It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 11

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names…. Almost.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Acup

I went to bed with a woman in each arm, I awoke to a completely different situation.

My girl was still beside me, but leaning in for a kiss. But the blond it seems had other ideas.

As my girl was kissing me, I felt a nice soft pair of lips taking me in…gotta love morning wood! When she let me up I looked down to see the blond smiling and flicking the tip of her tongue to lick the tip of my cock.

“Morning dear….” She gave me another quick kiss and nodded to the blond. “Isn’t this a nice way to wake up?” she kissed me again as the blond got up on hands and knees to take me in. I could feel my cock bumping up against the back of her mouth.

“Don’t you just love waking up to your cock being sucked in?” the blond was taking me in as deep as she could, maybe even a bit into her throat. “Watching those delicious tits and nipples dangling and jiggling with every stroke.” She reached down and cupped the tit above my belly.

“Looking over at her pussy starting to glisten with her delicious nectar in the morning sun,” she ran her hand down the blonds ass and ran a finger between those moist lips she was just describing, getting a nice moan around my cock. “That nice tight pussy you were fucking while she was eating me last night.”

The blond was picking up her pace and started playing with my balls at the same time. “Mmmmmm, she’s sucking you down and playing with you. She must really want you to cum in her mouth. She wants her mouth filled like you filled her tight pussy…” the blond was really moaning around me now.

“But the thing is…. When you fill her mouth…..” She was cupping her own tit and rolling the nipple between her fingers, “She’s not going to swallow it…” I looked at her. “She’s going to keep it in her mouth and share it with me…”

“OH SHIIIIIII….” I lost it… the blond kept me going, stroking me and playing with my balls. I was pumping everything I had into her, little dribbles escaping out the corner of her mouth. When she had me drained she turned to my girl and me, opening her mouth to show us she was full of my cum, a little more even dribbled down her chin.

She crawled up to us, and my girl licked my dribbles from her chin, then looked at me smiling before she locked lips with the blond. They were sharing my cum over my chest and moaning into each others mouth. If I hadn’t just unloaded into that same mouth seconds before I would have been rock hard and shooting all over them! What a way to start the day!

After everybody making the morning bathroom runs, and the girls throwing on thongs and a hotel robe each, we headed down for the competition. We were half way down in the elevator when it dawned on me, the other bed hadn’t been used…. our black girl never made it back last night.

That thought was short lived when we came around the corner to the convention area. Seems most of the girls had the same idea with the robe, looked more like a bath robe convention than a body builder convention….lol

We did all our paperwork and headed back stage. She wasn’t kidding when she said three times the size! The first thing I noticed was it didn’t seem to be segregated by class, there was a mix of all types all over. Most were still dressed a bit, but almost to a woman everyone with a robe let them gape open or took them off!

“Good thing you just blew your load in her… or you’d be loosing it in your shorts about now…” She was grinning at me, then gave me a quick kiss and walked off with an exaggerated wiggle and a white thong between her cheeks.

Since she was one of the last to register, she also got one of the last booths near the back…. I’m going to have to tell her to be one of the last next time! Yea it was a ways from the stage, but it was right next to one of the sets of showers and around the corner from a set of bathrooms and one of the raised mirrored practice areas!

The first hour was everybody straggling in and making the rounds. I was left to ‘guard’ the booth as it were while my girl and the blond went off to find friends, tossing their thongs at me as they left. I unpacked the camera bag and fired both of them up to make sure everything worked.

The petite brunette across the walkway smiled and cupped her tits when I took the camera out, so I took some pictures of her. Man the zoom was nice! I got some extreme close up of her nipples hardening… and I mean filling the WHOLE frame with just one nipple! And panning down to her shaved pussy seeing a glint of moisture… I put the camera down and gave her a thumbs up, which got me some tweaked nipples before she turned away.

