Lana’s Leap Pt. 05: Time Alone

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After they both recovered, Drew gently pulled Lana back onto his lap “Well little one, time for you to get some sleep. You know where your room is don’t you?”

“Oh yes” she croaked “Diane gave me a complete tour of the house before she left” Lana blushed slightly at the memory of her time with her mentor in that very same bed.

Lana staggered to her room, finding the bed by the moonlight streaming through the window. She collapsed immediately into a fitful sleep, filled with fragments of dreams that contained half filled, partial images of her, Drew, Diane, Teneshia, and strangely enough, Brad, all bundled together in foggy, barely resolved sexual story lines.

Lana awoke by the half light of dawn, her nipples erect and her hands between her legs, cunt dripping. Images of last nights activities with Drew completely dominated her thoughts, and try as she might , she could not keep her fingers from gently strumming her clit.

She wanted more of the big man, but wasn’t sure of the protocol. Did she go to him? Lie here and wait for him to come to her? Shower and head to the office?

Suddenly she realized how she might get an answer to her dilemma. Naked, she padded quietly in barefeet to Drews office. The computer was still on from last night, open to the company intranet. There! The company intranet was structured so that users could see which other users were online at the same time. Half way down the list was Dianes name. She clicked on the name which brought up an Instant Messaging function.

Lana: Are you there?

Diane: Good morning little one! Well you’re in the office early…or are you still at the Boss’s house?

Lana: house, and I have a question…

Diane: Go ahead

Lana: Hmmm dont exactly know how to phrase this

Diane: Go ahead just spit it out 🙂

Lana: Last night after we chatted Drew and I…well…

Diane: lol its ok to say…he enjoyed your considerable charms?

Lana: well…yes…afterwards he sent me to bed…that is… my/your/our bed

Diane: no little one, its your bed now, although I reserve the use of it from time to time…esp if you’re in it with me…

The young blond blushed at the thought.

Lana: OK, here’s the thing…I woke up this morning wanting more of him, but I’m not sure what the protocol is. Help!

Diane: lolol I know the feeling…is his door open?

Lana: Yep

Diane: OK here’s the deal. If his door is closed he doesn’t want to be disturbed. He simply might want to be alone…or he might have company 🙂

Lana: OK

Diane: If his door is open, feel free to “disturb” him 😉 My recommendation to you is to go back to your room, güvenilir bahis run a brush thru your hair, apply a little perfume and lipstick, slip into a pair of those slutty heels we bought for you…

Lana: OK

Diane:Then quietly go into his room, and put that talented mouth and those delicious nails to work waking him up. Dont worry …I think you’ll find it will all come very naturally to you.

Lana: OK…I think…thanks so much for this

Diane: Happy to help, wish I was there…we could have done it together! I’m in the office late today. IM me later and tell me every pervy little detail!!

Lana: I promise

With that Lana signed off and slipped back to her room. She quickly brushed her hair and applied the red lipstick Diane had insisted Drew preferred. Finally she dabbed some perfume behind her ears, between her breasts…and shocking even herself…between her legs.

Next she slipped into a pair of black patent leather spike heels from the shoe tree in the walk-in closet, and chose a short black sheer robe. A quick twirl in front of the 3 way mirror helped convince her that Diane would approve.

Lana’s heels clicked down the hallway towards Drews room. The door was wide open. Stepping through she could see him lying on his back, naked, with just a light cover over him. Stepping over to the bed, she gently slid the covers off his lower torso, exposing his thick cock. Her cunt twitched uncontrollably.

Easing herself onto the bed, she gently caressed it with her manicured nails. To her surprise and pleasure it slowly began to grow. The change hypnotized the young blonde as she lowered her head closer to the thickening cock. Lana found herself gently breathing on Drew as she became more confident in her abilities. As the now fully erect cock responded to her caresses, her tongue slipped from between her red lips and slowly licked the head. After a few moments she took Drews cock fully into her waiting mouth.

It was then that Drew stirred with a deep moan. As Lana increased her activity, she felt Drews hands grab fistfuls of her hair. For a short second she thought maybe she had been wrong to take the initiative and had displeased him. At that moment, Drew held her steady and began to slowly fuck her mouth. Any concerns she had about doing the wrong thing disappeared.

As Drew face fucked Lana, she sprawled out on the bed and began to grind her naked cunt onto the corner of the mattress, tugging at her nipples with vigor. As if he could read her mind, just before she was about to climax, Drew used his hands in her hair to pull the naked blonde off his cock and up over his body. Lana quickly got the idea, and kneeling over him, türkçe bahis impaled herself on his cock.

