Leg Worship

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I get to your house and ring the doorbell. You greet me in a lovely blue dress that does little to cover those beautiful legs that flow from your hips to the floor. “Come on in.” you say warmly with a big, sexy smile. “Sit down for a minute, if you have time.” I sit in a chair in the living room, watching as you pour yourself onto the couch across from me, crossing your legs in a breathtaking way. When you have crossed them, your hand falls to your lap which results in your hem being raised a good four or five inches.

You begin to talk to me and as you speak your hands begin caressing those curvy legs which are mesmerizing me as you talk. I am nearly in a trance. “You really do like my legs, don’t you?” you say with a smile, awaking me from my reverie. A bit embarrassed to be caught staring so intently, I laugh a nervous, little laugh and reply, “you know I do. I’ve never seen anyone with more beautiful legs than you have. They excite me like you won’t believe.” “Come here,” you say, patting the couch beside you.

I walk across the room, feeling my cock growing hard inside my pants. Much more, and it would be obvious how excited your legs make me. I sit next to you on the couch and feel you take my hand in your’s to place in on your thigh a good six inches above your knee. “I’m glad you like my legs so much. I love for men to admire them, and I love to show them off. Do you like the way they feel?”

My güvenilir bahis cock is now straining at the front of my pants. I’ve never been harder or hotter in my life. “Oh, God, I’ve dreamed of touching them more times than I can tell you since seeing your pics on the web. They feel wonderful!” I say breathlessly. You remove your hand from mine and taking the hem of your dress in your hands begin to slide it upward until you have raised it nearly to your waist. “Touch them all you like. Touch them anyway you like,” you say, your own breathing now affected by the passion you are feeling as well.

I slide my hand up your thigh, all the way to your panties, caressing the stockings and then your soft skin above the stockings, sliding my hand over the sides to touch every inch of them. You watch my hands at first, but soon slide down on the couch to lie your head back against the back and uncross your legs, letting them fall open slightly. The blue dress has now ridden up to your waist, exposing your white bikini panties, as well as every inch of the stockings and legs that have been the object of my desire since seeing your pics.

I slide off the couch and kneel in front of you, I begin kissing your legs just above the knees as my hands continue to adore them. You let them fall even further open, until your pantied crotch is now fully exposed to me. As I kiss your opened thighs, I look at your panties türkçe bahis and watch as they grow stained from the leaking juice that is now pouring from your pussy. What was at first a small circle has widened until the damp stain now runs completely across the crotch of your panties. My nostrils are filled with the smell of my favourite fantasy girl’s sex.

The closer I get to your crotch with my kisses, the wider you open your legs until finally I began to lick at your pussy through the wet panties that try so valiantly to hold in your juice. Your hips jerk as my tongue licks across the silky fabric, stroking your hard clit that pushes against it from the other side. You reach down to pull the panties to one side, exposing your now dripping wet hole to my eager mouth and tongue. Your left leg now rises, and you press your pussy hard against my mouth. Your hands move to my head, and you moan sexily as you grind your hot pussy against my mouth.

I am in heaven. I love the feel of your silky, long legs gripping my head and the smell and taste of your wonderful fuck juice as it pours out into my mouth. I could eat you for hours and never grow tired. But in a very short time, your orgasm overtakes you, and you begin coming against my face, hunching your hips at me and tightening and releasing those precious legs against the side of my head as you come. Your legs fall away from my shoulders, and I nervously look up güvenilir bahis siteleri at your face. “That was marvelous, I don’t know how I can thank you enough for what just happened.”

“Don’t go. Not yet,” you say, reaching out for me as I rise from my kneeling position in front of you. Keeping your legs open wide and your dress pulled all the way to your waist, you begin unzipping my pants fishing my still rock hard cock out of its prison. Leaning forward, you take it into your mouth and begin to feed more and more of it into you. Before I know what is happening, you are fucking your mouth back and forth on it giving me the best blow job I had ever had. As I looked down at you sucking my cock, your beautiful, long legs are splayed to either side of your head framing the action of your lips on my dick. I place my hands on your head, running my fingers through your hair and pump my cum-filled dick into your mouth as you eagerly continue to suck on it. In no time at all I could stand it no longer, and the hot fuck inside me erupts into your mouth in huge hot, creamy gobs. You lovingly swallow it, and when you have milked me dry, lick your tongue around your lips, eager to get every little drop of my cum.

You lie back on the couch, leaving me to put my now limp dick back into my pants and run your hands along the insides of your soft thighs as you smile at me. “You can do that again, you know. Anytime you want. My legs are your’s to kiss or touch or see any time and any way you like. You can pull my dress up and see them whenever you like, and any time you want to come by here and kiss them, just call and let me know.” you say smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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