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So he had finally come to visit. They had been friends for ages, but they never managed to connect. He stayed a steadfast friend through the ups and downs of her life as others came and went. He kept his distance as he knew she would run and dispatch him to the ash heap of exes if he got to close. He was smart enough to avoid that – although it took her ages to realize it.

The awareness came over her slowly – and suddenly after all his comments about visiting, and his suggestion they share a duplex in some mutually agreed upon city, and his gentle flirting . . . it suddenly became important to her that hey meet and she see if there was any chemistry. She lived and died by the elusive chemistry.

“I will try not to disappoint you. And would like to grant you a wish if I am able while I am there.” He left her after the call to ponder that statement.

He arrived and called once he was checked in, as he had promised. He suggested dinner that night and she was mildly annoyed that he wasn’t going to see her before then.

“That shit.” she thought. But she agreed to dinner.

Punctual as usual, he picked her up at 7. He looked so . . . regular – and she was somewhat disappointed somehow, though she couldn’t say why. “You’re thinking I look regular. Don’t let the cover fool you – you should see what’s in the box.” She looked into his eyes then, and he smiled. And they began to laugh. Together. He was handsome when he laughed – he changed somehow.

“Good to meet you finally.” and he pulled her to his chest in a hug. She was startled and yet strangely soothed in his arms. It felt new and like a sweet memory all at once.

They went to dinner on the river downtown, the lights reflecting on the water. The breeze ruffled their hair and carried their talk and laughter out over the water. He marveled at her smile, knowing she shared a trait with Helen of Troy – this face could launch a thousand ships. Her laughter was better in person, her smile like the Sun – and he did His best to make her laugh and smile – she made him greedy.

He watched her throughout dinner. Watching her face change as she spoke seriously, or smiled coyly, or looked at him, or laughed, or frowned, or chided him for being foolish, or too serious, or for staring. He was entranced by the ever changing pattern of light and shadow as the candlelight güvenilir bahis played across her face. He did not want the evening to end.

They walked and talked about all things, and nothing, and merely enjoy the quit in one another’s presence.

“Thank you for dinner. May I see you tomorrow?” he asked as he stood at her door.

Laughing at his seriousness, she softly replied “Yes.” Surely he was coming in for a drink. “Say, 10 o’clock?” he asked, and she agreed.

Then he leaned forward and kissed her. So softly and chaste, yet as soon as she gave into it she felt the passion within him – the kiss seeming to melt them into one thing – taking the breath from her and making her dizzy as he held her so firmly in place. Breaking the kiss he rubbed her nose with his and she opened her eyes to find him looking into her eyes, that look piercing her armor like a spear. She slept that night dreaming of the look in his eyes and wondering what it meant – knowing she wanted to see it again.

They spent the next day as tourists. Museums, beer at lunch, sweating from the heat and laughing their asses off. He did not look the part, but the man was a party in progress. She had not had so much fun in ages. Yet, he never kissed her, or mentioned the night before. He would touch her for emphasis from time to time, on her hand, her arm. She found it so odd that she was so assured in his presence. She felt safe with him, and yet, she always felt he was holding himself in. She would look at him from time to time and their eyes would meet, and he would smile . . . and she would feel herself start to fall – and catch herself – and see him smiling as if he knew what she was thinking.

At the end of the day, he asked her to come to his hotel at 7 for dinner as he needed to shower and clean up. She agreed and he squeezed her hand as he left her at her door.

“Wear something that suits you.” he said as he left.

She had no idea what that meant – but she wanted to play and she dressed to amaze. She felt wonderful and wanted to repeat the previous evening’s magic.

He opened His door and her work was not in vain. “Spin for me.” he said and she did. He smiled at the sight of her and the scent of her perfume. Dinner was no longer a concern. “Come here.” He said and gathered her up in his arms and kissed her, this time without holding türkçe bahis back and she found herself wrapping her arms around his neck and giving herself to his kiss, giving herself to him – and he took her greedily.