I turned Antalya Escort to look across the room, and saw my girl and her girlfriend about halfway across the hall. What the hell, I had the camera, so I raised it up and zoomed in. Man I wish I could read lips. They were having a bit of a heated conversation again, my girl waiving arms, the girlfriend standing with hers crossed under her little bumps on her pecs, and the rest of the crew sitting back smiling. If it wasn’t for the conversation, I would have chuckled at the girlfriends little tits on those mounds of muscle. Reminds me of a double dip ice cream cone where they ran short of ice cream on the second scoop!

What ever it was, she would tell me when she was ready. But, I got out some of her ‘what ever that stuff is’ drink, and laid out a few of her bikini’s while watching a parade of naked women scooting back and forth from the bathrooms. I had to chuckle seeing the signs on the wall. The men’s room had been relabeled for the women and a piece of tape put over the women’s symbol on the family restroom in the middle. God it sooooo terrible being out numbered like this!

I was getting her oil out when she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my belly and kissing my neck. “Hey… find some people you know?”

“A few…” she was a bit tense.

I turned around, still in her arms, cupped her chin with one hand and her ass with the other making her grin. “That mean we can still knock ’em dead?”

She bit her lip, grinned, and nodded before giving me a nice kiss while I continued to grope her ass getting a few whistles from across the isle. She just turned and stuck her tongue out.

Since we had the booth to ourselves, I pulled the other table from the far side, threw a towel up on it, and held up the bottle of oil with a raised eyebrow.

“HELL YES!” she hopped up on the table and looked over her shoulder at me, then laid down and closed her eyes. I put some oil in my hands to warm it, then started in on her shoulders and neck.

“ohhh yessss….”

I was working her shoulders and neck, down to her middle back a bit while watching her ass clench and release. Looking between her slightly spread legs and her shaved lips while I worked her lower back, getting some gentle moans when I worked her middle back, and again when I got up to her neck and the base of her skull.

What ever happened with the girl friend had really tensed her up, but she was finally starting to relax a bit. I leaned over close to her, “You’re the most beautiful sensuous woman here, and if I didn’t think it would get us kicked out I’d roll you over and ravish your clit right now…”

“Oh you’re just plain ornery!”

“No worse than you two this morning, maybe for lunch I’ll let one of you ride my cock and the other can ride my tongue…” I said as I slipped a finger between her cheeks and lightly drug it over her rosebud.

She hissed about the same time a bell sounded. She rolled off the table and groaned getting up, seems the bell was something like the five minute warning. Several of the ladies were scurrying around getting back to their booths, tits and ass bouncing all the way. The lady across the isle was getting into some serious oiling, looking straight at me while she was oiling her tits and pussy, making sure to show me some pink as she did. My girl wasn’t in quite the hurry, and our little blond came back about the same time the brunette left for the stage.

The blond oiled up, then handed me the bottle and turned her back grinning, seems she was expecting me to do her. My girl winked and smiled, so what the hell. I did her legs and butt, taking several liberties between her legs to her pussy lips, and around her sides to her tits when I did her back. She tried to wiggle her oiled back into me, but I gave it a light slap making her squeak.

Watching the two of them put their bikinis on and get them situated just so was enough to get me firm again, making her smile. I crooked my finger at her getting her to walk closer, then kissed her belly just above her bottom. “Knock ’em dead time!” I gave her ass a light slap as well when she turned to go get in line.

I grabbed both cameras and the tripod and headed out front…. Damn…. These women out here had clothes on, how dare they!

I set the tripod and video camera up as the first few women were making their way across and striking a few poses before walking across the other side. I zoomed the video camera in and let it run while I walked around getting some nice shots of some of the hotter women. Lots of nipples poking through bikini top and some NICE camel toe!

It was quite a mix, some were very feminine, their muscle just barely coming to light when they flexed. With others it lurked there under the skin, showing a bit as they walked and then popping when they posed. Most of them it was there, and just became hard muscle when they flexed.

Then there were the few like my girl, the best of them Antalya Escort Bayan in my opinion. They looked like just a girl next door until they flexed, then the muscle popped without being just skin covered muscle, still being feminine. But then I may have been a bit biased about it…..NAAAAAAAA!

