Late Night Meeting

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My long drives to her are nothing short of foreplay. She is undoubtedly my drug of choice.

This particular summer night wasn’t any exception to the other drives I had made in the last few weeks. The drives were late and long and it always seemed like it took forever to get where I was going.

I set out at 10:30pm to make my hour and twenty minute drive to the hotel we had planned to meet at. She had spent the majority of the day asking me to meet her there. I reluctantly agreed to make the drive passed where my husband was working long after I was supposed to be in for the evening. The thought of laying in that white hotel bed with her consumed my every thought.

My brain was entirely devoted to what I anticipated would happen when I got there. My body always flooded with adrenaline. This girl gives me the racing heart, throat lump, leg shaking excitement like I have never ever experienced in my life. Just driving to her made my vagina warm, wet and swollen with anticipation.

Every time I had made the decision to drive to her, to sleep with her, to love her I was always in disbelief güvenilir bahis when I arrived at any of our many meeting spots. Who was I anyway, who was this person making these midnight drives?!

But there I was, parking my car in the hotel parking lot.

6 floors up and to the left of the elevator was my destination. I could see the door slightly ajar as she assured me it would be. My heart was almost beating out of my chest as I pushed the door open and peered in.

There she was, laying in that white bed. From what could tell she was shirtless. I could see her bare shoulders sticking out of the blanket. She must have fallen asleep waiting for me. I quietly shut the door, walked over to the bed and removed my carefully selected outfit which she hadn’t even seen.

I gently crawled my trembling naked body into the bed with her. She moved her body over to and whispered hello to me. Her small hands had already found a home on my waist. She had a way of making me forget anything else existed other than her and I when she touched me.

The way that her skin feels pressed türkçe bahis against mine put my mind in a fog. My brain floods with thoughts of extreme lust, blatant confusion and what I am sure is a total addiction to a woman.

Her skin is so soft, and her smell is my favorite. I can feel every part of her fingers while she runs them from the bottom of my breast to the top of my clit. Every part of me wants to take her little fingers and push them deep inside of me. I feel the warmth of her pussy on my outer thigh as she is slowly moves her fingers to the outside of my opening. For fucks sake, put them inside of me. Fuck me hard.

I feel her two fingers inside of me, her thumb gently nudging my clit with every thrust of her hand. My pussy is so wet I can feel it on the rest of her hand when it touches my thighs.

I feel that warm wave rush over my body and I relax into the rhythm of her movements. I can no longer contain my excitement. I reach out to grab her free hand while I melt into the bed and cum on her fingers.

I want her. Fuck, I want her. I want my mouth on her. I want my tongue güvenilir bahis siteleri in her.

I ask her quietly if I can have her. She says nothing but responds by laying on her back. Her body is beautiful. Her breasts are small and round, her thighs are full and amazing. I don’t even know where to start. What do I touch first? Can I touch it all at once? I want it all immediately.

I could see from my point of view between her legs that she was as turned on as I was. Her pussy was so wet I could see her juices seeping out of her lips.

I rested my lips on her stomach and kissed down to the top of her mound. I could feel the warmth of her on my chin. I couldn’t wait anymore. I separated her lips just slightly and buried my tongue in her. Her hand grasping my hair in appreciation.

I want to tongue fuck her. I want my tongue inside of her. I want her to cum in my mouth.

My shoulders between her legs, her hand in my hair I began to stick my tongue in and out of her. Tasting every bit of her. She was moaning a little now. I could feel her legs tighten and her pussy swell. I could lick her pussy all night if she would let me.

She says my name twice before I feel her pussy contract in my mouth and I hear a quite whimper escape her mouth.

There is no doubt I am absolutely addicted to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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