It’s Only Being Photographed Pt. 02

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As we walked up the stairs I was acutely aware that Sophie’s face was just inches from my bottom in the tight yogas and that there was nothing under them. I knew that my cheeks would be wobbling and my hips swaying emphasising the shape and curves of my bum. My exhibitionist side enjoyed the stares and occasional comments that got at the gym, but now, in these extreme circumstances with my son’s girlfriend I felt uncomfortable and rather embarrassed.

I am not sure whether those feelings were improved or made worse when we got to the top of the stairs and Sophie said.

“Well Jayne that was some adventure.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I told you what a glorious bum you have and seeing it in close up like that was amazing. You are such a fantastic, natural model Jay.”

I didn’t reply but led the way into the marital bedroom that was dominated by the American king size double bed. One wall was all floor to ceiling French windows that opened onto a terrace where often I sunbathed naked and where John and I had made love occasionally including one spectacular night in the pouring rain in a thunderstorm. Another wall was all wardrobes and from the third there were doors to the bath and wet rooms and my dressing room.

“Wow Jayne, this is fabulous what a great setting. Let me look round.”

Putting the cameras and lights down she wandered round taking readings, presumably for light and focus, but maybe distance.

“Fantastic Jay, what a great setting for a love nest for you and John. Let’s start with the French windows as the back drop, as its dark we will get you and a reflection, the assessors will like that.

“Like I am?” I rather worryingly asked fearing the moment which I knew was coming when she would ask me to undress.

“Yes, some more of you in poses like downstairs will be great.”

We went to work broadly replicating the earlier shots, with Sophie again telling me how good they were, how natural I was and how my poses were fantastic.

“Ok let’s move away from the windows and have you sit on the bed. Mmmm lovely. Hands behind your head please Jay.” She took a few shots. “Go on love breathe in and push ’em out. Shit that’s great they look fantastic, they are fantastic, wow. Turn left, now right. Wonderful, ok relax.”

She sat on the bed next to me and fiddled around with the cameras. As she sat so her mini skirt shot even further up her legs so that it barely covered her panties. She looked good, I found myself thinking.

“Oh shit I forgot the laptop, I’ll run and get it.”

I felt nervous and excited waiting for her to return. When she did she sat next to me with our hips touching. She put the laptop on her knees and flicked the shots we had just taken onto the screen as she made remarks.

“Bloody great Jayne; fantastic; brilliant; such a natural; they are gorgeous, beautiful and yes raunchy, but elegant. You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” she asked holding my hand.

“Not sure Sophie, I am nervous and worried that Peter will find out.”

“He won’t I promise so relax.”

“Not that easy.”

“Take deep breaths and just think of this room, you and me, nothing else, this is our whole world, no one else is in it, just us and the camera. Come on let’s get on.”

I looked at my watch and was amazed to see that it was nearly twelve; we had been shooting for over two hours. She saw me looking.

“Ok for more Jay or would you like to stop and maybe do some more tomorrow?”

I knew that if we stopped it was unlikely that I would agree a second time and in any case I had plans for Sunday.

“No let’s go on.”

“Ok then.” She dimmed the main lights and lit me with just her light. “Stay seated on the bed and let’s lose the singlet, ok?”

“Yes ok,” said thickly.”

“Take that off slowly Jay.”

“Mmmm nice,” she said moving around taking shots from a variety of angles. “Stand up, turn round, face me, side on, hands on hip, behind head, one on your waist the other on your thigh.”

She changed the lighting and made me stand then kneel, then lay down and sit crossed leg on the floor.

We again looked at the shots on the laptop and once more sat with our hips touching, her skirt almost round her hips and her complimenting me not only about my posing but more now about my body in general and my breasts in particular ending with. “John must love them doesn’t he? He must be a tit man Jayne.”

Smiling I admitted that he did enjoy them and that he indeed was a tit man.

“So now then love let’s see them so can we lose the bra. Please?”

My fingers were shaking so much that undoing the bra clasp was difficult. Reaching behind and unclipping it I was hugely conscious at how Sophie was looking at me and I realised was taking shots as I removed the bra baring my breasts to her and the camera.

“Oh my god Jayne, they are exquisite, you gorgeous, gorgeous woman,” she sighed as she took shot after shot using both cameras and moving around so she got me from different angles.

“Hold them poker oyna for me Jayne, lift them up a bit.”

