Into the Arms of True Love

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It was Monday morning and Sue watched her husband drive off to work like she had done countless times before over the last two and a half years. Watching the car disappear down the street she walked back in to the empty house with a sigh. It was getting close to three years since she had married Scott and at first it had been fun and exciting but things had changed or as she liked to say, “The honeymoon was over.”

Closing the front door she headed back into the kitchen to finish her morning coffee before she began her day. Wearing what she normally did every day, a short terry cloth robe with a pair of thong panties, around the house during the day while she cleaned and did the other house chores that had now begun to drag on her. For the last couple of years it was about as exciting as it got for her walking around the house half nude or even sometimes she would do it in the nude to break the boredom. She was 24 years old, long blonde hair, 5′ 9″, with a firm muscle toned body that most women would die for. A couple of years ago she started working out at a fitness center three times a week, then started doing advanced aerobics workout on Saturdays. Four months ago she and her best friend Janet had signed up for a year of Karate and she had incorporated the karate workouts with her other workouts. She had to admit that she was in fantastic physical shape but the main reason she did it was to catch her husband’s eye. She knew that she got looks from guys at the gym and karate dojo but the man she wanted to notice didn’t seem to.

Scott her husband over the last year and a half had become more attuned to his job than caring what she did or even looked like. He left early in the morning and was late getting home at night. They would eat supper then afterwards he would go into the den to work for a couple more hours and then crawl into bed and go to sleep. One night she had put on some very sexy Victoria Secret Lingerie to serve him dinner but all he did was kiss her on the cheek and told her he had eaten a late lunch and wasn’t hungry. He walked into the den where he began working without even batting an eye at the outfit Sue had on.

Sue hadn’t had sex with Scott in about eight months and lately it didn’t take much for her to become aroused. Sue sat there sipping her coffee looking at a catalog of sexy lingerie she had gotten in the mail. Over the last couple of months she had begun to notice other women working out at the gym and how sexy they looked in their workout gear, especially her friend and personal trainer, Janet. While she sat looking at the catalog she noticed how sexy the models looked and soon found herself becoming aroused at the site of the women in the catalog. She let one of her hands slide into her robe and began to massage her nipples.

Sue had taken to masturbating more and more because of the lack of attention from Scott. Sue let out a soft moan as her fingers lightly twisted her nipples, while her other hand slid down into her thong. Sue paused long enough to undo her robe belt and let the robe fall open exposing her medium sized, firm breasts with their nipples standing erect and her thong becoming wet as she let her hand slide inside of them. She sprawled back in the chair and let out another moan as she felt her orgasm beginning to build.

Suddenly she heard the sound of Scott’s cell phone ringing breaking her mood. She let out a loud sigh and looked up from the catalog seeing her husband’s cell phone on the kitchen counter. “Fuck even when he isn’t here he still can ruin a good moment.” She mumbled as she got up and walked over to the phone. Sue adjusted her panties and then closed her robe as she approached the counter where Scott’s phone was sitting. She was surprised that he had forgotten his phone this morning because he always carried it with him. She stared at the phone for a moment debating on whether to pick it up or let it ring. On an impulse she picked it up and answered it. “Hello?”

A female voice spoke on the other end, “Scott? Is that you?”

Sue stood there for what seemed like an eternity with the cell phone to her ear as she debated whether to speak when she felt it being torn from her fingers. She turned around to see Scott standing there with an angry look on his face as he put the phone to his ear. “How about I call you back? I’m not at the office yet and I need to look at some papers before we discuss it.” He hung up the phone and headed back out to the car.

Sue stood there stunned first at hearing a female voice on the phone but also the way Scott had ripped the phone from her hand. She shook her head and ran after him wanting to know what the hell was going on. She reached the front door and saw Scott shutting the car drive and starting up the car. “Hey Scott, what the hell was that about?”

Scott glared over at Sue, “Listen honey it was a co-worker who is helping me on a big project at work.”

Sue put her hands on her hips and said with an poker oyna equal glare back, “I figured she was one of your coworkers but what made me mad was the way you ripped the phone from my hands!”

