Leaving His Mark

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With heavy breathing, you collapse forward on top of me.

Your breath, whistling across my ear as your cheek becomes flush with mine, your body pressing against me.

Your nipples, hard, resting against my chest.

The unmistakeable musky smell of sweat, sex and satisfaction has filled the air, and we are one, floating along blissfully in the aftermath of our lovemaking.

My cock, still buried inside you, slowly deflating now, as you come down from your orgasmic high.

After what seems like an eternity (even though we both know it was only a few lovely minutes) you lift your head and stare deeply into my eyes. I reach up and brush some stray strands of hair from your face, your sweat sticking them to your cheek. You smile as I touch you, and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You let out a small, almost imperceptible chuckle, and turn your head away for the briefest of moments, but I catch you and turn your chin back to face me, my eyes locking with yours once more.

“What’s so funny?” I ask, playfully.

You bite your bottom lip and shake your head, not giving an answer. Not needing to. It was a rhetorical question and we both know that we are feeling the same thing.

This was real.

Passionate and amazing. Gentle and sweet. It was love, as pure and as simple as it could ever be.

“You know that I’d do anything for you, don’t you?” I ask, leaning up to kiss your forehead.

You smile, turning your head and resting it on my chest. You listen to my heartbeat as you feel my chest rise and fall as my breathing returns to normal. I hear you speak, silk through the air.

“Of course,” you begin, “And I hope you know that I’m thinking the exact same thing. I’d do anything for you.”

“Really?” I ask, again, playfully.

“You know I mean it.”


You look up and peer into my eyes once more – a striking gaze that fills me with desire.

“Anything.” You definitely mean it.

You lean down and force your tongue into my mouth, and as my lips part and our tongues dance, you catch the tip of mine in your mouth, and suck it gently, running your own around the tip, teasing me. You break the kiss, and use your elbows to prop yourself up. In the dim light of the bedroom, I can see your breasts in all their glory, swaying perfectly, begging me to touch and caress them. Your nipples, standing proudly and at full attention in the colder air, are crying for me to suck on them.

“Why are you asking?” you gently – but purposefully – press your hips down against my groin, stirring my loins.

“Is there something you had in mind?”

My cock starts to harden inside you.

“Not really,” I lie, “I’m just caught in the moment.”

And with that, you lean forward, moving down next to my left earlobe, licking it delicately.

“Well,” you whisper, “when you think of something – whatever it may be, whatever fantasy – know that I’m yours, to do with as you please.”

And you rise back up, leaning back slightly, beginning to rock on my hips as you grind against me, my cock growing ever harder inside you, until we are once again fucking full tilt.



I’m lying awake, thinking about the marathon I’ve just played a part in. It’s running through my mind over and over, and is in itself a fantasy that I’ll replay in my mind when I’m alone for a very long time to come.

But while the love making is definitely something to remember, it’s the promise of a fantasy fulfilled that has my mind working overtime.

It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do, but never had the opportunity. There’s simply no other woman I’d ever been with that was willing. My fascination with it wasn’t demeaning, or humiliating in nature, it was more of a desire to be so lost in a moment of sexual bliss that the resulting explosion would be a reward for both partners, and something that only they would share.

In short, I’d never given a woman a facial. That is, come on her face. The very idea turned me on to no end, and the thought that this beautiful creature sleeping peacefully next to me was potentially willing had my mind racing a million güvenilir bahis miles an hour.

I wasn’t sure how to even ask. I was worried that she’d be concerned or disgusted and would turn away from me. After all, when I had broached the subject of this little fantasy of mine with other partners, they had all declined, and very soon after, ended or dissolved our relationship.

But maybe this woman, here, now, was the one… But how to ask her…?

I drifted off to sleep thinking about it, wondering how I could ask for this most intimate of favours.


It had been almost three weeks since that night. I had thought long and hard about you, and the promise that you had indirectly made, and was still at a loss as to how to bring up the subject and subsequent fantasy.

I was driving home from work after a particularly long day, and knew that if nothing else, you would be at home, waiting to talk through the days events. The pain and stress of the day would melt away, and I would be content to listen to your voice – nothing more.

As I neared the half-way point of my trip home, my phone buzzed. I picked up the phone and swiped it, to see what the notification was.

“Take it slow on the road. No rush. I’ll have dinner waiting. I’ve missed you today.”

I let out a sigh. Your spell was already working, and I was already reaching the point when the stress was beginning to leave my body. And I wasn’t even home yet!

I sent back that I would be home in about 15 minutes, and focused my attention back on the road for the briefest of seconds, before the phone buzzed again.

