It Was Better Than She Imagined

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It had been a work day that didn’t seem like it would ever end. Kaitlyn hated her job on a good day. Working in the Accounts Payable department as a junior clerk was just boring. All she did was just process one bill after another. All the other clerks were substantially older than her. She was only out of school for 3 years, twenty years younger than the next person. There wasn’t much in common with them so there wasn’t even a social aspect of the job.

When she had something to do in the evening, the day dragged on even worse than normal. Every time she glanced over at the clock, it seemed like time passed slower and slower. The last hour had been interminable. Finally five o’clock rolled around and she was free. Her desk all cleaned up and organized ahead of time, Kaitlyn was ready to scoot out without any delay. She wished the rest of her office a good weekend but was out the door before the first person could even answer.

As she drove home, Kaitlyn could finally focus on her plans for the evening. Although married for only two years, her life had gotten relatively stale faster than she thought possible. Her husband, Alan, was a regional sales person for a cleaning supplies company. His territory was large enough that it was common for him to have to stay a night or two away every week, rather than drive home. And when he was home, he was often tired from all the driving. It had become rarer and rarer for them to go out.

But this had been one of those rare weeks when all of his calls were local and he was home every night. Kaitlyn had been delighted when he suggested that they go out for dinner and then go dancing at a club downtown. She knew that he was doing it mostly because of her complaints about how they never did anything. On one level, she felt bad about nagging him about it. On the other hand, she couldn’t help but feel envious of her single girlfriends. They were still out having fun, dating a number of different guys, and sleeping with a fair number of them. Kaitlyn had only just started to experience that when she started dating Alan. Without really noticing it, they had become exclusive. At the time it seemed nice; now it seemed like she had missed something. She was still same the gorgeous fit blonde as in college but there was only her husband to notice now.

It was worse since while her friends were having wild sexual adventures, her own sex life had slowly become infrequent. Alan being away didn’t help, nor did his perpetual exhaustion. On top of that, he had become fairly sedentary with all the time in the car. He wasn’t fat … yet. But he was soft where he hadn’t been before. Kaitlyn tried to hide from the truth but the facts were that he didn’t excite her the way he had before.

To be fair, he recognized it and tried to find time to work out but it was difficult. And he also was aware of the lack of spark in their love life. When he wasn’t too tired, he made an effort to find ways to excite her. They had tried different positions and different places. He also tried to find out what things would turn her on. He was willing to experiment with her fantasies if it would help. Kaitlyn was shy about sharing them.

The only one that had seemed to spark anything was when the subject of a threesome came up. They had been watching a movie where a couple brought a woman into the relationship. There had been some fairly passionate kissing between the women, although the rest of it was implied more than anything. Alan wasn’t sure, but it had seemed like that drew Kaitlyn’s interest. After the movie was over, Kaitlyn had been a little more aggressive than normal. It led to one of their best times having sex in well over a year.

As they lay in bed afterwards, Alan had tried to explore it. Kaitlyn was unwilling to talk more but finally admitted that the two women kissing had excited her. She either couldn’t explain why or wasn’t willing. Alan couldn’t decide which it was. But after that, one time during foreplay, he tried describing what it might be like to have another woman there. Kaitlyn was embarrassed and tried to pretend she didn’t want him talking that way. But from the way her pussy got wet, he wasn’t fooled. With a little experimentation, he found that it was more the girl-girl aspect than the threesome aspect that excited her. He wasn’t sure exactly what that aspect meant, but for him, it meant getting an exceptionally good fuck.

After that, it entered part of their sexual repertoire, used somewhat infrequently but enough that it wasn’t usual. Every time had the same result. Kaitlyn became very excited and was much more physical in making love. Like many men, Alan found the thought of being with two women exciting, but he liked it mostly because of how Kaitlyn became and how good the sex was. When he tried to ask Kaitlyn about it, she was very reluctant and if he pressed, would get pissed off. Since that resulted in no sex and often an argument, Alan quickly learned not to bring up the issue. They argued enough as it was about other things.

Kaitlyn hated being a nag. She tried her best poker oyna not to do it and to avoid arguments. But her unhappiness with her job, with being left home alone, with Alan, and just life in general, expressed itself to often in nagging and snapping at Alan. That in turn tended to degenerate into an argument as Alan would snap back.

