In the Rainforest

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The heat of the afternoon sun was building and the humidity of tropical air was causing our clothes to cling to our already sweating bodies. I stopped and turned to see Laura coming up the trail behind me, her raven tresses damp from the earlier downpour and swinging rhythmically as she walked. She possessed a dark compelling beauty made all the more alluring by the transformation that occurred when she smiled. Her dark silky hair fell just beyond her shoulders and framed her porcelain-skinned face perfectly.

“What are you staring at?” she asked through uplifted eyes and half-smirk.

“…oh, uh, nothing…” I stammered in response, feeling awkward at being caught admiring her yet again. She had opened another button on her blouse in a vain attempt to relieve herself of the heat of the climb. I reached out and stroked the skin at the base of her neck, my heart quickened, feeling the slick softness of her flesh. Laura looked up at me smiled, offered her full lips to me for a quick kiss, and then kept on going. I was treated to the graceful sway of her hips as she labored the last few hundred yards to the treehouse.

I had found the treehouse in my wanderings of these woods a few years ago. Several visits back had allowed me to clean it up and stock it for occasional retreats. I had wanted to bring Laura here since when I first met her in graduate school. The chemistry and electricity between us had never diminished, and now I looked forward to spending the next two weeks in her company.

“Wow, it’s beautiful”

“It’s a banyon tree, about 300 years old, I guess”

“Who built it?”

“I am not sure, but the original owners have been here in years”

A clap of thunder broke almost overhead. I glanced at my watch to see that it was nearly 4 in the afternoon, the thunderstorms would be starting any minute. We shuffled off our packs and slung them on the dumbwaiter to hoist into the house. I moved over to the pulley system and removed my shirt to begin the hoist. I was pulling hand over hand on the ropes when I felt Laura’s soft slender fingers tracing delicate lines across my shoulders and down my back. I shivered despite the heat. Her hands continued the play over the muscles in my back and her lips began planting soft kisses as well.

“You aren’t making this any easier!” I protested, mockingly.

“I love the feel of your skin under my fingers, and the way your muscles move in your back.” Laura replied between kisses.

The first huge dollops of rain began to come down through the canopy and thwack on the surrounding leaves. Then, the sky just exploded. The roar of the rain was all encompassing and it felt fantastic against my hot sweat soaked skin. I quickly lashed the hoist rope to the cleat and spun to pull Laura into my arms. Her blouse was now completely soaked and I could see her rosy nipples standing out against the transparent wet cloth. reality kings porno I reached down and pulled her blouse overhead breaking my kiss with her long enough to through the wet shirt atop mine. Her body was warm and supple and just the feel of it against me caused my heart to race and my cock to swell. The rain was running in rivulets over her beautiful features and I held her face in my hands staring into those gorgeous blue eyes and that incredibly full mouth. We searched each others mouths with our tongues and she would tease me by pulling her mouth away from mine at the last possible moment, staring up at me and biting her lip. Laura knows this drives me crazy and usually leads to the most passionate sex. I responded by reaching around her and scooping her lovely backside into my hands. I picked her up off the ground the she wrapped her legs about me with arms around my neck.

“Ready for the ride of your life?” I asked in a cavalier tone, eyebrow cocked.

“I am with you aren’t I?” She responded and covered my mouth with another kiss.

I turned and stepped onto the platform to my left, reached out and pulled the pin supporting the counterweights. We were swept skyward into the canopy overhead by the counterweights and brought to a smooth stop 50 feet up on the balcony of the treehouse.

“That was amazing!!” Laura cried.

“I know I am quite good.” I laughed

“You are such an ass, I will kill you!”

“You just might someday.”

I dropped to my knees and took Laura’s nipple in my mouth. Her breath caught and I began to lick around the tip and alternately suck and nibble on it. Laura’s breathing became more ragged as I alternated between breasts and occasionally worked my way back to her lips. I was completely intoxicated with her now, and couldn’t stop caressing or kissing her body. The rainwater rushing down her skin tasted sweet and clean and added to the softness and ease with which my hands moved over her body.

I stood again and moved into the main the room of the house, pulling Laura behind me by hand. I reached down and released her belt buckle. Her wet shorts stuck to her round hips and I happily worked them down to floor. They plopped down and I stopped to marvel at the beautiful girl before. Her shaved sex a mere slit at the base of her torso was beginning to swell and gain color. I reached down and felt the heat of her beneath my hand. Again I picked Laura up and brought her to the king-sized canopy bed that dominated the main room. The mosquito nets were pulled back and the white sheets were tucked tightly over it. I tossed Laura on the bed and pushed her easily towards the head.

“Now you are going to pay for teasing me all day!”

“Bitch, I am not afraid of you!” Laura laughed.

“You will be” I smiled.

