Linda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 04

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A few nights later when Linda was coming out of the shower she noticed another box on the bed with a piece of card and some sky high “hooker’s heels” beside it. A pang of excitement shot through her when she saw it. The Card had a title which read “The photographer and the glamour model.” Linda looked in the box and lifted out the contents. There was a shelf, open bust bra, with a G-string a garter belt and suspenders. This outfit would leave little to the imagination. Linda picked up the card and scanned it. It said that she was to play the role of a glamour model appearing for a photo shoot for a lads mag. Mark was to play the photographer and they would start a shoot together during which at some time things would get hot and heavy. Linda’s pussy was already getting a little moist thinking about the visual stimulation she would be giving Mark and how horny she would be making him. She put on full make up, purple eye shadow and bright lipstick. Linda then slipped into the suspenders and clipped them to the garter belt. They framed her lovely legs beautifully. Then she put the bra on. It sat underneath her luscious boobs and pushed them up and out and accentuated her cleavage. She slipped her feet into the heels and looked in the mirror. She looked like a glamour puss alright. She ruffled up her hair and struck some sexy poses in the mirror and then strode confidently to the door, her hips were swayed by the high heels as she walked.

Downstairs Mark was standing in the sitting room holding a digital camera. His cock was already stirring in his pants with a sense of anticipation. He had a whole erotic script worked out in his head and hoped Linda was willing to have some fun with the whole idea. Then he heard her heels clipping down the stairs and his mouth went a bit dry. Then the door opened and Linda breezed in. Mark found it hard not to gawk. Linda looked so hot it hurt. Her bare, full breasts were cupped by the shelf bra. Her nipples were hard and her areolas blushed purple in the cool air. The sheer black stockings highlighted the firm curves of her legs and the heels lifted her body up in all the right places. Linda swished into the centre of the room and could feel Mark’s eyes devouring her. She enjoyed his full and undivided attention and looked at him with a devilish twinkle in her eye.

“So how do you want me to pose?” she asked.

Mark had to snap himself out of his daze “Ohh right, ohh ok.”

Mark starts to direct Linda into poses. He has her turn away from him and bend at the waist. He told her to part her gorgeous legs and hold the tops of her ankles in her hands. Mark kneels behind her and Linda looks back at him past her calves with a sexy “come hither,” smile plastered on her face. The camera sounded , Click, Click.

Mark then instructed Linda to sit in the centre of the sofa and cross her legs and spread her arms out along the back of the sofa. Click. Then Linda is told to uncross her legs, arch her back and place her hands under her tits. Click.

“Open your mouth a little baby.” Click. “Spread your legs.”

Linda smouldered at Mark and flicked the corners of her pendik escort mouth with her lips. Mark asked her to kneel on the ground and set her ass back on her heels. He told her to to thrust her boobs out and lift her head back. Click, Click. Then he got her to get on all fours on the floor, arch her back and tilt her weight forward. He asked her to lift her calves up behind her and to cross her feet. He took pictures from every angle while Linda smiled seductively and teased and tantalised the camera. Click, click, click.

Mark was getting hypnotised by the lush body that was writhing and posing for him. He was overcome with erotic desire and images of what he would like to do with that voluptuous, hot body. Linda pouts and lifts a finger into her mouth balancing on one arm and all Mark could picture was that same mouth crammed with his hardening cock. He photographed her from the rear and ached to feel his cock pushing into her warm, wet snatch.

Mark instructed Linda to lie back on the sofa with some cushions under her shoulders. He got her to put her arms down by her side and push her chest up and out. He told her to put her feet and knees together and place her feet against the farm arm of the sofa. Click. Click. Her milky tits were pointing up at Mark and her rosy nipples were jutting out. He told her to push back further so that her shoulders rested on the arm rest and arching her back greatly. Click . Click. Mark told her to close her eyes and takes pictures from every angle. Mark was finding it difficult to walk with the tent in his pants.

Linda was feeling a little hot and bothered herself. Posing in such a suggestive way was very arousing. She had noticed how intensely Mark was drinking in her form and felt completely like an object of lust. She could feel her pussy getting wet and was surprised how much she was enjoying the experience. Mark told her to push up with her legs lifting herself further up in the air and arching her back further. He had a clear view of her full form stretched out beneath him. Her breasts were thrust up and out, her nipples were stiff and firm, her legs were smooth and gift wrapped in the stockings. Her face was tilted back and over the edge of the sofa. Mark couldn’t take it anymore and put the camera quietly down before reaching down to touch and rub her warm flesh. Linda jumped slightly but said nothing as she felt his hands brushing her tits and tugging at her sensitive nipples.

“I’m sorry, you are such a hot babe, you are the sexiest thing I have ever laid eyes on, I just couldn’t resist.”

“I can see that,” Linda opened her eyes and reached up a hand to feel Mark’s bulging package.

Her eyes were alive with pleasure and desire, arousal and anticipation. She moaned softly as his hands roamed up and down her body. He caressed her curves and massaged her soft boobs. His hips were quite close to her face and Linda could hear the jingle of his belt as he undid it and his jeans fell to the floor. He used the same authoritative tone he had been employing to direct the poses when he said,

“Take out my thick cock and suck it.”

