Jennifer, the Cumbucket Ch. 02

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Jennnifer pulled the comforter over the corners of the bed, smoothed out the wrinkles, stepped back and examined her work. Satisfied the bed was made and that the rest of her dormroom was clean, she began the task of picking out something to wear to the party tonight. Tonight we be really fun, she thought, because her younger sister Katie was coming up for the weekend.

Katie was a senior in high school and was in the process of checking out colleges to attend and this was her weekend to check out the school her sister raved about. Jennifer was intent on showing her a great time and what better way to start it off then to take her to a frat party? Jennifer pulled various outfits from her tiny closet and held them against her body in front of the mirror, trying to find a satisfactory combination. She became frustrated, throwing the clothes to the bed. Finally she stopped and just stood in front of the full-length mirror screwed to the door to her room.

Times like this was when she thought about that day. It seemed like it was yesterday, but in fact it was about nine months ago. She never told anyone how she got the $3,000 and prayed that no one she knew would ever see the disgusting shoot that was featured in a sleazy porn magazine. She only saw it once, and only a few pages at that. The effects and airbrushing job they did on the pictures made it look even more repulsive than it really was at the time, if that was possible.

Jennifer stood in front of the mirror and felt a brief sensation of shame, but looked down to her enlarged 36D breasts, gave them a squeeze and a jiggle and realized one day of getting doused and drowned in a gallon of cum was worth a lifetime of big tits.


Katie knocked on the hard wooden door and her sister quickly flung it opened, screaming.

“Katie!! Ahhh!!.”

“Jennie! Hey babe!”

They embraced each other, thrilled to see the other one after what had seemed like a year. They both let go of the embrace and stepped back to examine each other. Katie instantly noticed her sister’s enlarged chest. She knew she had gotten them done, but hadn’t seen them yet. Jennifer also was darker, the result of endless hours at the tanning salon. She had streaked her blonde hair a shade of darker brown. Jennifer looked really, really good, Katie thought. Hopefully one day I can look as good as her, she hoped.

Jennifer instantly knew that her sister had lost her virginity since she saw her last. A year ago, Katie was incredibly ordinary. She was cute, but by no means flashy. Rarely did she wear makeup and her clothes left a lot to the imagination. But now her little sister had grown her hair out long, down to her shoulders. She was wearing a low-cut, tight white blouse that showed off her own expanding cleavage, although these were due to maturation, not a briefcase full of cash from a porn shoot. And Katie herself had been tanning.

Together, the sisters were two incredible specimens. They spent the next few hours catching up and making plans for the weekend ahead. Katie was dying to ask about the new tits, but resisted, sensing that Jennifer wanted to avoid the topic.


They both fought for a little bit of the mirror, giggling and shoving each other, trying to put the finishing touches on their makeup. Jennifer gave up, allowing her little sister to take full control of the tight space. She walked over to the mirror on the door once again and examined her outfit. The tiny straps looped over her bare shoulders and the top of her white dress fit tightly about three inches above her breasts. The dress was loose at the bottom and rose up above her knees. She stood barefooted, having just finished painting her toenails a dark red.

Katie walked up next to her and once again fought for mirror time. Jennifer gave her a little shove, laughed and gave in again. Katie gave herself the same look-over, tweaking her dress and hair, scraping stray eyelashes off the corner of her eyes. She picked up her purse and pulled out her slut-red lipstick and began to apply it generously. Jennifer noticed the color and wondered how many dicks had been between those lips. She wondered if her sister was any good at sucking cock. Maybe she would find out tonight.


Cars were parked from blocks away and Jennifer instantly knew this was going to be a great party. College students stumbled to and from their cars, if they could find them. Jennifer finally found a place to park and maneuvered the car in. The sisters got out into the street and began walking the long way to the huge frat house. Each time they passed a group of guys one or two drunken frat boys would make a pass at them, telling them how hot they were and what he’d like to do to them. Jennifer had her it all a million times but she knew this was all new to Katie. And it was, indeed. Katie wanted to go make out with the first guy who crossed their paths but knew her sister would disapprove. She was getting the sensation that poker oyna Jennifer had done this many times and that she had turned down hundreds of advances.

Finally they reached the house and Jennifer quickly found one of her friends, Monica. She was in the kitchen, fishing beers out from a large red cooler. Jennifer handed one to Katie and ordered her to drink up.


