Her pussy is clearly hungry for cock.

I scoop up some of the wetness and bring my hand to my mouth once again as I more firmly squeeze a nipple. She half turns to observe me suck her juice off my finger, her lips partly open as she squeezes her other nipple. “Claire, are you ready for me to lick your pussy?”

“Mmm-hmmmm…” She nods, her beautiful face twisted in desire.

I turn off the water and slowly turn her to face me. I slowly lower down on one knee. There’s just enough light for me to make out her pussy lips. I give her one quick lick right on the hood of her clit which makes her gasp. I brace one hand behind one of her knees and hook her leg over my shoulder and take firm hold of her hips with my hands. Now I’m in position to lap at her pretty kitty. She slumps a little to lean on the wall as she intertwines her fingers in my hair. Her pussy tastes amazing – salty and tangy, perfection.

I lick her out for a long while, eventually slipping most of a thumb inside her dripping pussy. Mmmmm, it’s nice in there. If all goes well, I’ll have more digits in her cavities by night’s end. I could bring her to her first orgasm right now, but I want to prolong it as much as possible, this being her first orgasm with another person in a while.

My cock is fully hard now and pearling up precum. I decide it’s time to give her a taste of me. She had said no kissing, but if I taste her, she should taste me. I reluctantly pull away from her creamy pussy and draw up to standing, my cock pointing up and resting against her belly. She puts her hands on my hips and is gazing at my mushroom head with glazed eyes and slightly parted lips. I can tell she wants a taste.

I swipe some precum from the head of my cock with the thumb that was in her pussy and bring it to her lips. She opens her mouth right away and sucks on the pad of my thumb. Mmmmm, good girl. I repeat the movement, this time rubbing my man lube on her lower lip and watch as she softly bites down with her top teeth and lightly suck to savor my salty gel. I bend down to softly dry-kiss the corner of her mouth. She probably would have let me kiss her, but I keep my promises.

Reaching up to the high shelf for some towels, I grab one and affectionately drapes it over her. I grab one for myself and wrap it around me, swaddling my hard cock with its leaking precum against my belly.

+ + +

Holy fucking shit. What did I get myself into? We’ve been at it for not 20 minutes, and I’m already dying to cum. Jake is way beyond sexy. His hands, his tongue, his mouth. Fuck me, I’m in so much trouble. I almost came just now with his very knowing tongue working on my clit. He knew exactly when to stop, too. And when he fed me his precum, holy God.

Now we’re out of the shower and heading inside. Thankfully it’s cool in the house even after the heat of the day. That’s good, because I am totally over-heated. With a firm but gentle hand, he guides me to the sectional and sits himself down.

“Come sit, straddle me so I can lick those pretty breasts of yours some more. I’ve been thinking about them all day.” That’s the first real confirmation he’s been considering me as much as I’ve been thinking about him.

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