Lisa and Me Ch. 02

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I had a deep range of emotions following my afternoon adventure with Lisa. Before meeting Lisa, I had never had a long-term thought about any type of lesbian activity. Now following an evening of talking about our sexual preferences I had masturbated thinking about her and during our next meeting, her and I had gotten naked and masturbated together with her touching and kissing my body.

I had a little trouble facing my husband when he came home the next evening, but I must have put on a good face as we had a nice evening together and a wonderful and satisfying night of sex. I must admit that while my husband was eating my pussy, I as thinking about how Lisa’s tongue would feel in my pussy and teasing my asshole.

With guilt prevailing over me, I ignored Lisa’s emails the following day as I was not in the right frame of mind to answer them even though they were very general about weekend plans and our children’s events.

Finally, I forced myself to shoot her over an email to touch base with here, hoping this would calm my nerves.

The email read…”Hi Lisa, sorry about not getting back to you, but I had a lot going on with the kids and Larry getting home from his trip. We do need to talk about what happened the other night and hope you can come over later next week or maybe we can meet for drinks to talk about it. Talk to you soon. Jen”

I felt much better after sending the email and the relaxed feeling lasted until I checked my email later that day and say that Lisa replied to me.

“Jen, I am glad to finally her back from you, I was beginning to think you didn’t like me anymore, LOL…I am definitely up for a girl’s night out next week…can you do Wednesday at Ruby Tuesday’s near where I work? If not, any other evening after work is good for me. Talk to you soon, Lisa.”

Wednesday was good for me as I could get my neighbor’s 20-year old daughter Emily to watch the kids and I emailed Lisa that Wednesday was good and I would see her at 5:15 p.m.

The weekend went great with me, Larry and the kids having a good time. I wondered if Larry had noticed that I was very horny all weekend and as a result we ended up having sex every night until he left for his next trip.

Once Larry left Monday a.m., it seemed that it took forever for Wednesday night to get here, but I finally found myself sitting at the restaurant watching Lisa come towards me.

“Hi there stranger,” Lisa said as she leaned over to kiss me on the cheek and sat down. It was a strange surge that I felt in my pussy when Lisa’s lips touched my cheek.

“Thanks for knowing I needed a red wine after this day. It was a very stressful day in the office today. How was your week so far?”

“Same as always, home with the kids trying to find something to entertain them until bed time,” I replied.

“So you said you wanted to talk about what happened last week, I hope you don’t hate me,” Lisa asked with a nervous laugh.

“No…not at all, after what we have shared, I could never hate you. I have actually thought about it a lot since it happened and all of my thoughts have been good so far except for the fact that I technically cheat on Larry with you,” I told her.

A minute later Lisa replied,” I don’t think it was technically cheating, we just did something together that we both normally do alone and we helped each other get it done faster with some added excitement,” Lisa reasoned to me.

Her point while not totally out-of-line, did push the envelope of my and her marital fidelity.

“I guess I see your point, but it is a stretch,” I told her laughing. “I guess that what our husbands don’t know can’t hurt us. I will tell you that after our evening together, Larry was treated to a sex-filled weekend like he has never had before, at least with me.

“You go girl, what, were you his slut for the weekend,” Lisa asked as she finished her first glass of wine.

“Let’s just say that he left the house Monday morning without a drop of cum left in his body and several gallons left in my body,” I said surprised at my nasty talk.

“Lucky you, Walt hardly noticed me all weekend and the only satisfaction I got all weekend came from my vibrator after he left poker oyna to go play golf,” Lisa confided to me.

As our conversation spiraled down to almost an X-rated level, I felt my pussy getting very wet and I felt that I should tell Lisa exactly what was on my mind but couldn’t get it out of my mouth yet.

“Do you think what happened between us last week will happen again or was it a one time thing,” I questioned her.

“I am not sure, but in all honesty, I know I enjoyed myself and I know you enjoyed your self and I also know that I would like to do it again,” said Lisa.

Now I was at a crossroads, whether to tell her that I desperately wanted to do it again or to stop out of respect for my marriage.

Taking the plunge, I said, “I feel the same way, our experience the other day had me more excited sexually than I can ever remember.”

“I am so happy to hear that, when and where?” she joked to me. “What do you say about right now, back at your house?”

That was an offer I was not expecting. I did realize that the kids would both be in bed by the time we got home and we would have a couple hours of privacy.

How about two more rounds and we head back to my house for some adult fun?” I said without thinking about it.

“Cheers to that,” said Lisa as she downed her wine and ordered two more glasses of wine.

We were soon on our way to my home to repeat last week’s experience.

As we walked in the door, Emily, my babysitter quickly got up to greet us.

“Mrs. Dunkirk, you are home early,” said Emily. “The kids went to bed 30 minutes ago and they both went right down with no problems.”