But tonight was going to be different. Alan knew how much she used to like to dance when she was in college. She went out often with her sorority sisters to some of the clubs around town. Even once she was going out with Alan, they would often go dancing on a group date with other couples they knew. Since getting married, it had only been a rare treat. And afterwards, she fully expected to make love to Alan. She was at the horniest time of the month for her, and it had been a few weeks since the last time they had sex.

Thinking about sex and dancing, Kaitlyn flashed on memories of dancing when she was in school. An image of scantily clad women dancing went through her mind. She could feel a little excitement build within her. She shivered slightly and shook her head to try and erase the image.

The truth was that Kaitlyn didn’t want to face why she found Alan’s talk of another woman exciting. Other than some experimental and rather chaste kissing with a girlfriend when she was 13, she had never had a sexual experience with another female. Once she had an opportunity with two of her sorority sisters but it scared her and she bolted. She had never mentioned it to anyone. But it was one of those moments that she recalled when she touched herself. It was always guaranteed to get her excited. She was ashamed however and as she came closer to cumming, she always forced herself to think more conventional thoughts. It helped her to set her mind at ease that she wasn’t attracted to women.

Arriving home she realized that even though she had left right on time, they were going to have to leave soon if they were going to get into the city in order to make their reservations. It didn’t leave her much time to get ready. She dropped everything once she got inside and went to their bedroom.

Opening up her closet, she looked for something that would work. It had been a while since she had bought anything new. Maybe it was the memory of being back in college, but she noticed an old outfit from back in those days. It was a white top with a very short black skirt. She had some white stockings to go with it, and a pair of black pumps with 3 inch heels. Trying it on, she was pleased to find that it still fit extremely well. She weighed the same as back in college and it showed off her body. The top was a cropped button up blouse that she left the top four buttons undone.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she was once again the picture of a young college student except for no longer having the little bit of baby fat she had her first couple of years. Her legs were quite long and slender. Although she didn’t often wear high heels, she still could walk very sexily in them without any conscious thought. Her body just flowed. Her breasts were supported by her little demi bra and exposed by the blouse. She wasn’t overly generous, but she wasn’t small breasted either. Her slender neck seemed longer for all the skin that was being shown.

Kaitlyn thought for a few moments about how to wear her hair. She had been thinking about something a little sophisticated but that didn’t seem to work with the outfit. Finally she pulled her hair back into a pony tail with her hand. It made her look even slightly younger. She loved the look. She loved feeling like she was still young and free.

When she came out of the bedroom, Kaitlyn found Alan watching the news in the kitchen. She twirled around in front of him, showing off her outfit. His jaw dropped.

“Honey, you look unbelievable. I mean it, but are you serious about going out looking like that?” he looked at her with a look she couldn’t quite identify.

“What’s wrong with it? I look good in it!” Kaitlyn was stunned and hurt.

“I said that, didn’t I? But you can’t go to a nice restaurant dressed like that? I mean, we aren’t just going to a burger joint. This is a good place,” he replied.

Suddenly Kaitlyn recognized his look and his tone. He was irritated with her. Her own temper flared. “What is the point of going out dancing, if I can’t dress for it?”

“My god, Kaitlyn. Do I have to explain it to you? If you go to the restaurant like that, they are going to think that I’m with a prostitute. Jesus!” Alan’s irritation boiled over into anger.

“Oh, thank you very much. Now I look like a prostitute!” She spun around to head back to the bedroom. She slammed the door on Alan’s face. He at least had the good sense not to follow her in immediately. He gave her a few minutes to calm down, as well as do the same thing himself.

When he came into the room, he started with an apology. “I’m sorry Kaitlyn, that didn’t come out right. I told you I think you look fantastic, and very sexy. It just seems like too much for where canlı poker oyna we were planning on eating.” He paused to look over at her. She hadn’t burst into tears, like he had worried. Instead she was watching him with a hard look in her eyes. “Honey, we don’t have to eat there if you don’t want to. We can just grab a burger or something on the way to the club.”

Alan paused and waited for her to respond. The silence dragged out a while but he kept quiet to wait for her. When she spoke, her look didn’t warm up much. “Fine. We can do that. You are probably right. I just wish you hadn’t gotten all irritated.”

