Leprechaun and the Lady

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Anastasia Knight

The Leprechaun and the Lady

This story shows how magic can come into one’s life, especially if sex is mixed into the brew. But you have to believe in romance and love.

Sean O’Toole believed, and you will see where it got him, a great life. It gained him the love of Colleen Shamrock, a beautiful red-headed Irish lass

I will not attempt to emulate an Irish brogue for there is nothing worse than a badly spoken, simulated accent, so I will continue to relate this story in my native tongue.

As you can guess, it is all an Irish fairy tale, and there is no truth in it whatsoever.

Sean was as Irish as it was possible for a Leprechaun to be. He was normally 3 feet tall, but could, with a spell, change his height and size as it suited him. He wore a green jacket, black trousers and a green hat over his red hair. He was a very happy Leprechaun. He happened to be 100 years old; about a third of a leprechaun’s life span. Sean smoked Erinmore tobacco in his pipe, which had a very pleasant bouquet, and in his hand, he had a magic Shillelagh. He lived under a very old Oak tree on the edge of a small forest, beside a small stream.

Colleen, on the other hand, often wore a green skirt with a white blouse. She had a gorgeous figure with half orange-sized tits. She lived a rather privileged life in a big house with large grounds. Her father, being the owner of a large factory, also owned the property they lived in. She had had a good education, and, as some Irish lassies are wont, was still unmarried at 31 years of age; about a third of a human’s lifespan. Colleen was not inexperienced in the ways of sex, as she had had quite a few boyfriends, but none of them had the attributes she desired. Most had only wanted to get into her knickers for a quick fuck without satisfying her, selfishly thinking only of themselves, or they were scallywags looking for a few euros because they thought her father was wealthy.

At this stage, she was quite pissed off with the male gender.

So it happened that one day, as she took her morning walk up the hill by the forest, she came upon a large magic circle of mushrooms on the top of the hill where there was a grassy patch. They were delightful, and being Irish, she immediately thought of fairies dancing in the moonlight at night.

As she stood there, her thoughts were interrupted by a strong, mellow voice calling, “Young lady, be careful that you do not stand on the mushrooms in the magic circle. If you do, you will bring bad luck on yourself for a whole year, but however, if you tread carefully around the circle, you might just see the fairies dance tonight.”

Colleen turned around quickly and saw a kindly pipe smoking Leprechaun standing by the old Oak tree. She looked away, and when she looked back, there was no one there. Colleen did not know that one had to stay looking into a Leprechaun’s eyes, or he might disappear. Next, when she looked around, she spied him standing on the far side of the magic circle.

Colleen had heard about Leprechauns but had never met one so she smiled, “Mr Leprechaun, how did you get over to there?”

Sean chuckled, “I am not mister, I am Sean O’Toole, and I have magic, and if you want to keep me in one place, you must keep your eyes on me.”

Colleen became enamoured with the little fellow and started a conversation with him. “Why are you guarding this magic circle, and where do you live?”

“One thing at a time, Lassie. I am protecting it for the fairies, as I live just over there,” pointing his shillelagh at the old oak tree, “and I am charged with keeping wild animals and humans away, as they may damage the circle. However, if you would like to see the fairies dance, tonight is the last night, because the mushrooms are starting to wilt. Come up here just after moonrise, meet up with me, and we will watch it because it is beautiful to see, and you may only see it once in a lifetime.”

Colleen smiled ” Thank you, Sean. I will be here in time. Thank you for your help.”

Then Sean was gone.

That evening as the moon started to rise, Colleen hurried out the door and almost ran up the hill, arriving there breathless. She immediately started looking around for Sean.

He quietly called, “Lassie, I’m over here,”

Seeing him sitting on a log a little way from the magic circle, she walked over and sat beside him. She felt his warmth up against her side, and it felt good.

“Why are you sitting over here?” she asked.

“We are keeping away from the Fairies so that we do not scare them off,” replied Sean. “They are very sensitive to being watched by humans, so stay very close by me, and they will know that you are my guest.”

Sean also had an ulterior motive. He liked the feeling of this young beauty close beside him, especially as her perfume filled his nostrils. He could feel a strong emotion in his heart and found he did not know what this strange feeling was.

About güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri then, there was a tinkling of tiny bells, and in the darkening sky, Colleen could see shimmering lights that resolved into small dancing stars. Then as they came closer, she saw that they were beautiful fairies. Their wings glinted in the moonlight, and their lovely ballerina frocks rustled as they alighted into the magic circle. Colleen had never seen a Fairy, let alone a couple of dozen of them.

Once they had landed, beautiful music started, seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere. Colleen could not pinpoint it. Suddenly the Fairy Queen appeared in the middle of the dancers with her star tipped wand held high over her head. The fairies danced around her with increasing vigour.

Colleen whispered to Sean, “Oh, this scene in front of us is beautiful. Thank you, Sean, for inviting me up here to see this.”

Sean snuggled up beside Colleen. The strange feeling in his body intensified. He still did not know what it was, but he liked it. The feeling of being close up against a human female became intoxicating. Having always been on his own, because leprechauns do not touch each other, all this was new and stimulating.

He started to think, “Do all humans touch like this?”

At this point, Colleen became carried away with the dancing and the music and threw her arms around Sean’s neck and kissed him.

“Begorra,” he exclaimed, startled out of his wits. The feeling became stronger than ever, and Sean could hardly sit still.

However, his exclamation caused the Fairy Queen to look over just as Colleen kissed him, and she smiled, she did love to see affection, especially in humans.

As it had become late in the evening, and the moon was now overhead, the fairies were slowing and getting tired. The Fairy Queen called that it was time to stop dancing and to go home.

She walked over to Sean, carrying a big smile on her face, then said, “Sean, who is your human friend?”

Sean stumbled and stuttered, “Aeval, this is Colleen. She wanted to see the fairies dance, and tonight was your last time here. I hope that I haven’t offended you by bringing her up to see them.”

“Oh no,” breathed the Fairy Queen, “I am delighted to have you here. ‘Tis so lovely to have you both here. When we dance, we rarely have an audience, and we dance much better when someone watches us.

Thank you very much, Sean, for guarding our magic circle, and because you have been so diligent, I will grant you three special wishes, to be used only when you are in dire need.”

With saying that, she called her goodbye and rejoined the other fairies. She waved her wand, and the fairies were gone, leaving Sean and Colleen sitting close to each other on the log.

Colleen had become quite turned on, so standing up, she pulled Sean off the log and bent down to put her arms around him, hold him very close, and give him a big luscious kiss right on the lips.

Again Sean’s heart jumped, and he loudly exclaimed, “Wow, Begorra and Bejabbers! what are you doing to me?”

With that result, Colleen could not resist kissing him again, and Sean’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest. After all, if one was 100 years old and had never been kissed before, what would one do? He just had to sit down for a moment.

Sean and Colleen walked past the magic circle over to the old oak tree where Colleen knelt to Sean’s height, hugging him till her tits were squashed hard against his chest.

She kissed him, saying, “We will meet again, Sean. Won’t we?”

He again had that feeling so strongly in his heart and chest that he could hardly breathe.

“Oh, Lassie, I must see you again. Could you make it next Saturday, and I will bring you into my home? Maybe we’ll have a drink.”

Colleen had become quite emotional and burst out, “Of course, Sean, I will be here a seven pm Saturday.”

She was so emotional that she skipped and strumbled in the dark patches on the way home. When she got there and climbed into bed, she could not sleep, as she kept on thinking about the handsome little Leprechaun and what a charmer he was.

Saturday came around very quickly. Colleen dressed carefully and a bit sexily. She strategically placed dabs of perfume in the right places, because she wanted to entice Sean to hold and kiss her again. She liked this little leprechaun.

Colleen ran up the hill to the old oak tree, and Sean was waiting. He had a big smile on his face, and he rushed over to hold and kiss her. Oh my, he had that feeling in his chest again.

“Glad you have come up here again, Lassie. I want you to come into my home.”

Colleen said, “Where is home, Sean?”

He pointed to a hole under the Oak Tree.

She looked and smiled, saying, “I cannot get in there. I’m too big.”

Sean picked up his Shillelagh and waved at Colleen. She shrank down to Sean’s height.

“How is that, Lassie?”

All Colleen could say was, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri “Wow! And my clothes still fit. Oh, Sean, that is really magic.”

