Jack’s Education Ch. 18

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Jack woke up early the next morning and went to shower before he dressed for school. As he showered he reflected on what had been another wild weekend. He wondered if he hadn’t dreamed it all, but the slight soreness of his cock told him it had really happened. As he carefully washed his prick, he examined it more closely as it really did seem bigger than before, even when soft. “Well, buddy-boy, you did well,” he softly said. It was true, for in the last ten days he had not only lost his virginity to Tim’s mother, but had fucked Tim’s sister as well as a number of other teenage girls!

As he rode with his mother to school, he thought again about Mary and how she had taken a liking to him. He felt as if he had come close to getting her to let him fuck her, and she would have been his first virgin! She had given him a sweet kiss when she left, a kiss that was full of promise, giving him every indication that they would soon get together and hopefully take care of their unfinished business. Of course that was what he hoped, especially after Jeff had given his word that he would try to make sure that whenever she was ready to lose her cherry, Jack would be the one to get it. In any event, he felt that Mary might want to choose him anyway. He decided that he would definitely try to get to talk to Mary at school that day.

Maria dropped him off at school, telling him she would probably be working late that night, as she had to go to dinner with clients. This was not an unusual situation and he was used to getting his own dinner. It would fit in with his plans for tonight, as he was going to meet with the guys for some more voyeuristic activities.

Before classes began he started looking for Mary, but he did not see her before the bell rang for his first class. He looked for her at the lunch break, but couldn’t find her or her brother Jeff. It was about midway through the first class of the afternoon when Jack happened to look up and saw a dark-haired girl, who he didn’t remember seeing in his class before, looking right at him. When she caught his eye, she started running her tongue over her lips, which she had glossed, giving them a wet, sexy look. Jack’s cock immediately started to stir in his pants, and it grew even harder when she winked at him, before returning her eyes to her book. Jack did the same, but couldn’t concentrate very well and very soon he raised his head up again, only to find that she was looking at him again!

When she saw him looking at her she turned her head away, but Jack kept his eyes on her to see if she would look at him again. She started to write in her notebook, but as she did she opened her legs, her mini-skirt rising over her thighs and he could make out a flash of her red panties. As he continued to watch she spread her legs wider, dropping her hand into her lap and slowly ran it up the inside of her knee, up to where the skirt ended. His cock was fully hard now as he watched her caress her thigh in a rhythmic motion and a smile came over her face as she looked over at him, licking her lips again. The girl knew she was teasing him, and as she continued to run her hands along her thigh, her skirt rode higher, and now Jack could see her red panties fully, a small wet spot forming in the center of them.

Jack was so intent on watching the girl that he did not see the teacher, Miss Hamilton, approaching him. Miss Hamilton was in her forties, and always dressed in dowdy, loose-fitting clothes with her hair tied up in a bun. The effect of this, together with the fact that she wore large, horn-rimmed glasses, made her look like a typical school-ma’am from the mid-fifties. She had noticed that Jack was not writing, so she had come over to his desk to investigate, and he was startled when he heard her voice in his ear.

“What’s wrong, Jack? Is there something you don’t understand about the assignment?”

“N-no, M-Miss Hamilton,” Jack stuttered. “It’s just that I couldn’t find my notebook, but I’ve got it now.”

Miss Hamilton looked closely at him, and then over at the girl, who had pulled her skirt back down to her knees, and was rapidly writing in her notebook. This was the closest that Jack had ever been this close to Miss Hamilton and he realized for the first time that she actually had very large tits hidden beneath her baggy sweater! He still had a partial erection from watching the girl and it strengthened again as he looked at Miss Hamilton’s melons. He only hoped that the teacher had not noticed the large bulge in his pants!

Having satisfied herself that Jack was working diligently on his assignment the teacher returned to the front of the class and Jack glanced again over at the girl, who smiled and winked at him again. A few minutes later the bell for the end of the period rang and Miss Hamilton said, “That’s all for today, class. Make sure you complete your homework assignments in time for tomorrow’s class.” The students started to pack up their books, and then Miss Hamilton said, “Oh, one more thing. Heather poker oyna Nelson and Jack Johnson, please report to my office after the last class today!” With that she got up from her seat and swept out of the classroom.