“Look I don’t have time to discuss it with you right now. I’ve got a meeting in little over an hour and the traffic is a bear. We’ll talk about it when I get home tonight!” Scott said putting the car in gear and backing out of the drive and then heading off down the street leaving Sue standing on the front porch.

Sue felt the anger rising in her as her husband’s car disappeared down the street. She stormed back inside and slammed the front door closed. The erotic moment she had been having earlier was totally gone. “What’s the matter with him?” she said out loud. “You think I couldn’t talk on a phone!” She headed upstairs and went into the bedroom where she tore off her robe and got dressed in to some workout clothes then grabbed her workout bag. She charged downstairs grabbed her car keys and headed out the front door. She needed to work off the anger because this was the last straw and she needed to be calm when they talked tonight. Everything over the last year and a half had been building up to this and now she had enough of his nonsense. Throwing her bag in the car she got in and headed to the gym.

Sue got to the gym where she quickly threw her things in her locker then headed for the treadmill where she kicked up the speed above where she normally did the treadmill. Thirty minutes later she got off the treadmill wiping the sweat off of her face then headed to the free weights where she started doing dumbbell curls and finally she felt herself calming down. She finished doing the third set of dumbbell curls when Janet, one of the trainers that worked there and her best friend came over surprised that Sue was in the gym working out this early in the morning. On Mondays they both met in the gym around 2:00 before Janet had to begin her shift at the gym to workout together.

Janet was 27, 6’1, an Afro-American woman, with a very well, physically developed body. She had almost made it to the WNBA but a knee injury had ended that dream. Now she was a certified professional trainer that worked mainly with women. “Hey girl, I thought today you and I were going to do the usual workout like we normally do on Mondays? Jack told me when I came in that you were on the treadmill running like a rabbit with a wolf on its tail. Either you suddenly have gotten energized or you’re pissed off at that no good husband of yours again.” Janet said sitting down next to Sue and handing her a towel.

Janet had met Sue a couple of years ago at the local supermarket and both had struck up a conversation in the checkout line. By the time they had gone through the checkout Janet had convinced Sue to join her gym to break the boring routine of being a stay home wife. Since then they had often worked out together and had also joined Karate together as well. They had become close friends, almost like sisters and there were times they had sat in the sauna at the gym and both bared their souls to each other, including the fact that Janet was a lesbian and Sue had admitted to the tensions and problems between her and her husband

Sue took the towel and wiped off her face. “I don’t want to talk about it right now. I’m just now calming down and I sure don’t have the energy to get worked up again.”

Janet had found Sue to be very attractive when they first met and as they worked out together she saw Sue blossom into a very desirable woman. On quite a few occasions she had daydreams of her and Sue making love but she respected Sue being married and valued her friendship even more. “Look, I just came in to get my paycheck and catch up on some paperwork how about you go shower up and after that we can go get some coffee over at the coffee house and talk about it.” Janet said putting her arm around Sue’s shoulder.

Sue shook her head, usually they would go to the Expresso Coffee House to talk but today Sue didn’t feel like it. “Janet can we just skip the coffee? I just need someplace quiet to talk.”

“Wow this sounds pretty serious! How about you get your stuff and we can go to my place to talk. It’s only about 20 minutes from here, you could leave your car here and you can use my shower to clean up while I fix us a drink and snack.” Janet said helping Sue to stand up. “You might as well say “okay” because I won’t take “no” for an answer!”

Thirty minutes later the women were pulling up in front of Janet’s apartment complex and a few minutes later Sue was taking a hot shower. Janet went into the kitchen of her apartment and pulled out a big bowl of Spicy Chicken salad. She fixed two medium sized bowls of the salad with two glasses of Chardonnay. She put them on the table that sat in front of her sliding glass windows where the morning sun was shining on it.

Janet looked one last time at the table being bathed in the morning sunlight canlı poker oyna and then walked in to her bedroom to change out of her sweats and put on some shorts and a tank top and also decided to give Sue her big fuzzy cloth robe to wear when she got out of the shower. It would help Sue relax to open up about what had happened with her and Scott. Whatever Scott had done it had really fired up Sue.

