Let It Rain

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My sister Lynn gazed at me thru hooded and accusatory eyes.

“Is it true?” she demanded.

“Yes.” was my quiet reply.

Lynn shook her head in disgust and sighed very audibly. She didn’t have a bi curious bone in her body and failed to understand when someone, especially her older sister, did.

“It was mutual.” I stated in a factual tone.

Lynn regarded me with suspicion.

“In fact Sis, she was the one who suggested it.” I stated emphatically.

Lynn turned on her heels and left my bedroom shaking her head.

Where do I begin? It was two summers ago. I had finished my sophomore year of college and Lynn was graduating high school.

Lynn’s graduation party was held at our home and it was my first encounter with Jennifer Constantine. I had known Jennifer since she was a skinny twelve year old but by the “ripe old age” of eighteen, she had developed into a bona fide hottie.

During my freshman year at college, I discovered I was bi curious. My roommate Sarah shared the same desire and she was the first of several bi encounters.

When I saw Jennifer at Lynn’s graduation party, I was struck by how mature she looked. We embraced in a friendly way but when Jennifer pulled back, she regarded me with a glint in her eyes.

Even though she was “technically” Lynn’s friend, we shared a close personal friendship. We frequently emailed and IM’d while I was at college. In spite of the lack of verbal communication, her warm and bubbly personality came thru with each communiqué.

Although I mixed and mingled with the other guests, I never lost track of Jennifer in the crowd. Several times she saw me looking and gave me one of her dazzling smiles.

It was long past midnight when the affair finally wound down. I wearily plopped in a chair in the kitchen and Jennifer sat in the chair next to me.

“Hey Tara, wassup?” she inquired innocently.

“Same old crap, different day.” I stated in a wise ass way.

“Have you noticed? Lynn’s drunk as a skunk.” She stated.

“Yeah, I hope she doesn’t hurl before I can get her into bed.” I said wistfully.

As Jennifer chuckled at my comment, we looked for Lynn and found her passed out on the pool deck. With some effort, we managed to get Lynn to her room.

We were changing Lynn’s clothes when her eyes opened with a panic stricken look. That could mean only one thing. I held Lynn’s hair out of the way as she puked the contents of her guts into the toilet.

Finally, with Jennifer’s help, Lynn was safely tucked in.

“She’s gonna have one helluva hangover tomorrow!” Jennifer stated with a loud sigh.

With no ulterior motive on my part, I suggested that Jennifer spend the night. An extra toothbrush and summer PJ’s were located and she readied herself for bed.

When Jennifer reappeared wearing the thin pajamas, my heart skipped a beat. Her nipples poked sexily against the sheer material of the top and her long shiny brown hair was unfettered by a French braid. I admired her flawless olive color skin tone, lean but muscled physique and very pretty facial features.

Jennifer was under the sheet and smiling at me with a sunny expression, when she gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

“Thanks for letting me stay.” She stated with emotion.

For once in my young life, I was tongue tied.

“Tara? Can I tell you something, well, kinda personal?” She inquired with innocence.

“Ah, sure.” I said with skepticism.

“You have to promise you’ll never say anything to Lynn. Promise?” She asked sincerely.

“Girl Scouts Honor!” I stated with my hand over my heart.

Jennifer’s green eyes twinkled with mystery.

“I’ve had a crush on someone, actually a couple of people, for the last year but I don’t think they’ll understand if I approach them.” She said with trepidation.

“Is it Trey Sorrens?” I asked excitedly.

Trey was captain of the high school wrestling team. He spent a long time talking to Jennifer at the party.

“No.” She said flatly.

I went thru a laundry list of possible male aspirants but her answer was the same for each, a resounding “no.”

“Ok, I give up.” I said with exasperation.

“I hope you don’t get mad.” She said with worry in her voice.

“Jennifer we’re friends. You can tell me anything.” I stated with assurance.

“It’s Lynn.” She said very sheepishly.

“You mean Lynn, my sister.” I exclaimed with shock in my voice.

Jennifer’s happy demeanor turned to one of sadness and tears rimmed her sparkling green eyes. Lynn was a 5′ 7″ blonde bombshell with big 36D tits. From the tender age of fourteen, she never lacked for dates with the opposite sex.

“When did you realize you had feelings for her?” I asked with a perturbed look on my face.

“It started last summer when I was hanging out here a lot.” She said with a downcast face

Tears were rolling down Jennifer’s cheeks and I tenderly dabbed a tissue at them to staunch the flow. She was sitting up, hugging her knees and rocking back and forth.

