Irresistible Ch. 02

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I had a difficult time falling asleep that night. Laura and I had taken our exhibitionism much further than ever before. Before last night, we’d gotten a little thrill from making out and playing grab ass (or tit or crotch) in front of her sister, Stephanie. But last night…well, last night was something different. Laura had given me a blowjob, and she had made sure that Steph had had an unobstructed view. More, we’d fucked on the couch with Steph just inches away!

Everyone had gotten a thrill out of it, and surely there was no harm done. Steph had been playing with herself as she watched Laura and me fuck. It was a lot to digest, but Laura and I talked about it as we got ready for bed. We both confessed that it had felt dirty and wrong but was very, very exciting for both of us.

“What made you decide to actually do it- take my cock out and suck it so that Steph could watch?” I asked her.

“Honestly, I don’t know. You had me so turned on…you’re irresistible sometimes. I don’t think I could have not done it. I just wanted you so bad. And your cock, your body…I wanted my sister to know just how good I have it. I wanted her to see and hear what an amazing lover you are.”

“So, you weren’t embarrassed?”

“Not because of Stephanie, no. I guess I was in the moment, and she really seemed to be enjoying herself. You did, too!”

“Oh, I was having the time of my life! I was so turned on, I don’t think I could have stopped if we had been on TV.”

“Really?” Laura asked. “Would you have stopped if Jennifer had been there?”

Jennifer, a junior analyst from my office, had arrived at our front door just seconds after I had shot an enormous load into my wife’s pussy. Laura had played hostess with her juices smearing her thighs and an enormous dollop of cum running down her leg. Jennifer had noticed. She had more than noticed. In fact, she had accidentally found my wife’s drenched panties on the couch where they had been discarded, and lost, in the heat of the moment.

“No.” I replied honestly. “I was so turned on by you and by having an audience that Jennifer watching would have probably turned me on even more.”

“I was embarrassed,” Laura admitted. “Stephanie was one thing…she saw everything that had happened. She even participated kinda… But Jennifer just came in out of nowhere. The house reeked of our sex! And then the cum on my leg…and then my panties…” Laura was breathing heavily. Her hand trailed down my stomach and started stroking my hardening cock.

“Yeah. She knew you had just been fucked. She could smell it. She could see it running down your legs. She was holding your wet panties in her hands. She knew what we were doing. She could picture it in her mind.”

Laura moaned softly, stroking my cock to full mast again. “She knows, you know.”

“Knows what? MMmmm,” I hummed in approval as Laura straddled me and sunk her molten pussy down onto my shaft.

Slowly raising and lowering herself onto me, Laura said, “She knows that you’re irresistible. Oooh, you feel so good inside me. She knows that there was nothing I could do. She felt how wet my panties were…she could smell them. MMmmm. She even smelled Steph’s pussy-OH!”

My hips rocketed off the bed at the mention of her sister’s pussy. “She smelled Steph’s wet pussy…felt my wet panties…saw your cum spilling out from my pussy…she knows you’re irresistible, Roger. I bet she wanted some, too…Oh, fuck, Roger…your cock.”

I was fucking her hard now. Her pussy was gripping me tightly. In and out, my cock deep inside her. The dirty talk, the images of two women watching me fuck my wife, each wanting me too, was too much. We came together and Laura quickly fell asleep, satisfied.

I lay awake for a while. I was trying to process all that had happened and all that Laura had said. Irresistible.


I woke up at 4:30 the next morning. Groggy and resenting the fact that this business trip had been foisted on me at the last minute. I would be away for 3 days and things had just gotten interesting between me, Laura, and Steph. I idly wondered if Laura would be into a repeat performance for her sister. Or maybe more?

I showered and then started packing. Two suits. Three shirts. Three ties. Socks and underwear for three days. Better throw in a couple pair for emergencies. Socks and underwear for four days. Toiletries. Casual shirt and slacks for after-hours. Briefcase.

I kissed my sleeping wife on the forehead and left to go pick up Jennifer. It was a short 5 minutes before I pulled up in front of Jennifer’s apartment complex. I sent her a text message that I was there and waited. She texted back almost immediately. Be right down!! 😉

She emerged from the front door a few minutes later, rolling a small suitcase and had her laptop bag slung across her body. The strap cut between her breasts, making them stand out full and firm against her blue tank top. I watched her breasts sway for a moment as she walked towards my car. Probably a large ankara escort C-cup, I thought to myself. My eyes travelled downwards from her breasts to her slightly rounded tummy and then to the flare of her hips inside her tight grey stretch pants. Like me, she had dressed down for the flight, figuring that we would have time to check into the hotel and change ahead of our first meeting.