I saw our black girl come across the stage, so she was still with the living, barely. She looked like she had rushed to get up on stage, and her oiling was a bit ‘splotchy’ some parts nice and shiny, and others almost flaky dry. And her bikini top looked ALL wrong. Don’t think this was going to be one of her better days.

A few girls later the little blond came out, and she was hitting all her marks, looking hot and grinning from ear to ear, I was snapping away catching some nice shots of her. I stood back a bit waiting for my girl to come on stage when I got a tap on the shoulder.

I turned to find my factory rep and a young girl in tow, both in tank tops and jeans. The young one obviously braless and not needing one, barely a AA. The rep in a nice thin lace bra under a thin top, her nipples standing out nicely.

I managed to make my way up to her face and found her grinning. “Sorry, couldn’t help myself.”

The young girl beside her piped up, “I have the same problem when I see her like that too.”

I looked back and forth between the two of them until they both started laughing, “She has that same reaction from most people,” the rep said. She introduced her friend about the time my girl was coming out. I put a finger up and grabbed the camera, getting some nice shots of her walking across the stage like she owned the place.

She saw me down there shooting pictures and smiled even more and hammed it up nicely, really showing off. Flexing and flaunting a bit, really enjoying herself. I blew her a kiss as she walked off, then took our two guests to the registration table and got them companion bands for the blond and the black girl, then escorted them back stage.

Even knowing it was something they knew was coming, and had probably seen in one fashion or another, they still faltered a bit walking in on several hundred naked or topless women. “And think what it was like for me…” I said leading them back to our booth.

They were still looking around when we got to our booth, and the rep was a bit stunned to see my girl topless and stripping her thong off. This same woman dressed to the hilt the other day was standing there naked and oiled.

“Hey, you made it…” she said tossing me a towel and turning her back to me. “What do you think so far?”

I managed to put the cameras down and began wiping her back, ass, and legs while she did her front.

The rep and her friend were still overwhelmed a bit, making her snicker. “Not quite what you expected?” the girls all looked at each other for a second, then burst out laughing. Then it was girl hug time with lots of groping. The blond showed up shortly, and we watched women lathering up and showering while my girl explained a bit on how the competition worked.

I leaned closer to my girl, “Hey babe, check out the rack on the blond…” nodding to the showers.

The rep and her friend stopped cold, expecting me to be knocked on my ass.

“Oh yea, those look like they’d be some all day suckers for sure…” then gave me a quick peck and went back to explaining the competition. I happened to glance down at a blinking light, and realized the video camera was still recording pointed at the showers…. This will be good to watch later!

The rep and her friend were coming out of their catatonic state when a woman came by letting the girls know they made it to the next round. Shortly the rush to the showers started, catching the attention of our new friends. My girl nodded to the throng of women, “They didn’t make the cut, time to shower and head out.”

Our black girl came walking down the isle… with some huge gold rings in her nipples! Now not thick mind you, but at least an inch and a half in diameter if not larger! I looked up at her from her nipples, “Damn girl, that’s one thing that’s not going to stay in Reno!”

My girl looked at them shaking her head, “So you finally did it…”

“Yea, been thinking about it again, and just decided to do it.” she hefted her tits and wiggled them a bit, but grimaced when she got a bit enthusiastic about it. “They still hurt a bit, but not bad…”

There was another group coming down the isle, so she waived and scurried off to the showers while she could.

We chatted a bit more, then the bell rang again. The girls hopped up and started oiling up….each other! I shook my head, and then got up behind the blond, and nodded to the rep. “Would you do the other side?”

She gulped a bit, then reached out for the bottle and stood behind my girl, who winked at me with a HUGE grin. The girls were chatting like they were at some social event instead of standing there naked being oiled down. My girl Escort Antalya even groaned a bit when she got her ass oiled while the blond was doing her tits, or rather they were doing each others tits.

We finished oiling them up, and I got a nice kiss from the blond. My girl turned to kiss the rep, but then hesitated for a second before giving her a quick peck on the cheek. She wiped a bit of the excess oil from her tits before slipping a fresh bikini on and they scurried of toward the stage. This time I stayed behind with our guests.