“The sight of you and Lynn in bikini’s poker oyna really turned me on. Oops! Oh shit!” she declared and buried her head in her hands.

Jennifer’s revelation was a stunner and instinctively, I embraced her. While Lynn was a full figured hottie, I was an inch shorter and slender with a smaller chest.

“I feel so ashamed but I’ve held it inside for so long that I had to tell someone.” She stated woefully and tearfully.

As I held Jennifer, I stroked her lustrous hair, trying to soothe her jangled nerves.

“There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.” I declared forcefully.

“You’re just bi curious.” I said diagnosing the situation.

“No Tara. I’m sure I like girls.” She said with a shamefaced expression.

“But, you dated some really hot guys.” I countered.

“I tried to like them, I really did.” She stated with a hangdog expression.

“I remember when I puked in the school parking lot after I gave Danny Sommers a blow job. He was so pissed at me.” she said dejectedly.

Again, I pulled her close and held her tight.

“My Mom and Dad will never understand.” She stated in a blubbering voice.

“Try to get some sleep and we’ll talk tomorrow. I won’t breathe a word to Lynn.” I said wearily.

Jennifer lay back on the bed and regarded me with genuine affection. The look in her eyes turned my insides to mush and I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips.

That sparked a make out session of epic proportions. Our tongues intertwined in an oral dance of yearning. When we came up for air, we were both breathing very hard.

“Whew! That was great!” Jennifer crowed.

“Have you had any experiences?” I inquired.

“A couple; the first was with Becky Rissingham after a chorus concert. She offered to give me a ride home and in the back of my mind I knew she was bi.” She stated.

“What happened?” I asked as my curiosity got the best of me.

“We kinda started kissing in the car. Then she asked if I wanted to stay overnight. In her bedroom we started making out and she grabbed my boobs.” She said with some passion.

“Did that bother you?” I asked with the steam rising between my legs.

“No. It was a real turn on and I let her suck my tits. Next thing I knew she was licking me.” Jennifer said in a happy memory voice.

“What about you?” she asked with real inquisitiveness.

“Oh, I’ve had a few since high school.” I stated trying to sound nonchalant.

In spite of the sexually charged atmosphere, we were both yawning. I kissed Jennifer on the forehead and bade her goodnight.

As I lay in bed, thoughts of me licking Jennifer dominated my conscious mind and I fingered myself to oblivion.

The next morning I woke to the sound of splashing water in the pool. Jennifer was swimming laps and I rushed to join her.

“Hi Tara!” she greeted me warmly with a broad smile.

“Having fun?” I asked sweetly.

“I’d give anything to have a pool in my backyard.” She gushed.

After eight good laps to shake the cobwebs, I left to check on Lynn and lo and behold she’s sitting in the kitchen with bloodshot eyes. The screened door accidentally banged against the frame when I entered.

“OH, my aching head.” Lynn moaned.

I quickly prepared a pot of coffee and sent Lynn to the shower. When she returned, I shoved a hot mug of java in her hand and two Tylenol in her mouth. She retired to the den sofa for the rest of the afternoon.

Jennifer looked like a Greek goddess in her string bikini. Little twitches and tingles reverberated in my crotch whenever I gaped at her gorgeous body.

Jennifer’s admission about her sexuality had shaken me to my soul. I was so busy exploring my bi side the last two years that I hadn’t been with a guy sexually since high school. Mentally, I questioned my preference for women, at least for the moment.

True to my word, I said absolutely nothing to Lynn about Jennifer’s sexual leanings. But, Jennifer was spending a great deal of time at our home and it was usually with me. Lynn was sure to notice.

Our little escapade on graduation night was still fresh in my memory when I made a detour one afternoon to the downtown shopping district. Jennifer worked at her dad’s pizzeria and she was grinning from ear to ear when she saw me.

“Hey! What a neat surprise.” She stated warmly and gave me a friendly hug.

Constantine’s Pizzeria and Restaurant was very popular and today was no exception; there wasn’t a seat to be had. Jennifer insisted that I eat at the employees’ dining table in the back room.

“Are you busy tonight?” she asked cautiously.

“Why? What’s goin on?” I inquired.

“There’s a free concert at Waterfront Park and my dad won’t let go by myself.” She said sadly.

Jennifer leaned in real close and whispered in my ear.

“Will you be my date tonight?”

“Yeah! Sure!” I declared with a look of longing.

“OK! Then we’ll consider this delicious Calzone on the house.” She exclaimed happily and set the piping hot dish in front of me.

