Jack’s Birthday Surprise

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Today was Jack’s 18th birthday. He awoke in time to do some studying and get ready for school. He walked naked to the bathroom.

His sister met him in the hall, she too was naked. That was not at all unusual because the family were nudists and never wore clothes around the house except when guests were there. Since some of their friends were also nudists, they often wore no clothes when guests were present.

“Good morning, Jack, and happy birthday”, said Beverly brightly with a smirk that implied something but Jack did not know what.

“What’s up with you?” he asked.

“You’ll see”, she said cryptically with a smile and a wink and walked to her room.

Jack took care of business and returned to his room. He was reading an article about robots when his mom came in as naked as he and came over, hugged him tightly to her bosom and wished him a happy birthday and said, “Don’t go to school today. I want this to be the special birthday as it should be.”

“I’ll need an excuse, you know.”

“Yes, dear, I already took care of this. You have an unexpected outbreak and we do not know if it is contagious”, she responded.

“What would that be?”

“You’ll see. I’m fixing breakfast. Be down in about 10 minutes, OK.”

“OK, Mom”, Jack responded somewhat confused about being permitted to stay home from school.

His mother had barely left the room when Liz, a girl he had grown up with and came in and said, “I have your birthday present for you”, while she held her hands behind her back and twisted back and forth like a little girl. Then she turned and closed the door.

“What? Is it that much of a secret?”

“Sort of, but when I turned 18 last year, my mom gave me a day off from school like your mom is you and now I am staying home to spend the day with you on your special day.”

“OK,” said Jack with a bit of a question of ‘What’s up with this?’ in his voice.

“OK, I need you to stand”, said Liz as she began unbuttoning the dress she was wearing, revealing that she had no bra on and then she removed it revealing a thong panty.

Jack stood slowly wondering what this was going to be.

“What? I thought you were going to give me a present.”

Liz responded by kneeling down in front of him, taking his cock in her hand and leaning forward to take it in her mouth.

“Wait a minute!” Jack exclaimed. “We can’t do this.”

Liz looked up his well formed chest, and said, “We couldn’t but now you are 18 and I am 18 so we can do what we want.”

“Bu… . But! But, you and I aren’t even dating.”

“Yes, Jack, and we are adults. I’m going to suck you off for your birthday and that’s the end of it.”

“What if Mom finds out. They’ll kill us.”

“Not to worry. I told your mom I wanted 10 minutes to give you your present in private. She won’t bother us.” Then she put his cock in her mouth and began to stroke and suck it. In seconds it had grown hard and as big as ever.

Liz was really good at this, Jack thought. So he relaxed and let her have her way. She withdrew to the head, licked it and then placed it in her mouth again taking it all the way in. He couldn’t believe it. He knew he was not huge but he was 7 inches and she was small. As she bobbed up and down, she pressed her tongue to the underside keeping her tongue pressed to the vein on its underside and stimulating the underside of the head as she came up. It wasn’t long before his balls contracted and he felt the rising cum in his perineum. Then seconds later his cum shot into Liz’s mouth with incredible force. Such force that she choked a bit and some leaked from her mouth. She recovered, groaned in satisfaction and swallowed. He shot several more loads and she swallowed all of them. He groaned because he felt like he had never been so turned on.

When all was done, Liz licked up and down his shaft, over his balls and cleaned all she could off him. Instead of his cock becoming limp, it just got harder.

Liz got up, hugged him closely, gave his butt a slap and said, “Let’s go have some breakfast”, and walked out of the room naked.

“I can’t go down like this”, Jack protested with a gesture toward his very erect cock.

“Sure you can. We’ve all seen it hard before in the morning. Just joke about your morning wood.”

She then took hold of his cock and began to lead him down the hall to the kitchen. He tried to get her to let go without a tussle but she wouldn’t. Just as they were turning into the kitchen, Liz announced, “Mom, here’s the birthday boy.” Then she let go.

Mom turned from the stove dressed in her apron which made her sexy as hell. Jack had noticed this a good bit but dismissed his thoughts as incestuous. But the sight made his cock twitch, a detail not missed by his mother who smiled and then said, “I see you have a bit of morning wood this morning, Jack. Have a seat. Breakfast is almost ready.”

