Jasmine’s New Life

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Jasmine was nervous. She really needed this job, and she didn’t want to mess things up. She had applied for the assistant position awhile ago. Knowing that it would take time, she had waited with hope and trepidation wondering if someone would call. When the phone had rung that day, she’d been as docile as possible answering the questions, but when she had hung up, she’d jumped for joy. This was her big break, her one time to get the job of her dreams.

Entering the building, she was intimidated by the size. Knowing that she would be watched through the entire process, Jasmine kept a smile on her face, one she hoped looked real. Walking up to the front desk she told the receptionist she was there for a job interview. The woman looked at Jasmine kindly and asked her to take a seat. As Jasmine sat in the chair waiting, she watched the people walk in and out. One particular person caught her eye, a man. He had short blonde hair, a wonderful smile, and eyes that you could lose yourself in. He nodded at the receptionist saying he was going for lunch and would be back soon. Jasmine watched him walk out the door, thinking to herself that he was way out of her league. For one, he was fit and handsome, for another he appeared to be well built from head to toe. Jasmine was a plus size woman who hadn’t had a lot of interest from the opposite gender. She got along fine with her fingers and toys. However, she couldn’t help but notice he had an ass of steel to look at.

After a few minutes, a woman walked toward Jasmine from the elevator. She seemed to be very put together, her clothes and hair very stylish and her attitude very professional. Training her eyes on Jasmine, she walked over to her. “Miss Walters, I’m Chrissie. I’m here to take you to your meeting. Would you follow me, please?”

Jasmine stood on shaky legs, thinking if she had to look like that to be an assistant she’d never make it. Following Chrissie to the elevator and up the stairs, Jasmine was even more nervous. How was she going to add up? She had long light brown hair that was wavy unless she brushed it. Her body was curvaceous and full, more than any runway model. Her eyes were blue grey but often turned green or hazel depending on the day. She was a hard worker, but would any one at this office take that into consideration?

Chrissie led Jasmine to a conference room, surrounded by windows. There was a large table in the room with chairs around it. There were two men already sitting in chairs, looking at paperwork in front of them. Chrissie led Jasmine into this room, clearing her throat, “Ahem, gentlemen, this is Miss Jasmine Walters. She is your next interview. May I get you something to drink Miss Walters, tea, coffee, water?”

“No,” Jasmine replied. “I’m fine, thank you for offering though.” Jasmine walked toward the men, butterflies in her stomach. Her easy smile still pasted on her face. She was walking into a time bomb, she knew it, but she was willing to try her best. Waiting until one of the men asked her to be seated; Jasmine looked around the room, admiring the art.

“Miss Walters, please be seated. We are waiting on one more person before we start the interview, make yourself comfortable. We will be with you as soon as he arrives.”

“Thank you,” Jasmine said as she took a seat across from the men. Hoping that the other person would get here soon, Jasmine did her best not to fidget. She had lost herself in her own thoughts when she heard someone clearing their voice.

“Sorry, I’m late. I went to get some lunch and it took a little longer then I expected. Please excuse my tardiness, gentlemen.” Jasmine looked up and found herself staring into the eyes of the blonde, well built man she had watched leave the building not a half hour before. ‘Oh god,’ she thought. How am I going to get through this interview, when I am going to be thinking about how handsome and perfect he looks? Jasmine nodded her head, acknowledging his look, hoping he wouldn’t gaze at her as intensely while the interview was taking place.

“Hi, Miss Walters, please forgive my tardiness. My name is Nate. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Jasmine stood up and shook the hand he had offered. “Nice to meet you, Nate, please, call me Jasmine.”

“So, Jasmine, I understand you have submitted your application along with your resume for an assistant position we have open. We will be asking you quite a few questions during the interview, and we ask you to be honest with your answers. Let’s get started.”


Jasmine had gone home with nervous jitters, making it near impossible to get anything done. She wanted that job, but not only that, she couldn’t get Nate out of her head. His smile, his looks, his voice, all of it made her attracted to him in the worst way. He was a dream come true. A man she could lose herself lusting over for hours on end while she brought her body to satisfaction over and over again. She didn’t know where she’d be working in the building, but she hoped it would be close enough to him that she would be able to see him.