At 6pm I was canlı poker oyna on my way back to the pizzeria and my heart was pounding in my chest. I agreed to be Jennifer’s date for the night and I had no idea what that entailed.

Jennifer was waiting outside and waved enthusiastically when she saw me. She was wearing a spaghetti strap T, shorts and flip flops.

“Hi!” she exclaimed in her bubbly way and gave me peck on the cheek. I was driving with my left hand on the steering wheel when she reached down and brought my right one up for a smooch.

“Thanks Tara.” She said affectionately and held my palm tightly against her cheek.

The endearing gesture tugged on my heart strings and hot tears enveloped my eyes.

At the concert we spread a tarp and blanket on the ground. No alcoholic beverages were permitted but I and many others brought wine coolers or similar libations.

The bands were regional favorites and with half a dozen wine cooers circulating in our veins, we danced with abandon. I have to say that Jennifer was one talented dancer with a sexy fluid gracefulness.

The last band was the folksy acoustical type and as we sat on the blanket, Jennifer took my hand in hers and held it tight. Needless to say I was stunned but I realized that she had been dead serious about the “date.”

Jennifer refused to let go of my hand until the concert was over and only so we could fold the blanket and tarp. As we walked to the car she took my hand and held it like a lover on a date.

My heart was beating a mile a minute as I drove her home. But, inspiration in the form of an idea popped in my head and I drove to Walkers Overlook, the local lovers’ lane.

I parked as far away from the other cars as possible and Jennifer had a look of yearning on her face. We kissed passionately and with lustful need.

My hand found its way into her shorts and I lovingly stroked her sopping wet slit.

“Oh Tara!” she cried and humped my hand.

Jennifer’s copious juices coated my fingers and after she came like an express train, I licked the tangy fluid with delight.

Suddenly, Jennifer sat up and checked her watch.

“Oh Fuck! Its’ past 1am!” she yelled.

“Call your folks and tell them you’re with me.” I demanded.

Jennifer did as she was told and when we arrived at her home, I apologized to her parents’ for the lateness. My suggestion worked and they were relieved that she was safe and sound.

The next morning I was preparing for a summer job interview when my cell phone text message alert sounded. It was Jennifer. With the limited amount of time before my interview, I decided to call.

“Hi Tara! Can you spare some time for me this morning” she stated in her effervescent way.

“I have an interview and I probably won’t be back before noon.” I said with regret.

“Gosh, I have to work the lunch shift at the pizzeria.” She replied sadly.

“I’m not busy tonight. Come over about seven.” I said doggedly.

“Ok, great!” Jennifer said in her lively way.

“Stay overnight if you like.” I hinted shamelessly.

“I’d love too!” she declared with enthusiasm.

Promptly at seven the doorbell alerted me to Jennifer’s arrival but Lynn got to the door first.

“Yo girlfriend! Wassup?” Lynn asked a sheepish looking Jennifer.

But, Jennifer was one cool customer.

“I was cruising past on my way to the mall and decided to say hello.” She said convincingly.

Jennifer strolled into the kitchen and gave a “whew” sign with her hand passing over her forehead. Lynn was late for a date and flew out the door amid goodbyes.

Jennifer sat across from me and held my hand in the same loving manner as last night. My heart was all atwitter from her display of affection. I was having romantic feelings for the Greek vixen and I was completely unnerved.

“How bout a swim?” I asked eagerly trying to offset the mood.

“I don’t have my bikini.” She stated with an anxious look on her very pretty face.

“My folks are at the seashore for the weekend so, who needs one!” I stated boldly.

The long shadows of evening stretched across the lawn as Jennifer and I shed our clothes in the sun porch.

“Jeronimo!” Jennifer yelled and dove butt naked into the deep end.

I quickly followed suit and we swam laps with languorous ease.

Jennifer was floating on her back when I dove under and pinched her cute rear.

“You little brat! She declared and chased me from one end of the pool to the other.

Finally, I jumped on her back and held on with my arms around her neck. As Jennifer slowly waded around the pool, I dropped my hands to her chest and fondled her firm breasts. Her nipples elongated and tightened from my touch as my slick pussy humped her back.

With our passion rising to nuclear hot levels, we exited the pool and raced to my bedroom. Jennifer was standing in the room with her hands folded and hiding her sex. She had a shy expression on her face.

“I wish I was clean shaven like you.” She stated bashfully and pointed to my bald box.

Without internet casino saying a word I took Jennifer’s hand and led her into my bathroom. She sat on the small vanity and spread wide. I thought the dark brown pubes were a turn on but if Jennifer wanted a hairless crotch, then so be it!