Jack just sat there, almost stunned at hearing his name called out like that, wondering what Miss Hamilton wanted him for. He asked himself, ‘Who is Heather Nelson and why is she being summoned with me? I don’t even know who she is.’ Suddenly it dawned on him that it could have been the girl he didn’t recognize who had teased him during class. Had Miss Hamilton seen what had been going on? Jack turned to speak to the girl, but she had already left.

Jack stood up and slowly left the room, still deep in thought about what trouble he might be in. Somehow he got through the rest of the classes without further incident, but although he looked for the dark-haired girl, he didn’t see her the rest of the day. He really wanted to talk to her to see if she was really interested in him.

After the bell rang to signify the end of classes for the day, Jack put away his things in his locker and made his way to Miss Hamilton’s private office in the school administration building. He knocked tentatively on her door, but heard no reply. He knocked again, a little louder, and then heard Miss Hamilton call from within, “Come in!” whereupon he opened the door and nervously entered.

“Please take a seat, Jack,” she said, quietly, indicating two chairs arranged wide apart in front of her desk. “Where’s Heather?”

“I don’t know,” Jack replied, truthfully. “To be honest, I don’t even know who she is.”

Miss Hamilton raised her eyebrows at this comment, but before she could reply, there was a faint knock at the door. Miss Hamilton went to the door and opened it, and there stood the mystery girl who had been teasing Jack during Miss Hamilton’s class.

“Ah, there you are, Heather. I was just wondering where you were!”

“I’m sorry, Miss Hamilton, I had difficulty finding the right building.”

“Yes, I know it’s difficult when you’re a new student,” Miss Hamilton said, sympathetically, as she closed and locked the door. “I’ll lock the door so we won’t be disturbed while we discuss this rather sensitive matter. Er, I believe you two know each other?”

“Not really,” Heather said.

“Oh? Then let me introduce you properly. Jack Johnson… Heather Nelson.”

Jack and Heather nodded at each other, without saying anything, and Jack thought he detected a slight blush on Heather’s face.

“OK, Heather, take a seat,” Miss Hamilton instructed and Heather sat down next to Jack.

“All right now,” Miss Hamilton continued. “The reason you are both here is that I want to know what was going on in class this morning between the two of you. I thought then that you were probably boy-friend and girl-friend, but now I gather that is not the case?”

“No,” said Jack. “I’d never seen her before this morning!”

“Well, I suppose that’s possible, since Heather has only been here a few days,” responded Miss Hamilton. “So, what was going on?”

“I’m not sure I know what you mean, Miss Hamilton,” Jack replied.

“Oh, come on, Jack, I wasn’t born yesterday! I know something was going on, because I’ve never seen you behave that way in class before.”

As Miss Hamilton spoke she was emphasizing her words with movement of her hands, which was causing her ample tits to jiggle underneath her sweater. Jack was mesmerized by them, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off them, wondered if she was had on a bra under there.

“Something like what, Miss Hamilton?” Heather said, with an innocent expression on her face.

“Something was causing Jack to be distracted, and I’m pretty sure it was something you were doing, Heather,” Miss Hamilton said, with a severe look at her. “Now, either you tell me what you were doing, or I will have to report you to the principal. I’m sure you don’t want to get in that kind of trouble your first week, do you?”

Heather looked at her, and then at Jack, her lip starting to tremble. Jack felt his heart go out to her, and then he said, “Look, Heather, we’d better tell her. I don’t want to get into any deeper trouble. Shall I tell her my side of the story?” Heather nodded, reluctantly agreeing to his suggestion.

“OK, Miss Hamilton, it’s like this. When I sat down in class this morning, I immediately noticed this girl sitting across from me. I didn’t remember seeing her before, but I really liked what I saw. I tried to catch her eye, but she was looking very attentively at what you were saying……”

Heather had been wriggling uncomfortably in her chair while Jack was talking, but she interrupted him at that point, saying, “Jack, I really can’t let you take the blame for this. Miss Hamilton, if I tell you what really happened, it won’t go any further than this room? I know you might punish me, but you won’t report me to the principal, will you?”

