Kendra’s Present

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Kendra Christiansen couldn’t believe she finally twenty-five. It had seemingly taken forever, but now the big day was here. Kendra had made it past her teen years, into her mid-20’s, living entirely on her own and free at last.

The relatives and foster parents that had cared for her were, by and large, kind enough. Kendra found that moving from home to home, place to place, she never got a sense of family. Nor did she find any sense of stability – some of her guardians were ultra-strict and allowed her little leeway, others were so unconcerned, she got away with murder.

Kendra’s parents had been killed in a skiing accident when she was 8. She remembered bits and pieces about them, but it was like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. Neither of her parents had siblings or living parents, so she’d been shuffled around to cousins, friends of the family, wherever a place for her could be found. Kendra had always had a very lonely life.

That all changed in the last place she stayed. Kendra had become very popular in her last residence. She had grown quite a bit in the last few years, and now, stood 5’9′ tall. Kendra was also blessed with sandy-blonde hair, a killer smile, stunning green eyes, legs that were long and shapely, round breasts and a scrumptious ass. Not only were a lot of guys panting after her, even some of their girlfriends had made overtures.

To those people that had piqued her interest, Kendra responded rather warmly to their overtures. Sex, the girl reasoned, was her power and she wielded it well. If she was doing badly in a class, she wore a short skirt and remarkably, her grades improved. Kendra enjoyed wild, passionate, sexual affairs with many of the school brains. She was surprised to find that many of them were far better lovers than she could have imagined. They were gentle and considerate, some of them kinkier than she thought they’d be. A couple of them had huge cocks, and certainly knew how to use them. Kendra’s first lover, her English tutor, was wild and adventurous and gave Kendra, at 18, her first orgasm.

Bryce was “veddy British”, Kendra had chosen him to take her virginity because she had assumed he would be gentle, sensitive and caring when he first made love to her. That he was, he caressed her body like a fine instrument. He took his time, started out by giving her a foot massage, rubbing her feet in little concentric circles, caressing and squeezing ever toe as he removed her stockings. He kissed up her legs with soft, baby kisses, her mind barely registered him taking off her panties, she was in such a sexual frenzy by this time. She barely heard him say “Take off the skirt, dearest” as he continued to manipulate her erotically.

He himself took off the blue, silk blouse she was wearing, Bryce paid dutiful homage to her soft breasts. His hands played with them, adored them until she was practically panting in heat. When Bryce slid his cock into her, she thought she would die in pleasure.

At first, Bryce was slow, patient, adoring. She met him, stroke for stroke, anxious to please this gentle man. But as time passed, he grew more frenetic in his movements, he encouraged her wild side to emerge. “Be the hot, kinky fuckslut you want to be Kendra!” he growled as he pumped deeper, harder, faster into her eager young cunt. This reserved-looking man was a masterful lover, within the hour, his fucking skills gave Kendra her very first orgasm.

His girlfriend gave the girl her second. Adriana was a sultry, smoky, wanton beauty that Kendra found irresistible from the start. Kendra realized at an early age she found women very appealing. As she got older, she surmised that she would easily enjoy the sensual treats a woman had to offer. Despite her looks, very few girls were jealous of her for very long, for Kendra enjoyed the romps with them almost as much as their guys – sometimes even more.

Shortly after their introduction, Adriana introduced Kendra to the pleasures of sapphic sex. She ate Kendra through 3 intense orgasms, until every nerve in her body ached from pleasure. Adriana then proceeded to give Kendra instructions in how to pleasure a woman, how to talk nasty, how to kiss a pussy, where to stroke with delicate fingers. Kendra certainly to be an apt pupil.

Adriana also brought Kendra into the realm of kink. On one of their naughtier encounters, she showed up in long latex boots, gloves and a top that crisscrossed her body, but left her breasts, pussy and ass exposed. Adriana insisted her young lover tie her up, and, in her own words “Fuck the shit out of me, please!”

Adriana wasn’t at all surprised to find Kendra took to the lesbian kink like a duck to water. On her next visit, she brought Kendra some sexy lingerie, spiky heels and a clear, acrylic dildo. She insisted that Kendra use it on her, over and over again until she literally couldn’t stand unaided. Adriana’s legs were wobbly, but she had no regrets. With her remaining strength, she used her superior cuntlapping talents to bring the sexy coed to a mind-splitting orgasm.

Before she graduated, Kendra treated herself to a couple of flings with some of the teachers (although, she was very careful to observe, none of them were hers ). In one wild adventure, Kendra had a fling with one of the hotter professors on campus. At a function some months later, she was introduced to his wife Ashley, Tall, sensual, blonde and leggy, Ashley was breathtaking. She was obviously smitten with Kendra as well, for she invited her to lunch the next day. Lunch was brief, the hours spent in a nearby hotel room were not. Kendra certainly enjoyed feasting on Ashley’s beautiful big tits and shaved pussy.

Less than a week later, she met Ashley’s eighteen-year old son, a young hunk who attended a local football camp. She fucked his brains out behind the bleachers, and a few times afterwards. It appealed to her warped sense of humor to know she was fucking father, mother and son, with none of them knowing about the others.

Kendra, from hard work and great instructions, passed on by more-than-willing tutors, passed all of her classes with honors. Kendra revelled in her sexuality, but never neglected her academics. Both took equal parts of her time.

