Kendra’s Ass Ch. 02

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“You fucking slut!” Tina screamed as she barged into Kendra’s office. Kendra’s client staring confused at Tina, seems stunned. “Lady, the woman you are about to sign a lease with felt the need to fuck my boyfriend in order to close a sale.”

The client got up from her chair and left. Kendra looking furious, slammed her office door shut and gets in Tina’s face and blurts, “What the fuck is your problem you bitch?”

[SLAP] Tina blasted Kendra across the face and told her not to play dumb because she heard the whole tape of me (Jon) getting laid by her when the apartment failed inspection.

“He sedeuced me,” Kendra stated. Kendra explained how it happened and reasoned if Tina had listened to the tape, she would have heard that I sedeuced her.

“You’re right, he did come on to you, but you did not throw him out. Instead you did it just to make a sale…your nothing more then an over priced whore. And I am going to treat you like one right now, or else I am going to go find your fiance Lucas and play him my tape,” Tina snarled.

What do you mean?” Kendra asked with a puzzled look.

“Bend over your desk like the whore you are and you will find out…or I go to apartment 686 and tell Lucas all about how my boyfriend filled you up for a change,” Tina stated.

Kendra, knwoing she had no choice bent over her desk, much like she did for me the day before and lifted her skirt up. Tina, walked behind her and ripped Kendra’s G-string out of her ass and and literally ripped the string off of the panties.

Tina got down on her knees so Kendras pussy and asshole were right in her face and asked if she had ever been eaten out by a woman. As Kendra answered no, Tina slid a dildo out of her coat pocket and with no lube pressed into Kendra’s ass.

Crying out in pain, Kendra yelled, “What the fuck?”

Tina just pushed the dildo in harder. A dry dildo with no lube penetrating Kendra’s ass bets10 was painful. To be nice Tina began eating out Kendra’s pussy which was wet instantaneously.

“You like me eating your pussy don’t you you whore?” Tina boasted rhetorically.

“That dildo hurts,” Kendra replied.

With that Tina used her left hand and slapped Kendra’s ass so hard there was a small red hadn print on Kendra’s ass. Tina told her to shut up as she extended her tounge directly into Kendras now wer hot pussy. The dildo was now almost entirely in Kendra’s ass. Tina pulled the dildo out and lubed it up with Kendra’s juices before inserting back into Kendra’s bung hole.

Relaxing more and now feeling pretty good Kendra began moving her ass back and fourth and up and down on the dildo that Tina had in her ass. Tina licked her pussy and clit faster and harder before Kendra had her first orgasm.

Tina, realizing that Kendra was enjoying this treatment more then she should be instructed Kendra to roll over while keeping the dildo in her ass. Unable to do so Kendra slid her skirt off so she could obeythe coomand. Tina, who had slid her pants and panties off over the course of this action scooted up on Kendras desk and began to straddle Kendra’s face.

“Listen you greedy,selfish cunt, you I am gonna sit onyour face and you better quickly have your tounge in my ass or else,” Tina ordered.

As Tina squatted down, Kendra’s tounge immediatly began working over Tina’s asshole. Tina spread her cheeks so Kendra could litereally get her tounge deepinside her ass. Tina meanwhile was working Kendras ass real good with the dildo. Kendra, who seemed to be an orgasm machine came again and as she did she pushed her face deeper into Tina’s ass. Kendra also was now using a hand to play with Tina’s pussy.

At this point Tina, dropped the dildo and leaned forward leaving her and Kendra in a 69 postion. They went to town bets10 giriş on each other eating each others pussies’s, assholes and sucking on each others clits. Tina, exploded into a massive orgasm and squirted hot cum out of her clit all over Kendra’s face (Tina is amajor squirter).

It was at this point the girls rolled off the desk and a loud commotion was made. This was my cue. I quietly opened the door just enough to slide into the landlords office. What I saw was Kendras hot sexy as straddling Tina’s face as Kendra was now ontop in the 69 position.

Tina smiled at me, seeing my video camera inhand. I dropped my pants as Kendra still had no idea I was in the room. Tina was really giving Kendras pussy a workout. All of this on tape, I kneeled behind Kendra, my 8.5 inch cock hard in hand and slid right into her already slightly loose asshole as a resultof the dildo.

Stunned, Kendra tried to turn around and see what was up, when Tina wrapped her legs around Kendra’s neck and said, “Slut, JOn is going to fuck you anyway he wants, and you are going to keep eatingmy pussy as he does it.”

Kendra’s giggled and began rocking her ass back and fourth on my dick and really was loving life as Tina ate her pussy, I made her asshole gape and she ate Tina’s pussy and ass.

Kendra came almost immediatly and begged for Tina to ease up on her clit. Tina sucked harder and Kendra nearly collapsed, except I held her up and stared really pumpin my cock ina nd out of her ass. Her asshole looked so sexy taking my cock in and out of it. Just seeing those sexy cheeks hug my cock and feeling the inside of her asshole almost made me cum. But I could not because Tina and I had a plan. I palce my camera on the desk in a position where it was taping everything.

Pulling out of Kendra’s ass, I pulled Kendra off Tina and maneuvered Kendra onto her back. Spreading her legs wide, I inserted the dildo bets10 güvenilir mi back into Kendra’s ass and then slid my cock into her hot wet pussy.

Tina meanwhile squatted over Kendra’s moutha nd Kendra continued to work on Tina’s pussy. I could tell Tina was about to cum, so I pumped Kendra’s pussy harder and used my left hand to pump her ass with dildo. Kendra came again,just as Tina exploded into another orgasm and her cum shot onto Kendra’s tits and even some onto my chest.

Tina winked at me as I exploded and came deep inside Kendra’s pussy. Kendra seemed freaked out and I laughed at her and said, “Not on the pill huh whore?”

As I pulled my dick out of Kendra’s pussy, Tina started peeing all over Kendra. Kendra was degraded and devestated. As soon as Tina finished peeing all over Kendra’s face and body (and some pee definietly got into Kendra’s mouth). I pulled the dildo out of Kendra’s ass.

Tina and I got up and got dressed as Kendra just lay there. Asshole gaping, pussy dribbling out cum, Tina’s cum mixed with Tina’s pee all over her face and body.

Tina and I started to leave and Kendra just continued to lay there, not knowing if she should be upset or in a state total fulfillment.

“By the way Kendra, we are going ot be living here rent free or else your bosses at corporate will get a copy of this tape,” Tina said.

“Also Kendra, I am having some friends over tomorrow night…why don’t you come by our place around 8 and make sure Lucas thinks you will be out all night. If you don’t show, then Lucas will see this video tape,” I said.

Kendra nodded her head as she started to get up. Tina and I left and went to our apartment to take a nice hot shower. I fucked Tina’s ass, came in her mouth and then bathed her up. As we got out of the shower, Tina asked, “Just what do you have in store for Kendra tomorrow?”

I replied, “After tomorrow night, that cunt is going to no longer have a fiance, but at least take pride inthe fact that at least 8 guys fucked her in the ass in the same night.

Tina laughed, “As long as you fuck me in the ass as I watch them, you can fuck her ass again as well.”


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