Miss Hamilton looked at her sternly and canlı poker oyna said, “Heather, if I feel you’re telling me the truth, I will deal with you myself. If, however, I sense that you are lying to try to wiggle out of this situation, I will have no choice but to take it further. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Miss Hamilton,” Heather replied. “I promise I’ll tell you the truth.”

“OK, go ahead. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Well, it’s like this. When I saw Jack come into the classroom, I was immediately attracted to him. He had such an air of confidence about him that I found very sexy, and I didn’t want to waste any time before I let him know I was interested in him.”

“So what did you do?”

“I tried to catch his eye, and when he finally looked at me, I licked my lips in the sexiest way I could manage. When I had his attention, I winked at him before returning to my book.”

“But that wasn’t all, was it?”

“No. When I was sure he was looking I pulled up my skirt and opened my legs so he could see my red panties. Then I started rubbing my legs, imagining it was him, and I started to get wet sexy feelings.”

“I see. So, Jack, she got your attention, didn’t she?”

“Yes. I couldn’t help but excited watching her.”

“Yes, I’d noticed that! Well, now, you know I can’t allow such wanton behavior in my class, so I’m going to have to punish you both.”

Heather looked contritely down, while Jack wondered what would happen next.

Miss Hamilton said in a much louder voice, almost barking the command. “Stand up, both of you!”

They obeyed immediately and Miss Hamilton continued, “Now, whatever I tell you to do, you must do without question, however strange it may feel. Understood?”

They nodded, although they had quizzical looks on their faces. “Yes, Miss Hamilton,” Heather said.

“OK, then. Heather, let’s start with you. Take off your skirt and blouse!” Heather blushed slightly and then slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. “Come on, girl, we haven’t got all day!” Miss Hamilton said, rather crossly. Heather unhooked her skirt, letting it drop to the floor and then shrugged her blouse off her shoulders, leaving her standing there in just her red bra and panties. All through this interview Jack had been looking at Miss Hamilton’s boobs, imagining what it would be like to hold them in his hands, which in itself was making his cock harden. Now he wasn’t sure where to look, with an attractive young lady standing next to him in only her underwear.

Miss Hamilton next order caused him great consternation, especially with a full-blown hard on in his pants! “Now you, Jack! Drop your pants!” Jack followed her orders, somewhat reluctant to expose himself in such an environment, even though he had become very proud of his penis over the last few days. He undid his belt, unfastened the top button and unzipped his pants, letting them drop around his ankles. He was sure both pairs of eyes in the room could see he was hard, but he wasn’t ashamed of it.

“All right, now turn to face each other. Jack, I think you’d better remove your shirt, too!” Jack did so, leaving him clad in only his under shorts. “OK, Jack, that’s fine! Now, remember you have to do as I say. Without question!”

“Yes, Miss Hamilton, we remember,” Jack said, nervous about what was coming next.

“Good. Both of you – drop your drawers!”

Both students were stunned to hear their teacher say this, but nevertheless they complied and seconds later Jack was left standing there, completely nude, his hard cock standing out proudly for all to see, while Heather’s pubic area was also exposed, although she was still wearing her bra. They looked at each other, slightly embarrassed about their nudity, but nevertheless curious about the other’s body.

“Good!” Miss Hamilton said. “Now you can each see what the other has in their pants, so it won’t be a matter of any further curiosity, will it?”

“No, Miss Hamilton,” Heather whispered hoarsely, unable to take her eyes off Jack’s cock as it stood up so stiffly.

“OK, one last thing, and then you can get dressed again. Heather, put your hand around Jack’s cock and rub it gently.” Heather did so, and then it became obvious to the others that this was not the first time she had done something like this, as she handled it quite expertly until a bead of pre-cum appeared at the tip.

“OK, that’s good, Heather, that’s enough! Now it’s your turn, Jack. Put your index finger gently on Heather’s pussy, and just rub it until you feel it is wet.” Jack, although feeling a little strange about doing such an act in front a teacher, reached forward and placed his finger along Heather’s slit and then felt her juices on his finger. He shifted his thumb so that it touched Heather’s clit and he felt it harden. He was about to slip his finger into her pussy when Miss Hamilton intervened.