Carefully I scraped the tender area clean with a new razor and rinsed with warm water. With her newly shaven pussy glistening with water and her juices, I took a long flat tongued lick up her soaked slit.

“Oh Tara!” She moaned.

Jennifer’s muscular buns fit in the palms of my hands as I drew her dripping snatch closer. Gently, I lapped the moist fleshy folds and drilled a finger into her drooling hole. The pungent aroma and tart taste were intoxicating as I sucked her creamy girl cum down my eager throat.

Never before had I experienced hot sexual yearning of this magnitude for someone. With a ravenous appetite, I devoured her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh Tara! Oh God!” She howled with fervor.

Even with my mind totally focused on Jennifer’s magnificent gash, I heard a car door slam and voices.

I jumped off the bed.

“Oh my God! It’s Lynn!” I shrieked.

Jennifer raced into the shower and I quickly put on a sports bra and shorts.

“Oh shit! Our clothes are down by the pool.” I declared loudly.

Too frightened to move, I listened with every fiber of my being for the back door to open. But, it never did.

Stealthily, I crept to the window and saw Lynn with a guy I didn’t recognize, making out like two sex fiends on a pool lounger. Jennifer finished her shower and was standing next to me when she gasped.

“Who’s that?” I inquired.

“That’s Barry Carver with Lynn.” She stated with surprise.

Jennifer was staring intently at the two figures on the lounger.

“He’s kind of a geek but a cute geek.” She said with first hand knowledge.

From our vantage point we had a clear view of the action. Lynn was pawing at Barry’s belt buckle and sure enough down went his blue jeans.

“Wow! Barry’s packin some meat.” I stated in an admiring voice. The boy had a very impressive boner.

Lynn was eyeing his trouser snake with a look of pure lust.

“Look at Lynn go!” Jennifer commented with awe in her voice.

Lynn’s head was flying up and down the length of Barry’s cock. Faintly, we could hear his moans and groans. With rapt attention, we watched my sister give Barry the blow job of a lifetime.

“Yuck, I think she’s swallowing his cum.” Jennifer declared with disgust and turned away.

I had blown a few guys in high school and disliked the taste of sperm. Lynn’s mouth was milking his big rod for any remaining drops of semen and I had to admit, I found the situation very erotic.

The next morning, I was helping Jennifer tidy up the spare bedroom and her pensive mood caught me off guard.

“Is something wrong?” I inquired.

“No. I was hoping, oh, just forget it.” She said wistfully.

Jennifer’s demeanor was completely out of character. I took her hands in mine and looked into her troubled eyes.

“What’s bothering you? You can tell me.” I asked with tenderness.

“I was hoping we could talk about…but, I…ah…oh what’s the use!” She stated with frustration

“Jennifer, whatever it is, please tell me.” I pleaded.

Jennifer’s eyes were rimmed with tears and she tried to look away but my gaze held her.

“I think I’m falling in love with you.” She said in a soft voice and buried her head against my neck.

Jennifer’s declaration staggered me and my heart erupted with emotion.

“You’re not mad?” She asked in a shy and tentative voice.

“Jennifer!” I cried and as hot tears shrouded my eyes, I kissed her with unrestrained ardor.

I wanted to make love to her in the worst way but with Lynn’s room across the hall, I had to be patient.

“When can I see you again?” she asked in a timid voice.

My summer job at the mall started the next day and with my sister and parents around it created an intimacy problem. I got another brainstorm.

“My folks aren’t going to the beach house next weekend. Want to go with me?” I inquired with eagerness.

“Uh huh.” She replied very shyly.

There was only one problem with my “brilliant” idea; Lynn. For once fate was in my corner. Lynn was attending an overnight graduation party at her friend Sherry’s home.

Because of my excellent track record as a very responsible daughter, my parents’ had no problem with my seashore venture. I spent the days in restless anticipation of the weekend.

With conflicting work schedules, I saw precious little of Jennifer. By Thursday, I missed her so much that I drove downtown to the pizzeria. When she saw me her eyes lit up.

“Hey you!” she crowed.

Jennifer had to retrieve some lettuce from cold storage and forcibly dragged me with her. As soon as we were inside the door, she kissed me with uninhibited zeal. I thought my heart would burst out of my chest.

I could barely concentrate on my job that afternoon and my boss caught me daydreaming several times.

When I saw Jennifer waiting outside the pizzeria for me, she took my breath away. With her French braided hair, tiny bikini top and very short shorts, she resembled a mythical sea goddess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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