He got up and hugged her, slowly her arms came up around him and she returned the hug. “I wish I hadn’t either. You’re looking forward to the club and I was looking forward to the dinner, but it’s okay. There will be other times.”

Kaitlyn nodded. “Thank you, Alan. I know you were but it’s been so long since we were out dancing.” She kissed him on the cheek and then moved away to finish getting things ready to go out.

Sighing, Alan watched her walk away. At least, he consoled himself; I will get to watch that ass all evening! With a growing smile on his face, he went to get his coat.

When they got to the club, Kaitlyn was happy to see that there wasn’t a line yet. She didn’t want to waste any time outside. As they were checked by the bouncer, she smiled when he spent extra time checking her driver’s license to make sure it was genuine.

Although there hadn’t been any line, it was already fairly crowded inside the club. They were able to find a table just off the dance floor and ordered drinks. Alan had scotch and Kaitlyn ordered a lemondrop. As soon as the drinks came and they had taken a couple of sips, Kaitlyn dragged Alan out onto the dance floor. The music was very fast paced and seemed to just keep going on. It wasn’t anything that either one had heard before, but it was very danceable. Kaitlyn was able to keep Alan on the floor for two more before he was sweating and wanted to take a break. Sighing a little, she followed him back to their table.

It was too loud to talk very much. Instead they both people watched. She made one more attempt to try and get him to dance, to no avail. She sat there feeling the irritation building inside her. It seemed so unfair that she finally was out and wasn’t being allowed to dance.

Kaitlyn was looking out on the dance floor when she thought she recognized a woman. There were other people surrounding her on the dance floor so Kaitlyn wasn’t sure. She kept looking in that area to try and see more clearly. Then the crowd shifted and she was sure.

It was another woman from her sorority. Anastasia was her name, although she went by Anya. Kaitlyn shivered. Anya was someone that she couldn’t forget, though there were times when she wanted to. Anya had been a freshman when Kaitlyn was a senior. Anya was one of the two girls that she had interrupted in a bathroom in the sorority house. The other was another senior named Taryn. Kaitlyn had heard rumors about her but it still stunned her. Taryn was on her knees eating Anya’s pussy.

For a few moments, no one noticed her. Kaitlyn should have just retreated as soon as she realized what was going on. Instead she was frozen there, watching. Anya’s eyes were closed with ecstasy as Taryn’s obviously talented tongue pleasured her. Kaitlyn’s own pussy throbbed and she could feel it starting to moisten. Then Anya’s eyes opened and saw her. Kaitlyn was still frozen, watching what was going on. Anya had her hands in Taryn’s hair, pulling her closer. Her eyes were on Kaitlyn. Then one hand untangled and beckoned Kaitlyn to come closer while she mouthed the words, “join us.”

That woke Kaitlyn out of her daze. She literally ran out of there back to her room. She had stayed in her room the rest of the night. Once she heard someone pause outside her door for a few minutes but in the end, she had gone away without knocking. Kaitlyn never spoke to anyone about what she saw. As far as she could tell, Taryn didn’t seem to have even been aware she was there. And Kaitlyn did her best to avoid Anya.

She also never confessed to anyone that she masturbated every night for a month to the images of what she had seen. Not only what she had seen, but she also imagined what might have happened if she had stayed. Even now, it was the image she used to start getting excited.

Anya had been very beautiful when she was a freshman. Three years later her beauty had deepened and been augmented by an intense sensuality. She was slightly taller than Kaitlyn but slenderer. Her body was a little less curvy and not a very full breast. Instead they were perfect little cones that swayed under the thin minidress that she was wearing. Her black hair was very long, hanging down to her ass. It was hard to see her eyes but Kaitlyn remembered that they were an intense green. There was almost an elfin quality to her face.

Kaitlyn thought that she might be dancing with another woman. Anya was touching her as she danced, bringing internet casino her body close and then dancing away. But then she was did the same thing with another woman. As Kaitlyn watched, she realized that Anya was enjoying flirting with several women around her. Anya clearly was still oriented towards women as the men were simply ignored. She didn’t really seem to be with anyone in particular, at least no one woman got more of her attention. And while she was brushing up against them, she wasn’t going any further.