I kissed her again and slid her hands into the restraints at the head sexmex porno of the bed. I then grabbed a foot and caressing leg and foot slid the shackles over it right up to the knee, then repeated the procedure on the other leg. Laura’s legs were now pulled back onto her shoulders and her arms spread wide on the bed. Her pussy was tilted up towards me like the most delicious alluring flower imaginable.

I began kissing her calves and thighs, running my fingers gently across the baby soft skin of Laura’s inner thighs. Each time my fingers slipped past her slick pussy she would raise her hips and try to buck against my hands. Writhing beneath me, she looked at me like a caged animal. The agony of being restrained was part of the pleasure Laura loved. I moved my lips to pussy and begin kissing the outer lips gently, eliciting a moan from Laura’s lips. The scent of her filled my head and I could hold back no longer. I dove into her sex with wild abandon. Holding her hips in my hands, I licked and flicked at the bud of her clitoris causing her to grind her hips harder into my face. My tongue would run long transits of her entire slit, tasty the juices that were flowing freely from her now. Probing the entrance to her vagina, running circles around its entrance. Laura was panting uncontrollably now.I inserted a finger inside her and got a quick gasp from her lips.

“Oh…yes” She panted

I was now in a frenzy of desire to please her and explore her gorgeous body further. Continuing to lick and suck on her clit, while fiercely fingering her. I began running my other hand up the crack of her ass. I found the small pucker of her anus and began to massage the sensitive ring. The combination of these stimuli was too much for Laura. She tensed her entire body, her vagina was pulsating beneath my fingers and tongue, and her anus was doing the same.

Laura cried out and continued to buck and grind convulsively. Shaking and squeezing my fingers inside her, I slowly moved back up her body planting kisses along the way. Her eyes were wide and glassy, a slight smile across her features told me all I needed to know. My cock was now sliding over her swollen pussy, slick with my saliva and her own juices. As we explored each others mouths with kisses bites and nuzzles, I ground my hips against her.

I slid into Laura with a rush of sensation that made me feel as though I would orgasm in that moment. Looking down at Laura, completely helpless beneath me, her legs lifted high onto her shoulders, filled me such desire I couldn’t control myself. I grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed completely into her. Our hips fell into a frantic rhythm, grinding and slapping into each other. She felt so amazingly good, she always did. I leaned up on my arms and drove into her again and again. The pressure inside me was building and I couldn’t hold out much longer.

“I want to feel sindrive porno you cum inside me, please, I want to feel it” Laura asked

That was all that I could take. My orgasm erupted from deep inside me, my world began to swirl and I continued to pump into Laura. Each spasm of muscle shot stream after stream into Laura’s welcoming body. I was completely wasted. Laura pulled me down to her, and we lay in each other’s arms enjoying the warmth of each other and the afterglow of our shared pleasure. As my world regained clarity, I noticed the rain on the roof for the first time in over an hour.

The gas heated shower felt fantastic. My body was still electrified from the amazing sex Laura and I had earlier in the day. I had just completed my shave and was brushing my teeth, when I felt warm soft fingers wrap around my dick. I groaned involuntarily and my cock began to swell beneath Laura’s touch.

“That feels so good Laura”

“Yes, I know” she smiled back at me.

Laura led me by my dick over to the pile of throw pillows on the floor. She seductively dropped to her knees and began kissing my hips and rubbing her hands over my thighs. My cock was now rock hard and standing directly in front of her beautiful face. Laura looked up at me with her huge blue eyes and took tip of my penis in her mouth. Drawing in her cheeks she began to suck feverishly on me, the entire time holding my gaze with her eyes. It was an incredibly sexy site, her dark hair and pale skin, offset by her full red lips, and beautiful clear eyes. She pulled back and began to tease me by gently flicking the under side of my shaft with her tongue. I was totally helpless. I reached for her head with my hands but she shook my hands loose.

“You like that?”

“Yesss” I replied breathlessly

Laura dove back onto my cock with a vengeance. Sliding almost the entire length into her gorgeous mouth. Her tongue ran around the base of the head as I pumped in and out of her. Her hands were fondling my balls and caressing my stomach and chest as I stared down onto her angelic features. My legs were getting weak and the image of this beauty sucking me off, combined the incredible sensations created by her mouth were becoming too much.

Laura pulled the head of my cock from her mouth and began running it around her swollen lips. Flicking the tip with her tongue and smiling up at me.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you?”

“Soon…very soon” I managed to stumble out.

“I want to see it. I want to watch you cum” Laura smiled.

She continued to tease me and stroke me with her hands. Alternately, looking at my cock and into my eyes. Telling me what she wanted and how she couldn’t wait to fuck me again. I lost complete control. Laura continued to pump me with her hands as I shot streams of cum onto her. Laura smiled up at me, a streak of my cum, running down one cheek.

“Wow, that was a lot” She said

“Its your fault” I chuckled “you get me so excited.”

I sank to the floor and Laura climbed up into my lap and encircled me with her warmth.

“This feels so good. I don’t ever want to leave.”

“Me neither” I replied “Me neither”.

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