Len and Masie Ch. 06

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He glanced long the landing and saw the curtain quickly fall back into place in Vera’s window. He smiled and gave a little wave just as Masie’s door opened.

‘Neighbourhood watch?’ she asked.

Len nodded and stepped inside. ‘Well….it’ll give her something to gossip about later.’

‘Do you mind? Does it bother you?’ she asked a little anxiously.

He laughed softly, ‘Not in the slightest,’ he paused, ‘at least not for me but I do worry about you.’

‘Huh!’ she snorted, ‘I long ago gave up worrying what other people think. If they have a problem with us it is theirs not mine.’

She mused for a bit. ‘I wonder how long it is since she had an orgasm!’

‘Ooh don’t’ said Len shuddering dramatically, ‘it doesn’t bear thinking about!’

It was the first time he had been in any other apartment than his own and he was surprised at how different it was. Even though they were mirrored images of each other, the different décor and furniture made a world of difference and were distinctly more feminine.

‘This is lovely,’ he said as he looked around.

‘Why, thank you kind sir.’ she smiled with a little curtsey

She led him into her lounge and sat him down to a small table on which was a bowl of crisps and two empty glasses. The smell of cooking from the little kitchen was wonderful and made him realize just how hungry he was. She got some wine and beer from her fridge and when poured they toasted each other.

‘That smells lovely.’ he said.

‘Yes, Freddy always said I was good at cooking as well! I can’t imagine what he meant!’

They laughed together, totally relaxed in each other’s company, until the growling in Len’s stomach became quite obvious. She stood up to go to the kitchen but he caught her hand and looked her up and down.

‘I have wonderful memories of that dress.’ He said softly. She was wearing the same button up dress from the other evening.

‘It’s my easy access dress,’ she said, ‘feel.’ She stood right in front of him with her legs slightly apart.

‘Go on.’

He put his hand gently on her knee and looking up at her ran his hand slowly up inside the dress. As he got towards the top of her thigh he hesitated but she nodded encouragement so he carried on. She was not wearing any panties and he groaned softly as his fingers came into contact with her hair. Again he hesitated.

‘Go on, touch me.’

He barely heard her softly spoken request but moved his hand to between her thighs until he was resting against her slit. She was a little damp but not as wet as he had often felt and seen her, and he saw her eyes close as he ran his fingertips along the crevice a few times.

‘Oh Len don’t tease me,’ she implored with a whisper, ‘go inside……..please’

He pushed his middle finger between her lips and as he entered her he felt the abundance of moisture that had accumulated inside. She was as hot and wet as he had come to expect and he fingered her deeply for a few seconds before she pulled away. He looked up in surprise but before he could say anything she had bent down and kissed him fully on the lips.

‘Later,’ she said softly, ‘we’ll have a wonderful dessert.’

‘Now who’s teasing?’ he said as he brought his fingers to his mouth deliberately looking her in the eye as he sucked them clean.

‘A little hors d’ouvres for you.’ she smiled.

‘Roll on dessert!’ he smiled back.

It was a lovely meal and confirmed that her husband’s statement about her cooking was justified. They had chatted amiably while they ate but there was no denying the underlying excitement and anticipation they both felt, heightened by the frequent touching of hands across the table.

When all was consumed he sat back in his chair and with a smile asked ‘That was a lovely meal Masie but what’s next?’

‘Washing up!’ she replied quickly watching the smile disappear from his face. She laughed. ‘I’m only joking. Let’s just stack these in the washer and sit comfortably for a while.’

They cleared away and sat together on the settee. His trousers felt a little tighter round the waist than they had earlier so he asked if she minded if he loosened his belt. Her reply came as a surprise.

‘Do whatever you want to be comfortable Len, loosen whatever……..or take it off if you want!’

He looked at her in surprise.

Well’ she said, ‘clothes sometimes just get in the way don’t they. Freddy always used to say………’ she stopped suddenly. ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t keep on about…..’

He interrupted her. ‘Don’t Masie’, he said softly, ‘we know this will happen for both of us from time to time. We can’t just blot things from our memory and we can’t worry about walking on eggshells.’

She smiled at him. ‘Thank you.’ she said simply.

