Le Cinq à Sept: Surprise Encounter

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Patience and waiting. These were things that Emma and Kent had become quite familiar with. There had been the years they had been apart and then two more years of online conversations before they met in person again. Now they had developed a routine of sorts. Meeting every few months. Knowing there would be space between and accepting this was the only way for them to balance their real lives with the moments they took for themselves. They made the most of the time they had in person and online. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough.

Emma was in town with her family and would be staying on an extra couple of days after they left. Excuses about a meeting with a client and catching up with her sister. But the truth was, she was going to see him.

Kent and Emma chatted online, but there wasn’t enough time to share every little detail. Nor would they have wanted to. They shared important things happening in the real world, but didn’t get bogged down with the minutia. All they had known about today was both of them were busy and their plans together would start tomorrow.

It was a big city. A big convention center. Yet they managed to find themselves face to face.

Emma walked into the building with Kent on her mind. Her husband was flying out with their youngest in the morning and her two adult children were going to their perspective destinations as well. By this time tomorrow afternoon, she would be with Kent. It had been a few months since last they saw each other and she was looking forward to having the type of sex that would inspire her for weeks to come.

She and her family were congregated outside a set of bathrooms in a remote area of the building to avoid the lines of the more centrally located ones. Emma went over to a readerboard with all of the events listed to determine which direction they needed to go. She felt a tug on her backpack purse and turned around to find Kent.

He smiled and cocked his head to the side with a laugh, “Hi.”

Had her family been watching her face at the single moment, she was sure that there would have been questions. But the surprise was quickly covered, “Hi.”

Emma’s daughter approached asking if she had found out which convention hall they were going to. The surprise was then on Kent’s face as he realized Emma wouldn’t have been alone here. “Hello,” Emma’s daughter said to him thinking the he and her mother looked acquainted.

Emma didn’t skip a beat. “This is Elliot,” she lied, “He used to work for Interstate in IT. ” Emma smoothly turned back to Kent and made introductions to her husband and three children.

Elliot? Shaking each of their hands in turn, Kent wondered at Emma who seemed to lie without effort. When he got to her husband, Kent looked into the other man’s eyes to see if there were any jolt of recognition. The last time they had seen each other was over twenty years ago. But there was nothing güvenilir bahis but blankness. It occurred to Kent that he was fucking this man’s wife whose hand was in his and the man had absolutely no idea. Emma’s husband was completely clueless. It was a genuine smile that Kent flashed to Emma’s husband. He enjoyed knowing that he had possessed Emma’s body and now he was face to face with her oblivious husband. There was a brief image of Emma, naked and writhing on a bed, begging Kent to fuck her that crossed his mind. If only the husband could read his thoughts, he would definitely be in for a shock. It was in that moment Kent decided he had to have Emma. Now.

Emma and her family were there for a law enforcement convention; Emma’s eldest son having recently graduated from the police academy. Kent was attending a tech conference. With pleasantries concluded, it seemed time to part ways.

After giving details to her family about where they were going, Emma told them she would meet up with them soon. A few “nice to meet you” ‘s were thrown over their shoulders as they left. Clearly meeting an old co-worker of Emma’s was unremarkable to all of them. Including the husband who went along without looking back.

When they were out of ear shot, Kent said to her, “I don’t think he recognized me.”

Emma shook her head, “He definitely didn’t or else that would have been ugly, I’ll message you later.” She turned to leave, but Kent’s hand reached out and grabbed her arm. Looking first at his hand and then back at him, Emma recognized the look on his face. He wanted her. God, would she ever get sick of that look? Would she ever be in his presence and not feel the draw? The desire. She could already feel her body starting to react. Every inch of her knew what Kent did to her and the physicality of need started to spread. Her cunt getting wet and the heat was beginning to build. Her knees trembled a little, “Now?”

It was a question of confirmation, not of objection. Emma would never say no to Kent, of that he was certain. That wasn’t their thing. She was already starting to lean towards him. He knew she wouldn’t deny him. Despite the fact that her husband was in this very building, which was even more of a turn on. With one last look over her shoulder to make sure her family was safely gone, Emma turned to Kent with a smile, “Lead the way.”

Kent’s hand moved into hers as he pulled her towards the bathrooms. There weren’t a lot of options for privacy and the alternatives would take time to find. He didn’t have time. He wanted to fuck her now. As soon as they were through the door, they were on each other. Kent’s mouth savaging Emma’s. Her fingers running over his back and down to his ass. His hands in her hair. Grabbing each other, pulling and pushing. It had been months and their bodies were starving for each other. They took turns pressing against the walls as they made türkçe bahis their way further into the bathroom. Emma was pushed up against a closed stall door when she reached down to his crotch to feel his bulge. As he moaned it occurred to him that if the stall door was closed, then someone was most likely in it. But he didn’t care. Her hand rubbing on him felt incredible and he couldn’t wait until his cock was in her.