They ate a leisurely breakfast and Miranda informed them that she had called them off from school. Jack amatör porno protested that he had ball practice that afternoon. “Yes, Jack, I took care of that also. This is your 18th birthday and Liz and I plan to make it a very memorable day.”

Beverly sort of smirked. “Memorable, I’ll say.”

Jack had no idea what that might mean but thought it better to let the surprise be a surprise. Mom and Beverly began talking about a shopping trip they had planned and where they would go and Jack zoned out and began thinking about his mom and sister. They were both pretty women. Mom had very nice breasts, not too big but nice sized maybe the size of a nice orange, he thought. She had always kept her figure by swimming a thousand meters a day and doing some jazzer-size. She looked pretty no matter whether she was naked or dressed and she always dressed in a flirtatious style. As far as he knew, she almost never wore a bra like other women except on special occasions when the dress or blouse sort of required it. Her nipples were always evident. She kept her pussy clean of hair as did his sister and now he knew also did Liz.

His sister and Liz had been for him a major jack off fantasy, but he had never expected the fantasy to become reality. They were the hottest girls in high school. As with his mother, she never wore a bra despite the school rule that she should. Her breasts were pert and smallish compared to her mother’s—sort of tangerine size. He had always thought he’d love to suck them just once. Maybe now that he was 18, he would. He didn’t know.

Both Mom and Beverly had raven hair. Mom wore hers in a short cut that made it easier for her to swim and dry it. Beverly had shoulder length hair and wore it straight, only styling it for special occasions. Liz, on the other hand, had very dark brown, almost black hair, big brown eyes, and a very nice figure. Her breasts were about the size of Beverly’s but with nipples that were a bit longer. He noticed they were erect and hard now.

“Earth to Jack!” he heard someone say calling him from his reverie.

“Gheez, Jack, what were you thinking about. A few minutes ago you were a little hard, now you are hard as a rock”, said Beverly with a smirk on her face. Jack was shocked. Sex talk or anything of the sort had never been allowed. Liz turned red. Now Beverly was referring specifically to his erection and implying he was thinking about sex.

He looked at his mother in astonishment. “It’s all right, Jack, today is your day and anything you want or do not want to do is fine. However, we have some surprises for you that we hope you will love,” Mom said as she stood and removed the apron. “You look all too ready for the beginning so Liz is going with you next door to Ms. Miranda’s”, she said as she looked straight at his cock. His cock began twitching uncontrollably. “OK, Liz you two go on over through the back yard. Don’t worry about clothes, Miranda has something for both of you.”

Liz and Jack got up and she took his hand leading him through the back door, across the lawn and into Miranda’s yard. Her back door was ajar so they went on in to find Miranda having coffee at her kitchen table, naked. Jack had never seen Miranda naked unlike some of their other friends. She was a very hot woman. Not so pretty as just hot in the way she behaved, talked and dressed. Now he could see her hour glass figure with breasts about the size of his mothers and almost no sag. She was 35 or so, he thought, and had never had any children. Rumor was she swung both ways.

Miranda rose and said, “Happy Birthday, Jack. I see you are ready”, and walked over to him, knelt down and took his cock in her hand. She stroked him for some time examining him very carefully. Then she stuck her tongue out and began to lick him. “Ummm, tastes quite good, maybe like you’ve cum already today. Did you do this, Liz?”

“Yes, ma’am”, Liz said with a smile of pride.

“What a shame, he’s not a virgin anymore. Well, sort of but we will fix that soon.” She then took him in her mouth and swallowed him whole. He never imagined but here he was just turned 18, had never had so much as a hand job by anyone but himself, and now he was getting his second blow job in less than an hour. He didn’t last long. The stimulation of his thoughts at breakfast and the very idea of what was happening got his cum rising fast. Miranda had hardly swallowed him three or four times before he exploded and pumped his cum into her mouth. She swallowed most all of it. A bit leaked out and down onto her breasts. It did not stay there long because Liz got down and licked it up. His mind reeled. Liz and Miranda, really! That just turned him on more. Once she was confident he was done, Miranda took him out of her mouth but continued to stroke him.

Liz said, “God, that was quick. OK, Jack, you got to recharge quickly. How long’s it take.”

Jack just stood in stunned silence. “What did Liz mean? Recharge?” he thought.