There were guys everywhere. Katie could barely keep her eyes and attention on one when another would catch her eye. And as many guys were interested in her, there were twice as many looking for attention from her sister. But every time some hot guy would talk to Jennifer, she made it a point to introduce him to Katie. Jennifer did this with a source of pride that marked Katie extremely confident. And once they knew she was still in high school, the drinks came to her in three’s.

One guy after another, drink after drink. Katie had met so many that she had long forgotten their names. Not to mention she was fairly drunk. She saw her sister make out with at least two guys and suspected more whenever she was gone for long periods of time, but she didn’t care. In fact, she wanted to be doing the same.


Katie had to pee, bad. She stumbled through the house, looking for an empty bathroom, but all were locked. She even heard moans coming from behind one door. She thought about her sister and quickly dismissed the thought. Finally she found an open room, one inside some guy’s messy bedroom. She sat down on the toilet and noticed a stack of magazines on the tank behind her. She turned around and grabbed a handful and began to leaf through them….

ESPN….Sports Illustrated….Maxim….Rolling Stone….

…Tight Teen Asses…

Katie, being somewhat incapacitated, was intrigued. She had never seen porn before and thought, what the hell, no one will know. She began to flip through the pages as she peed and saw nothing that she didn’t especially expect. Then she saw something that caught her eye. A group of men standing around a girl. They all had their dicks in their hands and were probably jacking off, Katie decided. Then Katie saw the close-up on the opposite page. She quickly dropped it into her lap, her mouth gaping. She didn’t know whether to look again or not. But she had to be sure. She furiously flipped through pages, trying to find where she had left. She found the page and looked closer. Sure enough, through all the dicks sticking out and white cum covering her face, Katie saw the face of her older sister.


Katie was practically running through the house, although stumbling would be more accurate. Nearly every person she ran into was the same question…

“Have you seen Jennifer?” Katie pleaded.

“Nope, sorry.”

“No. Hey, you want a beer?”

“Aren’t you her younger sister?”

“Go ask that guy, he might know.”

Nothing. Finally she saw Monica, completely hammered, straddling some guy outside on a plastic porch chair.

“Hey, where’s my sister?” Katie asked, half out of breath. Monica knew exactly where she was and what she was doing.

“Go check upstairs, third door on the right,” Monica slurred.

Katie carefully made her way up the steps and down the hallway. She had an idea what her sister was doing, but couldn’t help herself. She found the correct door and decided against knocking. Katie turned the knob and slowly opened the door….


Jennifer was in ecstasy. The cock she was riding was absolutely huge. And Scott knew how to work his hands over her big soft tits. She bounced up and down as hard and as fast as she could, but didn’t want to lose control too much because she wanted to keep the cock that was in her mouth from popping out. Kevin was standing on the bed to her side, with his hand on her head, turning it toward him while he prodded his shaft across her tongue and down her throat. Scott grabbed hold of her thighs to hold her tight as he began to buck his hips up into her. Jennifer moaned, but it came out more of a muffle due to the cock being stuffed down her throat. Kevin began to pump his cock faster in and out of her sopping mouth and he grabbed her by the chin at just the right moment. He pulled his swollen, wet dick out of Jennifer’s mouth and opened her up with his other hand. He furiously stroked his cock and just before he came, he stopped, squeezed the base of his shaft and let loose a massive stream of white jizz onto Jennifer’s waiting tongue. Three more large jets shot out onto her tongue, but Jennifer kept it sticking out. Suddenly, Scott crammed his cock as far as he could into Jennifer and released his own pool of semen into her snatch, screaming as he did so. Jennifer emphatically swallowed the cum in her mouth, but stayed mounted on top of Scott.

Katie was in shock. She stood with the door cracked fairly wide, enough to see every second of her sister getting fucked by two fraternity brothers. In a span of about canlı poker oyna 10 minutes she realized her sister was a filthy slut. She had done the most repulsive photo shoot and was know being taken by two guys whom she probably barely even knew. Katie kept peering into the bedroom and noticed the door to the bathroom open slowly and two guys walk out. The first one out was carrying something small in his hands, and it looked like he was tapping it, making a clicking sound. He climbed atop the bed and brought it up toward Jennifer’s face and she quickly snorted two lines of cocaine. Katie pushed the door open a little wider, but this time it creaked and all five of the people in the room, including her sister, turned and saw Katie standing in the doorway.


