Life of Riches Eps. 02

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J goes to the doctor

J’s back was killing him from the night of sleeping on the floor and so he decided that he should go to the doctors office and see about getting some pills to take care of the pain. Stepping out of the large penthouse suite he made his way to the doctors office.

His father had sent a direct link from his bank account to the place, just in case anything like this would ever happen.

Awaiting his name to be called as he sat in the small waiting room, J noticed a beautiful blond woman walking out of a patients room.

The woman had a black blindfold around her eyes and was being guided across the waiting room by one of the nurses.

The nurse let the woman’s arm slip out of her grasp, which caused the blindfolded woman to loose balance and begin a decent to the floor. Only to be caught by J thanks to his quick reflexes.

“Thank you,” the woman offered, “I’m not use to this blindfold.”

“Are you okay,” he asked.

“Yes, I got some chemicals splashed into my eyes at work and the doctor gave me some medicine to counteract the effects of the chemicals. I’m not to remove this blindfold until tomorrow morning.”

“That’s horrible,” J exclaimed, “but at least your blindness is only temerarily.” He then looked up to the nurse, “Are you to take her home?”

The nurse stepped back a step, “I can’t take her home,” she explained, “I’ve got work here to do.”

J looked back down to the impaired woman, “do you have someone to take you home?”

“I thought the nurse was going to help me to my apartment,” she admitted softly into his ear, not wanting to put the nurse on spot.

He set silently for a few minutes as he helped the woman back onto her feet. He then had an idea.

“I’m aware that you don’t know me and that being blind takes away all since of security, but I’m going to extend this offer to you anyway. I live in a penthouse suite only a few blocks from here and if you are interested then I would love your company for the night. You can sleep on my bed and I will take one of the guest bedrooms,” he offered.

The woman didn’t have a chance to say anything to J about his proposal, for before she could think of something to say an older woman broke there silence.

“Didn’t expect to see you here,” the woman called out.

“Dr. Yow,” he shouted as he wrapped his arms around the older heavy set woman.

Dr. Yow had been his family’s doctor on the private island for his entire life up until he moved. She had been talking about leaving the island for a few years, but he didn’t think she would ever actually go through with it.

“Your father said you were in the city,” she excitedly bahis firmaları stated. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Back problems,” he explained. “But they’re not too bad. This woman has no one to take care of her as she has to wear the blindfold.”

“Oh dear,” Dr. Yow exclaimed as she placed her thumb and index finger to her chin to express that she was in thought. “Well, I should of asked before sending you out of the room. My head isn’t on my shoulders today. We can send an ambulance to take you to the hospital where you will receive a room to stay in until tomorrow morning, when you can take it off.”

The woman didn’t seem too happy about the idea of being in a strange hospital room for the entire night.

“Well, I just offered to take her to my new home and take care of her for the night,” J explained.

“Normally I would never suggest to a patient to go to a complete strangers home, but since I know J like a son I can honestly say that there is no safer person to be with.” Dr. Yow explained to the blindfolded beautiful blond. She then leaned into the ear of the woman and whispered something, bringing a smile to the girls mouth.

“Okay,” the woman agreed. “thank you for the offer and I will accept your help. By the way my name is Sandy.” She then extended her hand toward J.

“It’s nice to meet you Sandy,” he said, “my name is J,” he offered back as he accepted her gesture by shaking her hand.

Goodbyes were said between J and Dr. Yow and then he guided Sandy by her hand through the sidewalk and up the street toward his home. He was extremely careful as he guided the fragile woman through the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.

The doorman opened the door for the two and they were soon standing in the elevator listening to the quiet hum of the rise. Sandy’s hand slowly waved through the air as she stood still. Her hand brushed against J’s groin on accident, sending his bulge to grow slightly.

If she could see, Sandy would see J’s face turn beet read.

“Sorry,” J said, tucking his head down.

“No, I’m sorry. I can’t see anything,” she explained.

A ding went off and the doors to the elevator slid open, revealing an empty hallway that led to J’s suite. The strange thing about living in the building was that every suite in the building was soundproof, so he could never hear anything when he was in the hallway. No TV blaring, no radio playing, no people talking. Nothing.

J inserted the key into the slot and turned, sending the door sliding open as his free hand still grasped onto Sandy’s hand. He further guided her to the large comfortable couch that sat in front of the large fireplace. He hit a button kaçak iddaa on a remote and large flames shot up from the base of the fireplace and then there was a steady flame.