“Is she always that……” the rep started to ask, but hesitating.

“Friendly?” I responded. The rep just smiled. “Not sure. I’ve known her for a while, but we only recently got close.” She raised an eyebrow at that. “It’s both a long and short story, but one for another time.” we chatted a bit more, both of us watching the women showering. I managed to get up and get something to drink and shut the video camera off without being too obvious. Then picked it up and put a fresh memory card in and sat it back down.

The girls came back a few minutes later all grins, and stripped off while chatting. Not quite the shock as the last time. but it did seem my girl and the blond were playing to our guests when they were wiping down. Making sure to SPREAD and wipe their pussies, turning sideways before wiping and jiggling their tits, followed by sitting down kicked back with legs slightly spread.

A few ladies were starting to make their way to the showers, so I turned the camera on when I put the towels down, and turned to find the blond crawling up on the table. “Come on mister, time to put those hands ALL over me.” I started to grab the oil when she turned on her side kicking her knee up flashing her spreading pussy at me. “Uh uh, I’ve been running around her naked all morning. The least you can do is loose the shirt…”

I looked at my girl, but was not getting any help there. So I shrugged and stripped off my t-shirt. The girls high fived, and a couple from across the isle whistled. Not sure what at since I am by NO means any kind of body builder, but what the hell.

Since she was being ornery, I dribbled the oil directly on her back instead of into my hand making her squeak and jump. She settled down when I began spreading it around and across her ass. The girls resumed their chat while I just enjoyed playing with the woman on my table. A few of the girls from across and down the isle wandered our way, most naked except for a few thongs. A couple of them enjoying my rubbing the blond down enough to let their nipples do the talking.

One of the show people made the rounds, and most of the girls around us made the cut. Those that didn’t got hugs and condolences. We were also told we would be breaking for lunch and be back in a little over an hour.

My girl came over beside me while I was groping… I mean massaging… the blonds’ ass. “Honey…” she said as she was rubbing her tits up and down my side like a cat in heat. “I want to get something from the food cart….. and I didn’t have any pockets to put my money in this morning…” she gave me a SLOPPY kiss getting a round of laughter from our remaining crowd.

“My clip is in my pocket.” She reached in my pocket… and began groping my cock very openly. “That’s not my money clip…”

“Nooooo…. But it sure is loaded.” She gave me another quick squeeze before pulling the clip out, kissed me, and headed around the corner, much to the enjoyment of our little hen party.

I went to the other side of the blond so I could watch the showers while I groped her, when all of a sudden things got quiet behind me. I turned to look over my shoulder to see ‘the girlfriend’ and two of her butch companions standing there topless with their clits trying to escape their thongs.

I looked at her for a second, then just said ‘hi’ and went back to groping… I mean massaging …. the blond.

“You need to quit screwing with her…” the girlfriend finally managed to spit out.

I didn’t even turn to acknowledge her. “I have no idea what you mean.” Slipping a finger down between the blonds ass and stroking her pussy lips getting a hiss from her.

“Like hell you don’t. She’s not keeping her workout regimen. She’s gained four pounds instead of loosing them.”

I moved around the other side of the blond so I could carry on and continue groping, “OH MY GOD…. FOUR WHOLE POUNDS!” I said VERY exaggerated. A couple of the ladies behind them had to cover their mouths to keep from laughing.

“You’re damn right FOUR WHOLE POUNDS! Two more and she wouldn’t have made her classification…… she’s too good for the likes of you.” things got a bit quiet around us.

Now I was getting a bit perturbed… OK, just plain pissed. “Look lady,” I said with a bit of a snively tone, “I see her a few times a week. And unlike what I saw earlier today, I’m not trying to MAKE her do anything. I’m not trying to BULLY her into anything.” I paused to take a breath, and she started to speak but I put a finger up to stop her. From the look on her face it was something she was definitely NOT used to.

“She is one of the most loving intelligent women I know.”

The girlfriend jumped in, “You just love her in those frilly dresses!”

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