Scott and Kevin were pulling her across the room, but Katie resisted. She tried to dig her high heels into the hardwood floor, but it just made her slide across it more easily. She was being pushed toward Jennifer who was completely naked, moving clothes and towels from a section on the floor.

“Put her here, put her right here,” Jennifer ordered.

“Jennifer, what the fuck? What the fuck are you doing Jennifer?” Katie pleaded. But Jennifer ignored her. She was focusing on getting her little sister to her knees. Jennifer grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down, forcing her to her knees on the hard floor.

“Edward, Nick, you guys want your dicks sucked?” Jennifer said seductively to the two guys high on cocaine. Katie finally knew what was going on and she began to sob. But Jennifer leaned down to her ear and whispered:

“Trust me. Just do it. You may not like it now, but you will. Just let them do what they want. I’ll be right here,” she said reassuringly. Katie quickly felt at ease, but tensed up again as the two boys stood in front of her, unzipping their blue jeans. Sure she had sucked a guy’s dick before, but not like this. Edward and Nick soon had their stiff penises out, holding them in their hands. Katie sensed Jennifer kneeling beside her and she felt increasingly nervous and scared.

“Open up Katie, take one. Go ahead,” she said. But Katie resisted, even as Nick lunged forward with his cock toward her mouth.

“That’s it, you little bitch,” Jennifer said angrily. “Open your fucking mouth!” She forced three fingers into her sisters mouth and pulled her jaw down.

“Now, Nick, shove your cock down her fucking throat, hard!” she ordered. Jennifer put her other hand on the back of Katie’s head and jammed it forward as Nick pushed his enlarged member into Katie’s mouth and down her constricting throat.

“Now, suck it, Katie. Suck it like you know I would!” Jennifer demanded. And finally Katie gave in. She could feel her sisters hands on the back of her head pushing her face into Nick’s massive cock. Katie looked up and saw Nick peering down to her, with a menace on his face, jamming his dick in and out as hard as he could. Katie then felt the presence of another boy, this time Edward. He stood next to Nick, stroking his cock as well.

“Oh fuck yes, here’s two for you, girl,” Jennifer said.

“Why don’t you shut the fuck up and suck my cock you fucking slut?” Edward said to Jennifer angrily. He pulled Jennifer’s face toward him and made her suck it, shoving in and out hard and fast.

Both sisters were sucking massive, throat-gagging cocks as fast and as hard as they could. They occasionally looked at each other with dicks in their mouths. Katie was nervous while Jennifer was proud and excited. Then, Jennifer felt the familiar sensation of men gathering around her.


“Hey, that’s the bitch in your magazine, Aaron! Holy shit! You know, the one who was covered in cum?” James said.

“Oh fuck, you’re right!” Aaron replied, surprised.

“Check this shit out man, that’s her little sister, Katie. She’s still in high school!” another drunken guy quipped in.

“No fucking way! Damn, these bitches are fucking sluts, bro!”

“They’re about to get the shit fucked out of them, look at all of the guys in this room!”

Jennifer and Katie each had already swallowed a load of cum and now Katie was being stood up and bent over the side of the bed. One guy was sitting down with his cock in his hand. He guided her down, pushing her head into his lap. Katie realized that she had no choice and now knew what her sister meant when she said ‘let them do what they want.’ Katie took the cock into her wet mouth and felt her skirt being pushed up her back. Large hands gripped her waist and held her tight. A hand on top of her head, forcing her up and down. Then she felt the pain of someone’s huge cock gorge into her tight pussy. The guy inside of her nearly came instantly at the sensation.

“Holy shit! Oh man! You should feel’s this bitch’s cunt! This is the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt. I ain’t gonna last long on her,” he said to no one in particular. And he began to pound away.

Katie peered over and saw internet casino out of the corner of her eye Jennifer getting the same exact treatment as she. Jennifer was sucking the cock hard, as hard as she could. Katie was amazed at how much and how fast she could bob her head up and down. She decided Jennifer definitely knew what she was doing and wanted to copy her. She took his cock all the way in, back out and hard back down.