“No Sophie I can’t.”

“Course you can, hold them as if offering them to the camera.”

“Sophie no this is going too far,” I groaned wanting nothing more at that moment than to do exactly what she asked. It was as if she knew what I wanted.

“No Jayne, it’s natural, it’ll make a lovely shot. Imagine my camera is John and you are offering your breasts to him your husband. What could be more natural?”

Almost without thinking and certainly without objecting I found myself cupping each breast from below and lifting them up.

“Fantastic, so natural love. Now arch your back and lift your head up. Oh yes Jay that’s awesome. Lay flat on your back please.”

I was still hellishly nervous and not at all sure what this was all about or, really, what was going on, but my body was beginning to tingle and I could feel a heat building up in the pit of my stomach and spreading out and filling each breast. Surely I couldn’t I asked myself as surreptitiously as possible I touched my nipple and confirming with concern that it was rock hard? Knowing that my always prominent nipples don’t change in appearance when aroused, just in texture I wasn’t worried that either Sophie or the camera would notice but I was hellishly worried about why it was happening!

I thought I had got away with touching my nipple without her seeing me but I was wrong for Sophie said huskily.

“Yes, Jayne touch them if you like.”

That brought me back to reality a little.

“No, Sophie, don’t be silly.”

“Why is that silly?”


“Because what Jay? It’s natural, like posing, lots of models do it?”

“Well, er you know, it’s sexual isn’t it?”

“Yes, Jayne it is sexual, but then all of this is in a way isn’t it?”

“Is it Sophie, is it, oh god I just don’t know,” I groaned as my fingertips on both hands, almost voluntarily stroked both areola and nipples that had started to ache with sexual desire.

“Perfect Jayne, beautiful, lovely,” she muttered as I realised that she was taking shots of me caressing my breasts. “God you are so natural.”

I had no idea most of the time just what parts of my body and how close up the shots were. So as I lay on my back now cupping my breasts and caressing my nipples I didn’t know just how much of that she was capturing.

“Pinch them Jayne,” I heard her say as if from afar.

I didn’t respond.

“Come on Jayne go for it.”

I continued just holding them and slowly moving my fingertips over the slightly more sensitive areola.

“It’s perfectly natural Jayne and you want to don’t you?”

I didn’t say anything.

“Don’t you Jayne, you want to pinch them, don’t you?”

“Oh Sophie,” was all I could manage.”

“I know you do Jayne; I know you want to because I do.”

‘Fuck what does she mean by that?’ I wondered but not saying anything.

“Go on lovely, pinch those beautiful, big nipples for the camera.”

“No, we are going too far, we shouldn’t,” I groaned loving the sensations my fingers were giving me, the attention of the camera and, I realised the closeness of Sophie. I looked at her. She was standing beside the bed with one knee on the side of it and was leaning forward using her cam without the telephoto lens so I guessed from what she had told me that she would be taking wide angle shots. ‘Probably all my tits and hands,’ I thought frustratingly exciting myself. Her youngster-length mini skirt had slid right up her legs and due to the way she had one knee on the bed it was bunched round her hips with her knickers clearly on show.

Although I had claimed many times to John that I had no interest in women and I had always believed that to be true, I still admired the beauty and sexiness of females as well as men. I admire, even love the curves and shapes of women’s breasts, legs and bottoms. It was just that I was not sexually attracted so, as I had told him that meant I would not have a threesome or have sex with a woman as he looked on.

Now, however, seeing Sophie’s long, tanned, slender, bare legs, her panty covered mound and the clearly defined hardness of her nipples against the material of her lowish cut top I began to doubt myself. Had I a dormant attraction to women that I suppressed? Was I becoming sexually interested in my son’s girlfriend? Was she coming onto me, hitting on me? And what the fuck was I doing lying on my marital bed, clad in just my yoga pants with my tits in my hands as she photographed me? I had no answers and realised that I was mesmerised by so many things the most significant one of which was the camera that was recording my every move and could well become my marital and family catastrophe.

Every iota of common and moral sense told me to stop. The risks were too great compared to the dubious rewards of satisfying my exhibitionist tendencies. I knew that if we continued Sophie would want me naked, she had told me that. And in a way, I wanted canlı poker oyna to be naked for the camera or, it suddenly hit me like a punch to the stomach, was it for her and her compliments about my body. As that thought sunk in so the other sensations increased; the warmth and the tingle spreading through my body, the heaviness of my breasts, the pressure on my nipples and the pleasant irritation in the pit of my stomach. I knew these sensations well. As indeed I should for I had been experiencing them for over thirty years. I was becoming aroused.