“Thanks Emily, this is my friend Lisa Doyle, she came by to, ah…….pickup a book to borrow from me. Here is $30 for you, thanks for watching the little angels,” I said.

“No problem, they are easy kids to watch for, it was nice to meet you Mrs. Doyle” said Emily as she headed towards the door.

As soon as we heard the front door shut, we jumped into each other’s arms and started a very passionate kiss. We kept our lips locked together even as we made our way upstairs to my bedroom, I excused myself to check in on the kids and after confirming they were sound asleep, I headed back to my room and closed the door so as not to wake up the kids. As I turned around after closing the door, I saw that Lisa was already naked and laying in my bed waiting for me. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and fell into the bed and started to kiss and fondle Lisa all over as we rubbed our tits and pussies together.

Knock, Knock…Emily tapped on the door. She had realized that she had left her books on Lisa’s dining room table. After not getting an answer, Emily opened the unlocked door and went into the house. As she went by the stairs in the hallway, she heard what sound like a painful moan. Thinking something was wrong, she called out to ask Mrs. Dunkirk if everything was okay. Once again, getting no answer, Emily went upstairs to Mrs. Dunkirk’s room and turned the door knob and saw a sight that would stay with her for a long time.

Mrs. Dunkirk and her friend Mrs. Doyle were both naked and lying in the bed kissing and rubbing each other’s body everywhere.

While stunned beyond belief, Emily was unable to look away from the two naked women locked in a hot embrace. The site of the two of them kissing and touching was a new one for Emily. She had never considered lesbian sex before and had only limited sexual experience at her age with the opposite sex.

As she shuffled her feet, she accidentally hit the door and it squeaked which caught Lisa’s and Jen’s attention.

“Oh My God!!!” screamed Jen. ‘Emily, what are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Dunkirk, I forgot my book so I knocked and when no one came to the door, I let myself in and then I heard something and I thought it might be one of the girl’s so I came up here, I’m sorry, I didn’t see anything, honest,” said Emily as she headed toward the stairs.

“Wait Emily, we need to talk about this,” I said as I ran after her grabbing a robe as I got to the door.

I caught up to her before she reached the top of the stairs and asked her to give me a chance to explain canlı poker oyna to her what she saw. As I held Emily’s hand, I asked to come back to the bedroom with me so we could talk. It took some fast talking, but I managed to get Emily to calm down and stay to talk to me and Lisa.

As Emily came back into my bedroom, Lisa had gotten under the covers and I was pretty sure she was still naked.

“Emily what you saw was just my and Lisa releasing some stress and having some fun without technically cheating on our husbands and I would hope you would respect the privacy of my bedroom and not tell anyone what you saw,” I said.

“I promise you that I will honor your privacy and keep what I saw to myself, it is just that walking in on you two really surprised and shocked me,” said Emily.

“Emily, thank you so much for keeping this to yourself, it means a great deal to us,” said Lisa as she moved from under the covers to sit next to Emily and confirmed that she was still naked.

Lisa then reached over and gave Emily a hug and I watched as Emily stared hard at Lisa’s exposed tits as they pushed against her chest during the hug. Even after separating from the hug, Emily still stared at Lisa’s big tits and naked body, something that did not go un-noticed by Lisa or me.

“Emily, do you have any questions about what you saw us doing,” I posed to her as I discreetly loosed the robe I was wearing to allow Emily to see more of my body.

“I know that some women do have sex with other women, but I never thought I would see it up close and personal, like I said, it shocked me,” said Emily. “I have very little experience with guys when it relates to sex so I guess seeing you two together shook me up.”

“Emily, when you came into the bedroom, Jen and I were just getting started and if you like, you are more than welcome to stay and watch us,” suggested Lisa.

“I’m not sure about that…are you sure it is okay, to be honest with you, seeing you two together did make me feel different,” said Emily. “Plus, I just realized that I am sitting in a room with two naked women.”

“Feel free to take off your clothes and join us being naked,” said Lisa.

With that, Lisa laid back on the bed and spread her legs an started to play with her pussy lips. As she kept playing with herself, I started to get horny again and crawled onto the bed and laid next to her and started to pinch and pull on her nipples which made her moan out loud.

Both Lisa and I were watching for Emily’s reaction as she sat at the end of the bed. We could tell from her hard nipples and the fact she was staring at my hands on Lisa’s tits and her open pussy that she was not offended by what she was watching.

“Emily you would be much more comfortable without your shoes, socks t-shirt and shorts and we would be more comfortable with you less clothed since we are both naked,” said Lisa.

“Ah, are you sure it is ok, I am very nervous about this,” replied Emily.

