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It all started on a nice weekend in the beach apartment of the parents of my friend. Lothar, the fiancé of my best friend Jana, was away on a military mission. Unfortunately for her she was alone for that weekend. I had separated from my former boyfriend just a month ago. On top of that I was still dealing with the aftermath of a bladder infection. So for different reasons we were both not interested in going out or venture into the city. Her parents had allowed us to use their beach condo for that weekend.

On the arrival day the weather was just awesome. The golden October provided an incredible blue sky and nice temperatures. Not enough to take a longer bath in the ocean, but sufficient for taking a prolonged sunbath on the beach and long walks in the coastal forest. The evening turned into a starry night. We had prepared a nice dinner and talked more and more during the meal. Don’t ask me how we got into that, but somehow the bright stars in the dark sky had first started romantic ideas, which had turned to talks about men.

Two girls alone on a lovely beach are apparently bound to talk about fantasies. The night was magic, as we had extinguished all lights, even the dinner candles, as we heard the waves breaking at the beach. We could not see each other in the dark, which made it easier to talk about embarrassing themes. It turned out to be an evening of exchanging confessions about what turned us on, as we watched into the obscurity outside. Of course she talked a lot about her fiancé and I could understand that as he was truly a good-looking piece of man. But there had to be more to it and then she confided that he had a lot of inventive ideas about sex. However, she did not venture any real details. Perhaps my first really intimate question about her friend Lothar triggered all the ensuing exchanges:

“Jana, what has been the one event in your relation with him, that you most fantasize about?”

She remained silent for a moment and I pushed her further. I could perceive that she had a dreamy expression in her eyes.

“Fantasize to the point of rubbing yourself, you know …or isn’t there any?”

For a moment I thought that she would flatly refuse an answer, but then she took a deep breath and started hesitatingly to reply.

“Mel, you are right, there is such a fantasy. Well, as you know he is a rather calm and patient guy. That is just great, given the way my temperament works on some days. It is difficult to get into a fight with him and his patient reasoning almost always resolves any disputes. However, once I had an argument with the girlfriend of his brother in his presence. Well, somehow I lost my patience and slapped her. We became involved in a catfight, so to speak. The brothers did separate us. His brother spanked his own girlfriend for that fight, which she accepted readily. And he made Lothar promise to do the same to me. And to my utter bafflement he did agree with his brother.”

Her voice changed somewhat. I think she sounded huskier, as she continued in a lower voice.

“He did surprise me a lot, as he just pulled me over his knees despite me trying to resist him and started to spank me in a lecturing way, emphasizing that I should not create tension between his brother and himself by picking an unfair fight with the girlfriend of Peter. True, she possessed rather a delicate frame, but she had quite a temper as well. For the first time I realized how strong he really is. Maybe I am more than crazy, but despite the pain and despite the humiliating effect of the other couple watching me I became turned on. I was truly helpless, but I did relish especially that moment as he pulled my jeans down despite my opposition to unveil my panties. In a weird way I wished he would have continued, and even taken more liberties, but it did not last long enough.”

I certainly was surprised. Her fiancé was much like a giant teddy bear. He was always good-natured, almost to the point of being exploited by poker oyna people who took advantage of his patience. However, given his size and strength, everybody took care not to get into situations, where they would have to face him.

Jana was the exception to the rule. She had never been afraid of him, and he had never given her any reason to be afraid. I had often observed how she had tried to impose her wishes on him. Even when she had one of her tantrums and hammered her fists onto his broad chest, he would just hold one arm of her and let her temper down. She was a tall blonde girl almost six feet high and not a featherweight, but compared to him, she seemed like a doll. Then his calm voice would make her see reason again. It was difficult to imagine this kind giant to agree to hurt his fiancé. It was less difficult to see Jana loose her temper, but surprising to see such a string woman accepting to be punished. She seemed to read my mind.

“Lothar is very protective of his little brother. He is trying to substitute their parents who died in a car accident. And I have learned that he will do things for him, which he would not grant to any other person. He kind of did apologize to me afterwards, but underlined that he would probably act in the same way again, if his brother would ask for fairness regarding the same treatment for both of their girlfriends or in the future for disciplining their wives. I did protest, but to be honest, I felt a tingle of excitement in my veins, as he said so.”

