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Since my computer at home went down, I have been frequenting the library. It’s the only computer that allows me on to the IWU web-site. There is a time limit. But beggars can’t be choosers.

As I’m on the site chatting, I ‘feel’ someone behind me. I turn to look when I feel a touch on my shoulder, just slightly.

‘You know people might get the wrong idea about you.’ In my other ear I hear a whisper.

‘Maybe I want them to have that idea.’ I reply as I turn to see who whispered. But, I miss him. Now both hands are on my shoulders. Holding to keep me forward.

‘In that case, you seem to need to be fucked and fucked hard,’ he whispers in my other ear.

‘As a matter of fact I do. But I can’t seem to find any one local to take on the challenge.’

‘Challenge? Is that what you are?’ He chuckles, as his hand moves down my side and up to cup underneath a breast.

‘Actually you wouldn’t think so but it seems to be the established thinking.’ As I lean into his hand. I feel my pussy start to throb, getting wet.

‘Then you have been looking in the wrong places.’ He pinches my nipple through my shirt and bra. Moving his hand back to my shoulder.

‘Ever fantasize about fucking in the library?’ He murmurs into my ear. Breathing heavily and sending shivers over my body.

I finally turn to look at his gorgeous brown eyes, and see the predatory look. His güvenilir bahis crotch resting very close to the back of my chair. I look down and see the bulge twitching ever so slightly. I move my hand forward, looking up, watching his eyes as I brush against him. His gasp is all the invitation I need.

I turn and log off the computer, as he reaches down and nuzzles my neck and ear, sending more shivers and making me drip instantly. I stand and turn into him, so close without touching I can feel his sexual desire coming off of him in waves against mine.

‘So, would you show me the local history room?’ He asks a little loud, but not too.

‘Certainly.’ We move as one for the stairs. The local history room is located on the second floor, far back. And is literally a room, closed off. He opens the door and takes my hand, leading me to the far corner table. Before I can say anything his mouth is over mine, hard, demanding. Pushing his tongue into my mouth, thrusting and exploring as I match his ferocity. My hands going up under his shirt, clawing down his back. He moans. Pulling back from me, I have his lower lip and slowly release it.

He lifts my shirt and pulls my bra down, to suckle my tit. Nipping and sucking hard, bringing them both to a rock hard point. I reach for his cock and he evades me. Backing me to the table he sits on it, never leaving my tits. He stands up and brings türkçe bahis me to the corner edge of the table, and steps between my legs. The heat from my pussy invades his cock through our jeans, as he presses against me.

‘Next time wear a skirt.’ He demands, as his hands undo my pants and pull them off of one leg. He leans down and breathes deep, smelling my wet pussy. He leans forward and kisses me again, softer, more seductively. I reach over and pull him closer as I undo his jeans and release his throbbing cock into my hand, using my hands and nails to push down his pants

I slowly stroke him and then grab and squeeze hard. He stands and leans back, grabbing my hand. He looks down at me.

‘You want me to cum, now?! Do that again, otherwise…..’ Taking a hold of my hips he slides me up against his cock. ‘Wrap your legs around me.’ As he pulls me forward holding me tight.

I move up and wrap my legs. As I do he guides his cock inside me and pushes up and hard. I gasp, feeling him fill every crevice of my pussy. The man is built for this. He picks me up and moves me against the wall between the shelving and begins to pump me. Holding my ass with both hands, he lifts and drops me onto his cock. Making me gasp and shudder. Trying my best not to call out. He moves faster, deeper and harder. Both of us breathing harder.

I move my hands down his shoulder, back into his güvenilir bahis siteleri hair. Then I use my nails across his back, not leaving any marks. But definitely letting him feel the results, as he moans with me. Stopping suddenly, he positions my tits to his eye level, looks at me and starts sucking, pinning me harder against the wall. Moving his hand from underneath to flick my clit.

‘I can feel you building, you can cum to me baby. Squeeze my cock with your pussy.’

‘Yes, yes.’ I mumble into his shoulder. ‘Cumming now, please….’ Is all I could say. Just then he drops me completely onto his cock and pushes, deep into my pussy, deeper with each thrust, until I feel him swell and explode deep inside me. He keeps moving, making both us ride the wave again.

Slowly, our breathing comes back into control. He releases me gently down the wall. He pushes into me again and kisses me almost reverently as he says, ‘Thank you’.

‘Ah, no Thank you. By the way my name is Jessanna, yours?’ I ask holding out my hand.

‘Lucian.’ He replies, shaking my hand.

Slowly I smile and start redressing. He does the same almost looking sheepishly.

‘I have been watching you for a few days. I had no idea this would happen.’ As he tucks his shirt back in.

‘So, next time, I’ll definitely wear a skirt.’ As I dance on one leg, to put my jeans back on.

Lucian smile and chuckles as he takes my hand and leads me back out into the library and down the front steps.

‘Ah, excuse me, but were you done in there?’

‘Haven’t even gotten started, I’m taking you home. That was just the appetizer.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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