Joel and Carrie Ch. 07

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“Walking feels good!” Carrie sighed. “I ate too much.”

“Whose fault is that?” I grinned. “No one said you had to eat that last pancake.”

The beach was quiet. That was no surprise considering the time of the year. It was cold and misty out. The sweatshirt I was wearing only helped a little, but I didn’t mind. I was with my girl and life was good.

“But they were so tasty!” she cried.

“I know,” I laughed. “I’m not feeling all that well myself.”

“In your case, it’s the Bloody Marys,” Carrie teased.

“I only had one,” I said.

“Two,” she corrected. “And someone needs to tell Robbie that a Bloody Mary has more than just a splash of tomato juice!”

“Not on the morning after the prom,” I disagreed.

I couldn’t believe that my prom was over, but it was and somehow I ended up being the lucky guy dating the prom queen. Carrie was one of a kind and there were times I couldn’t understand how we ended up together. She was drop-dead gorgeous, smart, funny and most important, in love with me. I was crazy about her too, but then again, what guy wouldn’t be?

“You think the others are drunk again already?” she asked, reminding me of our group of friends back at the beach house.

“I expect this little gathering isn’t going to break up any time soon,” I said.

“You hope!” Carrie laughed.

“You’ve got that right,” I grinned, remembering some of what happened the night before.

“Pervert!” she cried, seeing my expression and guessing my thoughts. It wasn’t hard.

“Takes one to know one!” I retorted, and then pulled her into a brief kiss. We broke apart afterward and continued to walk. Her hand felt good in mine.

“I think Tony and Jennifer were nice additions to our little group,” Carrie said a little bit later.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“So, not planning on falling in love with her are you?” she joked, but I could tell there was a little edge of nervousness in her voice. She had no reason to worry about me and she knew it, but even a goddess like Carrie needed some reassurances every once in a while.

“Love?” I asked. “Absolutely not! You’re the love of my life and you know it, but lust? Most definitely! Her and the others.”

“Which one gets to you the most?” Carrie asked with a grin.

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked in reply. “They all drive me crazy! On the other hand, none of them get to me the way you do.”

“And yet here I walk unmolested,” Carrie sighed dramatically.

“Forgive me,” I said as I stopped and pulled her into my arms.

Our kiss was slow and enjoyable at first. It felt good and warmed me despite the cold. Of course that only lasted until Carrie’s tongue brushed my lips. The warmth then turned to heat and our kiss became more passionate. After a few moments, I shifted my hands down to her ass and pulled her close.

“What a pretty picture,” I heard someone say. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Carrie and I broke apart and quickly turned toward the voice. There was a couple sitting on the beach watching us not twenty yards away. I couldn’t believe I had noticed them before. Of course, the fog was pretty heavy and they were wrapped in a blanket. I couldn’t see much more than their faces.

“Sorry,” I said. “We didn’t realize that we had company.”

“No big deal,” the guy said. “The beach is always busy on prom weekend.”

“It was actually sweet,” the girl interjected.

“We didn’t want to interrupt, but it looked like things were getting a bit heated,” the guy grinned.

“Oh, they were,” I said with a grin of my own.

“Men!” Carrie sighed loudly and exchanged a look with the other girl.

“What? They wouldn’t have?” I teased.

“Of course they would have!” Carrie retorted, surprising the couple. “But talking about it is such a guy thing.”

“I don’t know,” I grinned. “There are times you like to talk…”

“What are you two doing out here?” Carrie asked, interrupting me. I let it go. She was probably right. I was going a little too far, but I blamed the kiss. No one kissed like Carrie!

“It is a little cold for sun tanning,” I joked.

“Katie insisted she wanted to see the sun rise,” the guy said in that tone guys use when sharing the ridiculous things they do because of their girls.

“In this fog?” Carrie asked with a laugh. He shrugged.

“Mine wanted to go for a walk,” I interjected. “It can’t be over forty out here!” It was actually probably closer to fifty.

“The things we do for love,” he added with a shake of his head.

“Are you two done yet?” Carrie asked pointedly.

“What?” I asked innocently, causing laughter.

“You’re Carrie, right?” the girl asked once we were done.

“Yes,” Carrie frowned. “I’m sorry, but I don’t recognize you.”

“That’s okay,” the girl smiled. “We’ve never met. In fact, we don’t even go to the same school.”

“Then how do you know her?” I asked.

“You’re kidding, aren’t you?” the guy answered as he stood from the blanket. “Tell me you don’t know the most popular girl at our school?”

“What school is th…” illegal bahis I began, but Carrie cut me off.

