It’s Hot in the Kitchen

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There is no sexier fetish than a food fetish.

Lara has one big time.

She is an Aussie beauty, with straight chestnut brown hair that cascades to her shoulders, sprinkled with a few honey blonde highlights. Sky blue nail polish on her fingers and toes plays up the blue of her deep-set bedroom eyes.

She is about 5′ 6″ with larger-than-average breasts, a slim waist, and ample hips. Her features are well-proportioned, and come together to form a pleasing whole.

One would think that with looks like this, men would line up to indulge Lara’s fetish. Who could turn down an evening of a great meal and great sex? Alas, but most men simply don’t appreciate the sensual synergy of the pairing. For them, it comes down to eat, then shag. Eat some more, then shag some more.

They don’t get the artistic interplay of the two; but for Lara, sex and food go hand-in-hand. All the stages of a great meal mirror all the stages of great sex: preparation is setting the mood; appetizers are foreplay; side dishes are the side pleasures; the main dish is the deep, loving intercourse; and dessert is … all the aftercourse sex play.

(But sometimes it’s more than afterplay 🙂

Fortunately, Dr G is a lover who appreciates the connection between kitchen activity and bedroom activity. That is why Lara never misses ankara escort her monthly date through which she and her escort become…

… a meal for each other.


The kitchen in Dr G’s penthouse is custom-made for preparing delicious treats.

The latest and best appliances line an entire wall. From there runs a long counter with ample space for working on multiple dishes together. Roomy cabinets drop down from the ceiling, and put a full inventory of mixes, spices, and everything else needed within easy reach.

A huge, family-size oak table adorns the center of the room. It could easily accommodate eight diners seated around it.

Or two…diners … laying on top of it.


When Lara completed her client profile for Dr G’s escort services, she revealed her food fetish, and described her needs this way:

“For me, the Land Down Under is below the waist. It is prime territory for exploration by an intrepid American who can find his way around without a road map.”

She sent the profile to him via email with a sound recording in her charming Aussie accent: “What do you say, mate?”

He got an erection right then and there.


He’s very erect right now.

He and Lara are wearing their cooking aprons. Just their cooking aprons. Which run from the escort ankara chest to just below the crotch. So they don’t cover much of Lara’s ample bosom. Or either of their backsides.

Every time Lara steps from one mixing bowl to the next, Dr G catches flashes of her beautiful face and figure from different angles. And admires her superb cooking skills. Sometimes she has to squeeze past him, and brushes oh-so-softly against the growing bulge beneath his apron.

Which of course she notices, and which of course “wets” her own appetite.

But first: prepare dinner.


A scrumptious multi-course meal is in the works. The roast is in the oven. The soup is simmering on the stove. The salad is ready for dressing. The dessert…

… is on each other. Why wait for the best part of the meal?

Dr G and Lara are sitting naked on the table facing each other, their legs intertwined, feeding each other frosting. They take turns dipping their fingers in the mixing bowl and letting the other lick and suck them clean. They are sitting so close facing each other while doing this, they are practically screwing.

But not yet. There is still more frosting left.

Dr G helps Lara get comfortable on her back, legs spread wide. He dabs frosting on her toes… her arches… her ankles… the ankara escort bayan soft inside of her knees… her inner thighs. A thin line around her opening, and on her clit, make the decoration complete.

He starts on one foot, and takes a toe into his mouth. Sucks and licks off the frosting with a swirl of the tongue that sends her into peels of delight. Moves on to each toe, then the arch, the ankle, the knee, the thigh. Then the crotch. Lots of swirls of the tongue on the crotch. Then on to the other leg.

And back up to the crotch. Must get every last drop of that frosting.

Her peels of delight become mixed with deep sighs and moans. Loud moans.

And wait! There is more frosting in the bowl.

Lara spreads it on Dr. G’s package and goes to town on him. Paints his shaft and then licks him up and down. Now deep into her mouth. Little dabs on his balls – licks each one off with a swirl of her tongue.

His peels of delight become mixed with deep sighs and moans. Loud moans.

The frosting is gone. Time now for the real dessert.

Dr G props Lara on the edge of the table, legs spread wide. He hugs her to him and with feet planted firmly, drives his enormous hard-on deeply into her. She wraps her legs around his hips to give him deeper penetration.

Their groans get louder as their heaving gets more frantic.. They each push hard to bring it home together. They bathe in each other’s sweat as the heat of their lust reaches a red-hot peak..

… as their cries of release melt into the ringing of the smoke alarm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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