I could hear the emotion in her voice, especially for the three words ‘disciplining their wives’. It was surprising to hear this. Normally Jana was a rather dominant personality in her work as a teacher. She really seemed to love her teddy bear a lot, if she embraced those three words with such an emphasis. I tried to use some humor.

“Well, Jana, nothing easier than to tease the girlfriend of his brother…”

She did look somewhat gloomy, as I teased her with that remark. Her answer was more serious and less playful than expected.

Melanie, they separated soon after our meeting. His brother is single again. There is no chance now at this moment.”

If she calls me by my full first name, then I know that she is trying to be serious. Here it meant probably that she regretted to miss out on opportunities to be spanked, which I found hilarious, given her normal behavior as typical school teacher. However, hearing that the brother of her fiancé might be single again, made my heart jump. I had a soft spot for Peter, ever since a meeting which happened years ago, when Jana had started to date with Lothar.

We had been going to a dance party at the military academy. Jana had danced with Lothar, and started to date him. She had introduced me to Peter, his younger brother.

My best friend looked at me wistfully, when I did not respond immediately. Her face started to show a mischievous smile. She was a very good observer.

“Mel, admit that you like to hear about him being single again, right?”

I felt my face becoming hot. Was it so easy to guess my feelings? It was difficult to say why this news made me feel hot inside. In a defendant way I was answering:

“Jana, this is partly due to your story.”

But as I said, sometimes it is just the authoritative school teacher inside her taking over. Immediately she asked about the other part not being related to her story.

Finally I had to confess my first outing with Peter. An incident occurred with rather embarrassing moments happening in front of him. She inquired a lot about it. I described it only vaguely, but she seemed to grasp much of it intuitively. It had happened years ago and I had never met Peter again, but it had impressed me a lot. It was difficult to say why – perhaps because Peter had been particularly attractive in his blue uniform as air force cadet or because of his behavior. His way of impertinent watching had unnerved me quite a bit at that time. Before canlı poker oyna and after nobody else had been impolite enough to stay watching when they surprised me accidentally. Except for Peter anybody else had been polite enough to turn away to grant me some privacy for those moments.

“Mel, you are in some way crazy too, if it turns you on to remember that Peter surprised you peeing in the woods during that daytrip.”

However, Peter had been polite enough not to taunt me in front of Jana and Lothar afterwards on that day. Though when dancing together on that evening he had teased me by whispering naughty questions in my ears. He had the nerve to ask whether I would wet my panties during dancing with him. I had been mortified and thrilled at the same time. Somehow it was so intensely embarrassing that I left right after this dance. I had not been able to cope with those emotions. Probably Peter had taken that as a sign that I had not forgiven him for asking me such questions. And I had not been able to talk about it with Jana at that time, though she had asked about my relation with Peter. I did not dare to tell her about Peters particular ideas, and then he had a girlfriend and it was pointless to ask about him.

Right away she told me now that she had remembered that I had been blushing a lot when having my bladder infection. She stated that in light of my confessions she had the impression that all the rush to find a restroom had been quite discomforting for me, yet it seemed to be also exciting for me. In a way I was shocked that my thoughts seemed to be so transparent to her, but as we were quite close I could accept her comments, as she had been quite candid about her man and her fantasies dealing with her. Yet it was still embarrassing.

In consequence, I tried to deflect her attention by asking her whether she had asked Lothar to be spanked by him. She admitted readily that she would be thrilled to be spanked again by Lothar, but that Lothar had avoided discussion about it, citing that he did not like to hurt her. And she had never been able to provoke him to spank her, since he was such a patient guy. It seemed that only his brother asking for it had made Lothar do it, and only because he wanted to protect his brother’s feelings.

Suddenly her voice became excited. “I do have an idea. If we could arrange for another outing together, we might combine both our fantasies, if you accept to be spanked by Peter…”

“No way! I am not letting a guy spank me!” I replied hotly, before it dawned on me that she just wanted that as favor for herself.

“Not even, if he might spank you for not being able to hold?” she giggled naughtily.

“Goodness, I would never want Lothar to know about my fantasies. Promise me that you won’t tell him a word about it!” I started almost to panic.

