Katie Comes Back Ch. 02

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While Mr Maddox retired happily to bed, Katie and Bobby lay on the bed together covered in sweat and juices. He couldn’t help laughing and Katie joined in.

“It’s a messy business, isn’t it?” he said.

“Sure, if it’s done properly! Shall we have a shower or should I lick you clean? I haven’t been with anyone so young before. You’re beautiful”

“Lick me, Katie while I rest a while … and you mentioned a blow-job. That sounds interesting.”

“Well, the birthday boy deserves the best I can give. You’ve just given me the best fuck I’ve had for ages, so here goes!”

She pumped up three pillows for him so he could rest and watch everything she did. He lay there with an expression of perfect contentment on his face. As she kissed his lips and eased her tongue into his mouth, he ran his hands down her back and sides admiring her womanly curves and feeling her large breasts against his chest. They explored down to her firm, fleshy buttocks. He had often fondled girls of his own age but this was different. They had shown him their perky little breasts and let him kiss them but never let him slide his hand between their legs, let alone allow him to caress vivid porno their most intimate areas. They wouldn’t let him slide a finger along their pussy lips; they didn’t want him to feel how wet they were as he would if his finger slipped into them. They had been as wet and juicy as Katie was now – Bobby was the best looking boy in town – but they had been taught to be “good girls.”

Booby remembered how Katie had masturbated earlier, rubbing the area at the top of her pussy; he soon found her clitoris and began to finger it very gently. As he did this, Katie withdrew her mouth from his.

“That’s nice. Shall we try a “69”?” she whispered hoarsely. He smiled uncertainly. “I’ll show you!”

She took hold of his hand and slowly pulled it from between her legs. To show her approval she ran the tips of his fingers along her tongue. “Wow, I taste good don’t I?”

Then she motioned him to lie on his back in the middle of the bed. She knelt over his head and lowered her pussy over his mouth.

“You see my vagina – that’s where you fucked me. Can you taste yourself? And the clitoris at the top – that it my main pleasure spot. woodman casting porno In between is where I pee. I’ll show you later. And my little arse-hole – isn’t it cute? Can you feel how wet I am. See the juices running down. That shows you are a good lover, Bobby. Now give me some more while I see what’s happening down there. Make yourself comfortable!”

As Bobby began to tongue hungrily inside her pussy and over her clitoris, she lowered her body so her knees were around his head and her elbows on each side of his waist. Her breasts hang down heavily over his chest. She had been looking forward to this! He was rock hard again, a good six inches with room for growth. She pulled the fore-skin back and ran her tongue along the slit enjoying the sharp taste of pre-cum. She stopped for a while and concentrated on the sensations strengthening between her legs, sexy little mini-orgasms building up and spreading slowly to her upper thighs and tummy. It was as if Bobby had done this before; it felt almost as if that was Claudia down there expertly using her long tongue to pleasure a lover. She would need to reward him properly!

She türkçe alt yazılı porno could just about reach his balls with her tongue. As she licked them, moving up the shaft slowly, she heard Bobby gasp. He took a few long breaths and resumed his work. Katie then lowered her sensual, full lips over the tip of his penis and took it into her mouth. Now she could taste her own juices from earlier. She sucked it a little deeper; with two inches inside, she thought that was enough for the time being. He might get frightened if she took it all the way in. So she fucked him slowly with her lips and tongue, establishing an easy rhythm so that she could focus on her own pleasure. By now, Bobby was getting tired and out of breath, so she let him rest and began to masturbate herself. Soon the first orgasm hit her and splattered Bobby’s face. As they continued to wrack her body, and her thighs and stomach muscles began to ache under the strain, she decided she could not take much more. She quickened the pace on herself and on Bobby’s prick, taking it deeper and faster until he let out a huge sigh and deposited another warm and tasty stream into her mouth. She rolled it round her mouth and swallowed. It was touching how quickly his penis shrank between her lips and he became a little boy again. Now they were both exhausted.

“Let’s have a shower and clean up. Then bed …” Katie suggested. “I mean sleep this time. There is always tomorrow!”

To be continued………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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