For most of the song, Anya’s attention remained on the dance floor. Towards the very end, however, she glanced in the direction of Kaitlyn. Realizing that she was staring, Kaitlyn tried to quickly look away. It was clear however that Anya had seen her. Her whole demeanor changed. The women around her were forgotten. The remainder of the dance appeared to be for Kaitlyn’s benefit.

Most of the time, Anya was facing towards Kaitlyn. She swiveled her hips around and around, then rocked them forward and back towards Kaitlyn. Anya’s hands slid down her legs and then as she slid them back up, her minidress was pulled up until it was almost at waist level. When she turned around in a slow circle, Kaitlyn’s attention was caught by her nice ass as it shifted back and forth to the music. She kept trying to not watch, but the sight kept pulling her back.

Finally the song came to an end. Her eyes on Kaitlyn, Anya pushed her way through the crowd and walked over. Kaitlyn felt a momentary sense of panic. What was Anya going to do? What would she say? Kaitlyn didn’t want her to come over. At the same time, there was a side of her that was excited by Anya’s approach.

“Kait, I thought that was you,” Anya spoke as she reached the table. She leaned over to hug Kaitlyn and at the same time gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. The hug lingered just a moment longer than one might have expected, and then she released Kaitlyn. “It’s wonderful to see you.”

Stammering a little, Kaitlyn told Anya that it was nice to see her too. Then she introduced Anya to Alan as one of her sorority sisters, explaining the difference in their school years.

“You must be close to graduation, Anya.” Kaitlyn wanted to keep control of the conversation and keep it on safe grounds. She could feel how close to being out of control she was. All the old thoughts were flooding back, and she was very aware of Anya’s proximity.

“Only one more semester to go! I can’t wait to be done with school and get out into the real world.” Anya kept her focus on Kaitlyn. “But I will miss some of the girls very much. You know what I mean, don’t you Kaitlyn.” Anya had a coy little smile on her lips. “There are some people who you want to stay close to the rest of your life.”

Hardly trusting her voice at that moment, Kaitlyn only nodded. Anya’s smile grew a little more and she reached out and squeezed Kaitlyn’s hand lightly, and then left her hand over Kaitlyn’s for a few moments before withdrawing it. Anya started talking about mutual friends which slowly drew Kaitlyn out. They were soon catching each other up on the latest news.

Although Alan was feeling a little left out, he suggested that Anya sit down with them. She thanked him with a smile and slid into the seat next to Kaitlyn. It was a tight squeeze as it wasn’t a large table. Anya and Kaitlyn’s bodies were pressed against each other. Kaitlyn was feeling nervous again, feeling Anya’s body next to hers. But there was something that she liked about it; something that excited her. Her nipples hardened just a little and she could feel her pussy moisten slightly.

Any hope that Anya was unaware of the situation vanished when she lay a hand on Kaitlyn’s thigh. Kaitlyn hid her surprise by turning what was supposed to be a small sip into a big gulp of her lemondrop. Kaitlyn was aware that her body was trembling. Anya just kept up the conversation telling a story about a recent party at one of the fraternities. Anya’s hand just rested on Kaitlyn’s skin. Even though she wasn’t doing anything, Anya’s touch was enough to increase Kaitlyn’s excitement. Anya however carefully drew her back into the conversation.

Needing a little something to steady her, Kaitlyn sucked down the rest of her drink. It had been a while since the waitress had made it to their table so Alan offered to go up the bar and get the three of them new drinks. Kaitlyn didn’t want him to go and leave her alone with Anya but didn’t know how to tell him. As Kaitlyn watched him go, Anya noted a slight dazed look in her eyes.

Kaitlyn turned to Anya in order to tell her to remove her hand. Before she could utter a word, Anya started to talk.

“I see you haven’t forgotten that one evening,” she said with a smug tone. Anya cocked her head slightly as she read Kaitlyn’s face. “In fact, you can’t get it out of your mind, can you?” For the first time, her fingers started to move, going in circles on the top of Kaitlyn’s bare thigh. Kaitlyn’s eyes widened. Anya smiled slightly at the look of almost panic. “You were going to ask me to take my hand off your nice sexy thighs, but now…” Anya trailed off for a moment. Her hand moved slightly towards the inside of Kaitlyn’s thigh. “Now, you want it to stay, don’t you?” She leaned close to Kaitlyn’s ear. “Stay or go, Kait?”

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