“Give me a chance to discuss things with you, Melanie. It would be such a nice thing to make my fantasy come true again!” her eyes sparkled with mischief. “And it would be quite a bonus to watch my Mel getting her voluptuous backside bared and reddened. Oh, my this is a perfect idea. I you are not letting a guy spank you, then how about by a girl? By your best friend Jana, who would slowly pull your panties down on your thighs…”

I was completely stunned. I felt at a loss for words. And I felt grateful for the darkness, even though I had the feeling that my face glowed in the dark. I could not utter a word, but she confirmed her intentions

“To be honest, Mel, this would be the next best thing to being spanked myself.”

Even in my own ears my voice sounded rather strangled. “You can’t be serious, Jana!”

“Admit that it does turn you on as well.” She waited for an answer, and continued later on. “Okay, okay – we may talk about that later on. Perhaps it is easier for you to focus on the fantasy you admitted already.”

Chapter 1

I did not inquire any further, as she unveiled her ideas about making such an event internet casino happening to me. She came up with a proposition that she qualified as leaving the decision to fate. It would only require an initial decision for me. The initial decision would be to accept her invitation for an outing in either white pants or a white skirt and to accept a light lunch consisting of asparagus cream with that well-known diuretic effect.

Next Sunday she would be proposing an outing to watch a soccer game with her fiancé and his brother, as they sometimes did. She would invite me for the ride as girl accompanying her to the game, since the former girlfriend of Peter would not be invited, of cause. Both brothers would understand that she wanted female company. Every three to four weeks they would usually ride with a car to a car park in the vicinity of the stadium, parking there to be picked off by the shuttle to the stadium.

The shuttle would arrive sooner or later, depending on the number and location of people to be picked up. That parking was perfect in her eyes. It did not have a restroom, but was fenced off and not offering any shelter. Apart from the parking spots and the areas with benches and tables for a pick-nick the area was just a plain meadow that was fenced off.

Slowly I started to grasp what she was indicating and objected hotly that I was not going to accept to pee in front of anybody. I made it quite clear that the erotic aspect of my fantasy depended on the effect of not being able to suppress that urge, of not being able to choose. I was not going to act deliberately, while I was still able to hold.

She made me understand that it would only be the fate that would decide upon me and not me nor her. I would be given three ‘peppermints’ to be taken during the trip to the car park. First I might just hold on, if the ‘peppermints’ would allow that. Second I would always have the choice to disgrace myself by peeing into my panties, but the asparagus cream and my white pants/skirts would make sure that both brothers would know instantly what happened. Alternatively I might choose to pee in front of anybody present on that parking.

I did not quite understand. Patiently she explained that ride would take about half an hour. The shuttle might be there at the agreed time or it might take almost half an hour to wait for them. Holding on for an hour did not seem that difficult, even with asparagus cream.

But then she smiled maliciously and explained that one of the peppermints would be a strong diuretic pill that her mother still had from an earlier prescription. According to her that would act more than strongly in about half an hour.

Two of the pills would just be peppermints in different forms and colors, while the third would be that peppermint-coated pill. According to her I would have to take all three before arriving at the parking. The first when we would start out for the ride, the next some 15 minutes later. If I would be lucky, the diuretic one would be the last one and the minibus would arrive pretty soon after our own arrival at the parking — I might get away with the embarrassment to hold until I could head hastily for the next restroom at the stadium.

In the worst case the ‘pill’ would be the first I would swallow, this would make it already difficult for the trip to the car park. And if the shuttle would arrive half an hour later than scheduled, this would make it impossible to hold on.

I had to admit that this scenario did have quite a thrill for me, but it was more than I could digest. The presence of strangers was disconcerting, but even more the possibility that people who knew me might be present in that car park.

“Well, my dear Mel, then we may choose an outing to the ‘Lueneburger Heide’, to that flat part where the ground is only covered by heather, some other grass and sand. The drive lasts half an hour. The walk in the flat part lasts twenty to thirty minutes, then you may escape in the forest part behind bushes and trees, if you last that long.”

She did not need to spell it out. If not, I would be forced to choose how to pee in the presence of Peter and Lothar. It was an embarrassing yet also thrilling thought.

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