“Don’t change, don’t do anything. Just drop your briefcase in the hall and head into the dining room. I’ll be waiting.”

That was promising. I pressed the accelerator and made sure to safely drive a few clicks over the speed limit to ensure I made it home a little faster than usual.

I reached the house, parking the car and quickly making my way up to the front door. I let myself in, and then – as instructed – dropped my bag and walked straight into the dining room.

I’m glad I left my bag in the hall, or else I would have dropped it – most likely on my feet – as I entered.

The dining table was set for two, candles and all, with an open bottle of my favourite Cabernet Sauvignon already breathing, and what looked like a beautiful home cooked meal. But that was secondary to the gorgeous woman whom I was incredibly in love with, sitting at the end of the table, wearing a sultry evening gown, with a plunging neckline and a split in the side of the dress that disappeared well past her mid thigh and almost past her hip. You are always beautiful, but tonight, you are simply glorious.

You motion for me to sit, and we eat, drinking and discussing our respective days. Then I place my fork down on my plate and, clearing my throat, ask you point blank.

“What is all of this about?”

You hesitate your response, but smile that amazing smile. “I have something for you. It’s a surprise. The dinner is a bonus.”

I couldn’t for the life of me wonder what it was. I hadn’t given any hints and it wasn’t my birthday.

We finish our meals and retire to the living room, where we sit together on the lounge. You gently kick off her shoes and recline, the split in your dress riding high enough for me to see that – as far as I could tell – you aren’t wearing any panties. I wonder – and conclude – that you also couldn’t possibly be wearing a bra with this outfit on, which pleases me greatly.

After some time, the two of us making small talk and caressing one another fondly, you shift in your seat, leaning toward me, and kiss me passionately. After a lingering moment on my lips, you break away, your own lips spreading into a smile.


“So?” I repeated.

“So,” you continue, “I was bored the other day. And when I was bored, I started poking around the house, and I went to the study and borrowed your laptop.”

My heart sank a little – don’t get me wrong, I have nothing to hide – but, like any red-blooded male, I watch porn every now and then, and I’m not sure you going through my laptop was the best idea. But türkçe bahis you must have noticed my expression, because you then placed a hand on my knee, reassuringly.

“I had a thought occur to me while I was using it to catch up on some Netflix, so I opened the browser and clicked on the ‘History’ button”.

Damn. I’m busted.

“There were links to different websites, and they all featured one specific subject.”

I swallow, not sure where this is going.

“Girls. Sucking dick. And almost all of them having their faces covered in cum.”

You are so matter-of-fact about it all. Part of me is embarrassed. The other part is stirring in my pants.

“I asked you if you had something in mind, and you never answered. But judging from your reaction now – and your internet search history – the idea turns you on.”

You stand up, and move in front of me.

“So…” you start. “I want you to enjoy this. I know that you’ll return the favour, and no, I’m not taking this to be a feeling of dominance or humiliation, or whatever. I’m doing this for you, and I’m choosing to do it for you, because I love you, and I want to share something with you that you clearly want and desire.”

And with that, you reach behind yourself, and undo the straps of your dress. It peels away from your skin and reveals what I already knew to be true, and as your body becomes visible to me, my cock stirs, unfurling into a stiffening pole, tenting in my slacks.

Your breasts are amazing as you wriggle out of the dress, and your paler skin does wonders to my lust as more of it is exposed. I stare hungrily at the space between your legs as it comes into view, your shaved and waxed pussy winking out at me, your lips protruding and already glistening with your excitement.

I can smell your arousal, and it makes me incredibly hard.

You stare at me, looking over you. There are no more words. Just passion in your eyes. Your chest heaves as your breathing quickens and you take steps toward me. You kneel before me and reach up, slowly undoing my belt at the buckle. Your hands, pressing against my thighs, almost massage me as you pull the fly of my pants down in one stroke. I raise myself off the lounge so that you can remove my pants in full, and you reach up inside the leg of my shorts to fondle my balls.

I moan at your touch. My dick is at full mast now and I’m begging you with my eyes to take me out of my shorts. You pull the waistband down and free my cock from the cotton prison, and you move in to lick my scrotum, gathering my balls and bathing them with your tongue. Your hands begin to stroke me as I grow harder in your grasp, and I throw my head back, relishing the sensation as your rub your thumb over the head of my swollen cock.