Only yesterday, a letter from an attorney had arrived at Kendra’s apartment. The letter didn’t say very much, it just asked her to be at a specified address by I PM today.

As was her style for a professional engagement, Kendra dressed in a classy manner, but she never dressed without a touch of panache. Under the pinstriped skirt suit, Kendra still wore stockings, heels and lacy lingerie.

Kendra’s stiletto heels made a staccato clickclickclick on the lawyer’s hardwood floor as she entered his office. She was impressed as she looked around, it was a room that was not without charm, dark, but rich with the lustre of the wood. Yep, I am certainly impressed, Kendra thought.

When he turned to face Kendra, she found the lawyer was even more impressive then his stylish office. If a man could be gorgeous, Kendra thought, this man was über-gorgeous.

Kyle Richmond, the attorney in question, was tall, nearing 6’4″. His dark hair was greying at the temples, but Kendra figured it was likely premature, as he appeared to be no more than forty. Oddly, their suits matched, which Kendra found terribly amusing. His eyes were amazing, deep pools of brown that were rich, warm and inviting. He had amazing cheekbones and everything about him made Kendra’s heart flutter. Her pussy was doing a song & dance as well. She found him very, very desirable. As Kyle talked, Kendra was enthralled by his face, she wasn’t registering a solitary thing until Kyle said something about 2 million dollars.

“What?” she asked, incredulously. “I’m sorry, I must not have heard you correctly, Mr. Richmond. Could you say that again?”

“Your late parents banked money for you every year Miss Christiansen, in a trust fund. Most of it has been invested, and very well, I must say. In 17 years, it has grown into quite a tidy sum, around 2 Million Dollars and growing exponentially! Some of the funds are still untouchable for a while yet, but most of it is yours for the asking!”

Kendra’s mind was reeling. She was rich – filthy rich – and all of her troubles were in the past. She could do anything she wanted – and Kendra was aware of the very first thing she wanted to do.

“Miss Christiansen? Hello? Are you okay? What are you thinking?

“That I want to fuck your brains out!” Kendra said out loud, surprising the attorney with her boldness. Kyle appeared to be stunned for a brief second, then he recovered and he responded “Excuse me?”

“You, Mr. Richmond, are gorgeous. You’ve been eyeing me for the past half hour in between legalese. Yes, my tits are real. Yes, I like be looked at and yes, I am wearing sexy lingerie under this outfit! Yes, I would like to fuck you – simple enough?”

Kyle smiled at her – with the full intent of granting her request. “Simple enough.”

They walked towards each other, meeting in the centre of the room. Soft lips were pressed against firm, demanding lips. Tongues dueled erotically as the two new lovers quickly undressed each other, clothes tossed aside, each stripping for the other’s pleasure.

Kyle marvelled at the firmness of her big, soft breasts, the roundness of her nipples as he leaned forward and fondled, then kissed them. Little “ooohhhsss” escaped her, she was panting with lust already. She was impatient to feel Kyle Richmond’s big cock deep within the walls of her pussy, but she didn’t want to rush all these pleasurable sensations.

Falling into an erotic heap on his leather couch, the Kendra and Kyle reached for each other. Hands grasped, caressed, fondled. Lips met lips, tongues met in an erotic ballet.

Within mere minutes, Kendra was on top of Kyle, her lips sucking passionately on his throbbing prick, his tongue snaking in and out of her cunt. She was delicious and Kyle wanted all he could get. Kendra, in turn, found every pulse of his cock arousing. She licked and sucked on the veiny shaft, wishing desperately for him to cum in her mouth, yet wanting it on her body, hot and sticky and lusty. Kendra’s juices were flowing into his waiting mouth.

Neither lover could take much more of the exquisite torture, and with a tacit agreement, they knew it was time to fuck. “How do you want me lover?”, Kendra purred at him.

“On top baby!”, her lawyer responded. It was as if Kyle knew her and all the right buttons to push. Kendra mounted him and the feeling of his shaft deep inside her pussy was more intense than anything she’d ever felt. Kendra wiggled, moved, bounced and slithered her body all over his. Kyle’s fingers manipulated her clit, then she could feel his hands on her beautiful tits, fondling as he filled her with cock. Large, hot, thrusting cock. For this moment, this was HER cock – and if Kendra had her way, for other moments in the future.

Pistoning in and out of his new playmate, Kyle desperately wanted to come, yet held off as best he could. Everything about this fuck with the horny blonde was amazing, everything about the two of them clicked. Already he knew this was not going to be a one-time fuck, he wanted to know all of her, her thoughts and dreams, her little kinks, did she like pizza with sausage or pepperoni? Kyle couldn’t wait to know more!

Kendra’s body shuddered in orgasmic delight and Kyle followed in short order. The two new lovers snuggled together on the couch, Kyle noticed the time and was glad his secretary had not interrupted. Although knowing Amber, it might have been fun if she had!

“Well, this was a pretty great day for me!” Kendra said with a satisfied smile.

“Yes Kendra, I imagine that inheriting over 2 Million bucks would make anyone smile!” Kyle responded.

“Yes, that was nice too!” Kendra said with a giggle, as she pinched Kyle’s butt.

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