Getting out of the car to help her with her bag, I mentally compared Jennifer’s figure to Laura’s. Very similar- not a sharp angle on either one. Breasts more than a handful, slightly rounded tummy, full hips, strong thighs. Not fat at all, but soft looking and maybe an extra inch of padding everywhere. Definitely not fat, I thought as I looked at her ass as she leaned in to the trunk to deposit her briefcase, but enough meat to give her a perfect heart-shaped ass. I also noticed a panty line- I guessed she was wearing bikini panties as it looked to only cover about half of her amazing ass.

The similarities between the two women stopped there. Whereas my wife was a fair-skinned brunette, Jennifer was Korean. Jet black hair, almond brown eyes, and honey skin. High cheekbones and a small mouth with brilliant white teeth.

“I’m sorry, Mr Banks,” she said as she climbed into the passenger seat. “I would have made some coffee for us, but I was hoping that we could maybe sleep on the plane.”

“No need to apologize. A little more sleep sounds great.” I pulled out onto the road and drove us towards the airport. Along the way, I cast glances over at Jennifer. The seatbelt was doing the same thing to her breasts as her briefcase had: pressed between her breasts causing them to stand out proudly against her thin shirt. I could make out her nipples straining against the fabric and it occurred to me that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She appeared to be anxious and I wondered if she was thinking about the scene she walked into last night. Wondered if she was thinking about the sex she had just missed seeing. We barely spoke the rest of the way to the airport. I was tired and I couldn’t think of anything to say that wasn’t about she had seen last night.

We parked, shuttled, and made our way through security without incident. Though I was treated to a nice view down her tank top when she bent over at the waist to remove her shoes. Then I was treated to another nice view of her round ass and panty line as she turned around and bent double again to grab a tray for her belongings. We made it to the gate just as our plane was beginning to board. We found our seats: together in a row of two just in front of the bulkhead. Jennifer took the window seat.

We settled in, still not saying much. The tension was becoming unbearable. Not only would this be a miserable flight without being able to talk, but we would be spending almost every waking hour of the next three days together. I had to break the ice. No matter how awkward the conversation would be, it couldn’t be any more awkward than three days of silence.

“Jennifer,” I said. “About last night…”

She turned to face me. Color flushed her cheeks as she looked me in the eye. Her gaze dropped down to her lap. Then to mine. Then back to my eyes. She smiled shyly. “Yeah. About that.”

I was embarrassed to go on, but I pushed through it. I knew that I had to do this.

“I’m sorry that you had to see what you did. We didn’t know that you were going to come over.”

“Mr Banks, you don’t have to apologize for anything at all,” she said. She lay her hand on top of mine. “You’re allowed to do whatever you want to do in your own house. But, I am a little bit confused.”

“You don’t need me to explain the birds and the bees to you, do you?” I asked with a smile.

“No, it’s not that.” She squeezed my hand lightly and left it where it was. “I was thinking about it all night. I understand that you and your wife had just…well, you know. But your sister in law. Where was she? I’m only asking because…” She drifted into silence.

“Because what, Jennifer?”

“I don’t know how to say this without getting all graphic,” she said softly.

“That’s OK. I like graphic.”

She flushed. The color rising from the tops of her breasts up to her neck and suffused her cheeks. I glanced down and could see her nipples tenting her shirt.

“Your sister in law smelled like sex, too,” she said. “I could smell her so clearly when she introduced herself. She smelled different than what I smelled on you and your wife. I mean I guess I know that she was there, but I didn’t smell her pu…her smell on you.”

“Say the word, Jennifer.”

“What word?”

“You know what word. What did you smell on Stephanie?”

Her eyes had not been on mine. They were staring at our hands. She looked up at me.

“Pussy,” she whispered. “Your wife’s sister smelled like pussy. I couldn’t piece it together in my mind. Was she in the room with you while you and your wife were making love?”

“She was.”

Jennifer took in a deep breath. “What was escort ankara she doing?”