Miranda sort of chuckled and said, “I guess this anal porno is an unexpected surprise for you Jack, but I have waited for this until now because now you are old enough to say yes or no. If you don’t want me or Liz to have sex with you, we can stop, but we both want to. In fact, I know one of Liz’s fantasies has been that you play with and suck her breasts. Whether you do is your choice.”

Jack had always been sort of contemplative about most things, the sort of guy others turned to because he could be trusted to think things through. This was too much and his normal behavior was short circuiting. Liz wanted him to suck her breasts. REALLY! his brain screamed. His mother and sister seemed to be in on this also. ‘Gheez!’ he thought.

“So, Jack, you want to suck my breasts or not?” asked Liz as she cradled them sexily in her palms.

He said nothing but leaned forward and began to suck first one and then the other.

Miranda chuckled as she watched. “OK, Jack, we need to teach you how to properly suck a girls breasts. You don’t just attack, you begin by lightly licking the nipple on each for at least 15 seconds.”

He retreated and did as he was told to be rewarded by a moan from Liz.

After a few seconds, Miranda said, “Now take them in your hands and first lick one around the nipple and go out until you have licked around the whole breast, then gradually move back to the nipple.”

Jack did as instructed only to be rewarded by Liz shivering seemingly uncontrollably and saying, “Miranda, I’m cumming.” Then with growls and cries and screams of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” She nearly collapsed.

Miranda said, “Come on you two. The living room.”

The two couldn’t get there fast enough. Jack was once more hard as a rock. His cock stood impolitely at attention.

Jack sat on the couch with Miranda on one side and Liz on the other. The two women pressed into him with their breasts. Miranda instructed, “Liz get up and sit on Jack so he can suck your breasts.” Liz was 6 inches shorter than Jack so when her breasts were high enough for him to suck, there was room for Miranda to begin stroking his cock with one hand and Liz’s pussy with the other.

As he eagerly licked and sucked first one and then the other of Liz’s breasts, he felt his own arousal matching hers. He had no idea how long he might hold out cumming or if he wanted to hold out. All he did know is that he was on sensory overload.

The same was true of Liz. She had never had any boy lick and suck her breasts so enthusiastically. In fact, with the exception of a very clumsy and disappointing experience, she’d not had any sex with any boy. The only satisfying sex she had had was with herself, Beverly or Miranda. With Miranda’s guidance, their inexperience was made up for.

As Jack’s excitement rose, so did Liz’s and Miranda’s. Miranda began pumping herself with three then four fingers as she pumped Jack and watch the two youngsters lustfully attack each other. Liz’s hands were all over Jack and one deeply fucking herself.

Then almost without warning, Liz tensed, and began to yelp sort of. “Ye’, ye’, ye'” then to shake to the point Jack couldn’t keep her breast in his mouth. Then Miranda could feel it. His cock swole up and began to twitch. Miranda dove down to place it in her mouth not wanting to waste a drop of cum.

To her surprise it was not just Jack’s cum she got. Liz began to explode and squirt uncontrollably as Jack’s first shot of cum was unleashed nearly blowing her head off. She swallowed. He kept coming. She swallowed and he shot again. It seemed to her that each shot was as big as the one before.

For his part, Jack was yelling, “Oh, fuck!” over and over again. He’d never quite felt like this before and thought maybe he was going to die. Then everything went dark and his head rolled back on the couch and he was still.

Miranda was busy cleaning up. She had planned to save some cum for Liz but by the time Liz quit squirting and Jack passed out, she’d had too much juices to think. But was she ever turned on.

She pulled her head out from under Liz and saw Jack passed out and turned to Liz. “You got to help me,” she desperately said.

Liz looked at her a bit confused but said, “What?”

“Eat me! Now! Please!” replied Miranda breathlessly and lay down on the floor with legs splayed.

Liz dove in to the breach and began licking Miranda’s folds and going about it slowly as she had been taught. Miranda cried, “No, do my clit, stick your fingers in and do my G-spot. Hurry, I’m going to die if I don’t cum too.”

Liz obliged flicking at Miranda’s clit as fast as her tongue could go and running her fingers into her pussy and stroking her G-spot. In a few seconds the G-spot was partially protruding from Miranda’s vaginal opening a sure sign Liz was about to accomplish her task. Almost on cue, Miranda began to mutter incoherently and cry. Then her hips shot up and forced against Liz’s mouth. Liz responded by flicking faster, then anal breakers porno Miranda began to shake and to squirt like crazy nearly drowning Liz. Liz quickly began to cover the squirts and drink up Miranda’s nectar.

