Just Some Buddies From College, Dad

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Sometimes life is easy, sometimes life is hard. At least that’s what I’ve experienced so far.

Life was good growing up, I had good friends, nice parents, got a decent education, even was lucky enough to meet the right woman and convince her to marry me.

Then, we had two sons, I had a good job, so all was just great.

Well, yes, it was. So far. I’ll be brief…cancer.

So, now life became hard. Two young boys to raise, that’s hard enough but, of course, a large hole was left in my heart that just doesn’t really ever quite go away.

But, any way, I had two sons and a job to handle as well, so I stayed pretty busy. Don’t get the idea that my life was one of gloom and sorrow, no, there were plenty of times when things went quite well. The boys grew up well, got good grades and gave me little difficulty.

I had finally gotten one into college, he helped himself nicely by getting some serious scholarship money and he was a junior when Jake, the younger, also went away on a scholarship of his own.

I’d been so busy, for so many years, that, now that I was on my own, now living at home by myself, I felt the pangs of the solo life and began looking around for female companionship.

It didn’t turn out hard to do, I soon met a lovely woman, Betty, a few years younger than I am, she’s thirty-seven, I’m forty-four, and we quickly hit it off.

She was fun and nice and interesting, all good things, and she was particularly attractive. Slender and trim, she stood five-four and had short curly brunette hair. As I got to know her better, much better, I can tell you that she is flawless naked. She may be in her upper thirties but her breasts are firm and high, each tipped with a small, light pink nipple.

The first time I got her naked (third date, more about that in a minute), I learned that the only hair on her body was what you saw on her head, she was bare and smooth everywhere below.

Any way, I’ll skip to the third date, she’d invited me over to her house for a lovely homemade supper and after it was over and we’d cleaned up, she simply asked me what I’d like to do. I told her whatever she wanted and she just went and said, “Well, honestly, Frank, I’d like to go to bed.”

For a split second, yes, my mind thought, ‘Well, she’s tired…’, but then I realized I was getting an invitation to a much more intimate evening than I had planned on.

It was her grin that made me realize what she was suggesting.

“I would be most pleased to accompany you, if I may.”

“You certainly may, I would even insist if I thought I had to,” and she took my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom.

She lit some candles around the room, then came to me and said she wanted to undress me so I stood there as she unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off, then knelt down to slip off my loafers and socks, then loosened my belt, zipped my fly down and pulled my pants off leaving me in my boxers.

Her hand went to the bulge within and gripped it.

“Well, well, look what I found, let’s see what’s inside,” she chuckled and she pulled my undershorts to the floor and took my cock in her hand and slipped her lips over the female agent porno head and began sucking as I felt her tongue wetly rubbing circles around and around.

She looked up, smiled, let go of me and stood up.

“Now, you do me, Frank,” and stood there as I slowly took her clothes off kissing her as I went.

As I pulled down her panties, sexy, black lace ones, I leaned forward and kissed her beautiful, plump, bare pussy, then taking several licks in its crevice, I had my first taste of her intimate juices.

I stood up and she took my cock, led me to her bed and pulled the covers back, then we got in and embraced and kissed and felt one another.

Now, Betty might be thirty-eight but she looked somewhat younger, like, thirty or so. Her body was tight and firm and her skin was smooth and flawless.

I began kissing her neck and shoulders, taking my time as she held and stroked my cock and was soon down between her legs giving her the first of many orgasms she’s had since. We made love twice, the second time, she seemed more relaxed and looser about it and I began to see just how sexy and uninhibited this woman really was.

That started our sex which was phenomenal, just the best I’d ever experienced. Betty was a very imaginative lover, simply wonderful.

So, we were dating steadily as the holidays began to roll around. I heard from Jake that he would be headed home for the winter break but Josh, my older son, told me he was off on a skiing holiday in Switzerland, lucky fellow.

It was nice having Jake home, of course, hearing all about his experiences in college, but most of my nights were with Betty. After all, the sex, like I said, was phenomenal.

Betty had Jake and I over for Christmas dinner and we had a great time. Betty and I were talking about our supper plans for New Year’s Eve and that we had nine o’clock reservations but planned to be home for the midnight toasting with a special bottle of Champagne I’d bought.

“Oh, I may be hanging out at home New Year’s Eve, too, Dad,” my son told me, “just some buddies from college, Dad.”

Well, I figured that Betty and I can take our bottle of bubbly to the hot tub, get nice and naked and toast in the New Year while Jake and his buds get plowed watching the ball drop on TV. So, that was set.

We got home about eleven-fifteen and there were several cars parked out front so we rolled into the garage and went in the house.

As we walked through the great room toward the covered patio where the hot tub was, we began seeing piles of clothes here and there, one with a bra folded on the top. “Well, well,” I told Betty as I pointed.

I slid open the slider and there was Jake, in the hot tub, with three naked girls, all of them holding beers in their hands.

“Oh, so these are your buddies?” I asked.

“Yeah, Dad, you make great buddies in college. This is Mandy, she’s Sarah and this is Janie. And before you say anything, Janie is twenty years old.”

I can see why he said that. Janie was a petite blond that looked like an eighth-grader.

All of them were sitting up in the tub, none shy about their female fake taxi porno breasts being exposed, all saying hellos and such, just like we’d seen them naked many, many times before.