She turned away as the kiss broke, her heart beating fast and afraid to look into his eyes. He held onto her waist and began kissing her neck – his lips tracing fire wherever they touched. His lips now next to her ear – “Let it happen.” he whispered and his hands were suddenly everywhere at once stroking her through her clothes as she realized she wanted to be naked for him – to feel his skin on hers.

His hands slid up her dress and then slid inside her panties, cupping her ass and then sliding between her legs – He smiling at her wetness and she shocked at the same time. Her body arched forward to meet is touch. “Yes, that’s it – this is going to be lovely.” he whispered. “You’re mine now.” and that brought on the first orgasm – ripping though her like a bullet.

The rest of the night was like a dream, flashes of light and images, pain pushing them both to new spaces – the line between blurring. He always urging her to give more, she responding in need and desire and He always there to bring her down slowly and then begin again. He touched her, and spanked her and used her so sweetly with such care and roughness and tenderness – all at once – it made her dizzy.

He kissed his way down her body, teasing her breasts and hard nipples with his tongue. lips and teeth and she felt herself rising to help him take more of her into his wicked mouth. He lit a hot trail down her tummy to her pussy, settling there with a smile and a hungry cat growl as he made love to her with his mouth for so long and in so many ways it left her tearing at the sheets with her hands as he held her hips to keep his mouth on her in the exquisite contact and driving her over the edge again and again and again.

“I love the taste of you.” he said. “Feed me, bitch” and feed him she did. He always let her peak and then teased her up and over . . . her need so great now she was just heavy breathing, sweet liquid and NEED.

“Tell me what you want?” he asked. She looked into his eyes, shy now, taken, twisted, hungry, sweating, fearful she was dreaming as she searched his eyes.

“You aren’t dreaming, beloved. I have wanted this for so güvenilir bahis siteleri long.” She began to cry then, the final dam breaking within her . . . . “Inside me.” she stuttered – knowing he had not properly fucked her yet.

And in a heartbeat he was, filling her, stabbing deep – taking her utterly. His mask off now, the hunger in his eyes burning her flesh as he took her. So deep, so full, oh damn he was consuming her.

She looked up and in the dim light saw their reflection in the closet doors – the flesh moving together, the sight of him stealing her away, pushing her over the edge yet again and her screams driving him deeper and harder.

Realizing her need now – she asked Him in a breathless voice “What do you want?”

“Your ass.” She shuddered at the words, even as she rolled to open herself to him, needing to give him this gift just as she had given him everything else . . . wanting him inside, wanting to grant him his heart’s desire. Giving to him what no one else had ever earned.

The pain over so quickly, the fullness of him inside her – taking him in her most private space, urging him to spend himself inside her. The faces in the mirror shocking her in their intensity. His a mask of primal need and hers pure lust ignited. She found herself fucking him back and muttering “please, baby, please” over and over – which sent him over the edge.

They didn’t leave the room for the next 36 hours. They laughed more, ate, bathed, played, touched, tickled, built elaborate fantasies and performed each and every one – each time more intimate than the last as they learned the others bodies and buttons. Both of them raw and yet willing to play one more time.

“My flight leaves in 3 hours.”

No. She didn’t want to think of that. He owned a part of her now – he had touched places within her she thought long dead. She fought it, she knew the longing would begin the moment he left the room, her need to be alone overwhelmed by the reality of what “alone” really meant – for the first time in her life.

“What do you want” he asked. She looked at him, steeling herself, asking “What do YOU want.”

“I want MORE, girl. As much of me as you can stand. You are the answer to a lifetime of prayers.” He watched her face for her reaction. “What do you want.”

She fought her heart, she fought his gaze. She fought as if her life depended upon it. Suddenly it was no longer play, and she realized that for him – it never had been merely play. He gave her all of him too.

“Stay.” she said.

And in time, he granted her every wish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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