Sean took Colleen by the hand and led her through the entrance past the open door and into a very nice warm lounge room. It was nicely furnished, and a fire was dancing in the grate.

He sat her down on a long padded couch and asked, “Would you care for a drink.?”

“Yes, please, Sean, that would be nice.”

Sean brought in a stone bottle of the Poitin, a traditional Irish drink. He produced a mixer of muddled blackberries and lemon, put a drop in the glasses and poured a measure of the liquor. He then stirred it with a special stick, handing Colleen a glass.

Holding up his glass, Sean called, “Hellow Poitin,” and asked Colleen to say the same.

She asked, “Why do you say that, Sean?”

He answered, “It is a traditional greeting to the drink, so down the hatch.”

She took a long slurp and found the flavour different from anything else that she had ever had, but after it had gone down, my it felt good.

Colleen started to feel a little amorous, so she leaned over and pulled Sean closer, hugging him. He responded by kissing her. This was his first time of initiating a kiss, and he treasured it. Sitting there on the couch, they had another drink, which really started to get them warmed up. Sean smelled her perfume. That feeling in his body came back with a wallop.

Colleen started feeling the urge. She had not had sex in the last two years, and the pointin warmed her right down to her pussy. Because it was so warm in front of the fire, she stripped off her jacket, leaving her bra showing.

Sean asked, “What is that your wearing?” pointing to her bra.

She replied, “That’s my brassier.”

“What does it do?” asked Sean, gently touching her breasts. That sent a squiggle through Colleen’s body and how she loved that feeling.

“My bra holds my tits in place. Do you want to see them?” asked Colleen.

Sean said, ” I have never seen a human female body, and you look so beautiful in clothes. We do not have female leprechauns, so you will tell me all about yours, and I would love to see your lady bits.”

Colleen was becoming more and more horney and adventurous. She unclasped her bra and removed it, and her beautiful pale tits with pink nipples showed in all their glory.

Sean tentatively held a hand up, touching her lovely soft breasts and gently rubbed her nipples. Oh my God! the wonderful feelings coursing through his body left him breathless. His eyes drifted over her bare body (or all he could see), comparing her skin colour to his golden-brown skin. He was completely overwhelmed.

Sean could not resist, and he pulled Colleen to her feet, holding her close, and he deeply kissed her. She almost dissolved, and she could feel the liquid running down between her thighs. The sensation was making her legs rubbery.

Being carried away by sensations, Colleen kissed Sean and softly said, “Would you like me to remove the rest of my clothes lover? Then you can see the rest of my female body.”

Secretly to herself, she wanted him to fuck her, but there was something that she did not know about leprechauns; this she was soon to learn.

Sean sighed with emotion. “Lassie, I would love to see all of you. Please show me.”

With that, she lowered the zip on her skirt and pushed both her skirt and panties down her legs and off her feet, leaving her standing there in all her glory.

There she stood with only her shoes on her feet, while the Leprechaun admired her body. The room was warm from the fire, and it felt good showing off her body.

Sean looked over her flesh and asked, “Please tell me just what all your lady parts are because I have never seen anything so beautiful. I don’t know what to call them or what are they for.”

“I will explain to you. You have found my lips and kissed me. These are my tits. They supply milk to feed a baby, but as I haven’t had a baby, they are for pleasure. If you come over here and fondle them and suck my nipples, my body will thrill and turn on, ready for sex.”

Sean snuggled over and placed his hands on her breasts, and Colleen almost collapsed to the floor with pleasurable feelings. She moaned out loud, and Sean thought he had hurt her. She quickly corrected that and said that the feelings running through her body were just too great. When she had recovered, Colleen rubbed her tits against his face till his mouth and fingers latched onto her nipples again. At that point, she shuddered and had a small orgasm.

Sean stroked on down her tummy till he arrived at her pubic hair.

“What is this?” he asked.

Colleen answered, “That’s my muff, and it tells a lover whether the hair on a woman’s head is dyed or not. If the curtains match the drapes, then the hair on her head is not dyed. Mine is there to let my lover run his fingers through it and feel güvenilir bahis şirketleri the promises down below. Feel it!”

Sean did, and again, that feeling coursed through his body.

Colleen had now become very horny, so she grabbed Sean’s hand and pushed his fingers into her slot.

