Latte Seduction

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Dedicated to you from me

I woke up at six this morning. Couldn’t sleep which was really strange. It’s my day off you see and I have nothing to do today. I laid there in bed for awhile and finally got up. I walked over to my bay window and sat on the window seat to look out into my sunlit back garden. Hummm what to do. My brain furiously tried to think of a way to spend my free time. All of the house work was done. The car was washed and the garden was tended. I did all of that yesterday. I turned from the window and that is when my eyes landed on my new dress. It’s really sexy. I haven’t worn it yet. I studied the dress with a casual eye. It was a black lace spaghetti strapped sheath. The hem draped in a point front and back and was see through starting at mid-thigh. As I looked at it my mind paired it with this sexy black lace thong I just bought and a pair of heels that had straps which wrapped around the ankle and up to the bottom of my calves.The more I thought about it the more I wanted to wear the dress. With my mind made up I decided to go all out. Today I was going to be sexy. Very sexy.

So quickly I showered and shampooed my hair, luxuriating in the feel of the spray on my sensitive breasts. After I had dried off I rubbed my favorite lotion (sandalwood and rose) all over my body. Naked I blow dried my short red hair making a silky cloud around my face. I then pinned my hair into a upswept carefree style and applied the bare minimum of makeup. Just a small touch of powder, mascara, and pink lip gloss. Sweeping back into my bedroom I grabbed my black back seamed silk thigh high stockings and slid them slowly up my legs followed by my black lace thong. Next came my strappy sandals, a pair of small silver and diamond earrings and a black choker. As I reached for my dress I caught sight of myself in my floor length mirror. Wow I looked hot. I spun around admiring my body.I’m not beautiful but I am cute. I have a graceful neck, nice shoulders and decent arms. My breasts are a plus in my favor as they are a 36C naturally and still perky at 26. My waistline is trim. Supple hips flaring into smooth thighs. I have sexy legs in stockings and heels and as I turn I can see my full round firm ass. Yep, not a bad package. I laugh to myself and slip the dress over my head. Now I look really hot. Time to go.

I head out to the mall to browse around and pass the time. I notice that I get a few looks and it makes me feel so sexy. Finally bored with the mall I decide to go to my favorite coffee shop for a latte. Sara’s is a wonderful place. There is a coffee shop on one side and a bookshop on the other. As I place my order I have to give my eyes time to adjust to the shadowed interior. They sun outside is bright on the late June day. I grasp my cup and saucer in hand and turn to güvenilir bahis find a seat and that’s when I see you.

Your sitting at a corner table by yourself reading a book. My eyes are drawn to you. I try to look away and I can’t. There is just something about you I can’t glance away from. I’m walking to your table now. I can’t help myself. You pick up a spoon and absentmindedly stir your coffee as I get near. My mind is blank as I put on my sexiest smile and say “I love the book your reading.”. You look up and as your eyes meet mine I know that I have to get you to ask me to sit with you. So I start to flirt with you.

At first I can only ask you inane questions.

Humorously, you answer all of them.

A few minutes pass when you notice that I am still standing. You offer me a chair at your table. As I slowly sink down into the chair opposite you. I catch you eying my breasts as they strain against the top of my dress. Immediately, my nipples pucker straining at the fabric. I see you give a little secret smile to yourself when you see this. Like you know something that I don’t. I continue to flirt shamelessly with you. Your so cute. I swirl my finger in the cream on my latte and bring it to my full pouting lips. Your eyes follow my movements as I lick it off. I am careful to leave one drop on my top lip. As you look, I sexily run my tongue across my lips and raise my eyes to yours. You shift unobtrusively in your seat. I smile inside as I realize that I am turning you on.

“So how come I haven’t ever seen you around before?” I ask.

You explain that you have just moved here to start a new job. Today was the first day that you have really gotten to get out and see some of the sights.

“Oh really.Well you are going to love our city. There are so many things to do. So many places to see. If you need a tour guide I’d be happy to show you around. If your girlfriend won’t mind that is.”

You let me know that you had moved here all alone. Your last serious girlfriend having broke up with you three months before when she found out that you were moving. My heart begins to pound in my chest as you ask if my boyfriend would mind if I show you around.

“Oh I don’t have a boyfriend.” I reply. “I haven’t had a boyfriend in almost five months. The last guy I was with broke up with me to go out with a business executive.”

You laugh and tell me that he must have been nuts.