Jack had recovered consciousness and was watching the lusty behavior of Miranda and Liz. He’d never seen anything like it in person. Just porn, but this was too incredible and too stimulating for him. When he regained consciousness his cock was flaccid or nearly so, now it was beginning to get hard again. He was not sure if he could take any more, but who was he to complain. He was pretty sure he was having a unique experience.

Once Miranda was recovering from her climax, the two women crawled into each other’s arms and just lay there until they regained their senses and realized they were leaving Jack out. Miranda reached up and took his hand and said, “Join us, Jack.”

He got down on the floor with them and soon found himself entangled in the arms and legs of his now two favorite women in the world.

The three had fallen asleep on the floor and slept for 15 to 20 minutes. Cum drying on all of them. Drool coming from each mouth and gathering on the skin of one or the other. Had it not been for them all being quite satisfied, it would have been a disgusting site.

Miranda was the first to wake and she began to caress the other two who eventually woke also. Jack said, “Wow! What a birthday!”

“It’s not over yet, buddy,” responded Liz.

“What else is there to do?” Jack asked.

“Next is anatomy class or maybe anatomy 2 since I’ve already passed you on breast sucking,” replied Miranda.

“Anatomy?” Jack queried. “I’m not much good at that.”

“Oh, I think you’ll find it quite fascinating and do very well. Liz, honey, sit up on the couch and let me give Jack a guided tour of your pussy.”

Liz complied and Miranda told Jack to move in close enough to touch Liz.

Jack did as told, eager for the lesson.

“OK, Jack, while women look very straight forward, they aren’t. One thing men, or most men, do not know is that women have the only organ meant for one thing only and that is pleasure. We have a clitoris but it is more than the little bump you see here.” (She pointed to the little bump at the top of the pussy slit.) “But before we get to all that notice some things. Use your fingers to open her up. That’s it. Now you can see there are two lips, we call them the outer and inner. Then you can see the opening to her vagina. In essence all of this is what we call the pussy. Then up here at the top sitting in a little nest is her clitoris. Liz is lucky, hers is more prominent than most. Mine is less so. Now, put two fingers in her vagina and feel around.”

Jack did as instructed excited to do something he had so long wanted to do. While he had dated a fair amount, the farthest he had gone with any of the girls was feeling and sucking her breasts. That he had to do it with her bra and blouse still on. Not what he had longed for, this morning he had gotten far more than he ever expected and this was too much. His cock responded with great excitement. Miranda saw his excitement and wrapped her hand around his cock.

“Well, Liz, we got him all woke up again,” she said with a smile.

“Oh, good! Maybe he can use it on me in a few minutes.”

“Down girl. Not so fast. We are going to take this nice and slow,” Miranda said with a bit of emphasis.

Jack was still feeling around in Liz’s vagina. Liz was also getting aroused again, when Miranda again gave instructions.

“OK, Jack, turn your hand palm up. Now stick your fingers in as far as possible. If you can, and you should be able to because your hands are big, move your fingers around and you can feel a place that is hard or somewhat hard compared to all the rest of the tissue.”

He did and nodded his head and grunted.

“Now can you feel that it is like a doughnut?”

He nodded again.

“OK. That is her cervix. It is the opening to her uterus through which sperm travels to impregnate her if she is not protected. She and I are. No babies here. It is also very sensitive. Stick your finger in the hole in the middle.”

He did and Liz let out a deep groan. He smiled.

“Now move your fingers sort of in a come here shape towards the opening to her vagina. You will notice a pillow shaped or nut shaped place about an inch or two in.”

He nodded again and Liz groaned louder.

“That’s her G-Spot. Now just move your finger back and forth over the pillow and around it. Liz you tell him where it feels best. Not all girls are sensitive in exactly the same place.”

Jack did as instructed and Liz responded with “That’s really good” or “That’s not so good” to create a map. They determined she was far more sensitive to the right from her point of view and on the upper side from her point of view. She was also getting very excited as was he. Miranda could feel his cock grow harder and bigger, probably about to go. Liz was breathing heavier and beginning to thrust her hips up into his hand.

“Miranda, can he just fuck me?”

“No, honey, that will wait for the final gift tonight. If you want you can suck him off and I’ll eat you out.”

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