Keisto’s Baboso

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Babe Shower

Part 1: Shit Stew

I pulled out my cock. I Walked over to Shelby, and stuck it hard in his Pinche mouth.

He squirmed for a bit. Then remained still.

He was very weak.

 I leaned forward, frowned, and lazily pissed hard down his throat. He gagged, and choked, while thirstily swallowing his warm, yet smelly treat.

Once finished, I slapped Shelby with my dick,  across the face, and sat down on his bed.

I was sick of questioning this bastardo, and him not sayin shit.

Gregg G, Crazy Sam, and Slicky Ricky, left the room for a 20 minute break. They all quietly sat in Shelby’s living room (surrounded by dead bodies) watching Leno, drinking beer, and snorting Dust.

You see, We followed this maricón (Shelby) home, forced him inside, and tied the entire family up, in Shelby’s bedroom.

We  tortured Shelby hard, but the Bastardo wouldn’t tell us what we wanted to know.

So, we decided to start knocking his family off, 1 by 1.

The boys, fucked his wife 1st. 
She yelled, as they all took turns swapping,  and violating her helpless pussy, and tight black ass opening. Gregg g, shit in her mouth. Sam,  kicked her, stuck the end of a spatula in her butt, and fucked her hard with the kitchen equipment.

Shelby, The Joto, cried , and whimpered, but still refused to talk; So, Gregg g, held his wife up right in front of his face, grinned, and killed the bitch.

Bored, and frustrated, we all decided to eat dinner, shoot some pool, and turn in early that night.

Part 2: Murder is the recipe.

We got up, the next day, and knew we needed to work fast. We knew his friends would be coming here soon to check on him, and well, let’s say, we didn’t want to get ambushed. So, we ate breakfast, and quickly got back to work.

I  told Slicky Ricky, to untie Shelby’s grandmother.

Shelby, immediately started crying.

Ricky, took a snort of dust, pulled granny out the wheelchair, took off her gown, and repeatedly fucked her old hairy cunt; then Suddenly, Ricky, got up, and began to savagely beat the old woman.

I took a shot of gin, grabbed my blankie, sat back, and enjoyed the show.

By the time Ricky was finished, Granny, was completely fucked. All bruised, and bloody.

Slicky started mocking her. He blew smoke in her  face, and danced around, grabbing at his balls, like Michael pinche Jackson.

Then, granny went nuts; She started crying, and her eyes started glowing green. She bit the fuck out of her pinche bottom lip, and started hallucinating.

She started repeating,

“Masser, don’t hit my mama, please masser”

Crazy Sam got mad, and said

“be quiet, you dumb fat bitch”

But, granny kept on crying.

So, Sam walked up, and shot Shelby’s grandmother execution style in the back of the head.

Her red granny blood, splattered all over Shelby’s face.

The whole scene was truly fuckin’ sick; but Shelby, knew the consequences of being in such a despicable game.

By day 3, we were all dusted out, and exhausted.

I called the boss, and  told him that the bastardo wasn’t talking. The boss said hold tight. He, and Douglas, would be right over.

The house looked like a Pinche horror movie. It was sick, but We were trying to send a Pinche message.

Part 3: Dinner talk

Let me give you a quick little back story;

You see, When I got home from prison, there was a new drug sweeping the streets; “V Dust” (or Vietnamese dust) a new form of PCP, that makes you angry, crazy, and horny, all at the same time. You only need 1 snort, and it makes your sexual experiences 100 times better. It’s A dense, bright Green dust, that can be smoked, snorted, or melted, and shot. It makes you happy, and creates vivid hallucinations.

My boss’s had a lot of personal reasons why he wanted to take over the dust trade; on top of that, the baboso, saw the earning potential, and knew right away, he could make millions. 

So, when I got out, I went back to my old neighborhood, and recruited a group of young, and violently hungry Pendejos. We called ourselves,”The P Family”.

