Impulse – Chapter One

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On August 13th 2021 everything changed. Robert Norben woke to this world in a way he could have never imagined.

It was 9:22 AM and his deep sleep was interrupted by a crash. Someone was in his house. His eyes shot open and he was still. Someone knocked something over, he thought. His ears tuned themselves to the house beyond his bedroom. He laid paralyzed in his bed listening for the slightest sound.

Then he heard rustling sounds and footsteps. They were coming down the hallway towards his room. Then he heard moaning. High and heavy breathing and another bump, this time something hit the wall.

Then a voice, “Mr. Norrr…..uh…uh…..”

Robert recognized the voice of the 19 year old woman from next door, Tina Wether, and panic ran through his body. He shot out of bed terrified.

In the hall Tina was leaning against the wall in her night clothes, both hands rubbing her crotch feverishly. She looked up at him and smiled devilishly and said “Norrr….” Then she looked back down at her crotch and dropped to the balls of her feet, spread her legs impossibly wide and began rubbing her pelvis almost violently. She grunted and threw her head back against the wall and then made eye contact.

Robert ran down the hall to her barely thinking and full of adrenaline, “You’re ok! I will call 911!”

He stopped and knelt down beside the writhing young woman as she looked right into his eyes while rubbing between her legs, and she grunted gutturally and then growled, “I need you to fuck me.” Robert heard “I need you to help me.” and scooped her up into his arms and walked briskly back to his bedroom to put her on his bed.

As he carried her down the hall, his hand under her legs, she rubbed at her vagina and threw her head violently about groaning and gasping. He felt a wetness on her nightgown and his panic multiplied.

“Uhhh…. I need you…. to….” she struggled to get the words out.

He set the moaning girl down onto his bed and grabbed his cell from his bed stand. As Rob dialed 911 he saw that his wet arms had no blood on them.

“Fuck me!” Tina screamed, now pulling and slapping her pussy, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck MEEEEEEEE!”.

Rob stared in horror at the young woman masturbating on his bed as he heard the error message from the 911 call, “This number is currently unavailable, please try again later.”

Rob stumbled backward to the wall furthest from his bed as his neighbor madly and brutally stimulated her sex on his bed.

Rob stood against the wall as the cell beeped an old fashioned busy signal and watched Tina turn from her back and mount the pillow where he had been asleep moments ago, rubbing herself on it, moaning, almost crying and breathing heavily.

Tina then froze cold, stiffening like stone in mid hump and turned her eyes to his, with an impish smile on her face.

“What’s the matter Mr. Norben?” She asked in a childish mocking tone, “Are you too old to fuck?”

“Tina you need to go home now!” Rob shouted shakily at the top of his voice as he pointed to the door of the bedroom.

Tina giggled, unlocked from her freeze and threw the pillow at Rob, “You are such a fucking tease! Hahahahaha!”

Rob continued to point at the door and reiterated his demand, “Go! Home! Now!”

“What if I get you ready with my mouth?” Tina asked and then flashed innocent puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip. She spun her black hair in her right hand, as her left hand went down the front of her nightgown.

“What the fuck is wrong with you! I am 45!” Rob shouted, trying to defy his growing cock and pure terrifying biological instinct.

Tina giggled and pulled her top down to expose her naked breasts. “Mr. Norben,” she giggled again, “what is wrong with you?” “Don’t you like girls?” Tina asked, and moved towards him, expressing with her body language that she intended to have him. She pulled on the nipples of her tits and asked in a hushed voice, “Don’t you want to touch my pussy… Mr. Norben?”

As she slithered toward him, to the end of the bed, Rob hit redial on his cell abstractly hoping to find some sort of help.

“Do you want these lips around your big thing?” She asked, now crawling toward the end of the bed and reaching back to pull her nightgown up over her waist.

Rob tried to find his breath as the now nude girl crawled on her knees on the floor toward him, stopping only to reach back to play with her cunt. His cell received the error message again. He looked at the door to the hallway and considered making a run for it. At that moment Tina stopped moving toward him and sat herself on his floor pulling her naked knees up to her chest and dropped her head. She then began sniffling, crying and moaning.