“All right, Jack, that’ll do! You may both get dressed now, but listen to what I have to internet casino say. Now you have properly introduced yourselves to each other, you may well wish to get to know each other better, but it should not be during class. If I ever catch you doing anything remotely like you did today, I will repeat today’s punishment, but it won’t be behind closed doors, but in front of the whole class! Do I make myself clear?”

They both nodded as they finished putting their clothes back on. “You’re both over eighteen, aren’t you?” They nodded yes, so she continued, “Are either of you sexually active? Jack?”

Jack nodded again, confirming he was, and then Heather, blushing a deep shade of red, replied, “Yes, Miss Hamilton, I am too!”

“I thought as much,” Miss Hamilton replied. “I think it would be in your best interests for you to attend the next Sex Ed session I shall be conducting, and I expect for both of you to be there. Building 5, tomorrow at 4.30, and don’t be late!” Miss Hamilton went over to the door and unlocked it. “You may go now, see you tomorrow!”

Heather went first and Jack was about to follow when Miss Hamilton said, as if she had just remembered something, “Oh, Jack, I almost forgot. There’s one other matter I need to see you about. It shouldn’t take too long.” She indicated for him to sit down again and after she locked the door again, Miss Hamilton moved to the front of her desk and perched herself right there in front of Jack. This brought her chest in direct line with his face and, try as he might, he couldn’t drag his eyes away from her huge boobs. That is, until she placed a finger under his chin and lifted his head up so that Jack was looking at her face.

“Jack, I need to ask you a very personal question,” Miss Hamilton said. “I hope you won’t be offended by it, but I need a completely honest answer.”

“What is it, Miss Hamilton?”

“Well, what I want to know is if your penis is always erect, or was there something that was exciting you? I noticed you were erect in class, and you were fully erect when you dropped your pants in here. And now,” she said dropping her eyes down to his crotch, “it appears you are still hard, are you not?’

“Yes, I am.”

“So, why is that, Jack?”


“Of course.”

“Frankly, Miss Hamilton, it’s your breasts. They are so big, I can’t help looking at them, and then I get excited.”

“I’d noticed that you were looking at them all through this interview.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Miss Hamilton. It’s just that I was fascinated by the way they were jiggling when you spoke.”

“And you found that sexually stimulating?”

“Yes, I did.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Jack. It’s perfectly normal for a teenage boy to be interested in a woman’s body. I suppose you want to know what they really look like?”

“Yes, I really would, Miss Hamilton.”

“Well, now it’s my turn to confess something, Jack.”


“Yes, I do. I really have to get it off my chest, so to speak,” Miss Hamilton said, smiling at him for the first time since Jack had first stepped into her office. “Before class started this morning, I overheard some girls talking about you.”

“About me?” Jack said, wondering what was coming next.

“Yes, you. And do you know what they were saying?”

“Not really.”

“Well, the jist of their conversation was that, how did they put it? Oh, yes, they said you had a beautiful cock!”


“That’s just what they said! Quite frankly it made me very curious, so I must confess I set this up so I could see for myself!” Jack was struck speechless by this, and Miss Hamilton continued, “And, quite frankly, when I saw it, I had to agree with them! Furthermore, just as my breasts excite you, the sight of your erection excited me! I’m still wet down there, actually.”

Jack couldn’t believe his ears! Was his teacher really telling him she was sexually attracted to him? What was she saying? Where was this leading? He didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Jack, I don’t know if you know, but I’m leaving at the end of this term to get married, so I’m probably not going to get a better chance than this to feel a cock like yours. My fiancé is an extremely nice man, but he doesn’t measure up to you! I’m extremely turned on right now, so please drop your pants so I can see that lovely dick again!”

Jack stood up to unbuckle his belt and then unzipped his pants, and then to his surprise Miss Hamilton stood up, removed her glasses and then reached behind her head to untie her hair from the tight bun. As she shook her hair loosely over her shoulders, she suddenly looked much younger. When she pulled her baggy sweater off over her head, Jack finally could see how big her breasts really were and his cock immediately became fully erect again. He had a great view of the tops of her breasts which were barely held in place by a white bra. As he dropped his pants to the floor, Miss Hamilton unclasped the front of her bra, and pulled it off. She took his hands in hers and guided them on to her massive tits. They were smooth and heavy, with large round brown colored nipples that responded and became hard when he ran his hands over them.

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