We got the financial backing from the Baboso; but we needed to corner the market. V dust was everywhere, and there were too many dealers. A group of stupid black putos, who called themselves the “Broody Brothers” (Bro Brothers, or BB) had connections in Vietnam, and made millions off Dust. 

Shelby, was a high ranking member, of the BB, and we knew he had a large stash. We also knew, these murders, meant total fuckin’ war (and that’s exactly what the boss wanted).

Then, out of no where, My boss, entered the room. He brushed off his suit lapel, walked over, and squaded in front of Shelby. Douglas, walked in with him; he was holding a little girl in his arms, and handed the baby to Crazy Sam; it was Shelby’s youngest daughter; Jessica, Only 4 years old.

The Baboso, was a sexy site. He wore an amazing Italian suit, a dark blue tie, and a black silk shirt.

When i noticed who had just walked in, I quickly shouted,

“Boss, you must leave, those BB fuckers could show up at any time, or maybe even the cops”

He just winked, (which honestly made me a bit tingly, inside).

I shivered, at his friendly juster, as the Baboso Grabbed Shelby, by the head. He smacked him Hard across the mouth, and  said, 

“fuck, you smell like piss! Listen, the rest of your entire immediate family, are all dead. If you don’t tell where that cock sucker Harry is, we’ll just have to visit your sister; kill her, and all her kids. Then we’ll go see your brother, kill him, and his 3 boys; then your cousins, uncles, aunts etc.”

The Baboso was one cold Bastardo.
He was serious; and Shelby knew it.

Shelby, started crying, and spilling his guts. He told us everything. Harry’s police force connections, and the addresses, and phone numbers, of Don and Cody Broady. 

Shelby, looked Pinche pathetic; drooling, and bleeding. He lifted his head and said,

“Justin, Please don’t hurt my baby.

The boss spit in his face, and started yelling something in German, while repeatedly punching the poor bastardo in the throat.

He chuckled like a madman, and loudly shouted,

“Don’t worry, Harry, will be joining you soon. Oh, and next time, think twice, before you decide to pull a knife on me;

Then, karşıyaka escort bayan all of a sudden, the boss stopped punching Shelby.

He slowly turned towards the window, and gave it a long cold stare. 
( it was gloomy outside, very cold, and slightly raining ). 

The boss, whispered “mom” lit a joint, and started to cry. I wanted to comfort him, but, i didn’t want to upset him even more; so, I left him alone.

He loved singing old German folk songs, whenever he felt sad (the boss was a very cultured person) so, he did just that.

He stood there, for 7-8 minutes, smoking weed, and quietly singing,  

“i love the regen, ist der regen nass, 
das Fett, Fett Mädchen haben alle dicke Ärsche und große Brüste, oh, wie ich die regen Liebe, ihre so, so nass”

The boss had a beautiful singing voice. I stood there, silent , gazing at his benevolence, enjoying his sweet, soft, gracious melody.

Once the song was over, the Baboso, wiped his eyes, with his handkerchief, and walked over to me.

He handed me the wet handkerchief, and sadly said

“Keisto, kill the bastard”

He kissed me on the cheek, and whispered in my ear “call Jimbo Redd, tell him he’s got some cleaning to do”.

He hugged me tight, (his arms were very toned, and muscular) and quickly left the house (along with Douglas) 

I remember suddenly feeling very jealous. Jealous, that Douglas got to leave with him; 

my hormones were raging.

I walked up to Shelby, and started screaming at him like a fuckin’ idiot. I got right in his face and yelled,

“That should be me! driving the boss’s car; not my crack headed brother! We should be together, not him, and Stupid Douglas! 

“I was upset as hell. 

I stood over Shelby, pulled out my cock, and violently started masturbating.