“It would make me happy to see you more comfortable around us and getting naked would prove to me that you are okay with what you saw. We are not going to make you do anything you do not want to do, but we hope by watching, you might like to experiment with us,” I told Emily.

With that said, Emily stood and slipped off her shoes and socks and then pulled off her t-shirt showing us a petite pink bra and then slipped her shorts off, showing Lisa and I her matching pink thong panties. She was a very petite girl. She still had that little girl look even at 19-years of age, and she was a very thin girl, weighing 110 pounds but was definitely going to be a hottie once she got older. She had short dark hair and had a very serious look on her face at al times. I was hoping that the evening with us would make that serious look go away.

Lisa and I both stared at Emily’s body with appreciation and lust in our eyes.

“Emily you are a beautiful woman from head to toe,” I told her.

“Thank you Mrs. Dunkirk, but I look like a little girl compared to you and Mrs. Doyle,” replied Emily.

“We look like two old fat women compared to you Emily,” joked Lisa.

During Emily’s striptease, Lisa and I had continued internet casino to play with ourselves and we were both getting closer to major orgasms.

“Do you ever masturbate Emily?” asked Lisa.

“Ah, I guess I do sometimes, it does make me feel good to do it, but I have never had sex with a guy before,” said Emily.

“How often do you masturbate,” I asked.

“Honestly, since I came home from college, pretty much every day,” Emily said shyly.

“That is nothing to be embarrassed about, I still do it everyday and sometimes more, what about you Jen?” said Lisa.

Lately it has been everyday and sometimes more than once,” I told them. “Can you show us how you do it Emily?”

Emily moved slowly on this but stood up and unsnapped her bra and then quickly pushed her wet panties down her legs. She had a young and firm body with small and hard tits and just a small dusting of dark pussy hair on her mound.

“Emily, come sit between us on the bed and get comfortable,” suggested Lisa.

I could almost feel Lisa licking her lips in anticipation of finishing seducing Emily into our lesbian threesome. I was also wet and hot with desire as I watched Emily’s young body climb onto the bed. She was almost angelic in looks with her wire-rimmed glasses and nothing else as she laid down on the bed and spread her legs.

She must have been hiding her excitement well as when she did fully open her legs up, she was so wet that you could see the pussy juice running down her pussy into her asshole. She also smelled so good and pure and clean.

As she slowly reached down to stroke her pussy lips, her other hand found its way to her tits and rubbed her left nipple. Lisa and I were on each side of Emily and we both were lightly rubbing her legs and thighs as we watched her hands work her pussy and tits.

Almost at the same time, Lisa and I bent down and started to lick Emily’ firm thighs which caused her to moan out loud and spread her legs even wider. As we both slowly kissed our way up her legs and sides, we skipped over her pussy and both started to lick and kiss her tits and nipples.

“Ohhhhhhh God, that feels so good, please keep doing it, no one has ever sucked on my breasts before,” Emily screamed.

As we kept sucking on her breasts, Lisa and I were using our hands to help Emily’s with her pussy. As Emily was busy rubbing her clit, Lisa and I were stroking her pussy lips and teasing her mound and asshole with our fingers and hands. Lisa was also listening to Emily, as she started to breathe harder, Lisa would pull Emily’s fingers off of her clit to keep her from cumming.

At first, Emily thought it was funny, but as she got hotter and wetter, she started to moan and beg Lisa to stop teasing her and let her cum.

“I’m so ready, stop teasing me, let me cum please,” moaned a frustrated Emily.

“Trust me, it will feel so good if you prolong it and tease it,” replied Lisa.

As Lisa kept stopping Emily’s impending orgasm it got to the point that Emily was almost in tears and begging us to let her cum. Lisa finally pulled away from Emily’s soaking cunt and we both went back to sucking her tits and nipples. One touch to her pussy later we heard an explosion out of shy, little Emily.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAaaggggggghhhhh, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmming, OOOOHHH MY GOOOODDDDD, I’M CUMMINNGGG SO HARD,” screamed Emily as tears rolled down her face.

As wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her body, Emily just kept moaning and screaming out loud that she was cumming and literally flooding my bed with her pussy juice.

After several minutes of heavy breathing on Emily’s part, she finally came back to Earth and opened her eyes and gave both Lisa and I a huge smile.

“That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt. It seemed to go on forever, I can still feel it in my toes,” said Emily.

“I told you that it would be better if you teased yourself for a long as possible,” boasted Lisa.

“I think it was that and having both of you helping me and sucking my breasts that excited me as well,” said Emily.

“I am so happy that you enjoyed yourself tonight with us and hope that you want to play with us again,” I said.

Mrs. Dunkirk, Mrs. Doyle if every time we get together is going to be like that I m going to become a sex slave for both of you,” said Emily. “When is the next time we can try this again?”


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