Just One of Those Nights

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Disclaimer: This is my first finished erotic story and any constructive criticism is welcome as I know I could improve in many ways! (And I kind of suck at grammar) Anyway, hope you all enjoy and please let me know what you all think! Feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks so much for reading! 🙂


I could feel the cold hard wood against my back and she pushed me against the door. Her hands pinned mine back as she took control of me; her breath hot and ragged against my neck. I knew immediately that she wanted- no, needed to have control tonight.

She whispered out, “You were such a fucking tease tonight baby.”

I shuddered as she bit my neck, my chest rising and falling quickly against hers. She languidly licked my neck, her thigh separating my legs, pushing against me…rubbing.

She flicked her tongue against my neck, “I had to stop myself from jumping you in front of everyone…” She pressed her thigh firmly against my heat. “Running your feet over my calves….” She bit my neck again. “Biting your lip as you looked at me.” I couldn’t resist moaning out. “You are such a hot tease baby.”

With a sudden movement, she let my wrists go and took a step back. My body slumped over as I breathed out raggedly, watching her eyes flicker over me. Assessing me, devouring me. “Go sit down baby. You know the rules.”

I bit my lip and moved over Ankara escort to the sofa; sitting down and submitting. Even the movement of my thighs rubbing together had me tingling.

As I sat there, the slow steady beats of our sound system pulsed out. Music filled the air and thrummed through my body. She stepped through the doorway, clad in a sheer robe and a black teddy. My breathing hitched and my pulse raced. Her hip movements consumed me. My eyes were drawn to her and the familiar smirk upon her lips.

She approached me. Her thighs touched my knees and she smiled that wicked smile I know and love. She whispered throatily, “Hands up baby.”

Listening to her throaty whisper, my hands raised up almost immediately; my head tilted back and my arms pressed against the sofa. I was hers. She slowly pushed my legs together, hands on either side of my thighs, and straddled my lap. I squirmed beneath her touch, as our bodies pressed together.

With every slight movement, her smirk grew wider and my eyes would flicker over her. She was wild, she was beautiful, and she was mine. Slowly, she traced her finger down my cheek, running it across my lips, pausing for a moment.

I tentatively parted my lips and let my tongue slide over the pad of her finger. And as I tasted the saltiness of her finger, her eyes urged me to suckle her finger. Allowing me only a taste, she pulled her finger away and Ankara escort bayan let it slide down my chin, my neck and to trace my collarbone.

I shivered as her wet finger grazed over my skin. Her voice was husky and low now as her mouth found my lobe, her lips were wet as she let them gently brush against me.

“Can you feel it?” She whispered to me, as her moist lips brushing over my lobe and the caress of her fingers over my collarbone. She murmured again. “Can you feel my heat?” She bit my earlobe. “My desire for you?” Her voice was rough with desire as she pressed her hips forward, rubbing against me. The ragged whispers, hot breath, moist lips and desire overwhelmed my body. Her hands raised and we threaded together.

My head turned ever so slightly and she smiled knowingly. With a soft growl, she tilted her head and pressed her lips to mine. The lust was tangible. Our lips pressed together hungrily, mine already parting as her tongue moved forward. I sucked her tongue, letting my teeth scrape against it softly.

Her hips pressed harder to mine as she moved them against me, squeezing my hands as I squeezed back, locked in a torrid embrace. Our breathing grew as ragged as our moans , sighs and whispers. A moment later, she broke the kiss, breathing deeply and unevenly as I whimpered at the loss of contact.

Her gaze moved over me, and she bit her lip. With a small smile upon Escort Ankara her flushed face, she slowly let go of my hands and ran one of her own over my face, neck, chest and shoulders. Our bodies pressed together and I looked at her questioningly. One of her hands remained on mine, holding it…. Guiding it.

She guided my hand over her chest, and then lower. She let it slip under her teddy. Our eyes locked and my mouth grew dry. She tilted her head back as her eyes closed slightly, letting out a small moan as she moved my fingers to her pearl.

I could feel her heat. Her voice was uneven as she spoke again, in a low and hushed tone. “Feel what you’ve done to me?” I nodded slowly as she slid my fingers back up, towards her mouth. Her tongue flicked back and forth over my fingers and when she finally took them into her mouth, I whimpered.

My eyes darkened as she pulled my fingers from her mouth, her chest rising and falling quickly, mouth slightly parted, and lips swollen. I cupped her the back of her head and pulled her closer with my other arm, our lips meeting in urgency.

As I struggled to control myself, slid my fingers underneath her thighs and grabbed her legs. With a sudden movement I forced my legs forward and picked her up, her legs instinctively wrapping around my waist. As I took us to our bed, stumbling towards it, I kissed her.

And as the kiss was broken by our heavy breathing, she leaned forward and kissed me tenderly, capping the passion for a moment. ” I love you Baby.”

I smiled and slid my fingers down, tracing the insides of her thighs. “I love you too…” I said back, “so very, very much.”

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