They moved further into the room and Emma was up against the counter. Kent lifted her slightly so she was sitting on top of the ledge in between two sinks. Her legs opened to him and he was thankful she was wearing a skirt. He pushed the skirt up a little so there was less standing in the way of his cock and where it wanted to be.

Emma was lost in the moment. The feeling of him. His tongue in her mouth, his dick grinding against her core. All she knew, all she felt was the wanting of him. The craving that took over when they were together. Only he did this to her. When the woman stepped out of the bathroom stall and looked at them, all Emma could think was: “Get out”. She wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed. She just wanted Kent’s cock in her so badly that anything that might stop it or get in the way was a nuisance. The woman wisely chose not to wash her hands and left.

They managed to make it into a stall and closed it behind them. Kent ripped her panties off with no regard for preservation. He wanted her pussy exposed to him as soon as possible. When his fingers touched her there, she moaned into his mouth. She was already slippery wet and ready for him. Three of his fingers pushed into her and she was quivering, biting her lip

He undid his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down far enough to release his cock. As it was set free, Emma moaned again, her eyes on the length of him. She needed to touch him. Her fingers moved slowly over his shaft. Putting her foot on the toilet seat, she spread her leg to the side to give him a clear entry. “Take me. Now.” Her voice sounded shaky with need.

Kent grabbed himself to guide his hard cock into her. As he entered, he could feel her cunt responding to him. She was already close. They heard other people enter the bathroom and didn’t care. He thrust his dick into her and could feel her fingers digging into his back. He quickly pushed up her shirt and pulled the bra down. Her breasts popped out, exposed, but the bra kept them raised as if serving them on a platter for him to devour. Kent’s mouth went from one to another. He sucked on her nipples, making them erect. Emma bit down on her own hand to keep from screaming. Could the people in the room hear them? Neither Kent nor Emma cared.

Kent’s hands moved to her ass and he burrowed his fingers into the flesh there. He hoped they left bruises. He hoped he marked her and her husband saw it. He could feel her breasts through his shirt, the nipples hard. When güvenilir bahis siteleri her pussy convulsed around him in her climax, he grabbed her hair and covered her mouth again. He knew she wanted to scream. Pumping into her, he could feel her cunt throbbing in aftershocks. He was not far behind. Kent emptied himself into her with a final thought of knowing she would have his cum inside of her when she walked back to her husband.

Out of breath, Emma leaned her head back against the stall wall, arching her back a little because of her purse on her back. Looking down at her, Kent couldn’t help but laugh a little. She was a disheveled jumble. And with a little bit of self-satisfaction, Kent was happy to know he had made her that way. “Hi,” she said to him.

Kent smiled, “Hi.” He slowly pulled out. “Are you ok?”

Emma laughed. “I must look like a complete disaster. But God, that was good.” Kent sized her up as he pulled up his pants and fixed his belt. Her lips were swollen, her hair was going every which direction, the shirt was wrinkled and her panties ripped and laying on the floor. He wanted to be sorry, but he just couldn’t be.

While she started to put the pieces of her clothing back in place, Kent leaned down to grab her discarded underwear. He held it out to her. “Those are clearly trash,” she answered smiling. They left the stall to find no one standing open mouthed in the main restroom area which was a good sign. Their meeting appearing to attract no unwanted attention.

She leaned into him and kissed him once more. A long lingering kiss as she pushed her body against his. A promise that more was to come. “Until next time…” she said.

“Yes. Tomorrow,” Kent answered. It was unusual for them to meet like this, go back to the real world and then meet again so soon. He liked it. He left her in the restroom to fix what she could, tossing her panties in the trash as he left. A woman on her way in gave him the once over, obviously wondering why he was coming out of the women’s restroom. If she only knew.

Later, Emma was back with her husband, walking through the convention center. Her legs were still a little wobbly and she wondered if anyone noticed. If she closed her eyes, she could still feel Kent’s hands on her. A tightening in her pussy as she thought about his cock penetrating her in the bathroom stall. Her phone buzzed notifying of a new message. It was from Kent: Don’t bend over. You seem to be missing something.

Emma laughed. Yes, she was: It was worth the tradeoff. My panties for your cock inside of me.

A few moments and another message: You put your hair up. Be careful walking you look to be off balanced.

Emma looked around and then up. The second floor overlooked the lobby area she was in. He must be there. He could see her. Her eyes searched until they landed on him. Smiling he tilted his head to the side. Kent enjoyed watching Emma with her husband, knowing what he had just done to her. She replied: Someone made me a hot mess, my friend. I can still feel your cum dripping out of me.

Kent laughed when the message came through. Good, was his reply.

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