Jesus Christ, Rob thought coming out of his fearful state, she needs help.

Rob walked over to the crying girl and said calmly. “We can get you help Tina, you’re ok.”

Rob knelt down beside Tina and she continued to whimper, then she spoke, “I’m sorry Mr. Norben… uhh… uhhh…” She cuddled into him. “It’s just that… uhh… uhh…” She nuzzled herself into his lap a bit, and continued, “I’ve been…. uhhh…” She did some more deep sniffles as she burrowed her head down closer to his lap. Rob saw her hand playing with her pussy and panic shot through him again. Before he could get to his feet Tina had his cock in her hand.

She looked directly into his eyes and whispered, “I’m going to put your cock my mouth now or I will run screaming into the streets that you are a rapist,” she turned her head away from his gaze and giggled for an extended moment. She then turned back and continued, “and then…. You are going to fuck me. You are going to fuck me until you cum in my sweet little pussy.”

Rob sat on his knees paralyzed in horror and arousal as his next door neighbor put her soft lips around the head of his penis. She positioned herself on her knees and put her hands between her own legs.

With Tina’s hands between her legs gravity pulled her mouth onto Rob’s izmir escort bayan cock and it ran deep into her throat. She resumed frigging her pussy like she had been in the hall and Rob’s cock slipped deeper into her throat. Her lips hit his balls and belly and Rob simply stared.

Her warm throat was gagging on his cock as she masturbated herself intently. Rob continued to stare at the obscene display engulfed in pleasure and horror. Tina continued to fuck herself with the majority of her weight pressed on Robs cock, gagging and shaking.

Rob continued to watch the girl fuck her pussy crazy, choking herself on his cock. As tears began rolling out of his neighbors eyes it occurred to Rob this crazy girl might kill herself on his cock. He reached down to pull her off and as he did her wet tongue ran itself over his balls and a massive stream of white saliva dropped from her open mouth.

Rob pulled her face, slimy with spit, saliva and tears from choking on his cock, up to his level.

He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t think.

Tina smiled deviously at him, pulling one hand from her pussy to jerk his cock, and she spoke to him without words Put your cock in my pussy, I need your cum inside of me – I need your seed.

Rob laid back on the bedroom floor and pulled Tina on top of him. As she undulated her hips in such a heated frenzy he had to forcibly hold her in place to get in his cock inside of her.

Two hard strokes into Tina’s tight, wet, pussy and Rob’s semen mixed with the semen of two strangers she had fucked in the alley behind her house merely 15 minutes before.


Samantha Puckett stepped into the staff bathroom to change into her street clothes. She had just finished her shift at Mountain View Retirement, it had been a long night and Dave McKragen was an hour and fifty minutes late.

Sam buckled her belt and looked in the mirror tossing her hair a bit. She looked pretty damn good for 42 and she knew that Dave was looking to get in her pants. The thought made her tingle a bit. He was just 24 and so naive. She had frigged herself off on more than one occasion thinking of using him as her a fuck toy.

In the nearly two hours she had had to wait past the end of her shift she had planned quite a speech for little Dave. She was going to give him a piece of her mind, and very subtlety suggest that if tried hard enough she might let him have a piece of ass. She was good with words.

She took a deep breath and rehearsed a few key moments again with her hand on the doorknob. She thought of smothering Dave’s face with her pussy and slapping his face and calling him her little bitch. In due time, she thought. Then she heard a crash from outside the door. The breakroom was right outside and it sounded as if someone had dropped a glass. Most likely it was Dave. She imagined him bent over picking up the shards of glass as she confronted him. What a deliciously subservient position for him to be in as she chewed him a new asshole.

Sam took a final breath and opened the door.

Sam could not understand the scene in front of her. It was literally beyond her brains ability to process. Torri, the new intern was on the counter of the break room. She was on all fours. Her back was arched and her head was on the counter. Her dress was thrown up over her back. Her panties hung around her left ankle. Dave was standing. His pants were around his ankles. He had his face and hand on her ample behind. His actions were frantic. He was licking her all over. In the short moment that Sam stood watching the scenario it seemed she had seen him spread Torri’s pussy, lick it, rub her ass cheeks, put a finger in her pussy and flick his tongue rapidly over her pink asshole. Dave’s hips made motions that made it seem like he was fucking an invisible person and Torri’s hips undulated to such a degree Dave had to follow them to hit his targets.