 I jerked hard non stop, thinking about my shitbird brother, and all the good luck, he always seemed to have. I then switched thoughts, and moaned loudly, as sweet visions of the Baboso’s naked, and perfectly chiseled body, graciously took over my mind. My anger, turned to bliss, and joy. I was in outter fuckin’ space. I felt myself cumming, so I got right up on Shelby, grunted, and blew my hot, sticky load all over his pinche face.

I fell on the floor, and whimpered like a young puppy.

I took a few minutes, to gather myself, got up, and shot Shelby, 2 times in the chest.
We then ran sacked the house, retrieved over 
$ 100,000 in cash, and 2 kilos, of pure Vietnamese dust. 

While bundling up the loot, I heard little screams coming from the bedroom, that sent chills down my spine.

Part 2: How food gets processed.

I got home, about 20 minutes later, and immediately took a shower. I then stashed the dope, and hid away the cash. I then called Jimbo Redd (our arsonist), and ordered him to torch Shelby’s house.

I walked in the room, and turned on the T.V. Still upset about my brother, personally guarding the Baboso, I decided to snort some v dust. I normally don’t indulge in the shit, because I see 1st hand what it does to people, but that night, I really didn’t give a flying fuck.

My girlfriend (a tranny) Lisa, was fast asleep. So, Restless, and horny, I decided to wake her up.

She kissed me on the cheek, and layed back down on the bed.

I pulled up the travestido’s shirt, and put a line of v dust on her stomach.

I kissed her on the mouth, and playfully bit her nose; she smiled.

I rolled up a 100 dollar bill, and took a long and hard snort;

It burned like a motherfuck. 

Lisa, also did a line, and quickly kneeled down assed up on her bed.

I slouched over to her, my mind racing, and vision blurred.

I pulled down the travestido’s panties, and without saying a word, plunged balls deep, right in her ass. Lisa gasped, and had a look of sheer fright, on her beautiful Asian face.

I pulled her by the hair, called her a nasty gook, and began viciously pounding. Her opening was dry at first, but after banging for over 5 minutes, her shit began to act as lube.

Lisa, started screaming, and making loud monkey like noises; I enjoyed the sound of her animal panting so much, I began pounding even harder.

I looked down at her tiny Asian cock; it had somehow sprouted a rock hard erection. Her perverted arousal, made me tickle inside.

I Giggled loudly, but got scared as i began to see A group of red headed leprechauns dancing in circles. I also cringed, and almost died, when i saw what seemed to be a flock of extremely gay centaurs, all Kissing, laughing, and doing the Macarena.

I quickly shut my eyes, took a deep breath, and continued to dreadfully pound away at her hairy Vietnamese opening. 

About 2 minutes later, I opened my eyes, and to my surprise, the entire room had turned a bright green. It was beautiful.

I leaned forward, licked Lisa’s back, and recklessly drifted in, and out, of what seemed to be a dream like, yet twisted reality.

The sexy travestido smiled, and began humming, and massaging her balls; the experience, was truly great. 
She yelled “yes, yes!”, and pulled herself foward; whiched caused my dick to fall completely out of her ass.

I fell back, grabbed the dope, and sniffed a large amount of the Vietnamese dust, right from the fucking bag.

I swirled around, feeling great, and grabbed Lisa’s sexy slender hips. Right before i could lean back into her, Lisa, grunted hard, and farted. It smelt like freshly baked blueberry pie. The smell was intoxicating. I zombily kneeled behind her, and opened my mouth. I wanted to taste the blueberry.  I leaned foward, and Lisa, grunted again. I closed my eyes, and felt a warm runny substance driping down my face; Lisa, had just disgustingly splattered a dripping puddle of wet blueberry scented shit, right on my face. The travestido then lie face down, farted again, and started chanting.

The shit she was singing, sounded really fuckin’ weird; a sort of Vietnamese tribal song; something her ancestors probably would have chanted right before battle. 

To be honest, it Pinche freaked me out. It was strange, and I couldn’t make out a fucking word. 