“I know you!” she cried, staring at the guy intently. “You’re the enemy!”

“What?” I asked in confusion.

“He’s Mike Carson,” she said with a frown. “He’s from Fairview. He pitched against us in the championship. He beat us pretty handily I might add.”

“We won two to zip,” he grinned. “I wouldn’t call that handily.”

“I don’t know what you’d call it,” I put in. “But you can’t even mention the game in front of the baseball players at our school without their eyes getting teary.”

“You don’t seem to upset by it,” Katie smiled as she stood and joined us.

“I’m not,” I shrugged. “The captain of the baseball team is not my favorite guy in the world and I enjoyed watching him mope and cry afterwards.”

“You don’t have any school spirit at all, do you?” Carrie sighed.

“Of course I do,” I smiled. “But you have to admit, it was funny watching him be such a sore loser.”

“The winning side was just as bad,” Katie said with a slow smile. “You had to see Mike and the others strutting around school. You’d have thought they won the Olympics!”

“It wasn’t that bad!” her boyfriend cried.

“Please!” Katie snorted. ” If I hear one more time about how you struck out their best hitter…”

“Well, I did,” the guy shrugged.

“I hear he had the flu that day,” I said.

“Really?” the guy asked, clearly disappointed.

“No!” I laughed. “You jocks are all the same! You’re all were so easy!”

“Stop being a jerk,” Carrie sighed.

“Yes dear,” I sighed. “By the way, I’m Joel.”

“Mike and Katie,” the girl said.

“I’ll bet you’re a nerd,” the guy grinned.

“He was,” Carrie said taking his hand in greeting. “Until he started dating me.”

“I was never a nerd,” I disagreed. “Although I won’t deny my social standings went up a bit after meeting you.”

I saw the way Carrie held Mike’s hand and the look she was giving him. He was giving her the same type of attention. A normal guy would have ignored it or gotten mad. I guess I wasn’t all that normal. I didn’t do either.

“Look out Katie,” I said. “Do you see the way they’re looking at each other? Should we be worried?”

“I am,” the girl said after a brief hesitation. “No one wants a girl like Carrie looking at her boyfriend that way!”

“Please!” Carrie said with a roll of her eyes. “Have you looked in the mirror recently? You have nothing to worry about.”

“You’re just being kind. I’m not all that pretty,” the girl replied. She didn’t sound upset or angry. Clearly, Katie was comfortable with herself.

She was a pale skinned, freckled redhead with thick, curly dark red hair and a nice chest. She was a little heavy, but not unattractively so. She was right. She wasn’t really pretty, but she was cute and I found myself liking her.

“Pretty is subjective,” Carrie argued. “Besides, you’re warm and funny. Any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Yes, but would he take me with someone like you flirting with him?” Katie asked, now smiling.

“You seem to do okay for yourself,” I smiled in return. “I mean, you are dating your school’s star pitcher.”

“That’s because I know how to keep my man happy,” she said, surprising me.

“And how!” Mike cried. Carrie and I exchanged a look.

“Um, it was nice meeting you but we have to get going,” Carrie said suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked with a frown. It wasn’t like Carrie to be so abrupt, especially not after the look we just exchanged.

“Nothing,” she said, but I see she was starting to dance where she stood. Katie registered it as well.

“We’re staying at a friend’s house,” Katie said. “It’s right there. You’re welcome to use the facilities.”

Carrie smiled and I realized that my girl was in the middle of one of her schemes. I fought the huge grin that threatened as I glanced at Katie and wondered what she looked like with no clothes on. I would know soon enough if Carrie’s plan worked the way they normally did.

“Thank you so much,” my girl said. “Too many Bloody Marys.”

“I could use a bathroom myself,” Mike said, picking up the blanket.

“Too many Mimosas in his case,” Katie grinned. Mike didn’t bother denying it.

“Are you sure your friend won’t mind?” I asked.

“Ted? No way!” Mike grinned. “But just to warn you, he was the guy who hit the two run homer against your ace.”

“Great!” Carrie groaned causing everyone to laugh.

Ted’s place was nice and Mike grabbed two beers out of the refrigerator as we waited for the ladies. There was no sign of Ted.

“Just the three of you here?” I asked.

“No. Ted, his girl Tiffany and his older sister are also here,” he replied.

“Older sister?” I asked.

“Not really that much older,” Mike replied. “She’s been staying here for a few weeks. She and her husband split. Whatever you do, don’t bring it up if you meet her. She’s been pretty down about it.”

“No problem,” I shrugged. Silence fell as we continued to wait for illegal bahis siteleri the ladies.