Several days passed and Jasmine grew anxious. cumlouder porno She tried not to stay by the phone, but it was hard. Her desire for the job was great, and her desire to work close to Nate was even greater. Three days after the interview, her phone rang. Her dreams had come true. She was hired for the job. They wanted her to report into work on Monday. It was Friday, so she had two more days to wait, but she made it through.

Monday morning dawned bright and early. Jasmine was up out of bed ready with the rising of the sun. She dressed in a black skirt that went to just above her knees white lace bra and underwear set, a white silky dress shirt and black flats. She was tall enough at 5’11”. She didn’t need to wear high heels and tower over anyone. Getting into her car, Jasmine drove to the office. She wasn’t sure where she was going once she got there, so she walked up to the receptionist again and told her she was starting a new job today. The receptionist directed her to the second floor office three.

Jasmine found her way to the office and opened the door. It didn’t appear that anyone was there, so she went to the only desk in the room and put her purse down. Then she sat down to wait. Ten minutes later Jasmine was drifting in her thoughts, wondering where Nate worked, when he walked through the door. He stopped abruptly when he saw her. Their eyes connected, and Jasmine tried desperately to take a breath. He was more relaxed today in dress slacks and a collared shirt, no tie or jacket.

“Oh, Jasmine, I’m sorry. I should have been here early today to get you started. Unfortunately, I got caught up at home. Please bring a pad of paper and a pen and come into my office.” Nate walked toward the only other door in the office and went through. Jasmine saw that there was a larger office behind that door. Quickly looking through the desk for a pad of paper and pen, Jasmine got to her feet, straightened her skirt and shirt and walked into Nate’s office.

“Please, take a seat, Jasmine. Here is the deal; you were hired to be my assistant. I expect a cup of coffee every morning when I get here. I want you to be nicely dressed much like you are today, and I want you to feel free to ask any questions you may have. Everything else we will cover as it comes up, ok?” Jasmine nodded her head, letting him know she understood. “Ok then, here is what I need you to do for me today.”

Jasmine worked steadily every day for several weeks. Things were going great; at least Nate hadn’t rebuked her for any wrong doing. She knew exactly how he liked his coffee, and exactly when he usually arrived. She had also noticed that he was hard working and diligent in his job. The people he worked with showed him respect. She knew that he tended to be a little more relaxed on days where there were fewer face to face appointments, and she knew he was always polite.

Jasmine had noticed other things about him too. He was sexy at all times during the day. His eyes were always intense when she looked into them, and his voice could melt her heart’s resistance in an instant. He was dangerous for her, but everything about the man appealed to her womanly lusts. She often went home and fantasized about her boss. Many nights she would remember the timber of his voice, and dream about how he would say her name if they were making love. At times she honestly believed she was obsessed. She craved his attention and wanted so much more then he gave, but no matter how much she craved it, she received the same amount of attention as every one else. Then one day, everything went down hill.

It was Friday. Jasmine knew that Nate had a luncheon meeting today. So, she had something special planned for her own lunch. In the morning, her nerves were so tight thinking about what lunch would bring. No one seemed to notice, but she jumped at every little noise, acting as though she had already been caught. When lunch came and she saw Nate walk out of the office, she got up from her desk, peeked out her office door making sure he got on the elevator and then went into his office.

Jasmine shut Nate’s office’s door and took a deep breath. She could smell him, her Nate. Wanting to feel like he was with her, she went to his computer and looked for a picture. She found one taken not too long ago and stared longingly at him. He was the hottest, sexiest man she’d ever laid eyes on. She wanted him with every ounce of her soul. Sitting in his chair, Jasmine stared at her boss’s picture for quite a few minutes. She closed her eyes and imagined his voice, breathed in his smell, felt the warmth he had left in his chair. She could feel the moisture building between her legs. She had known it would feel good to be here, to feel his presence around her.

Slowly, Jasmine reached her hands down to the hem of her skirt. She began sliding it up her legs, opening herself inch by inch the higher her skirt moved. She had worn thigh high stockings that day so that her pussy was available for her plans. Standing up, Jasmine brought her skirt up around her waist and pulled her underwear down. czech amateurs porno It was a blue silky thong with some lace trim at the top. She dropped them on the floor and sat back down. Putting her feet on Nate’s desk she spread her legs open. Her pussy had been seeping her juices all day, and her clit and thighs were slick with her dew. Jasmine unbuttoned her blouse until it exposed her bra, a blue lace under-wire that matched her thong panties, and held up her 42DD breasts.