“She was watching us.” I noticed Jennifer’s nipples get harder. “She started out on the recliner, but she moved closer- much closer- once things got going.”

“She didn’t join in?”

“No. I told her to be a good little monkey and to just watch.”

Her thumb started tracing small circles on the back of my hand. “That must have been very hard for her.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because, Mr Banks, there’s something about you. You’re irresistible.”


I was surprised to hear her use the same word my wife had. Surprised, but I also felt a surge of something powerful inside me. A confidence that Jennifer was mine if I wanted her.

“I think it was hard for her,” I said. “She was playing with her pussy the whole time. I could smell her when she was next to us on the couch. I could hear her fingers in her pussy.”

Jennifer’s free hand was on her chest. She had begun tracing a line with her fingers along her collarbone and into the valley between her breasts. She gripped my other hand more tightly.

I continued talking as Jennifer began to squirm slightly in her seat. “We’d never done that before with Stephanie watching. But Laura said the same thing you did.”


“That I am irresistible. She wanted to show me off to her sister.”

“I don’t blame her,” Jennifer breathed. “Good things are even better when you share them.”

“She was a good little monkey and did what I told her to do.” I paused for a moment. Then, “Jennifer. Look at me.”

Her hand stopped moving and she met my gaze. “Jennifer, are you a good little monkey, too?”

She nodded. “Good,” I said. “Then maybe you can help me understand something.” She nodded again. “Do you remember the panties?”

She nodded. Her nostrils flared. A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

“Well, we couldn’t find them after you left.” Jennifer breathed deeply. Her finger began tracing her cleavage. “Do you know what happened to them?”

“No,” she whispered.

“I’m sure you do.”

She smiled. “I don’t know if I do or not. Could you describe these panties to me?”

“These particular panties were yellow,” I ran the fingers of one hand along her inner arm. “These panties were yellow and cotton.” My fingers ran up above her elbow, their backs just brushing the swell of her breast before teasing lightly back down. “These panties were yellow and cotton and they were very wet with juice from my wife’s pussy.” My hand came back up her arm and brushed against the side of her breast. I pressed against her firm tit and began rubbing it softly. “Do you know why they were so wet, Jennifer?”

She was breathing quickly now. Short shallow breaths. She leaned her head in close to me, bringing her tit harder against my hand. I could feel her hard nipple pressing into it. “Tell me, please.”

“My wife’s panties were soaking wet because I had my hand inside them, teasing her pussy lips,” I said as I teased Jennifer’s nipple. “Then I rubbed her clit.” I pinched her nipple and rolled it lightly between my finger and thumb. “Then I stuck my finger inside her pussy and fucked her with my finger. Real deep and slow. And her sister sat there watching us. And Laura got wet. She got very wet. Her pussy leaked juices around my fingers and into her panties. That,” I said, cupping Jennifer’s full breast in my hand now, “is how her yellow cotton panties got wet.”

Jennifer moaned quietly and pressed harder into my hand. “Did that description jar your memory at all, monkey?”

She nodded.

“Do you know what happened to then?”

She nodded again.

“Be a good little monkey and tell me what happened to them.”

She placed her hand on my chest and gently pushed me back into my seat. She brought her leg up underneath her and leaned in close so she could whisper in my ear.

“I kept them.”

“And what did you do with them?”

Jennifer leaned in closer, pressing her soft breast further into my hand. She moaned softly in my ear. “Things.”

“What kind of things?”

“Just things.” Her breath was hot and moist in my ear.

“Good little monkeys don’t beat around the bush,” She shuddered slightly as I said it. “Be a good monkey for me and tell me exactly what you did with my wife’s wet panties.”

She hesitated for a moment, not moving. I began teasing, then pinching her nipple. She moaned softly. Then began.

“I was in such a hurry to leave your home last night that I didn’t even notice that they…your wife’s panties, were in my hand. Not until I got to my car. Your sister in law said goodnight and waved to me. When I waved back, I noticed that I was holding the panties. Like I was showing her a prize I won or something…” she said. She was speaking so softly, like she was breathing into my ear. I pinched her nipple again, then took her entire breast into my hand and started kneading it.

“I got into my car and just sat there ankara escort bayan for a minute. I have to tell you that I was so turned on. Your wife was so sexy in there, reeking of sex, with your love juices just running down her leg. I was trying to imagine what had been happening. And I was horny. So horny.