Linda escort pendik pulled the boxers down and Mark’s rampant cock jumped to attention and pointed directly at her mouth. She licked her red lips before wrapping them around his throbbing prick. He eased the shaft into the warm embrace of her mouth. Linda heard Mark sigh deeply as his cock slid into her. His shaft is bathed in by her wet mouth and rinsed by her tongue as she leaned her head back and he pumped her exquisite mouth with small thrusts. Her boobs were thrust high as her back arched further while she gulped down his shaft greedily. He reached forward and pawed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Linda relished the feeling of his meat slipping along her tongue and brushing the inside of her cheeks. She savoured the throbbing warmth of his stiff flesh as it pushed past her silky lips and plunged in and out of her warm saliva filled mouth. Linda delighted in her prowess as Mark’s groans grew deeper as he pushed further with each thrust until her nose brushed against his balls. He left it lodged deep as she massaged it in her mouth and throat while her lips clasped the base. He pulled back with a pop and some saliva strings from her flooded mouth to the head of his rigid wet tool.

“Rest your breasts on the sofa arm and reach back with your hands, pull on your heels and look at me,” Mark instructed.

Linda did as she was asked and her head was lifted up and her back curved. Mark plunged once more into her yawning mouth and nudged into her throat each time. Little noisy gurgles filled the room. Then Mark withdrew and pushed the sofa into the middle of the room. He led her behind the sofa and told her to drape herself over it. Linda obeyed her instructions perfectly and her buttocks and pussy were offered up to Mark’s randy eyes. She pressed down on the cushions with her elbows keeping her back straight. She knew that she must be making a delectable sight as her hair spilled forward and she kept her legs straight. They were both in a state of extreme sexual excitement. Mark rubbed up and down her legs and felt her pussy lips and his fingers were soon drenched in her juices.

“You need a good hard fucking it would seem,” he growled from behind her “and I’m sure going to enjoy giving it to you.”

Mark stood behind her and gave her ass a few playful slaps that made Linda jump slightly. Then he lowered his head to her labia and lapped and licked her sensitive flesh. Linda moaned and tensed slightly at the waves of pleasure radiating from her warm loins. Mark suddenly straightened and readied himself behind her aiming his cock at her slit. He plunged smoothly within her driving home to the hilt. Linda groaned fully and raised her head up as he filled her up and out. He started thrusting into her firm and deep, over and over, and soon their bodies were slapping together. Each thrust pressed her thighs firmly against the back of the sofa and rocked her head and torso as they leaned over the other side.

“Ohh baby, your pussy is so wet and tight,” Mark grunted roughly.

“OhHH ride me you big stud, ohhh yeahh nail that pussy,” grunted Linda pendik escort bayan as Mark slammed harder “I love how your cock screws me.”

“Ohh you nasty slut, take it ohhh yeah take it deeepppp.”

Linda’s breathing got heavier and her moaning more incoherent as she surrendered to the primal pounding beat of the fucking that Mark was giving her. Mark was ramming her in long, hard strokes and Linda could hear him gasping each time he drove into her dripping pussy. Mark eased the pace of his fucking and reached across and undid the clasp of her shelf bra so that her breasts could swing freely. He grabbed a hold of each breast and pinched her bullet like buds as she panted. Mark then gripped her heavy tits as he jammed her in long sweeps once more.

“Ohhhh fuccckkkk, Ughhhh, Nghhhhhh,” Linda whimpered “pull my hair as you fuck me deep.”

Mark grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Linda’s head up and back as he banged her with passionate piston strokes. With his other hand he lifted up one of her legs opening her up even more fully.

“Ohhh Jesus Chriisssttt ughhhh fuck mee, ohhh yesss do meeeee ughhhhh like that ohhh ,” Linda pants weakly loving th hammering her stretched pussy was getting.

Mark could feel his orgasm coming and pulled out of Linda’s sopping pussy before spinning her round.

“Suck my dick you sexy slut until you taste my load,” Mark grunted.

Linda squatted down and swallowed Mark down still lost in a fuck daze.

“Now that is a pose to remember,” Mark said as Linda heard a click above her head.

Mark thrust forward a few times as Linda sucked him down. She enveloped his shaft in her soft mouth. She could feel his first contraction as his cock twitched in her warm mouth.

“Ohhh Fuccckkk yeahhh, ohhhh Don’t stop babe, ughhh Jesssuusss, YESSSS nghhhh.”

Linda felt his hard rod stiffen as he moaned and she swished her lips around his hard shaft. Mark rested his hands on the back of her head and held it still as his cock pulsed within her mouth. He pumped forward one last time and she felt it grow in her mouth a split second before he poured out onto her tongue. She felt the first spurts spit against the back of her throat. The spurts turned into an oozing stream of warm, gooey cream and Mark grunted gruffly as she slurped on his cock as he emptied himself with a long drawn out moan. She sucked wildly on his cockhead letting him enjoy the feeling of being buried in her warm mouth while she milked him. His legs felt weak as his climax subsided and Linda swallowed his cum hungrily. Mark pulled out and they slid down to the floor together by the sofa breathing hard.

Linda rested back against the sofa her breasts rising and falling to her gasping breaths. Her long legs stretched out covered in the sheer suspenders. Her face was flushed and had that just fucked glow. Mark reached across and pulled her to him and they hugged fondly. Then Linda got up and went to get a top. Mark watched her as her firm ass swished above her toned legs that were stretched out by the high heels. Mark burned the image into his memory.

Over the next few weeks Linda got to dress up as a slutty nurse helping a man give a sperm donation but her favourite session to date was the time she and Mark role played a woman fallen on hard times seeking a job as a secretary ………….

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