Time passes by quickly as we talk and the more I get to know you the more I realize that I have to get you home with me. I sit up straight in my chair and rest my elbows on the table. Slowly, I lean forward making sure that the top of my dress catches and pulls down just a bit. You can see the tops of my breasts trying to spill out and the shadowed cleavege that begs türkçe bahis to be explored. I reach my right hand across the table for your left that is resting there and run my fingers over yours softly. My left leg at the same time runs between both of yours to gently rub you. I ask you if you have any plans for the rest of the afternoon. You look at me and say

“Why? Need some help with something?”

I reply and let you know that” I do.”.

You lean forward saying that no you don’t have any plans. You lean a little more with your head tilted down and your breath fans my breasts. As you lift your head up to mine we are inches apart as you tell me

“I’m yours for as long as you need me.”.

The way that you say it my body goes liquid. It takes me a moment to recover before I can say anything.

“Follow me to somewhere quieter.”

You follow me out of the coffe shop and get into your car and we go.

Twenty minutes later we reach a two story house with a circular drive surronded by tall hedges and trees for privacy. As you get out of your car and step onto the wide wrap around porch you ask where we are. I open the door and usher you in before I tell you that we are at my house. I lead you from the front hall into the den and seat you on the couch. You sit down on the left and look up at me when I ask if you would like a cold drink. You reply with an affirmative head shake. I turn and sway my hips sexily as I walk out of the room thowing you a seductive smile over my shoulder.

Mere minutes pass by as I give you time to contemplate why we are at my house. You already have an inkling as to the purpose. Your dick is semi hard in your shorts and you reach to cup yourself. I prop my hip against the door frame and watch you. I whistle and your eyes go wide as you look at me. Your eyes start at my feet still encased in the strappy heels and slide up my calves and thighs still in the black stockings.

Your eyes go further taking in my black lace thong up to the black and white floral patterned corset topped by a silky looking black robe. The whole time you are looking I am walking towards you. I sit your drink on the table to your side. As I lean over to do this you are staring at my breasts which are spilling out of the corset. Only the nipples are keeping them in the top. I straighten up and move to your right side to sit on the couch. You turn to face me. I lean into you saying that you have something on your cheek. My left hand grips your right thigh as I press my breasts into your chest. Your thigh jumps and your breath hitches as I lean in closer and suddenly press my lips passionately to yours. I trail my moist tongue across the seam of your lips begging entrance to your own. You part them for me. As our tongues meet I grab both of your güvenilir bahis siteleri hands to place them on the swells of my breasts. The kiss gets deeper and hotter as you palm both of my tits through my top. You tweak my nipples making me moan into your mouth. I know that I must break the kiss if I am to continue on with my plan.

Reluctantly I pull back. Your eyes are heavy lidded as I stand and walk a few feet in front of you. They widen as I began to dance. I sway to unheard music. My hips moving to an internal rhythm. The robe slides slowly from my shoulders. Down my arms and back. To catch at the wrists where I let it drop gracefully to the floor. I am between your outspread legs now. I turn away from you presenting you with a view of the cheeks of my full ass. I shimmy to the floor. As I begin my downward descent my fingers pull the pins from my hair droping them to the floor. My hair falls smoothly onto my shoulders as my hands smooth over them. My body moves a little lower as do my hands. You see from the movement that they are running across my breasts as I get a little lower.

Lower still they trail my stomach. And when I reach the bottom they are between my thighs. Your breathing is erratic behind me. Slowly, I begin to I straighten back up. As I do I unclasp the garters from my stockings. When I am done I spin back around to face you. Your dick is bulging in your shorts now. I want it harder. I want it to stick straight up and tent your shorts. With that in mind I prop my left leg up on the arm of the couch beside you. I pump my hips at you as my hands come up to my breasts. You smile sexily when you see the black lace at my crotch. You had barely kissed me and got a good feel of my breasts and I was already dripping with moisture. As I roll my hips in your face I start at the bottom of my corset and began to undo the clasps. As I get to the last between my breasts I put my leg back on the floor and step back. Slowly I let it fall as I cup my tits hiding the nipples from you. The mounds of my chest spill between my fingers as I lift them. I throw my head back as slide my palms upward exposing my hardened nipples to view. I drop my head down and as I look at your crotch I can see I got my wish.

You are tenting your shorts. Only one last article of clothing to go now. Once again I turn my back to you. My hands fall to either hip grasping at the top of the lace edge of my thong. Slowly I wiggle my hips and began the long, slow process of taking it off. Halfway down and you can see the shadow of my slit. By the time I am slipping it off of my feet you can see all of my wet pink glory. I arch my back on the way up and as I spin around I still hold my soaked thong in my hands. Our eyes meet and I can see the lust clearly in yours. I take a deep breath and get ready for the last phase of my seduction plan. I smile at you and take one step forward. Just as I can see the lust darkening your eyes even more. I ………….

Please continue onto the next part of the story if you want more.

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