“What’s taking them?” Mike frowned. I wondered a bit myself and had a nasty thought, but not even my Carrie could move that fast!

“You know I thought there’d be more guys here,” I said changing the subject, and then grinned as I added, “I know how you jocks like to hang out together.”

“There’s another house a few blocks away with the rest of the team,” he laughed. “Ted and I slipped away last night and snuck back here. It was a good time, but we wanted a little privacy if you know what I mean.”

“I do,” I smiled.

“It’s a little early for such a loud conversation, don’t you think?” a woman’s voice asked.

I turned and was a bit surprised to see an Indian woman standing at the entrance to the kitchen. Not an American Indian, but a woman whose ancestors came from India. I was fascinated. I know it sounds silly, but I’d never met anyone from there before.

The young woman was medium height and had a pretty face. It was tough to tell much more because she hid herself in a big robe. Her hair briefly mesmerized me because it was so long. It was dark and well cared for.

“Sorry if we woke you,” Mike said to her. “This is Joel.”

“Hello,” the girl said, clearly surprised to see me. “My name is Abhilasha.”

“But everyone calls her Abby,” Mike offered. “She’s Ted’s sister.” I smiled and nodded. She smiled back. In that moment I decided that she was attractive in a very exotic way.

“No, he’s my little brother,” she said as if it were significant.

“Speaking of Ted, where is he?” Mike asked.

“Gone,” she shrugged. “He said that Tiffany needed to get back home early.”

“Shit!” Mike cried. “He did mention that last night, but I forgot.”

“I’m not surprised,” Abby said pointedly. “All four of you were pretty wasted when you came in.”

“I hope we didn’t bother you?” Katie said as she and Carrie finally rejoined us.

“It wasn’t that bad. You were at least willing to share the concoction you brought back,” Abby said, but then smiled mischievously and added, “Although someone needs a muzzle.”

“I can get a bit loud in the heat of the moment,” Katie admitted. She was so red that her skin color actually matched her hair!

“Me too,” Carrie grinned. “For the right man.”

“Thank you very much!” I said in my best Elvis impersonation. Mike laughed and the ladies smiled.

“This is Carrie,” Katie said in introduction. “And this is Abby, Ted’s sister.”

“Hello,” Carrie smiled, moving to Abby, taking her hand and giving her a peck on the cheek. The Indian girl was clearly flustered. My girl looked at me and raised an eyebrow slightly. I knew what she was thinking and I shook my head. Of course, I returned her smile as well.

“I don’t suppose you two made breakfast this morning?” Abby asked Mike and Katie as she stepped away from Carrie. Her movement almost seemed reluctant. I hid a grin.

“Mimosas,” Mike laughed.

“Not quite what I had in mind,” Abby frowned. “And I’m sure little brother ran out without making anything to eat in order to get his girl back home before her parents sent out the police.”

“Probably,” Mike shrugged.

“I can make something,” Katie said. “Let me check the refrigerator.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Abby smiled. “I’ve got it. I’ll make omelets. Would you two like to join us?”

“We’d love to, but we’re stuffed!” I smiled.

“I don’t know,” Carrie said, looking at me in a way that I knew so well. “I might be able to fit a little more.”

“Getting hungry?” I asked with a shake of my head.

“A little,” she admitted. Neither one of us were talking about food.

“That’s great!” Abby said. “The more the merrier. I’ve been stuck here for weeks on my own. You have no idea how dead this town is this time of the year. I could use some company.”

“Let me call the house so that they won’t worry about us,” Carrie said, taking her cell phone out and walking into the other room.

“Mike, why don’t you make some more mimosas?” Abby asked.

“Right after I use the bathroom,” he said and then disappeared down a hall.

“You’re here with friends?” Katie asked as Abby started making breakfast.

“Quite a few actually,” I smiled. “But they won’t miss us.”

“Still partying from last night?” Katie grinned.

“No,” I said, remembering just what kind of partying we did do the night before. “But we all had a big breakfast together and I’m sure they’ve restarted the party by now.”

“Is that a problem?” Abby smiled. “Do you need to get back?”

“Not right now,” I replied, meeting her eyes. They sent a shiver down my spine. They were sexy as hell, but she didn’t seem to realize it. “It’s always nice to make new friends, especially ones as pretty as you two.”

“Stop hitting on them,” Carrie said as came back in. “We don’t want them to know just how much of a pervert you are.”

“Why not?” Katie smiled.

“We don’t want to offend anyone,” Carrie replied.

“Please!” Abby canlı bahis siteleri cried. “A little innocent fun is just what I need.”

