Kim’s Decision

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All Holes

She had tried, she really did. She had put herself to the test; to see what it would be like without him.

Yet every day her thoughts wandered to him. More and more so as every day passed. She could not deny her heart nor its passion for him.

Not did she test only herself, but she had tested him as well. She needed answers to important questions. Would he wait for her? Did she mean that much to him? Would he remain true to her? Or would he pull up stakes and move on? This was a very big step for her and she had to be sure. She had made up her mind and so she made her choice.

As she turned the car onto the road that led to his place, her mind began to daydream of how nice it is when they are together. The happiness, the laughter, the feelings of being completely at ease and comfortable. The ability to be herself without being judged or ridiculed. The freedom and of course, the wild passion. All feelings she never had before. All feelings she missed, as much as she missed him.

The ride seemed to take less time than normal, maybe it was because she was lost in her daydream.

Regardless of the reason she was there. Walking to the door, she raised her hand to knock. However before she could, the door opened.

There he was, smiling that smile at her; smiling with both his mouth and his eyes. She walked in as the door closed behind her. “You look incredible,” he said admiring the way her ass looked in tight jeans.

He stopped her in the hallway, gently pressing her up against the wall. Moving closer to her; he murmured, “I missed you.” She replied, “I missed you too.”

Taking her in his arms he kissed her. She kissed him back feeling her passion start to stir. Almost before she knew it, her tongue slipped into his mouth and his into hers. The kiss was sexy and passionate and she moaned as they kissed.

Taking his tongue from her mouth, he kissed and nibbled on her neck and güvenilir bahis earlobes. She felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy get moist. He kissed her again, pressing himself against her. She felt the bulge in his jeans rubbing against her loins. She began to thrust her hips and rub back against him .

His hand went up her shirt and slipping his fingers into her bra; he took her hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He began rolling it and gently pinching it. The sensation was making her even wetter, driving her passion onward.

She kissed him back with wild abandon, their tongues dancing in each others mouths. He slipped his hand from her breast and slid it down over her stomach, coming to the button of her jeans. Opening it easily, he pulled the zipper down.

She felt his hand slide between her thighs and spread her legs, opening herself to him. He slipped just the tip of his finger into her slit, coating it with her wetness. Then slowly drew his finger upwards parting her pussy lips, finally coming to her swelling clit. Gently he began to rub it in small gentle circles while they kissed.

She was trying to hold out but her passion began to betray her. She was too hot to stop now and came hard, moaning into his mouth.

His finger slipped back down between her lips, finding her now slick opening. This time he slipped more of it deeper into her. She moaned again as he slid it in and out of her juicy pussy.

Taking his finger from her wetness, he brought it to his own lips and tasted her sweet juices. He then kissed her again. They shared the taste of her.

Picking her up, he tossed her over his shoulder and carried her upstairs.

Entering the bedroom he placed her on the bed and took off her shoes. Then he pulled off those sexy, tight jeans.

Taking moments to undress himself, he climbed on the bed next to her and kissed her wildly. His hand finding her türkçe bahis wet slit. Once again he began to work her clit. A little more firmly he rubbed now, sending shivers through her body as she climaxed.

She moaned like a slut would moan, as she felt two fingers being stuffed into her steaming pussy. She began to buck her hips wildly against his hand as she coated his long fingers with her creamy wetness.

He used her cum to make her clit wet and slick then continued to play with her.

Cumming hard, she wrapped her arms around him clutching his body tightly to hers.

When she had come back down, he brought his two fingers to her lips. She licked and sucked hungrily, then she kissed him, sharing her sweetness between them.

Raising himself up, he moved to the end of the bed. Kneeling down he commanded, “Spread your legs for me.”

She did as she was told.

He kissed her; first her thighs, then slowly he slipped his tongue between her lips, tasting her yet again. His long tongue slipped inside her and she spread even wider for him. He then moved to her now hard clit. First licking, then sucking it into his mouth. Slowly to begin with, then faster and faster.

She began to buck her hips against his tongue as her orgasm grew within her. Then she lost it; moaning his name loudly, she creamed all over his quick tongue.

As she climaxed, he slipped two fingers into her juicy pussy, causing her to cum even harder. With his other hand he spread her lips and continued kissing and licking her clit.

She reached for her bra and unhooked it freeing her hot tits. Taking them in her hands, she began rolling and playing with her rock hard nipples, while her pussy leaked its juices all over his tongue.

Her clit was throbbing now as his tongue kept flicking over it. He sucked it into his mouth, held it there and used his tongue on it some more.

She came violently, güvenilir bahis siteleri shaking and shuddering and moaning his name.

As she came back down, he climbed up between her legs and kissed her mouth. She could once again taste herself on his lips as they kissed.

His cock was rock hard and he slid it between her swollen and slick lips. He was rubbing it up and down her pussy lips, getting it wet with her cum.

She reached down taking him in her hands and guided him to her slick opening.

He pushed gently and slipped the head in. Just the head; then he stopped, holding it there, he kissed her. Then slowly he pushed again, slipping more of his cock into her.

She felt her pussy start to stretch and the feeling made her cum. As she got off, he pressed more of himself into her. She wrapped her arms around him moaning loudly.

“Do you want all of it?” He asked.

“Oh yes please, give it all to me. Put it deep inside me.” She moaned in reply. One hard thrust and she took it all. “Oh God,” she hissed. She spread her legs as wide as she could for him, taking him fully inside her. She felt so full, so stretched open.

They kissed as he ground his hips against hers. She was wild now. Thrusting hard and deep into her, he made her cum over and over again.

His hand found her tits and began to play with them, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples. He began to fuck her with wild abandon.

She shook and trembled in his arms. She felt him start to swell within her and she knew he was close. Lifting her hips to meet his thrusts, she took every inch of him, cumming hard on his thick cock again.

Feeling her pussy cream all over his meat was too much for him. He exploded deep within her pussy, filling her with his hot cum.

As they came down they looked into each others eyes and started to laugh and giggle. “I Love you Mike,” she said quietly.

He kissed her then said, “I Love you too Kimmy.”

They laid there talking and laughing for awhile.

Then she kissed him.

He loved the way she kissed him, so warm and passionate.

He was hard again and she was very wet…

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