As my eyes close and I rest my head on the top of the lounge, a warm and wet sensation drives me through the roof of my pleasure receptors, and I scream your name as you start to suck on my cock. You deliver a blowjob that is almost like a phallic worship as you work me over from base to tip and back again, swallowing me whole, deep throating me and burying your nose against my skin. I can feel you shaking slightly and look down to see that you have one of your hands buried two fingers deep inside your pussy, finger-fucking yourself as you devour my cock, pumping my shaft with one hand, frigging yourself with the other.

You let my cock slip free for a moment as you stare up at me.

“Did you want me to keep going, or do you want to fuck me first?”

It’s a tough question to answer and I hesitate the response. After a brief moment of contemplation (during which you lick the underside of my dick like a lollypop) I reach down and lift you under your arms up onto the couch with me, and you hungrily accept my offer. I lift you so that your leg swings over my head as I lie on my back, and your pussy is pressed down onto my face as I feel your lips wrap around my cock once more. I feel you return to bobbing up and down on my cock as I start to lick your pussy in earnest, wanting to give you as much pleasure as you are giving me.

I push a few fingers inside your wet snatch as I run my tongue along your güvenilir bahis siteleri slit, trying to capture your clit as you continue your ministrations, both of us trying desperately to outdo the other and give as much pleasure as possible. I feel you cup my balls and start to alternate sucking on my cock and my nuts as you coat them in your saliva, and I start to think how much longer I can possibly last this onslaught of sensory overload.

As if you read my thoughts, you break off and turn around, so that you are riding me cowgirl style, and I moan as loud as possible as I feel your wet pussy engulf my full length on one downward stroke. You bounce up and down on me and your pussy walls ripple along my shaft with exquisite motion as I grab your hips and thrust up into you in return. I look down between our bodies and witness my length disappearing over and over inside you, filling you up, sliding in and out as you ride me to our inevitable conclusion.

“I can feel you. You’re close.” You almost pant the words and I grunt in response, my basic motor functions now giving over to pure carnal pleasure. You lift off my cock and dive to the floor, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me to my feet. You kneel quickly in front of me and open your mouth, staring up at me with expectant eyes. I grab the sides of your face and feel you relax your jaw as you accept the head of my dick inside your mouth, and I start to slide my cock over your tongue as I feel you close your mouth around me, sucking me as I fuck your throat.

You moan and it vibrates down the length of my cock right to my balls, and I know that I am not going to last much longer. You read me all too well and I relax my grip on your face, as you take over. It’s very clear that you want this almost as much as I do. You beat my shaft hard and fast as you encourage my release.

“I’m ready, baby. I want it all. Give it to me. Give me your cum.”

All I can do is listen to your words as you work me over, willing me to come on your gorgeous face. You tickle the underside of the head of my cock with your tongue as you stroke me and as I look down to take in the glorious sight before me, I know that this is the moment that I’ve been waiting for. I look for reassurance from you that this is what you want, and before I say anything, you let my cock slip from your lips and stare at me with your beautiful eyes.

“Come for me, baby. Come all over my face.”

And that is all I need.

I groan, and explode.

The release is epic. It’s quite honestly the biggest load that has ever erupted from within me, and I watch as this glorious load of hot semen jolts from the end of my cock, lancing out across the room in white strands, landing first along your left cheek, then shooting out above your eyebrows, dripping down over your nose and lips, collecting in a small pool on your tongue, and finally spraying across your breasts.

I nearly collapse from the exhaustion of what this has taken out of me, and I use the lounge behind me to steady myself. I stare at you and admire your beauty, made even more wonderful as the canvas that you have allowed me to paint with my come. You blink once or twice and stand, and I am worried that the experience has left you upset. You turn to look in the mirror in the hallway, and you turn your face to the side, looking over the final product. You turn back to me, and there is a moment of hesitation between us.

“Fuck, that was incredible.”

I watch as you gather up some of the come on your cheek and eyebrows, and start to lick it off your fingers. I watch as you swallow the mouthful, then collect the rest of my load off of your face and deposit it in your waiting mouth, until you are almost completely clean. You swallow almost everything I gave you, and you look as though you aren’t quite finished yet.

“We need to do that again.” You state, simply.

I’m definitely not going to argue. I just can’t wait to return the favour. I make my way over to you, embracing you, my waning erection brushing against you as we stare into the mirror, admiring each other. I whisper in your ear, gently and delicately.

“So, what’s YOUR greatest fantasy…?”

You turn to me, kissing me softly, the taste of pussy and cum on your lips. You break the kiss and tilt your head to the side, a playful look in your eyes.

“Well, there are a FEW things I’ve wanted to try…”

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