Sam screamed. Neither Dave nor Torri seemed to take any notice.

The girl was now fingering herself as Dave was burying his face deep in her ass crack. Then Dave said, “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.” and violently pulled the girl off of the counter by her hair to the ground, and in the same motion landed on top of her and they began rutting like dogs in heat.

Sam screamed again and stumbled to the breakroom exit.

The scene in the Mountain View Retirement common room only compounded Sam’s confusion. At first she saw only a gelatinous mass pulsating on the floor in front of the television. It felt like an eternity until arms and legs and faces and breasts and asses took shape.

Sam stumbled back against the door she had just exited and threw a hand over her mouth as if to suppress another scream.

Mr. Flannagan, who moments before need help walking, was fucking Mrs. Harriet cowgirl and Debbie, the swing shift nurse, was straddling his face. Debbie was suckling Mrs. Harriet’s long, saggy and wrinkly breasts. Behind Debbie, Mr. Peterson lie rubbing her buttocks and Tammy, the floor nurse, was deep throating Mr. Peterson. Tammy was pushing her fingers into her own pussy as she gagged on the old man’s cock. And on and on. Old wrinkled flesh entwined and bending, bodies with fragile bones moving in madness. Young employees fucking each other and clients all covered in sweat and semen.

Sam ran screaming out into the street. As she ran, a calm voice inside told her “You have simply lost your mind”.


The day had just started for Brady Brolend’s college prep class. He still told people that he taught summer school but it was obvious to him that, for the most part, he simply ran a daycare for spoiled rich asshole teenagers. At 8 AM only two of his eight students had shown up, Lindsey Bellingham and Mariel Davies. They were the most studious of the class and sometimes came up with good questions that challenged his knowledge buca escort of science.

He looked out at his class of two and smiled, thinking to himself, Today could end up productive.

“Hello class,” he said with a smile and chuckled a bit. The girls smiled and laughed. “We might get something accomplished today.”

“I think that is a possibility!” exclaimed Lindsey who, at 19, was the older of the two by 3 months.

Of all the students in the prep school Lindsey and Mariel were the only ones who had any brains. They were both bright and intelligent.

“So girl’s the floor is open, what should we do today?” He asked.

They looked at each other momentarily and then Mariel took the lead, “What is was the college subject that interested you most Mr. Brolend?” She asked politely.

Brady replied instantly, “Science, I love science, particularly science that is speculative, science that questions what we think we know about the universe. I love science that pushes the boundaries of what we believe and makes us question those beliefs.”

Lindsey replied, “Do you mean like what is beyond the end of the universe… Like what can be beyond the place where the universe ends?”

Brady smiled at the girls inquisitiveness and responded, “Yes… in a way. I find that question fascinating, I find all questions dealing in all of the sciences fascinating,

particularly when they are questions I know we cannot answer… The questions that fascinate me most are why the human race acts as it does. The question almost dips into the murky pseudoscience of anthropology and psychology. However I believe that the majority of human actions, down to this very conversation we are having now, ” He paused for effect, “…is largely due to pre-determinate factors present in our DNA.”

Brady smiled at the girls. Lindsey asked “So in a way your scientific view of the world is sort of like the old religious determinism, damned or saved from day one?”

Brady’s grin grew wider and he turned away from the girls and slowly strolled to the chalk board. This is almost like teaching a college class, he thought to himself as he picked up a shard of chalk, paused, and wrote on the board “Religious Scientific Study”

As he wrote he said, “Religion was the birth place of modern scientific study.” and he turned back to address the girls.

His words held in his throat at what he witnessed. In the split second he had turned his back Mariel had slipped out of her desk and under Lindsey’s. From his vantage point it appeared that Mariel was under Lindsey’s desk playing with her. Lindsey had her head tossed back and a hand in her sweater massaging her large breasts.