Slowly pulling down the cup on each breast, she exposed her nipples to the air conditioning in the room. Oooohhh, her nipples perked up to the air. She wiggled in the chair, knowing that the air on her sensitive breasts was causing sensations to become stronger in her wet cunt. Jasmine brought her left hand up to her breast and began kneading each in turn. Her breasts were one of the most sensitive spots on her body. Her right hand traveled over her stomach down to her clit. She slowly began circling her clit, just barely touching it. The stimulation and the dangerous situation had her close to climax almost before she had started.

Pinching her nipple, Jasmine arched her back. She was so hot and horny. The fingers moved from her clit down to her lips. Parting her folds, she pushed a finger into her love-box. It was covered in her moisture. She began rubbing her finger in and out making herself squirm. “Oh god, I am so naughty. I want my boss’s cock inside of me. I want Nate’s fingers touching me. I want him loving my body, drinking in my offering”

Jasmine stirred her body to even higher sensation with her voiced thoughts. She put a second finger inside of her and then a third. Her juices were dripping off her folds and her fingers unto the chair. She was so wet. Her desire for Nate was gripping her mind. She rammed her three fingers into her cunt, wanting it to be him, needing it to be him. She massaged her breast, pinching her nipples, bringing one to her mouth, suckling, wishing it was his mouth, his hand. Frigging herself faster, harder, Jasmine began to groan. “OHhhh shit, oh yes, yes, yes. Oh yes, Nate, Jasmine is cumming for you, yesssssssss.” She cried, her orgasm causing her release to squirt out all over her legs and his chair, and some onto his desk.

“Oh fuck, I wasn’t planning on this big of a mess.” Glancing at the clock Jasmine realized she had five minutes before Nate was due back at the office. “Shit!” She ran out to her desk, grabbing some paper towel from the coffee area, she ran back to his chair and wiped as best she could. It was leather, so she waved her hand over it, willing the extra breeze to help it dry. She wiped off his desk and took a second to sop up her legs and pussy before running out to her desk and sitting down. Taking the computer off the screen saver and opening a letter she had been working on, she finished seconds before her boss walked into the office.

“Hey, Jasmine, that meeting was long and didn’t go as expected. I’m going to go into the office, and actually eat something, hold all my calls please; I don’t want to be disturbed.”

“Yes, sir,” Jasmine replied. When he’d walked into his office and shut the door she let out the breath she’d been holding. ‘Whew’ she thought as she went back to work with the largest smile on her face. She felt so close to him now.

Nate walked into his office thinking about the meeting he had just had. It hadn’t gone the way he had wanted. He had some extra work he needed to do, but he needed a break. The guy was a pain in the ass to deal with. Taking a deep breath as he walked toward his desk, Nate stopped. Something was different in here, but what was it. He put his briefcase on the desk and took another deep breath. ‘What the hell,’ he thought. His office smelled like pussy. He was turning around to go ask Jasmine if someone had been in his office when he spotted something blue on the floor by his chair. Leaning over, Nate picked it up, holding it in his hands; he unfolded the material and quickly realized it was women’s underwear, a thong to be exact. ‘Interesting,’ he thought, putting the underwear in his pants pocket, he walked over to his office door. Opening it, he looked at Jasmine. “Jasmine, was any one in my office while I was gone on lunch?” he asked.

Jasmine’s head jerked up at his question. Her eyes widened, and she wondered what she’d messed up to make him notice. “Well, sir, umm, yes, I was. I went in there and looked for some notes on this letter you wanted me to write. Did I mess something up?”

“Um, no, you didn’t mess anything up. Were you the only one to go into my office while I was gone?”

“Yes, sir, no one else came by while you were out.”

“Ok, thanks, Jasmine.” Nate walked back into his office closing his door. As soon as he had asked her she had reacted guilty. He’d seen it in her jump, her eyes, and she’d told him she had been in there, no one else. He pulled the thong from his pants and looked at it. He imagined it wrapped around her ass and pussy. She was hot. He’d thought about her constantly since that first day. He’d wanted czech casting porno her then and there, hot uncontrolled sex on the conference table. He brought the panties to his nose and smelled her on them. His cock immediately began to harden. He walked over to his chair and noticed a small wet spot, barely noticeable. Leaning down, he put his nose to the chair and smelled leather combined with her sex juices. His cock grew harder.