I asked her if she was okay, but she didn’t answer, it’s like she was in a fucking trance. Her eyes were glazed over, and escort karşıyaka her face was almost stuck, in a psychotic facial expression. 

The travestido, slouched  back and spread apart her ass cheeks. Still hard, and with blueberry shit, now drying on my face, i decided not to let a nice piece of wet Asian ass go to waste.

I stuck my hardened prick, hard in her booty.
it felt amazing, I started moaning, and vividly  hallucinating once again. I saw green dragons, and blue dolphins; i saw mermaids, and sea monsters. I began yelling, i was scared, and completely in a daze. My body was in another place. Each second felt like extremely pleasurable hours. My mouth tasted like frosted lemon cupcakes, and the air smelled like fresh grass, on a warm New Zealand Sunday.

It was total fucking bliss. 

Lisa’s tight tranny butt, bounced back and forth. She slammed down hard on my stiff shaft, with no regrets.

I stood there, still, and in a complete state of  Euphoria. I wasn’t even moving. Lisa, thrusted hard on my penis, and chanted louder. The harder she banged, the louder she got .  

I thought about the Baboso, and how he would  fuck this bitch, if I were him. So, i pounded even harder; I wanted to make the Boss proud. I pulled out his wet hankerchief, and tied it around my wrist; hoping that the boss’s fluids would somehow absorb into me.

Then, without warning, suddenly I felt my balls tighten up, and then a really intense pleasure.
I grunted, and shot my warm creamy load right up Lisa’s ass; Emptying out my swollen nut sacks, milking my cum, sloppy glob, after sloppy glob. 

I left my body, flew up to the top of my room, and back down to my body in a matter of seconds. Hands down the best sex, I’ve ever had in my life. 

I climbed on my bed, and got under the sheets. I couldn’t sleep. I shook uncontrollably, and enjoyed watching a few more vivid hallucinations.

I stayed in my house the rest of that day. I didn’t eat, watch t.v. or shower. I was completely stuck. It was amazing.

Now I know why everyone is so pinche crazy over this shit.

Part 4: Kitchen hot

Before I continue, I guess I should explain how me and the Baboso, became friends. I met The boss in prison. I knew Jamila his girlfriend 1st, because we ran a rather large prison prostitution ring together. So, After Jamila left prison, Me, and the Baboso, took over the business. The Baboso, already new my brother, he worked for the boss, on the outside, and soon hired me, to work for him too, once I got released.

The boss, wanted me to set up our dust operation. He said we needed a gang, guns, and cops in our pocket. He said he’d fund it from prison for a few years, and take complete control, once he got out.

Shit, I still remember the day he found out he was getting released. It was truly a joyous occasion. 

The courtroom was still, and extremely silent.

A stubby white man, stood up, and begin reading.

“We the jury, find Justin Polton, NOT guilty on count one: 2nd degree murder.

On count two; Man slaughter, we find the defendant Guilty.

On count Three Attempted Murder, on a police officer, we find the defendant NOT Guilty.

On count five; possession of a controlled substance; Guilty.

On count six; weapon possession; Guilty.

On count seven; harboring weapons of mass destruction; NOT Guilty.
My fucking heart dropped. The Baboso’s re-trial was a huge Pinche success.

Man slaughter carries a max of 8 years where We reside, and the boss had already done 9.
The coke charge would probably land him 4-8 years, and the weapon charge, about 5.

So, even if he got the max, He would be out, before his 40th birthday.

Part 5: The soup sentence

I went back to court about 3 weeks later, for sentencing.

The baboso, walked in the door, accompanied by two deputies.

As he made his way down the isle, he waved.

His soon to be wife, Jamila, was back from Thailand, and she, and Douglas, were both there his time.

She winked at the Boss , smiled, and blew him a kiss.

I fuckin’ hated Jamila. The travestido bitch, killed my lover a few years ago; I can’t prove it, but I know she did; or at least had something to do with it.