“Oh fuck yes, Katie, that’s how you suck cock baby,” he said. “Just like your sister sucks it. Your sister loves to suck cock, you know that?”

Katie was beginning to get turned on by hearing about her sister. She felt like she wanted to out do her and started to push back and forth with her body, enticing the boy behind her to shoot his sperm up her tight snatch, which he did immediately. As he screamed, he clenched Katie’s waist, holding his cock as far into her as he could. Jennifer glanced over, as much as she could with a cock stuffed down her throat, and saw him shoot his cum into her little sister.

Jennifer quickly pulled off the two guys she was sucking and fucking and hurried over to her bent over sister who was getting a face full of cum. Jennifer stuck her fingers up Katie’s sopping, loose pussy and scooped out a handful of hot sperm. Jennifer grabbed Katie by the back of the head and yanked her down. Jennifer joined her on her knees and just as she did, another guy hurried up to her, unable to keep his load in his aching balls, and shot his cum into Jennifer’s open mouth. Katie watched the entire episode. Jennifer still had the cum cupped in her hands from her sister’s pussy. After the milky load was shot into her mouth, Jennifer dropped the handful of cum into her mouth and began to gargle all of the jizz. Katie gazed at her, in a complete daze, drunk and high from the ecstasy that she had been forced to take. She felt her head being pulled back so that she was staring strait up at the ceiling. Then she saw Jennifer looking down at her, her mouth close to hers. Jennifer swished the sperm around in her mouth, looking down into her little sister’s eyes and open, gaping mouth, awaiting what she was about to give her.

Two more guys hurried over to Katie and shot their loads into her mouth, filling halfway up, but Katie barely noticed them do it. Nearly 10 different guys had shot their big, hot loads of cum in the sister’s mouths in the past five minutes. They wiped their cocks on her cheek and high-fived each other. But Katie didn’t care. Then Jennifer smiled and opened her mouth, letting out an enormous stream of spit and cum from her open lips. It dropped smoothly into Katie’s mouth, joining the other two loads that were sitting on her tongue. But Jennifer did not stop there. A trail of jizz hung from her tongue and she followed it down to Katie’s waiting mouth. Then the sister’s joined lips and pushed their cum-soaked tongue’s into each others mouths. They swirled their tongue’s around, trying to taste as much of the other as they could. Jennifer got back about half a mouthful of cum and leaned back, again swirling it in her mouth. She grabbed Katie by the back of her head, yanking her pony tail back, pulled herself forward and spit her mouthful of cum as hard as she could into Katie’s face. Katie clenched her eyes shut and laughed.


Katie was bent over the back of the couch in the main room of the house. Her cum-soaked flower dress was tossed on the ground beside her. Jennifer stood to the side, recognizing that her little sister was in the exact same position she was in nine months ago. Except that now, instead of just 30 men having their way with her, there were approximately 200 people in the room, watching Katie and Jennifer, the two dirtiest, nastiest fucking whores anyone had ever seen.

Jennifer leaned over to her sister’s ass and spread her small soft ass cheeks apart. Jennifer thought to herself, Katie may have been fucked a few times, but I know she’s never had her asshole drilled. When Jennifer was satisfied Katie’s ass was spread enough, she leaned her head down close to her brown, tight hole…

“Wait!” Jennifer yelled. “Someone cum in my mouth really quickly! Hurry!” she ordered. Instantly three guys jumped up and stroked their cocks furiously in front of Jennifer. Two were able to unload their sperm in her mouth while the other was only able to cum on her eyes. Jennifer wiped it away and again leaned down to Katie’s shithole. She opened her mouth and let the hot jizz ooze out and down onto her waiting hole. Katie let out a soft whimper because she knew what was about to happen.

“Who wants to fuck my little sister in her tight, virgin asshole?” Jennifer asked the crowd. Everyone cheered and a line formed behind Katie.

“Okay big guy, you were the quickest, so your first. Give it to her as hard as you want,” Jennifer instructed.

“And someone put a cock in her mouth so she doesn’t scream like a whiny bitch!” Jennifer yelled. Again, more than one guy jumped at the offer and Katie was now sucking two cocks at once, switching off, one then the other. And just as she began to deepthroat one, she felt the uncomfortable sensation of a cockhead pressing against her virgin asshole…

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