Janet took off her sweats and then took off her bra and bikini panties. She grabbed a white, tight fitting tank top that accented her firm medium sized breasts, which showed clear outlines of her nipples poking through the material. She then put on some loose fitting workout shorts with nothing underneath. Grabbing the robe she walked into the bathroom. She saw Sue’s nude body through the clear shower doors and couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh. What was Scott’s problem? This was one hot looking woman. She cleared her thoughts and said, “Hey about putting on my robe instead of getting dressed it might help you relax a little better while we sit down and have a snack to do some girl talk?”

Sue had been standing there letting the hot water wash over her body and letting the morning events go down the drain with the water. She didn’t hear Janet come in until she heard Janet’s voice break into her thoughts. Sue opened the shower door a little bit and saw Janet standing there in a pair of loose fitting shorts and a tight fitting white tank top that showed Janet’s nipples sticking out and holding a robe. She was going to turn down the robe but thought again. “Sure why not it’s what I normally wear around my house anyway and besides, it looks pretty comfortable.”

Janet hung the robe on the door and said, “I’ll be waiting out at the table in the dining area. I fixed us some of my famous Spicy Chicken salad as well as a couple glasses of Chardonnay.” Janet took one quick glance at the nude body of Sue and felt herself becoming aroused but she cleared her mind quickly and headed out to the table to wait for Sue. Sue needed a friend to talk to and not to be taken advantage of. Of course if Scott royally screwed up the marriage the possibilities were always there.

Sue watched Janet hang the robe up on a hook and then closed the door. Sue reached over and turned the water off and stood there for a moment. She realized that Janet had taken a moment to look at her body before she left. Sue wished that Scott would do that but it seemed that after this morning that might not happen any time soon. Getting out of the shower she dried her hair and the rest of her body then let the towel drop to the floor. For a few minutes she looked in the mirror at her body and always seemed surprised at how all the exercising and Karate had firmed her body up over the last couple of years.

She thought back how Janet had looked at her body and for a moment imagined Janet’s dark hands caressing her breasts. She closed her eyes and conjured up images of Janet’s nude ebony body she had seen when they had both showered at the gym. Sue let out a soft moan as her hands slid across her breasts and then down between her legs. She felt the wetness almost seeping from her pussy. Janet’s body had always interested Sue not only because it was beautiful but also, she had grown up in a rich affluent white neighbor hood and even when she went to college there weren’t that many Afro-American women she had met. When Janet had told her that she was a lesbian it had fueled erotic thoughts about Janet and on more than one occasion Sue had masturbated at the thought of being in bed with Janet as a lover.

Somehow she had sensed that Janet had wanted to be more on an intimate level with her but knew that she kept it at a plutonic level because she was married. Sue had never had any thoughts of going to bed with another woman until she had seen Janet nude in the showers at the gym. She sighed and cleared her thoughts of Janet and put on the robe then brushed her long blonde hair out. After she regained her composure, she walked out of the bathroom and to the table bathed in morning sunlight in front of the sliding doors to Janet’s balcony.

Janet smiled at Sue, “Well do you at least feel a little better?”

Sue sat down and took a sip of her wine. “You know I do feel a lot better. Thanks for inviting me over. You have a pretty nice place.”

Janet saw that Sue was a little more relaxed than she had been at the gym earlier and her cheeks appeared slightly flushed. “Okay Sue now that you are calmed down some what did Scott do this morning that go you so riled up?”

Sue picked at the salad with her fork and then let out a big sigh as the morning events came back. Once again it seemed that Scott had somehow put a damper on her emotions. She put the fork down and shoved the salad away from her. “The salad looks good but I guess I’m not hungry.”

Janet leaned forward and spoke firmly, “Look Sue you’ve been married almost three years to that internet casino jerk and usually couples are still trying to make out like rabbits. From our conversations over the last couple of years it seems Scott is more into his job than you, even with a hot, sexy looking body that you have he still continues to ignore you.”