At any rate, Douglas, seemed dazed. 

You could tell he was heavily on crack.

I remembered thinking, 

“Some fucking body guard; shit, Jamila could probably kick his ass herself”

I looked towards the back of the courtroom, and noticed the boss’s Father was also in attendance.

He wore a gray suit, white shirt, and a red tie.

The boss, sat at a table, with his lawyers, until the judge walked in.

He stood up, and remained quiet, while the judge read his fate.

Judge Smartner, begin to talk

“On the count of Man Slaughter, Mr. Polton, you are to serve  5 years.

On the count of being in possession of a control substance, you are to serve 7 years;

And on the count of illegal weapon possession, the defendant will serve a term of 3 years.

All sentences are to be carried out consecutively.

It looks like, you’ve served 9 years already, so that leaves you a remainder of 6. You are required to complete 80% of your total term, which means you will be released in no less than 3 years.

However,  I can let you out a year early, if you’re willing to pay, $43,000 in court restitution, and complete 1 year of charitable community service; no picking up trash on freeways, you’ll have to go to a shelter, or women’s abuse clinic, things of that nature.
 So, do you want a year off, or do you want to serve out your entire term?”

The Baboso, looked at his lawyer, and nodded.

The beautiful blonde lawyer, smiled quickly, and answered , yes, your honor, we’ll take the community service, and court fees, inturn for one year less jail time”

The judge began writing in his book, he sneered, and replied, with his head still down, 

“Have a good day Mr. Polton”

The Boss, laughed, and respectfully replied

“thank you, you’re honor” 

He hugged, and friendly kissed his sexy lead attorney.

Jamila, frowned, and looked noticeably jealous .

The Baboso, then wrote his lawyer check, signed a few documents, and began exiting the courtroom.

While karşıyaka escort walking away, he quickly stopped, gave me a hug, and said hi.

He did the same to Douglas, and his girlfriend Jamila.

Jamila, pulled his head close to her face, and whispered (rather loudly) “I can’t wait for you to try out my brand new 20 thousand dollar pussy”

My Cuban cock got hard, just from the thought. 

The Baboso, smiled, and continued down the isle. 
He made one last stop, in order to say hi to his father.

The Boss’s father was a honest man. A older black gentleman, who owned a chain of small hot dog stands.

I heard the Baboso, quirkily ask “where’s mom” 

The boss’s father, looked at the floor, and sadly replied “sick Justin, very sick. She’s sprung on dust! its killing her Justin, it’s fucking killing her”

Before the Boss could speak, he was forcefully pushed, and told to keep walking by one of the Pinche deputies.

I became enraged.

I jumped over the railing, and walked over to the deputy that pushed the Baboso.

I gave him an extremely cold stare.

Then, Without blinking, I Looked him square in the eye, and angrily said,

“if you fucking touch him again shitbird, you’ll be shitting from a fucking straw for the rest of your piece of shit life.

The deputy, looked a bit nervous, and quickly replied,

Sorry, but Mr. Polton, has to go; it’s, well, it’s, just that we really need to get back before dark.

I told The Boss, I’d talk to his dad, and give him the info.

The Baboso, nodded, and made his way from the courtroom, and back to the prison bus.

Part 6: Hit the meat grinder runnin’.

I found out from the boss’s father, who was dealing the Vietnamese Dust to Mrs. Polton; Harry Singato. A half black, half italian, bar owner, and 3rd in charge of the BB. He sold dust out his bar, and made tons of cash for Don and Cody Broady.

I pulled up to Harry’s house around 11:45 pm. Slicky Ricky, accompanied me, along with my cousin “Little Man”. We sat in the car, smoking weed, in front of his house, until I felt the time was right.

So, around 12:30, me, and Slicky took a hard snort of dust, and kicked in Harry’s door.

I was surprised not to see any body guards in, or outside Harry’s house.