“No Jay,” she whispered kneeling with both knees on the bed and her legs open. “We aren’t going too far, we aren’t going far enough yet, we have more to go on and you want to go further don’t you?”

I didn’t respond, I couldn’t.

“Jay don’t you?” she went on moving closer and taking shot after shot clearly in very close up of my hands, breasts and nipples.

“No, no Sophie no I don’t.”

“Yes Jayne yes you want to I know.”

“I can’t, I mustn’t.”

“But you want to don’t you? You want to pinch your nipples don’t you?” she went on stopping shooting and putting the camera on the pillow close to my head. “Look at me Jayne.”

I did as she asked and watched even more mesmerised now as she cupped each of her breasts through her top and pinched her nipples.

“See Jayne I need to and want to and oh isn’t it lovely?”

I watched her squeezing her breasts then pinching and pulling her nipples. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she obviously pleasured herself. Little whimpers slipped past her lovely lips. ‘Lovely lips what the fuck?’ I said to myself as I realised what I was thinking. Yes, they were lovely and there was nothing wrong with admiring beauty but I was doing more than that for I realised that I was imagining them on mine and mine on them. And as my fingers closed onto my bare nipples and pinched them I thought of Sophie and me kissing.

“Oh, Jayne it’s so nice, so lovely isn’t it?” she whispered as she opened her eyes and picked up the camera without the long lens and started shooting me cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples.

“Yes, Sophie yes, but we shouldn’t do this should we?”

“It’s ok Jay, its fine most models do it when they get excited and aroused.”

God she was verbalising it now. When they get excited and aroused! She had said it and I was both.

“But you won’t tell Peter will you, please?” I implored her.

“No, no darling,” she almost cooed. “It’ll be just between us, our secret Jayne, ok?”

“Yes, yes it is Sophie,” I said not at all sure what I was agreeing to if anything, but I soon learned what that was.

As having my nipples pinched, albeit by myself, sent such gloriously erotic sensations through me I felt with a panic my climax starting. I couldn’t let that happen, I couldn’t have an orgasm in front of my son’s girlfriend, could I?

“Oh Jayne,” she groaned amazing me by suddenly without warning and in one slick move, lifting up her top and yanking it over her head and off.

“Oh Christ Sophie what are you doing?” I gasped as my gaze took in her pert, heavily nippled bare breasts.

She looked at me smiling as her fingers continued pinching the dark centres of her areola. “The same as you Jayne, enjoying my body naturally and fully.”

I wasn’t sure whether removing her top and exposing her bare breasts to me as she fondled herself, aroused me further, relaxed me or what it did, but I know that temporarily at least it did make me feel that in the circumstances it was quite normal. That, in turn, led to me caressing and pinching my breasts and nipples more confidently.

“Oh god Jayne the look on your face is amazing,” Sophie groaned picking up the camera with the longer lens, getting off the bed, moving away a few feet and starting to shoot me again. As she moved around taking shots from different angles she kept a commentary of instructions and compliments going.

“Close your eyes.”

“Fantastic Jayne.”

“Lick your top lip.”

“The look Jayne, the look on your face is amazing, so erotic, so sexy.”

‘Fuck did I want to look erotic and sexy?’ I wondered having mild panic attacks as I imagined especially Peter but also John and some of the girls at the golf club seeing them.

“Arch your back love, lift those lovely tits up as you touch them.”

“Oh fuck me Jayne that’s such a pose, brilliant, wonderful.”

“Slide one hand down and rest it on your tummy.”

“God yes that’s such a come and fuck me look Jayne.”

Things were getting out of hand, she was going too far or, so I thought. I had to do something, I couldn’t go on or, could I? I was so torn and in a dilemma. Part of me, my wild side, my womanly side wanted to go on, that side was loving it and that side wanted me to pinch my nipples and give the camera ‘fuck me’ looks. But the other side, my wife and mother side, my respectable married woman knew that I should not be doing this and that I should stop, get dressed and go to bed, well rather internet casino get undressed and go to bed, I thought smiling just as Sophie breathed the killer punch.