Sue looked at Janet with a surprised look. She had never heard Janet describe her body as sexy. “His job is pretty demanding and for what they pay him and the hours he works…..” Sue let her voice trail off.

Janet leaned back and shook her head. “Okay Sue one more time, what happened this morning that got you so riled up? Usually you blow him off.”

Sue sighed, “I guess you’re not going to let it go? Well after he left I walked into the kitchen and started looking through some lingerie catalogs when I heard his cell phone ringing. I realized that he had forgotten this morning so I picked up the phone to say hello, and I hear this female voice say “Scott, is that you?” then next thing I know Scott is ripping the cell phone from my hand and telling this woman that he’ll call back later. He then heads back out the door leaving me standing there in shock to his rudeness. I know that he has several female coworkers that he works with and the fact that there was a female voice on the other end didn’t bother me; what bothered me was the way he ripped the phone from my hands! Well anyway I ran after him and before I knew it he was heading off to work leaving me standing on the front porch madder than hell. He said we would talk about it tonight.”

Janet took a sip of her wine and already her first thought was that Scott was getting some extra booty at the office and liked it better than what he had at home. “That does sound pretty rude. Do you think he is fooling around at work?”

Sue shrugged her shoulders again. “I don’t know, and if he was I wouldn’t probably even know.”

Janet smiled to herself and then got up and walked over and picked up her cordless phone off of the kitchen counter and sat back down. She dialed a number and then waited for someone to pick up. “I’m calling a friend that owes me a favor. I have an idea on how we can find out what your husband is up to.” She paused when she heard a male voice answer, “Hello.”

“Hey Dave this is Janet, you told me if I ever needed a favor you could help me? Well, I have a friend here and we need to find out what her husband is doing at work all day.”

Dave let out a chuckle, “So you picked up a married woman and before you screw her you want to make sure that her husband is being unfaithful?”

Janet Smiled at Sue then answered Dave, “Well not really, this woman is a real close friend and her husband is being a real asshole. If he is two-timing her I want to know because this woman deserves better than to be married to such an asshole. Besides, she can take care of herself. She’s working on becoming a black belt.”

Dave let out a whistle, “How do you find such tough women?” Dave paused then said with a sigh, “Go ahead and give me the address of his workplace and car make and license and I’ll start nosing around.”

“Thanks Dave after this I owe you. My friend is writing the information down for me and I’ll read it to you in just a few seconds. Now as part of my plan I’m going to have her claim to be leaving town for a couple of weeks to see a sick relative so if he is fooling around maybe he’ll bring the piece of ass home with him.” Janet watched Sue finish writing down Scott’s work address and car information. She took the piece of paper and read it to Dave and then hung up the phone and looked at Sue with evil grin. “Alright, where is the farthest relative you have that you could claim to visit for a couple of weeks?”

Sue looked at Janet with a surprised look, “My mom is, but she’s not sick and doesn’t need me to fly home? Look I don’t know about this Janet, if Scott found out I was doing this he would get mad at me. Besides Scott was probably having a bad time at work or something. “

Janet leaned forward and took Sue’s hands in hers. “Look Sue, this morning is probably just the beginning of the overbearing, dominate husband syndrome. He has you waiting at home every night so that he can come home to a cooked meal, clean laundry, clean house, and then fuck you whenever he is in the mood. If you don’t do something now, in a few years you could become one of those battered wives see you on TV.”

Sue saw the concern in Janet’s eyes and deep down inside she knew that Janet was right. She had noticed over the last year Scott was becoming more violent towards her when she didn’t get things done the way he wanted and even going to the gym to workout he was getting upset about. His lovemaking was getting rougher when they did do it and he made sure he enjoyed it and didn’t care about her. “Okay, what do you want me to do?”

Janet smiled at Sue, “Look don’t worry, if he isn’t screwing anyone then all he needs is a good yank on his chain to remind him that you have feelings and needs too. However, if he is cheating then, I can think of about a thousand ways to make him pay and that’s before you get him to divorce court.”

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