Harry, seemed to be alone. His house was dark, and quiet.

Slicky checked the back of the house, and I decided to go upstairs.

Little Man, stayed in the car, and looked out for the cops.

I walked threw Harry’s house, gun in hand, but couldn’t find the Joto.

All of a sudden, I heard a very loud pinche gun shot. I pressed myself against a wall, clinched my gun, and peeked around the corner.

Then, I heard Slicky yell  

“the window, Keisto, he’s jumping out the fuckin’ window”

I quickly ran down the stairs, and out the front door.

Harry, had jumped out his second floor window, and was running down the street.

Harry Wasn’t wearing a shirt. He had on a pair of tan pants, but no Shoes or socks.

Little man, saw harry running, turned on the car, and hit the gas after him.

I chased on foot, as did Slicky.

Little Man, leaned out the car, firing with one hand, and steering the car with his other.

Harry, ran like a fuckin jack rabbit, shooting back at us, without even looking.

Out of breath, Me and Slicky, stopped running, and yelled at Liitle Man to stop, but he didn’t listen.

Shit, Little Man, went even faster. 
Then in true 16 year old fashion, little man lost control of the car, spun out, and crashed head first into a near by restaurant.

Harry, heard the crash, and stopped running. 

He reloaded his gun, and started walking towards the accident.  I saw what was going down, and started running as fast as I could towards the wreck.

Harry walked up to the car, and fired threw the car window at least 4 times.

Me, and Slicky shot at Harry, but the Bastardo was too far away.

Harry then pulled Liitle man out the car, and shot him again. He then jumped in the damaged car, made a u turn, and floored it towards us. 

I told Slicky to retreat; so, we both turned around, started running, and  jumped head first, into near by bushes.

Harry came darting up the street, but the  Bastardo flew right past us, without even shooting. He violently slammed (what seemed to be purposely), into a car parked right in front of his house. He got out the  vehicle, shot towards us, and ran inside his house.

Slicky, said, “Keisto, let’s go, it’s a trap. This ass hole might walk out the fuckin’ house with a bazooka or some shit”

I didn’t answer Slicky. I stayed still, and peeked from behind the bush, without saying shit. 

Slicky whispered “Keisto, the cops are coming, Little Man’s dead. Let’s Ditch our firearms, and fuckin’ leave”

I wanted to desperately kill Harry, but Slicky was right. So, I tossed aside my gun, and we fastly began walking up the street.

While walking, something told me to look back; so I did. I couldn’t believe it. I saw 
Cheri Polton (the baboso’s mom) leaving the house with Harry. Her Half naked, chubby 52 year old body, almost fully exposed. She had on a teal nightie; her boobs were hanging out, and she wasn’t wearing underwear.
I watched as she bent over, and crawled her flabby mature frame into Harry’s back seat. Her huge ass, jiggling along the way. Harry, smacked her across the butt, and jumped in the driver seat.

Fuck! Not only was this Bastardo selling her dust,  he was fucking her too.

The boss is going to be pissed.

Part 7: diagnostic Lunch.

The next day, I visited the boss in prison. I brought him fried chicken, and a few dozen porno magazines. 

I told him what happened, and that little man was dead.

He paused from eating his chicken, and said,

“I’ll pay for Little man’s funeral: and don’t tell my father what you saw.

Oh, And don’t attempt to kill Harry again. Keep the heat down;

 I’ll be home soon, let me smoke The faggot.

That was almost two years ago. 

Part 8: Coming home for Dinner.

Me, Douglas and Jamila, picked up the Boss from prison on a hot summer day.

We took him and Jamila to the Grand Empire hotel, and waited all night in the car.

The next day, we had a large Gang meeting;

The boss was all business.

His mother, ran off with Harry, and Hadn’t been seen in years. 

The shit was about to hit the fan.

Let me know what you think! Justin’s Story Part 2 coming soon…

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