The rest of the day went by in a flash. J didn’t notice the time passing by, for he was lost in conversation with the beautiful and intelligent Sandy. She told him of her growing up in the country and of the day that she decided to move to the city. J told her of his rich father and of his two brothers. The night was quickly upon them and they had hardly moved from the couch, aside from a few times that one would have to use the bathroom, or when J fixed them a quick dinner.

Out of nowhere, Sandy leaned forward, felt J’s face with her soft hands and pressed her lips to his. A slight moan slipped from her as she felt the gentle touch of his lips to hers.

“Take me to your bedroom,” she ordered with a soft and seductive voice. J wasted no time. With ease, he lifted the blind woman in his arms and carried her to his bedroom, where he gently laid her down onto the large, soft bed.

Lying down beside her, J pressed his lips to her neck, sending goose bumps to rise from her skin. His kisses left her neck and traveled down her chest where he pushed her blouse up, allowing her to pull it over her head and send it floating to the floor.

She removed her bra as J pulled her pants down below her knees, revealing her black silk panties.

J slowly slid her panties and her pants off her feet and to the floor as his tongue found her slit, sending her into motion. Her body shifted and squirmed as his tongue worked magic upon her clit. Moans escaped her mouth uncontrollably.

After a few minutes, Sandy sat up from her position and felt around the head post of the bed where she place her hands against the wall and arched her back so that her ass was expressed in the air.

J placed his hand against her ass where he then found her slit once more with his tongue, again sending moans from her mouth.

After a few more minutes of J tasting Sandy, he sat up onto his knees, unzipped his pants, pulled his throbbing shaft out and aimed it to Sandy’s wet and ready vagina. With one shove, he felt her warmth surround his meat as he looked down at her beautiful body. He took it slow at first by slowly sliding his shaft into and back out of her. But moans ran from her mouth at a continuous state as J’s rythem sped up.

Sandy turned from her position against the wall and pushed J onto his back, where she then climbed on top of him and sat down on his throbbing, thick cock. She shifted her hips back and forth, feeling his girth grind against her clit. Moans turned to screams as her slow kaçak bahis grinding motion turned to a fast slapping of her bouncing on top of his meat.

It was all that she could stand!

Her body then burst into a tense series of convulsions as her lungs let out screams of passion.

“I’m cumming,” she screamed over and over again during her sexual climax.

J held onto her hips as hard as he could, feeling her extremely wet and tight slit surround his hard dick.

Sandy finished her convulsions and rose up off of J’s, still hard and ready, shaft. Her hand explored his body until she had his dick in her hand. She lowered her head and placed the head in her mouth, where she then swirled her tongue around it.

“Mm,” she let out as she tasted a drop of his pre-cum. Her head then slid all the way down his shaft until the tip of his dick was touching the back of her throat. She flew into action as she slung her head down and back up, sending J into his own series of moans.

He was going to cum!

After alerting her of his approaching peak, she pulled back, lied her head down on his stomach right above his throbbing and swinging dick.

“On my face,” she begged, “everything’s so different when I can’t see.”

J reached his hand down and wrapped his fingers around his wet shaft, where he began jerking himself off as Sandy lied with her head facing up and her mouth open. She was rubbing her own clit as she awaited his cum.

After a few seconds of the anticipation, Sandy was moaning and her tight body was squirming again. J glanced down and noticed that she was soaking wet.

Was she going to cum?

Like a geyser, J’s dick shot juices out into the air and onto Sandy’s open lips. As cum was flying through the air and landing on the different spots of Sandy’s face she let out a scream as her body flew into another series of shakes and shivers.

She was cumming again!

By the end, Sandy’s face was covered with J’s juices and he had to change the bed sheets.

J guided Sandy to the bathroom, where she cleaned herself off and after new sheets were placed upon the bed, the two fell asleep in each other’s arms. Right before he fell asleep, a smile came across J’s lips.

“I guess I found the perfect medicine for a bad back,” he whispered so lightly that Sandy couldn’t hear.

The next day came and Sandy was gone by the time J was woke up.

“Twice in two days,” J said to himself upset for a second, but then a smile came to his face.

“Twice in two days,” he laughed to himself and then noticed a black piece of cloth wrapped around his door knob with a small post-it attached to it.

J walked over and picked the piece of cloth up. It was the blindfold. The note said “keep it for the memory, and I’m keeping the shirt you were wearing yesterday for my memory.”

Next episode: Making a Deposit.

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