Illicit Night Love

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Sleep evaded her as she lay in their cabin. Her husband, suffering from sexual dysfunction when it came to vaginal penetration, she had masturbated him fifteen minutes earlier. Relaxed he now lay beside her asleep, while she, unsatisfied, yearned for carnal release.

She lay listening to the night sounds, the gentle slap of the water against the pontoons of the houseboat, the distance call of a mopoke and the soft sigh of the night breeze in the trees of the nearby forest.

She waited, alert to every sound on the boat.

The low swish of the sliding door at the front of the boat being opened; a shadow passing the window of the cabin as he made his silent way along the outer passageway to the stern of the boat; he was waiting for her.

She had no need of foreplay to be aroused. Her clitoris, labia and vagina swollen and enlarged were already engorged with blood and the fluid of arousal was soaking her inner thighs.

She rose cautiously from the bed, pausing to make sure her husband had not been disturbed; then slipped out into the internal passageway that ran down the centre of the boat czech amateurs porno to the stern.

The board that always creaked when trodden on, where was it? Ah just here by the bathroom door. She carefully avoided it and then paused briefly by his wife’s cabin where she slept apart from him. Yes, asleep, she could her gentle snores.

A few more steps and then that damned back door that opened onto the stern. Careful, it slammed noisily if not put cautiously back in place.

Then she was out on the stern deck and into a world of magic. The full moon rode high above them and the river ran silver fire in its light as the warm summer night breeze rippled the surface of the water.

There he was, standing in profile to her. She could see his penis standing erect, ready for the moment of penetration.

No words were spoken as he turned and came towards her. There lips met in opened mouthed tonguing as his hand caressed her breast.

She felt his hard manhood pressing against her lower abdomen.

They broke from the kiss and he bent to take her pink erect nipple czech bitch porno into his mouth, sucking on it avidly as with a finger he probed her vagina seeking for signs of her arousal.

He lifted her onto the housing of the generator motor. They had long ago discovered that this was exactly the right height for what was to follow.

She parted and raised her legs to expose her genitals to him. He knelt before her as if in homage. With his fingers he parted her outer lips and then she felt his tongue licking the soft petals of her inner lips, tasting and smelling her womanhood.

She clutched his head to her as he found her engorged clitoris, licking and sucking it.

It was coming; she felt the first warning vibrations. It rapidly intensified and then she was in the full grip of the excruciating ecstasy of her orgasm.

She gave one muffled cry, “mmmaaah” and then stifled further cries to become gasping sobs.

He waited until she had passed over the peak of her climax and then, standing, he entered her with his penis. He thrust in urgently and deep. As the czech casting porno after tremors of her orgasm continued to shake her, the night sky above them seemed to spin.

His movements were intensifying as with his hands behind her buttocks he fought for ever deeper penetration.

He groaned and then she felt it, the first surge of his semen into her.

Unable to hold back the words she whispered, “Yes…yes…fill me…”

He emptied himself into her. They remained for a few moments, his penis still in her vagina, and then withdrawing from her they kissed briefly and he slipped away, silent as a wraith.

She got down from the generator housing, and stood listening for a few seconds. His sticky sperm was already seeping from her vaginal tunnel.

Carefully she opened the stern door and made her way back to the cabin. At the door she stood listening. Her husband was snoring stertorously.

She slipped cautiously into the bed beside him, and reaching out to the top of the cabinet beside the bed she felt for the tissue box.

Carefully removing some tissues she cleaned up the sperm as best she could and dropped the tissues into the waste basket. She would have to be up early tomorrow morning to empty the basket just in case…and to shower away any residual odour of their union.

“Tomorrow…tomorrow night,” she thought, as sated, she slipped into peaceful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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