Brady stood in shock unable to believe what he was seeing. Then Lindsey moaned loudly. “Ohhh-Ooohhhhh!” and Brady stepped back towards the chalk board and dropped his sliver of chalk to the ground.

Lindsey reached her free hand under her desk and appeared to buck in her desk, “Lick it you fucking little whore!” She shouted, her words echoing in the bare room.

Brady stood helpless and paralyzed. He saw Mariel reach into her crotch as she began playing with her pussy through her jeans, her thin, small legs spread on the floor as she serviced Lindsey under the desk.

He wanted to scream but was barely was able to whisper, “What the fuck?”

This whisper pulled Lindsey’s ecstatic attention away from the pleasure her friend was giving her and she locked eyes with Brady. Mariel slid out from under the desk and lay on her back on the floor, she simultaneously seemed consumed with rubbing her pussy through her jeans, reaching into her t-shirt, playing with her tiny breasts and pulling her jeans off. It looked like some sort of circus trick.

Lindsey kept her gaze on Brady as she violently kicked her desk away from her. She stood in front of him her legs spread, as if she were about to do the splits, and she rubbed at her crotch with one hand as she unbuttoned her blouse with the other.

Her eyes pierced him and she said, “You’ve thought about fucking me before Mr. Brolend…”

Brady stood terrified against the blackboard.

“You imagined taking me behind the old smokestack, you imagined making me do terrible, terrible things….” she said.

Brady glanced down at Mariel and saw she was fucking herself on her back in a frenzied manner. She had removed her pants and shirt and her long blonde hair whipped about her face. She made small peeps and moans as she writhed on the floor.

Lindsey walked toward him and he tried to scream but no sound would leave his throat.

She pressed her body against his and put her hand on his crotch. She leaned in and spoke with hot breath into his ear, “You like to think about fucking your students, don’t you?”

She took her hand away from her pussy and ran it under Brady’s nose and put her other hand over his throat, looking him violently in the eyes, “You like them, you’ve imagined your cum in my pussy… and you’ve imagined it in a lot of girls…”

She gripped his jaw and turned his head toward Mariel who continued to writhe on the floor of the classroom. She had both hands between her skinny naked legs and she moved as if her life depended on stimulating herself.

Suddenly Lindsey slapped Brady’s face. “Your cock is getting hard… You fucking pervert.” She whispered, as she held his gaze on Mariel.

Lindsey let go of her grasp on his neck and squatted in front of him. She pulled the buckle of his belt and the top button of his pants loose in one swoop. Brady’s eye’s remained transfixed on the naked student going crazy on the floor.

Lindsey pulled Brady’s cock out of his slacks and took him deep in to her throat. She used her hands to fuck herself as she violently threw her mouth onto his member.

Mariel continued her filthy floor dance rolling about roughly pleasuring herself as Lindsey gagged herself on Brady’s cock.

As Brady instinctively went to run his hand through the hair of the girl who was dripping mucus and saliva izmir escort through her nose choking on his cock Mariel spoke, “I need you to fuck me Mr. Brolend.”

The 18 year old had stopped her mad masturbation and was now on her back with her legs spread wide slowly rubbing her pussy.

Lindsey pulled herself off of his cock and stood up pressing herself against Brady. Saliva and mucus ran from his cock to her lips, dripping thickly and disgustingly, and she whispered into his ear, “She wants you to fuck her.”

“I want you to fuck me….” Mariel thrust her hips towards him.

Some sort of nightmare or amazingly terrible truth or wonderful dream that shouldn’t be, Brody mounted the girl and he pounded her with the fury of the devil. Lindsey had bunched up in the corner and from the sound of it was having orgasm after orgasm watching the scene.

Brady felt his cum boil in his balls right as Mariel looked him in the eyes and said, “I’m going to cum, choke me… mmmm… choke me I will come harder.”

Brady put his hand around the neck of the girl as he pounded into her soaked pussy. She contracted around his cock and seemed to pull the cum from inside of him.