She said, ” That is my cunt; it has two purposes, the first is to make babies that will grow into people and keep the race continuing. The second is for pleasure and enjoyment. When it is wet and slippery, a lover inserts a cock into it and pushes it in and out. The pleasure is often immense. Then if everything is done properly, I will orgasm, and that feeling is out of this world.”

Colleen had, by this time, developed such an urge that she said to Sean, “Rub my clitoris I need to come.”

She then showed him how to do this. He rubbed his fingers around, feeling her juices seep out over her parts. Slowly and lovingly, Sean’s fingers did their magic, no shillelagh required. He did not know how to handle her wet slippery twat and the stimulation was not enough, so she kissed Sean, then pushed his head down to her cunt and said, “Please lick and suck on my clit.” As he had never done this before, she had to direct him where to go, including feeling inside her vagina. This resulted was a terrific orgasm. When she shuddered and cried out, Sean thought that he had done something wrong. He became very concerned.

Colleen came down from her high, and she soothed a very agitated Sean down, telling him, that was an orgasm and happened when the pleasure became too much from rubbing her cunt, and her senses exploded. It was fantastic.

Then Colleen whispered to Sean, “Thanks, but now it is your turn.”

She undid the buttons on his green shirt and rubbed her tits against his bare chest. The sensations running through his body could hardly be believed. Never had anything like this had ever happened to him before. When he had become so very excited, she undid his belt, opened his trousers, and thrust her hand down to his crotch. Whoa! There was nothing there.

Sean asked her what was she looking for.

She answered, “Your cock.”

Sean then asked, “What is a cock?”

She explained what a cock was.

Sean was rather troubled and said, “I do not have one. Leprechauns do not have cocks.”

Colleen then asked, “How do you procreate? Where do leprechauns come from?”

Sean said, “Well, firstly, we live for three hundred years. When we are about to die, leprechauns lay down, and when life leaves the body, their body disappears in a flash of light. To be born, one of the elder leprechauns decides to call the Fairy Queen by knocking his shillelagh three times on wood and saying an incantation. When she appears, he politely asks her to make a new leprechaun. The Fairy Queen recites a spell as she waves her wand and POOF! Standing there is a new leprechaun, all adult and fully dressed in his tunic and hat.”

Colleen then asked, “Sean, I know that you have feelings now in your heart and body which are not being released. If you had a cock, you could poke it into my cunt, and we could both feel the sensation of coming. It is a wonderful feeling, and I need you to come inside me to complete our sex coupling and make it fully satisfying.”

In the meantime, she removed Sean’s coat and trousers, and he was naked, and Colleen rubbed her body up and down and side to side as she kissed him using plenty of tongue. She was thus making Sean feel the excitement of sex without the possibility of release.

He groaned with a sexual thrill, and his mind sparked with an idea. Use the first of his special wishes from the Fairy Queen. When he spoke to Colleen about his idea, she fully agreed with him.

Sean raised his magic shillelagh to do the deed, when Colleen grabbed it, saying, “Hey! Wait a minute. We had better get dressed first.”

Of course, he had become so wound up that he had forgotten that they were both naked. They the quickly dressed, then Sean raised his shillelagh, incanting a very special spell. Distant music sounded, and there standing before them both was the Fairy Queen.

“Your wish is my command,” said the beautiful lady standing in front of them.

Sean stumbled and stuttered shyly, and finally managed to say, “Oh Lady of love, I do not know how to put this, but I have human feelings, and I want to have sex with Colleen. To do this, I must have a cock. Will you please grant me this wish?”

The Fairy Queen purred, “Gladly. I love to see affection, and a good fuck can build on that foundation.” So waving her wand, she stopped asked Sean how big did he want it to be.

He deferred to Colleen, saying, “Please tell the Fairy Queen what you need and how big, because I do not know much about cocks.”

Colleen put her hands up, measuring and saying about seven inches long and two inches in diameter, with hair on his testicles.

The Fairy Queen waved her wand, and ‘Wow’ Sean could feel something in his trousers. My, he became very excited. The Fairy Queen admonished him to use it carefully and with prudence and to enjoy his new cock as he should.

She said, ” While I have given you what you want, I cannot give you fertility, while you are a Leprechaun and Colleen is human.” With a puff of wind, she had gone.

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