‘Now what was that you were saying about clothes getting in the way?’

She smiled at him again. ‘Well Freddy and me used to be naked in the house together whenever we could, it meant we could see and touch each other as we pleased and it very often led Beylikdüzü escort to us making love or touching each other wherever we were.’

‘It’s just that if we are going to be together tonight I wondered if you might like for us to be naked together from now.’ She went on quickly ‘If you’d rather not……..’

‘Are you kidding?!’ he interrupted, ‘I’d love to …….but only one condition.’

She looked at him enquiringly.

‘That we undress each other.’

And they slowly did.

As her breasts came into view he drew in his breath sharply. The sight of her nipples never failed to excite him and now with her teats solid and proudly sticking up from her pink areolae was no exception

‘God, you are fantastic.’ he breathed as he looked at them.

‘Do you like them?’

He nodded and she pulled his head towards them. ‘Taste me.’

He did and found she had anointed them with her own juice.

As he sucked hungrily she held his head tightly on her she bent down to kiss the top of his head and whisper words of encouragement to it. She pulled back and let her dress drop to the floor and once again stood naked in front of him.

‘Oh Masie.’ he said simply

‘Your turn now,’ she said encouraging him to his feet. He stood and she started to remove his clothes. When she got to his underpants there was a small wet patch in the front where his hardness was tenting the material. She looked up at him and smiled as she knelt down and pulled the waistband out and over his erection letting his pants slide to the floor.

She took his cock in her hand and inspected it before gently kissing the weeping tip and licking her lips, then engulfed his swollen helmet in her mouth. He flinched as she did and as her tongue started to caress the underside of his glans he had to pull away quickly or the evening would have been over there and then. He gently lifted her to her feet and kissed her softly but firmly on the lips aware that she was pressing her body hard to his.

‘Shall we go to the bedroom?’ he asked quietly and without waiting for her reply took her hand and led her there. Again it was similar to his apart from the more delicate décor and bedding, and the bedside lights were on casting a warm glow around the room. He noted with interest that her bed as against the same wall as his so they were sleeping within inches of each other.

Once inside she seemed to take charge and told him to lay face up on the bed. When he did she clambered up over him and facing his feet crouched down over his face. It was a sight to behold. Her lips were swollen and wet and slightly parted so he could see a little of the pink inside. Her hair was a mixture of dark and grey and immediately round her slit was wet and stuck to her skin.

‘You are beautiful.’ he said softly and she lowered herself slowly down to him until he could reach her with his tongue. He heard her sigh as he started lapping her and reached up to pull her wide open before pulling her down onto his face. The sound of her groaning was accompanied by the involuntary movements every time he licked her clitoris and he felt rather than saw her fall forward along his body as he concentrated on it.

He felt his penis once again being enveloped by her mouth but he reached down quickly to pull her off.

‘No!’ he grunted into her cunt, ‘not yet.’

He sucked and licked at her madly now, needing her to cum before she sucked him again, holding her hips and pulling her hard to him. He could feel she was close but not quite there and a sudden dirty thought came to him. Just above his nose was her little darker crinkled hole, so far an unexplored area, but he now took his hand and just lightly brushed a finger across it.

The gasp and jerk told him all he needed to know and he did it again and again with a little more pressure each time. Her orgasm was a powerful one accompanied with some guttural grunts and profanities with her cunt pulsing hard against his mouth. He felt her ejaculate into it and swallowed as much as he could, a tasteless watery liquid he thought at first was her piss.

After a few seconds she stilled and climbed off to flop down beside him covered in a light sheen of sweat.

‘God,’ she breathed huskily, ‘you are fantastic.’ She turned to him and draped her arm across his chest. ‘Where did you learn to do that?’

‘Did you mind?’ he asked anxiously.

She buried her face in his neck and shook her head, breathing heavily. ‘It was wonderful. I’ve always loved being touched there.’

He cuddled her as her breathing slowed and she asked him if he liked his bottom played with.

‘I don’t know,’ he said, ‘it’s never happened before.’

‘Not even when you’ve been taking care of yourself?’

He shook his head, ‘It was never mentioned and I think Rose would have been upset if I had tried it.’