“I smelled her panties, Mr Banks. I put them to my nose and smelled her pussy juices. I tried to imagine what you had been doing to her to get her so wet. And then…”

“And then what, Jennifer?”

“Then I licked them. I opened them up so the crotch was all spread out and licked them. I tried to suck her juices out. I wanted to taste her- to taste what you were tasting.”

“And you did this all sitting in your car outside my house?”

She nodded.

“How does my wife’s pussy taste?”

She shuddered. “So good.”

“I agree. Is that all you did with them?”

Jennifer didn’t say anything. She sat still, her breathing shallow. I repeated my last question, pinching her nipple for emphasis.

“No. Once I got home I played with them. I got naked on my bed and played with myself. I rubbed your wife’s panties all over me and masturbated. Rubbed them over my face…even on my own pussy.”

I had been so caught up in our conversation that I hadn’t noticed that the plane had taken off. I was partially brought back to reality by the chime indicating that the fasten seatbelt light had gone out. Still playing with her rock hard nipples through her shirt, I asked

“And did you cum?”

She nodded. “So hard, Mr Banks. Oh my god! I was thinking of you and your wife and her sister and your cum running down her leg and all the pussy in the room, how it smelled like sex.”

I stopped playing with her tits. Took my hands away from her and leaned back. She looked nervous.

“Did you think that you could keep them? The panties?”

She shook her head no.

“Don’t you think it’s naughty to take someone’s wet panties without permission and lick them? Rub them all over your own pussy?”

She nodded. Her breathing was returning to its previous shallowness. It was still a game, she knew. We were still playing.

“When were you thinking of giving them back?”

She smiled, and looked down at my lap. I followed her glance and realized that I had become fully erect. My cock looking like a flashlight along my leg.

“Whenever you wanted them, Mr Banks.”

“And what if I said now?”

“Do you really want them now?”

I nodded. I was lightheaded with excitement.

“OK. Please excuse me, Mr Banks,” Jennifer said as she rose. She squeezed past me, reaching her hand out to caress my hard cock through my jeans as she went.

She walked the three short steps to the front lavatory, entered and closed the door. She returned a few moments later, a familiar pair of yellow cotton panties in her hand. She held them casually; her fingers through one leg hole and the panties just dangling, where the entire plane could see them.

Jennifer slipped past me, again giving my cock a light squeeze as she sat down again. Her nipples, hard as bullets, were protruding through her tank top. She was flushed. The top of her chest, her neck, and her cheeks were glowing with a rosy hue. She pulled her inside leg up flat on the seat, her other leg spread wide. I took a nice, long long look at her crotch. Her heather gray stretch pants were pulled taut against her pussy, like a second skin. Her mound and the outline of her pussylips clearly visible. At the bottom near her ass, a tiny dark spot.

She took my hand in hers and turned it palm up. She placed the panties in my hand. They were warm and damp. They were very fragrant. They smelled like pure sex.

She leaned forward and whispered softly in my ear. “Do these look familiar?”

I nodded. I brought them to my face and inhaled deeply. The scent made my cock jump.

“Were you wearing them, Jennifer?”

She nodded.

“Why? That’s very naughty.”

“I wanted to give them to you the same way I got them.”

“What way is that?”

“Wet,” she breathed. “Wet from a horny pussy.”

“Well,” I said softly. I sniffed the panties again while my other hand slid up her inner thigh, fingers coming to rest between her pussy lips. I could feel their heat through the thin material of her pants. She was on fire! “Well, that was very considerate of you. But still, you’ve been a naughty little monkey.”

I ran my fingers up and down lightly and slowly between her pussy lips. Jennifer tensed at my touch. She nodded.

“Naughty monkeys need to be punished. Don’t you agree?”

Another nod.

“I can’t properly punish you right here, in the middle of an airplane, can I?” I asked. My fingers were still caressing her pussy along the seam that ran between them.

She shook her head. She was wound up so tightly, her body stiff, hot.

“But, I can start the punishment now,” I whispered. Replacing my fingertips with the knuckles of my index and middle finger, I pressed harder into her sex. My strokes got longer and I began rubbing against her clit on the upstroke.

Jennifer brought her mouth close to my ear. Her breath hot. “Mr Banks, if you think that rubbing my wet pussy is a punishment…”

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