“How about some not so innocent fun?” I joked.

“See what I mean?” Carrie sighed, but she was smiling again.

“Doesn’t his flirting bother you?” Katie asked as she started putting plates on the table.

“No,” Carrie replied honestly as she started helping the redhead. “Joel and I are meant for each other.”

“We’re going to be spending the rest of our lives together,” I added.

“Are you two married?” Mike asked with a grin as he rejoined us, took out a picture from a cabinet and quickly made a batch of mimosas.

“Not yet,” I shrugged. “But it’s more a matter of timing. College first, then marriage and then kids.”

“You seem to have it all planned out,” Katie said.

“Not really,” Carrie said. “We’re taking it as it comes, but we both know that no matter what, we’ll be together forever.”

Mike handed out the drinks as we talked. I noticed the mimosas were extremely pale and wondered if he and Robbie went to the same bartending school. Abby took her and finished half of it in one swallow.

“What if one of you does something stupid?” Abby asked.

“Like what?” Carrie frowned.

“I don’t know,” Abby answered, but she had something in mind.

The young Indian woman finished the rest of her drink quickly. I handed her mine. I never was one for mimosas and she looked like she needed another.

“What if you grow apart?” Abby asked.

“We won’t,” Carrie smiled. “Actually, the longer we stay together, the closer we get.”

“I think I know what you mean,” Katie said, looking at Mike. He smiled back at her. These two were clearly in love.

We chatted for a while about other things as Abby finished cooking breakfast. Katie and Carrie helped when needed. Mike kept everyone glass filled and I tried to stay out of the way.

Abby finished the glass I gave her and was halfway through the next by the time breakfast was ready. A woman her size had to be at least a little buzzed by then.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Sure,” Abby replied, but it didn’t sound so. “I just think you all are awfully naïve.”

“About?” Carrie asked.

“About being together forever,” the dark skinned girl replied. “Forever is a long time. What if one of you does something stupid?” I knew what she meant.

“Not possible,” I smiled.

“Oh come on!” the Indian girl cried. “You’ve never been enticed by another woman?”

“Everyone gets tempted every once in a while,” Mike put in.

“Really?” Katie asked pointedly.

“Of course!” Mike grinned. “And don’t give me that look. I’ve seen the way you look at some of the guys at school.”

“And I’ve noticed how you’ve been looking at Joel,” Carrie added. Katie looked back and forth between the two of them and blushed slightly.

“Let’s eat,” I said, thinking food would be a good thing for this group right about now. Abby put the serving plate full of the omelets she made on the table.

We sat down and talked about other things while we ate. Abby stayed quiet through most of the meal. She was focused on her mimosa. The pitcher Mike made was almost empty by the time the meal ended.

“Are you saying that it’s impossible for either of you to fall to temptation?” Abby asked once we were done eating, restarting our earlier conversation as if it never ended. She wasn’t quite slurring.

“It’s not like that,” I smiled. “I think if two people really love each other, then the temptations aren’t that bad.”

“So,” the Indian woman said. “You’re saying that if two people really love each other than no temptation is too great?” The fours of us looked at each other. Poor Abby was clearly working through something.

“No,” Carrie said. “What we’re saying that if you really love someone, then you should be open and honest about your needs and desires.”

“And if that need is more sex?” Abby asked. The Indian girl was clearly drunk. Her small frame just couldn’t handle the amount of alcohol she drank.

“Then you’re partner should provide it,” I answered.

“What if he doesn’t like sex so much?” the Indian girl asked. Carrie and I exchanged a look. There was a pregnant pause.

“Then he shouldn’t get mad when you find your satisfaction somewhere else,” Carrie finally said.

“You’re kidding!” Mike cried with a startled laugh.

“No, I’m not,” Carrie answered seriously.

“So, if Joel’s not in the mood, he lets you sleep with someone else?” Mike asked.

“First of all,” I grinned. “I’m never not in the mood.”

“It’s true,” Carrie laughed.

“And second of all, the answer is yes.”

“You’re full of shit!” Mike insisted. “I’d kill the guy if he tried to touch my Katie! And no one who dates a girl like Carrie is going to let another guy near her!”

“Why?” I asked. “Will his touching make her love me any less? Will someone touching Katie make you stop loving her?”

“Look at it the other way around,” Carried added. “If I were to jump you right here and now, would you love Katie any less?”

“He might not,” Katie said. “But I’d love him less!”

“Would you really?” I asked. “Or would you just be hurt that he broke your trust and cheated on you?”

“Does it matter?” Mike asked.

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