He paused as he cuddled her closer his penis still hard with a silvery strand of precum hanging to his hair.

‘Our life was not like this,’ he nodded down their Beylikdüzü escort bodies, ‘it was very reserved by comparison.’

She snuggled closer. ‘Tell me’ she said softly, ‘That’s if you want to.’ She added quickly looking at him.

He smiled at her. ‘Well, you know how it is when you are first married…..we couldn’t get enough of each other,’ he laughed softly at the memory, ‘and it was like that for some time. But it was always……a bit reserved if you know what I mean.’

‘She never wanted to be particularly experimental and those things I did persuade her to try she didn’t really enjoy and I could see she was doing it just for me.’ He paused. ‘I didn’t want to upset her so we just stuck to what she enjoyed most which compared to the last few days was not very exciting.’

‘I’m sorry Len.’ she said, ‘I didn’t mean for you to compare.’

‘No no, we were quite happy and enjoyed what we did. Then the kids came along, a boy first then a girl and it seemed we never had time for sex or we were too tired.’ He paused. ‘Oh, we did manage it from time to time but I rather got the feeling it was more out of obligation than desire, and it gradually petered out until it was more companionship and a cuddle every now and then.’

She looked at him knowing there was more to come. He was laying on his back with her nestling in one arm and the other at his crotch. He was looking at the ceiling but in his mind he was miles away.

‘Then the kids left home and married, our son going to Canada and our daughter to Australia, and I thought things might become more relaxed between us. They did for a while but the enthusiasm didn’t seem to be like before so we settled for just being comfortable together.’

There was a long pause which she didn’t interrupt. He was gently playing with his penis.

‘Then there was Tom,’ he said.

‘He was the director of a large electronics company that specialized in computers, and from time to time we had provided bed and breakfast for some of his people, engineers who were there for short periods to develop a particular something or other. We had two empty bedrooms when the kids left so it made sense and it worked well.’

He glanced at her. ‘A bit of extra money, you know?’

‘Then one day he turned up on our doorstep and asked if he could stay for a while. He had just gone through a particularly difficult separation and although he had retained pretty much everything from his marriage, he couldn’t bear to rattle around a large empty house by himself. He needed some time to decide whether to sell it or not.’

‘Of course we took him in and he was good company. He was in his early 50’s I suppose and he was absolutely no trouble at all. He was pretty good to us as well. He had one of his chaps come round and set up a computer so we could see and talk to the kids and grandkids on the other side of the world. Rose was over the moon!’

There was a smile as he remembered this.

‘Anyway, one day when I got home Rose was in a terrible state. She was sitting in the kitchen weepy and trembling and it took me a long time for her to tell me what had happened.’

He paused again and Masie just looked at him.

‘The thing with her was that she was always totally honest and could never hold anything back. If she had something on her mind or something was troubling her she had to tell me about it which is why I was worried. I thought she was ill or something but eventually it all came out.’

‘You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want.’ Masie said softly.

He shook his head and looked at her. ‘No, no, it’s ok.’

‘I had left for work as usual that morning and after I left Rose went to put the rubbish in the bin but the front door slammed behind her. She made her way round to the back and let herself in and made herself a cup of tea. She knew Tom was still in so she thought she’d take him one up as well which is when it all happened.’

‘She found this out later when she and Tom talked, but he thought he was alone in the house having heard the front door twice, so had got up and gone to the loo then back to lay on his bed without closing the door. When Rose got to the door and just before she knocked she looked in and saw him laying there naked and masturbating!’

Masie’s eyes widened a little and she bit her bottom lip.

‘It was the first time she had ever seen another naked man in all our married life, especially doing that. I had never done it in front of her, she wouldn’t have liked it. We’d looked at some films together in the early days but this was real.’

‘Apparently she didn’t know what to do and it was only when she started to tremble and the cup rattled that he turned and saw her. He quickly covered up and she went back downstairs and sat in the kitchen shaking. He came down a couple of minutes later in his dressing gown full of apologies and embarrassment and sat at the table with her.’