“Ok Jayne now the rest.”

Highly aroused and in the early stages of an orgasm her words didn’t register with me at first.”

“What, sorry,” I mumbled.

“The yogas Jayne we need them off, we have to do the nudes don’t we?”

That hit me. For some reason when she had removed her top and we had watched each other fondling our breasts I had forgotten what we had agreed and had thought we had finished.

“Oh Sophie.”


“I don’t think I can and I know I shouldn’t”

“Don’t be silly Jayne, it’s natural and you are lovely.”

“But naked.”

“Just as you were born lovey and no one other than the examiners will see them.”

“Oh god.”

“Let’s have a break, glass of wine maybe and look at the photos.”

“Ok,” I said slipping off the bed and picking up my track top.

“No need for that Jayne, we’re all girls together aren’t we and your house is nice and warm.”

Not thinking I dropped the top and started out of the door wearing just my yoga pants. Sophie didn’t bother with her top and followed me.

“You get the wine mum,” she smiled adding. “And I’ll fix the camera.”

Getting a fresh bottle from the fridge I picked up two clean glasses and made for the lounge, she wasn’t there but had obviously heard me.

“I’m in the TV room,” she called out.

I walked into the smaller room and was, as they say nowadays, gobsmacked. She had linked the cameras up to the fifty inch screen and there was an image of me larger than life cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples. My eyes were closed and my mouth was open and yes I saw what she meant when she called it my come and fuck me look.

She had sat on one of the smaller sofas and patted the place next to her where the laptop was on a small coffee table in front of her. I went and sat there acutely aware of our toplessness. I was alarmed when I felt myself becoming aroused again and I knew that my nipples were hardening again. ‘Could that have been the blast of cold air when I opened the fridge to get the wine?’ I rather ambitiously asked myself. But then looking at Sophie I saw that hers were hard and larger. She saw me looking.

“Don’t worry Jayne it often happens. I sometimes do a session where mine are hard throughout and men often get hardons when posing,” she somewhat irrelevantly told me. “Let’s look at some shall we?”

She flicked through the shots showing me in close up and almost life size nudity alternating between the laptop and the large screen. She showed them in the order she had taken them. That started with a few of me removing my singlet and then my bra. Numerous topless poses filled the screen before I was lying on the bed just grazing one nipple. Almost like a seduction she slowly took me through the hesitancy I had shown in cupping my breasts and the resistance to pinching my nipples.

“God these will knock the examiners socks off Jayne, I’m a cert winner in the amateur section,” she said laughing as she slid her arm round my shoulders and kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you Jayne and I just know that I will get great marks in the nude section,” she went on leaving her arm round my shoulders.

I didn’t move but felt a little uncomfortable. Her right arm was round my shoulders and her hand was dangling down my chest her fingertips brushing my skin just inches from where the swell of my breast started. Her right breast I realised suddenly was grazing against my upper arm and our legs were touching from our hips to our knees.

“You are a truly beautiful woman Jayne, she muttered quietly.

My heart was pounding and my pulses were racing. I put those down to the excitement of posing, but I was suspicious of those and wondered if maybe there was more to it than that but I was unable to admit it to myself.

“Am I Sophie?” I whispered watching as if hypnotised her rest her hand on my leg just above my knee.

“Yes, Jayne a very beautiful and very sexy woman.”

“You shouldn’t say that Sophie, I’m your boyfriend’s mother.”

“That makes no difference, look,” she said nodding at the screen.

There was an image of me, lying on the bed with my eyes closed and my mouth open. My back is arched so that my breasts are pushed up making them look like double Es. I am holding one and pinching the nipple while the other is sagging to the side making it look even larger. My legs in the yogas are slightly open and there is a definite camel toe there. The final touch, though, which worried me more than anything else, was that the fingertips on my other hand, the one Sophie had said rest on my tummy, were further down than she had suggested or that I had intended; they were on the start of my pubic mound! ‘How the fuck,’ I wondered. ‘Did they get there, almost to my clit?’

“What about it?” I mumbled.

“That is sheer eroticism, sensual and horny.”

“Please Sophie don’t say that.”

“But it’s true.”

“That’s as maybe, but I don’t want to hear it.”

“Oh Jayne,” she said softly rubbing my leg. “Go with it, accept what you are.”

“And what’s that?”

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