Mandy was a brunette with a killer smile and nice medium-sized boobs, Sarah, a blond had large C-, maybe D-cup breasts that looked like they were floating at nipple height on the churning water and Janie had the smallest breasts, no doubt A-cup.

Janie was a curly-haired blond, super-cute, and with her small frame and adorable, little puffy pink-tipped boobs really made her look young.

“You guys are welcome to join us,” Jake said as they began moving over to make room.

“Well, I’ve got to make a quick bathroom break, be right back,” I said, not too pleased that Jake had derailed my plans for ringing in the New Year.

I went and relieved myself and when I walked back out, Betty was getting into the water as Jake came out with a drink in his hand for her.

“Come on, Dad, we’re all in,” he said to me as he resumed his spot between Mandy and Janie.

So, I pulled a beer from the ice chest and began getting naked.

I got in next to Betty with Janie on the other side. Hoping Betty wouldn’t be upset with any of this, I leaned over and asked her if she was okay with how this seemed to be turning out.

“I’m good with it all as long as next time it’s just you and me. After all, it’s the start of a new year, I suppose we should have some fun,” she told me as I felt a hand take my cock.

I knew immediately that it had to be Janie’s hand. Betty’s was resting on my knee.

I could tell that Sarah was slowly stroking my son trying to keep it under the water and then Janie just bent over and dipped her head under the water right over my lap as I felt her mouth slide over my cock and begin sucking.

It had to be totally obvious what was happening, cute little Janie was sucking me off as she kept her head under the water. Then her head bobbed back up, she took a deep breath and went back on me.

“Well, this is a first,” I gasped as she sucked me. “Never been blown under water before.”

“Oh, Janie’s always for doing something different,” Mandy said, “she’s about as unpredictable as can be.”

“She’s doing what she loves best, Dad, and does it about anywhere and anytime. Hope you don’t mind?” Jake asked, right as Janie came up for more air, then went back down on me, quite literally.

“You look happy, Frank,” Betty said, “at least you should raise up so the poor girl doesn’t drown,” so I slowly lifted myself, with Janie firmly attached, to sit on the padded rim while she knelt in the water sucking me off.

Sarah had moved in front of Jake as he also raised out of the water for her to take him in her mouth.

Mandy leaned over to Betty as I heard her say, “I don’t want to be left out, do you?” then a “No, not on New Year’s Eve,” from Betty and they began kissing and feeling one another. Betty was soon the third person to be sitting on the rim as Mandy began eating her out.

She’d never mentioned anything about ever having sex with women before but I also knew from glory hole secrets porno experience that lots of women have had same-sex liaisons at one time or another.

So, this was my son’s buddies from college, I thought as one sucked me so sweetly, looking up at me, knowing the intense pleasure she was giving me. She really looked like a nymphet was giving me head.

Betty had her head thrown back as Mandy licked and tongued her while her hands held her face to her and Sarah had changed positions with Jake, she was now sitting up on the rim as Jake thrust his hips back and forth fucking her.

I was just about to my limit of holding back as Janie lifted off me, stood up, turned around, reached back to steady my cock and pushed her pussy onto me to begin fucking me as fast as she could.

There was no way I could stop myself from cumming into this lovely creature’s tight little pussy and once I had, she was much slipperier inside and she soon got herself off as well.

Jake and Sarah had had orgasms as well and I was watching Betty writhe and squirm as Mandy licked her to orgasm, then changed places while the four of us enjoyed Betty’s foray into lesbian sex. I have to say, I wasn’t a bit jealous, indeed, I found it quite arousing.

Then Sarah said, “I think we should have the guys eat us all out, what do you say, girls?” and they all agreed, of course, and took their places on the edge of the tub as Jake and I began going around the tub spending a minute or so on each one, then moving on.

That went on for a few minutes when Betty suggested that Jake and I just stay with whoever we were with until they got off, then moved to the next two. The women all agreed, Janie saying, “Yeah, otherwise my pussy cools off between them, even with me rubbing it.”

So Jake and I began getting each one off and it took almost an hour and a half before we made it around so that each of us gave an orgasm to each one, eight in all.

By this time, I knew my cock was re-energized and I suggested that we all dry off and head for my bedroom and the king-sized bed.

Being outnumbered two-to-one, Betty suggested that Jake and I get down on the bed and that we each get double-teamed, one on our cock, one on our face.

Betty got up on Jake’s face as Mandy mounted his cock and little Janie dropped her tight little snatch over my mouth while Sarah speared herself on my cock. While Janie rode over my face, I could see her just gleefully enjoying every wipe across my mouth, I knew she was in college but she really looked like a girl just ready to enter high school.

We swap-fucked and -sucked into the next day, New Year’s Day, and just did about all the sex the six of us were capable of.

Betty and I had to work the remaining two weekdays, Jake and his ‘buddies’ romped naked in the meantime with Betty and I joining them after our far less thrilling days at work.

It was almost two weeks before they went back to school and Betty and I were, quite honestly, totally exhausted from the marathon sex party we’d participated in.

But, our sex together has never been better or more frequent. The whole episode has turned on my girlfriend like I never imagined. She’s just become a tigress in bed.

And, I just heard from Jake. Next week, he’s bringing some buddies home for spring break, some new buddies, ones we haven’t met yet. Five of them.

I’ve got an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Can you guess why? I want to be prepared as well as I can. Wouldn’t you?

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