Here was a view she could get used to. Lana looked down at Drew, his burly chest, and those eyes…deep, dark, hypnotic.Drew manipulated her nipples, tugging gently, sending bolts of excitement directly to her now sopping cunt.

Almost telepathically, Drew stopped her just as she was about to come. Strangely enough, while Lana was frustrated by being denied the massive orgasm she could feel was seconds away, Drews denial of that orgasm only served to remind her she was there for his pleasure. Drew then lifted Lana off his cock, and spun her around so she was now facing away from him.

This position was new to Lana, and smiling to herself she thought “Hell girl, what *hasnt* been new to you in the last few weeks??” Lana leant forward to accept Drews cock, which quickly slipped into her wet and waiting hole

While Drew enjoyed the view of her spectacular ass, Lana began to ride him like she was in some sort of sexual rodeo. She could feel his cock pounding inside her, and knew that later she would be sore from all this attention to her cunt, but right now all she wanted to do was please Drew

While riding Drew, Lana felt one of his hands slide from her hips, to between the cheeks of her ass. Drew coated his thumb with the copious amounts of her cunt juice. Moving beyond the attention he had given her tight little ass the previous night, Drew then softly and gently slid his thumb into her tight anus.

At first shocked and surprised at the penetration, Lana found herself pushing back against Drews thumb in rhythm with her riding of his cock. The sensation threw the blonde into sensory overload, and as she heard Drew hoarsely whisper “Now, little one, let it come” she felt the orgasm avalanche through her. At the same time she felt Drews thick cock pulse what seemed like gallons of come into her waiting cunt.

Lana collapsed over Drews legs. When she recovered minutes later, she looked up and was shocked at the sight before her. For the last half hour, while reverse riding Drew, she had been fixated on her cunt, her nipples and Drews quiet directions behind her. Now she looked up to see the wall at the end of the bed had a full length mirror.

What she saw reflected back in the mirror astonished the young woman. There she was, still riding Drew, dripping with sweat, her long blonde hair stuck to her face and neck, lipstick smeared, nipples raw and red from both her own attention and his expert manipulation, her lips puffy . Finally, she could see Drews come mixed with her cunt juice leaking out from between her legs.

Lana knew then that her life güvenilir bahis siteleri would never be the same. In fact, years later, Lana would look back at this exact moment as the pivotal moment in her young life. She knew then, that she was totally, 100% dedicated to serving the man who lay beneath her. That she would do anything to please him and earn his trust in all aspects of their life. She now knew exactly how Diane felt about him.

Drew interrupted Lanas thoughts with a playful swat on the ass “OK my dove, I’ve got to get up and get into the office for that breakfast meeting. While I’m in the shower, call me a cab. You can bring the car in later this morning. Lana reluctantly slid off Drew, but not without a playful lick and slurp of his now softening cock. He softly swatted her again and told her to get moving.

20 minutes later Drew was showered and out the door, leaving Lana alone with her thoughts, and a delightful ache between her legs.

After a long steamy shower, complete with stroking herself to another soapy orgasm, Lana walked over to the closet. Any initial resistance to dressing the way Diane taught her had now disappeared.

The sheer black robe and black patent leather shoes she had worn into Drews room gave her the inspiration for today’s wardrobe. Lana laid out a black sheer, pleated skirt which ended several inches above her knees, and in the right light was almost transparent, a short black jacket, black seamed stockings and garter belt. The patent leather shoes completed the outfit, but not before Lana slipped on a 1/4 cup bra giving Lana amazing cleavage and leaving her nipples exposed, brushing against the cool lining of the jacket. With nothing under the jacket except for the bra, the look was overtly sexual. A look Lana was now becoming more than comfortable with.

As she twirled in front of the large 3 way mirror, she noticed a small box on the dresser in the corner of the room. It was wrapped in ribbon and sat on a business envelope. Her name was written on the envelope in handwriting she instantly recognized as Dianes.

The young blonde opened the envelope and read the note

“Dear Lana

Although I am sad to be leaving Drew, I can take solace that I have left him in good hands. I have every confidence that you are the one to look after and assist him…in every way :-). I wanted you to have this token of my trust, love and confidence. It is an exact copy of the very same one that Drew gave me years ago as a token of his trust. Wear it with pride.



Tears came to Lanas eyes as she opened the box to reveal a large, intricately detailed, heavy silver bracelet, which just barely fit over her hand. She had noticed the same bracelet on Dianes wrist.

After a few moments of quiet contemplation, the young blonde picked up the car keys and with a confident stride walked out the door into her new life.

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