He let go his grasp, and rolled away exhausted and incredibly confused. He watched the two girls cuddle up with each other. And although he would block it out for quite some time he later would recall Lindsey going down on Mariel and sucking some of his semen out, and then spitting it into Mariel’s mouth… and then Mariel spitting it into Lindsey’s pussy that she had pulled wide open.


Meredith Jacobs woke from a dream of having her pussy sucked by a handsome stranger to find her pussy being sucked by her 22 year old son.

It took her a moment to understand exactly what was occurring. The stranger had light blonde hair and she ran her hands through it thrusting her pelvis into his mouth. His tongue and fingers seemed to be moving at an unbelievable pace and she felt her wetness beginning to run down her thighs. Soon she realized that her eyes were closed. And she was in her own bed. Her hands were running through someone’s hair who was playing with her twat like it had never been played with before. She opened her eyes to see the hair of this person buried in her crotch was black. And suddenly she knew what was happening.

Meredith screamed and pushed her son off of her. He looked up at her and rose to his knees. He was naked and his cock was incredibly erect, pointing skyward. He reached down and began to pull on it.

“Derek!” She shouted. “What the fuck!”

He smiled at her devilishly. “Mom, you know you want my cock in you. You have masturbated about it on a number of occasions.” He began stroking his cock more intensely, swirling his grip when he reached the engorged purple helmet.

Her thoughts raced, Oh, fuck, did I write about that in my diary? Did Derek read my diary?

He answered her, “No mother, I just know…. Now give in.”

He looked at her and his eyes said “I will fuck you until you scream with pleasure.”

Dizziness grasped her temples and Merideth fell back on her bed – and her son fucked her with a fury no man had ever.

Derek’s cock was rock hard as he pushed into her whispering in her ear, “Mother your pussy is my God, your pussy is my God, your pussy is my God.”

Meredith attempted to say “No” but as the thought arose Derek put his hand over her mouth and his eyes pierced hers and she heard him think “Cum on my cock you fucking slut” and she let go.

By the time Derek walked out the house Meredith had cum four times – and if the semen leaking out of her warm pussy was any indication Derek had cum at least that many times.

Still trying to recover, Derek stood up in robotic manner, and left the room. Meredith looked out the bedroom window to see him walking naked and fully erect into the Weavers house next door.


Jennifer Raston stopped into Davis Hardware on her way to meet her friends for a weekend camping trip. Her best friend Kim had asked her stop by and pick up two propane tanks for the stove.

Jen wandered the aisles looking for the fuel. Only Mr Davis and Tommy Tengle were in the shop with her. Both had asked her if she needed help, but she was enjoying strolling around the store she rarely visited so she had politely turned them down.

When she finally stumbled upon the propane tanks she knelt down to see which one she wanted and heard Tommy walk up behind her. Jen turned to tell him she didn’t need his help and found his erect cock being stroked in her face. Jen screamed and Tommy reached down and grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet.

Jennifer screamed again and Mr. Davis came down the aisle. Tommy grabbed her face and ripped her skirt off. Jennifer kicked and punched at Tommy but it seemed to have no effect.

Mr. Davis spoke his elderly calming voice as he approached, “Calm down Jennifer…” and he stepped in behind her locking his arms into hers.

Jen screamed from her guts and Tommy reached between her legs and ripped the crotch of her panties open. Tommy then undid Mr Davis’ belt exposing the old man’s huge erect penis.

Tommy held Jen’s head and forced her to look in his eyes and spoke to her with thought.

Mike Swanson and Kyle Dell are going to be here in a minute Jen and the four of us are going to make damn sure your sweet pussy gets filled with cum – with our seed.

At that moment Mr. Davis spit into his hand, swiped it over her pussy, pushed his cock into her hole and began pumping ferociously. Jen continued to scream until Tommy shoved his cock into her pussy joining Mr. Davis in the rape. Jen gasped as he entered. The two cocks oscillated in opposite rhythms as they pumped her.

She stopped screaming and went limp as they raped her. She began to disassociate. She felt them simultaneously cumming in her pussy as Mike and Kyle made their way down the aisle massaging their cocks and eyeing the scene like hungry predators.

To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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