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Through the door, the sounds of two bodies slapping together atop a less-than-optimal dorm room bed were soft yet unmistakable. I hesitated, not sure if I really wanted to enter my own dorm room, because I knew that if I was hearing those sounds, it was because Thom was visiting, and even though I was part of the relationship, I was essentially an outsider, for Thom and Bri were the core, the longtime lovers who happened to be separated by three hours of driving.

Still, after having finished my classes for the week, I just wanted to dump the heavy textbooks in the closet. As slowly and as quietly as I could, I slid my key into the lock, not wanting to disturb them unless absolutely necessary, for I knew that they would truly want to enjoy these intimate moments together.

The slapping sounds stopped, but I could still hear the springs protesting, and I guessed that Thom was fully embedded within my roommate’s wet body, grinding against her clitoris. I remembered how he had done that with me several weeks earlier, during his previous visit, and how that combined with his deep penetration and Bri’s manipulation of my tight nipples had tipped me over the edge, plunging me into an intense climax which left me dizzy and almost unable to breathe, my body clutching Thom’s erection fiercely and forcing him to shoot wildly inside me…

I had just started to open the door slowly when Bri’s cry reached my ears, and I quickly yet quietly closed the door again. My roommate wailed her pleasure, teen porno and I was thankful that there was no one else in the corridor to see how I blushed instantly and heavily. I loved to witness Bri in orgasm, especially when I could hold her close and essentially share her moment of bliss. But this time, a door separated me from her, and I could only listen to her as she announced her pleasure.

Carefully, quietly, slowly, I removed the key from the lock and headed toward the third-floor lounge area. At least I could sit there and read through the campus magazine which had been released that afternoon. But I was still close enough to my own dorm room that I could faintly hear the resumption of the steady, near-rhythmic protests of the springs.

I was wet. My body sympathized with Bri’s current position. Within my bra, my nipples were hardening. Behind the words on the pages of the magazine, I could easily picture the scene in my dorm room as if I was sitting on my own bed, watching as Bri lay on her back, her legs locked around Thom’s thighs as he speared her body again and again, his forearms bracing him above her with his hands cradling her red-maned head so they could look deep into each other’s eyes as Bri once again gave her body to him, her hands pulling him into her with even greater force…

Where I sat, the curtains beside me were open, across the lounge were the stairs to the second and fourth floors, and I could easily be seen from almost any point travesti porno in the East Wing corridor. I could not masturbate. I could not touch myself. The best I could do was try to subtly rub my thighs together, but I knew that it would not be nearly enough, that once I started doing that, I would need to openly masturbate… and then would likely be caught.

Another very feminine wail. I was a bit jealous of Bri, wishing that it was me instead underneath Thom. While Bri had gone down on me several times in the past few weeks and had once used a strap-on on me, it was not the same as having Thom inside me. The feel is different. The heat is definitely different. The fact that Thom and I share a deep affection – if not an actual love – for each other makes our joinings intense and heartfelt. I doubt that I could ever get enough of him, that I could ever tire of his girth stretching me, prying me open. If only I could have clutched his thick erection at that very moment…

Thom is typically as quiet as a church mouse during sex, but I knew from the momentary peak in Bri’s voice when he had finally unleashed his love inside her. The bedsprings continued their protest, and I envisioned Thom still pressing repeatedly into her, his thrusts rough and jerky as his seed was forced from her body. Against her exotic skin, the white would look particularly obscene, and obscenity which would be further highlighted by the navy blue covers upon Bri’s bed.

For several tricky masseur porno minutes, I suffered in silence. I knew that I simply needed to wait, that eventually Thom would be inside me. It might be after dinner, it might be in the middle of the night, it might be a quickie in some semi-public place sometime during the weekend, but eventually Thom would press into me, inhale my heavy breaths, shudder as my fingernails raked down his spine, grind against my clitoris as he throbbed within me…

I happened to glance down my front, and my nipples were plainly evident through bra and shirt. The crotch of my panty was definitely wet and felt a little uncomfortable. My heartbeat had quickened simply from hearing the events in my own dorm room and envisioning what was taking place. I felt fairly warm – much warmer than the temperature outside would indicate.

I could wait no longer. A few moments later, I was locking the door behind me, gazing upon the two longtime lovers who had allowed me into their relationship, amazed at the amount of white which had seeped from my roommate’s body. Bri still had a dreamy expression in her eyes while Thom smiled warmly and invitingly, lifting a hand from my roommate’s chest to gesture me closer as he lay beside her on the small bed.

After setting the backpack and the magazine on my own bed, I went to them, bending down to kiss first Thom and then Bri. Each of them raised a hand to me, touching me intimately, stroking me with fondness, each of them clearly wanting me to share in what had just taken place.

The primary love of our triad was clearly between Thom and Bri, but they allowed me to experience a part of that love, including me in their own way, and that made me feel even closer to them both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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