Swiping his finger across the small spot, he brought the small amount of wetness to his mouth. Mmmm, from that small amount, he knew she was sweet. Her pussy was perfect. Nate sat down at his desk and noticed the picture of himself up on the screen. Jasmine had gotten off thinking about him, looking at his picture, sitting in his chair. His mind began to wander. He’d wanted her for weeks now. He’d been unable to keep his thoughts off her sweet ass and her beautiful large breasts. He wanted to touch her, taste her, love her. He needed to find a way to have her.

Nate spent the rest of the day thinking, not about his luncheon meeting, but about his assistant, Jasmine, his Jasmine. At the end of the day he asked Jasmine if she could stay and work overtime. She readily agreed, and he dictated some thoughts and notes to her. “Please make sure all of those things get done in the morning, Jasmine.”

“Yes, sir, first thing in the morning they will be done. Is that all for the day, sir?”

“No, Jasmine, please put your stuff away at your desk and then come back in here. I need to talk to you.” Nate waited as patiently as possible for Jasmine to do as he asked. She returned and sat across from him. “Jasmine, today when I got back from lunch I found something. Do you know what it was?”

Jasmine sat in the chair, puzzled by his question. She was sure that she had left everything as she had found it. Squirming in her seat, Jasmine thought hard about all that had happened. Feeling her thighs rub together, she gasped. Her head came up and her eyes locked with his, her panties, her blue thong. She’d taken it off and dropped it to the floor when she’d stood up. She saw the acknowledgement in his eyes and knew that was the item that had been out of place. ‘Oh god,’ she brought her hands up to cover her face in mortification. “I am so sorry, sir. I … I…. I … I’m sorry.” Her head lowered, and a few tears leaked out from her eye. She had wanted, needed, craved her boss, his body, his mind, his kiss, his cock. She’d fantasized and cum murmuring his name… Nate, and now, she had ruined her chances.

Nate watched her reaction. His heart melted at the sign of those few tears. She didn’t know that he was guilty of getting off while thinking of her. He’d used his memory of her to jerk off and find release more times then he could remember. Every day he thought about her, dreamed about her, and craved her luscious body to be wrapped around him. Slowly, so as not to frighten her, Nate stood up and walked around his desk. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her body up off the chair, and brought her to his side of the desk. Sitting back down in his chair, he wrapped his hands around her hips and pulled her unto his lap. He brought her head to his shoulder and cradled her to his body.

Without knowing it, Jasmine molded her body to fit his. He felt so warm, so hard, and so perfect. She couldn’t make herself give up this dream come true. She felt his left arm around her lower back. His left hand rested on her left hip. His right hand was stroking softly back and forth over her right thigh. He was comforting her, taking care of her. She raised her head from his shoulder and looked into his eyes. She saw the desire, the wanting in his eyes. Their gazes locked as she lowered her mouth towards his. Her left hand came up and cupped his cheek and jaw, caressing his face lightly with her fingers. She lowered her gaze to his sensuous lips and brought her mouth closer to his.

His left hand disappeared from her hip and was found at the back of her head. He pulled her head to his, bringing her full lips to his. They kissed, slowly, sensually. His tongue darted out and licked across the seam of her mouth. She breathed in, he thrust his tongue into her, wanting, needing her taste. His tongue grazed along hers, tasting her mouth with thoroughness.

Jasmine moaned into his mouth. Her body relaxed against him. He was making love to her mouth. She let him plunge into her over and over. Feeling her body melt with need and surge with desire at the same time. She let her hand travel down his throat down his chest. She rubbed her hand over his hard chest, loving the feel of his body beneath and around hers. She slowly undid the buttons on his shirt, drawing away from his mouth to look deeply into his eyes.

His hands came up to mimic her actions. He began to undo the buttons on her blouse, slowly exposing her creamy skin. She shuddered when his hand snaked in and caressed her throat and collar bone, lightly grazing the top swells of her breast. Nate pulled Jasmine’s shirt out of her skirt, undoing the buttons on the cuffs, he began pulling her shirt off her shoulders. Nate brought his mouth to her neck, licking, sucking and nibbling as his hands took her shirt off her shoulders and arms until her top was covered only in her blue bra. ‘God she was beautiful.’ Her breasts were full and ripe, and he hadn’t even seen them yet.

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