‘They talked for a long time, he was very apologetic, and she felt more relaxed eventually. As they Escort Beylikdüzü drank the tea she made some light-hearted remark that after all he had been through it was nice to see him enjoying himself. He had looked at her for a minute then asked her what had been nice, her seeing him or him enjoying himself.’

‘Wow!’ breathed Masie softly.

‘It flustered her a bit but she did admit that it was a little of both, and he then said something that took her completely off guard. He told her he was going to go back upstairs and finish what he had started and would leave his door open again. If she wanted to go up and see that would be all there was to it and it would be their secret, but it was up to her.’

‘He went back upstairs and poor Rose didn’t know what to do. She admitted that at that point she was more aroused than she had been for years and couldn’t help herself and a moment or two later stood just outside his door again. He didn’t look at her and as she watched he came and she saw it go all on his stomach. She said she couldn’t help herself and just by pressing herself through her nighty and dressing gown she came too.’

‘God, that is so sexy.’ breathed Masie, her eyes wide and her face flushed. He looked at her and kissed her forehead. He suddenly realized that all the while he was telling her he had been idly playing with his penis and he moaned softly as he felt her push his away and replace it with hers.

‘That’s not all.’ he went on. ‘She calmed down and got showered and dressed and he came into the kitchen before he went to see if she was ok. They were both embarrassed about what had happened, Rose far more so than Tom from what I could gather, and he asked her if she wanted him to find somewhere else to go. She said of course not but that they had just better put it behind them and not tell me!’

He pulled her face to his and kissed her gently. ‘If you keep doing that…….!’ She took her hand away and made a show of licking his fluid from it. ‘Oh God Masie,’ he groaned, ‘are you going to let me finish or not?!’

He went on.

‘But that couldn’t work for her. She felt guilty that in some way she had cheated on me and this had built up inside her so by the time I got in to she was quite distraught. She kept on saying she was sorry over and over again until I went and took her in my arms and kissed her.’

‘She seemed taken aback by this but that was nothing compared to the look on her face when I took her hand and put it on my trousers. I was as hard as a rock and she could feel it. She was confused. She had expected me to be furious but I was as aroused then as she said she had been earlier.’

‘I took her by the hand to our bedroom and she only protested mildly as I undressed her then myself and lay her on the bed. It was the first time I had seen her naked in a very long time and I realized what had been missing.’

‘I lay on her and entered her and we made love like we had only just met and it was as exciting and satisfying as it had been the first time years before. Afterwards we lay together and drifted off to sleep completely satisfied.’

‘This is turning me on so much!’ whispered Masie in his ear, and he could feel little movements on his hip as she fingered herself. Now it was his turn to take her hand and lick her cream from it. ‘You taste amazing.’ he said softly

‘Anyway, that night when we went to bed she undressed completely and got under the covers and so did I. She made no objection when I put her hand on me again, hard as I had been earlier, and pulled me over onto her again. It was the only time I ever heard her use the words “Fuck me!” so I did. We lay there joined together then I asked her to tell me everything that had happened again. By the time she had finished she had climaxed twice and I had once and we were exhausted!’

He gave a quiet laugh.

‘Well, we hadn’t done it for so long then two intense sessions within hours. We were out of practice! But over the next few weeks that changed and we did it a lot. It was such a silly little incident when I look back on it but one that had such an effect on us.’

‘It was lovely being with her like that again. If she was at the sink or cooker I would go up and put my arms around her and hold her breasts and she would scold me but she never pushed me away.’

He smiled at the memory and again put his hand to his penis, still solid and dripping. He could feel and hear Masie’s heavy breathing and knew she was very aroused.

‘Eventually it calmed down like it always does but it changed us both I think. Tom never knew that I knew and it would have caused a lot of unnecessary embarrassment if he did so Rose and I kept it as our special secret.’

‘Then one night when we were just laying in bed and talking I humourously said she should take him up another cup of coffee one morning! She went very quiet and I thought I had said the wrong thing but then in a very quiet voice she asked if I would mind if she did!’

‘Oh fuck!’ breathed Masie.

‘We talked about it for a minute or two and we were both getting turned on then she suddenly rolled on top of me and sat on my cock and pulled her nighty off. We fucked like youngsters until we both climaxed then she just lay on me and we drifted off to sleep.’

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